20+ Free Printable Baby Shower Bingo Cards Guests Will Love

Baby shower bingo cards are interesting game cards that double the party fun. However, planning a baby shower has got to have your hands full with decorating, managing the guest list, and so much more. After all, a baby shower is one of the most special events for a soon-to-be mother.

Therefore, to take some stress off your shoulders, we present some fun bingo sheets for the baby shower. These free printable sheets are sure to make your guests have oodles of fun. The only thing that you need to do is download them and print as many copies as you like. Scroll down for the sheets that we have included in various colors and styles to fit your theme.

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How To Play Baby Shower Bingo?

Baby shower bingo is a fun and interactive game that is easy to plan and gets your guests in the party mood. There are two types of bingo sheets: blank sheets and printed ones. If you are going with the blank ones, print out the sheets and distribute them among your guests. Next, ask them to fill in the spaces in the sheet with the names of gifts the mom-to-be would receive for the baby shower (leave the center block free).

Once everyone is done, the guests need to play bingo as the mom-to-be unwraps the gifts. Allot prizes for horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines.

protip_icon Do remember
Print out one bingo sheet per guest and hand it over to them before you start receiving the gifts.

20 Free And Printable Baby Shower Bingo Sheets

1. Alice in Wonderland baby shower bingo sheet

“I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!” Says the white rabbit and hurries away. This timeless classic has many magical characters and can make an excellent theme for your baby shower. If you are one who fancies vintage decorations, then go for it. Here is a free and printable blank baby shower bingo sheet that complements this theme superbly.

Download Alice in Wonderland Theme Bingo Sheet

2. Baseball baby shower bingo sheet

If you know it’s a boy, and if your husband is a big-time baseball fan, a baseball-themed baby shower would be perfect. You can play baseball-themed games to keep your guests engaged. If you are thinking of playing baby shower bingo, then here is a ready-to-use baseball baby shower bingo sheet.

Download Baseball Theme Bingo Sheet

3. Princess baby shower bingo sheet

If you want to throw the best baby shower for your queen, who will be the mother of your precious little princess, then pick the princess theme. Amaze her friends with these princess baby shower bingo sheets that are a perfect fit and apt for the occasion. You can choose either the one with names or the one with images.

Download Princess Theme Baby Shower Bingo Sheet

4. Baby sprinkle bingo sheet

Remember the good old childhood days when you wanted sprinkles on everything? Yes! Sprinkles make things colorful and better. Bring back those memories with a sprinkles baby shower theme. You can even entertain your guests with these baby sprinkle bingo sheets.

Download Baby sprinkle Theme Bingo Sheet 

5. Stars baby shower bingo sheet

A stars baby shower theme would be the perfect way to welcome your precious one. Here is a bingo sheet that fits right into your theme. It has the phrase “twinkle twinkle little star” and several hanging stars. It looks magical!

Download Stars Theme Bingo Sheet 

6. Green baby shower bingo sheet

If the mom-to-be is a nature lover and adores calligraphy, then throw her a green baby shower theme party. Include all things green and white, just like this baby shower bingo sheet.

Download Green Theme Bingo Sheet

7. Donut baby shower bingo sheet

Is the mom-to-be an ardent fan of sweet things? If yes, throw her the ultimate baby shower party with donuts, candies, and all things sweet. And if you are thinking of including a baby shower bingo game, then here is a ready-to-use bingo sheet apt for this theme.

Download Donut Theme Bingo Sheet

8. Elephant baby shower bingo sheet

Did you know elephants are some of the most protective moms on the planet? If your baby shower theme is an elephant, then use this cute elephant baby shower bingo sheet to keep your guests entertained.

Download Elephant Theme Bingo Sheet

Download Elephant Theme Bingo Sheet With The Names

9. Honey bee baby shower bingo sheet

Honey bees are cute, colorful, and make an excellent theme for baby showers. As the host, you must be as busy as a bee, buzzing around. Use these baby shower bingo sheets to keep your guests engaged.

Download Honey bee Theme Bingo Sheet

10. Carnival baby shower bingo sheet

Want to plan a unique baby shower that is full of color and pomp? Go with the carnival theme. The mom-to-be and her squad will get into a nostalgic mood, reminiscing their childhood carnival memories. Give them this carnival baby shower bingo sheet to make the experience unforgettable.

Download Carnival Theme Bingo Sheet

11. Rubber duck baby shower bingo sheet

The adorable rubber duck theme suits both a baby boy and a baby girl. Here is a baby shower bingo sheet that fits right into this theme.

Download Rubber duck Theme Bingo Sheet 

12. Boy or girl baby shower bingo sheet

If you are going with the usual boy or girl theme, this dual-colored baby shower bingo sheet is a perfect fit. The elegantly designed sheet has both blue and pink colors, traditionally used to represent a boy and a girl, respectively.

Download Boy or girl Theme Bingo Sheet

13. Harry Potter baby shower bingo sheet

Are the parents-to-be die-hard fans of Harry Potter? Then throw a Harry Potter themed baby shower, which is both whimsical and magical. And what’s more, you can also be called the perfect host by conducting a baby shower bingo game with these Harry Potter-themed sheets.

Download Harry Potter Theme Bingo Sheet

protip_icon Quick tip
Harry Potter-themed fridge magnets, wands, and luggage tags can be some off-beat, and quirky baby shower return favors for a Harry Potter-themed baby shower.

14. Dinosaur baby shower bingo sheet

If you have chosen dinosaur as the theme for your baby shower, complete it with this cute dinosaur baby shower bingo sheet. This bingo sheet has a prehistoric look and cute dinosaur pictures to suit your theme.

Download Dinosaur Theme Bingo Sheet

15. Forest baby shower bingo sheet

There are deers, zebras, bears, foxes, lions, and more; guessed the theme yet? Yes! It’s the forest theme. If you have picked this vibrant and enchanting theme, then here is a baby shower bingo sheet that is quite close to your theme.

Download Forest Theme Bingo Sheet

16. Traveler baby shower bingo sheet

Do the soon-to-be-parents like traveling so much that they have bruised their passports? If yes, planning a traveler-themed baby shower would surely impress them. Bring in the excitement by conducting a baby shower bingo game with these free printable sheets.

Download Traveler Theme Bingo Sheet

17. Cowboy baby shower bingo sheet

If you and your partner like the good old cowboys, make it the theme for your baby shower. Say “howdy” to your guests and entertain them with this cowboy-themed baby shower bingo sheet.

Download Cowboy Theme Bingo Sheet

18. Fishing baby shower bingo sheet

Does the soon-to-be-father have a knack for fishing? If yes, go with the fishing theme to thank him for all the care and love he has showered on you and the baby. You can also delight him and his friends with a baby shower bingo game.

Download Fishing Theme Bingo Sheet

19. Underwater baby shower bingo

If your theme for the baby shower is the big blue ocean, here is a baby shower bingo sheet that perfectly fits your theme. The sheet has many blue and green bubbles and some cute aquatic animals.

Download Underwater Theme Bingo Sheet 

Download Underwater Theme Bingo Sheet With The Names

20. Hanging lantern baby shower bingo

This one-in-a-million theme is soothing to the eyes. If you have planned an outdoor baby shower and want to fill the place with lanterns, fairy lights, and delicate flowers, here is a baby shower bingo sheet that is nothing less magical than the theme.

Download Hanging Lantern Theme Bingo Sheet

21. Christmas Bingo Game Printable

Christmas Bingo Game Printable

Image: Shutterstock

The printable features charming squares, each representing a Christmas task or anticipation. A Bingo game with children and a holiday theme adds a playful touch to the countdown. As you approach the special day, mark each square with the corresponding delightful activity. Whether you’re celebrating with loved ones or enjoying the excitement solo, this Bingo game can be a heartwarming way to build anticipation and create wonderful memories. You can customize the Bingo chart with anything you think would be the best for the occasion.

Baby Shower Bingo Cards_illustration

Image: Dall·E/MomJunction Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. At what time of day are baby showers usually held?

Most people prefer to hold baby showers during lunchtime. However, there is no rule about the timing. If you want to start the event early or later, you may do so at your and your guests’ convenience.

2. What should I not do at a baby shower?

Some of the things you should avoid doing at a baby shower are planning the games and menu without first taking the mom-to-be’s opinion. You must also avoid a party that drags on and stay clear from sharing scary birth- or breastfeeding-related stories.

3. What strategies can be used to make the Baby Shower Bingo Cards game more enjoyable?

To make the Baby Shower Bingo Cards game more enjoyable, customize the cards with theme-related visuals and offer exciting prizes or incentives for winning. Incorporate interactive variations and collaborative play to keep participants engaged and foster camaraderie. Personalize the game cards to reflect the mother-to-be’s preferences, and designate an engaging and playful caller to add excitement. Finally, set up a festive ambiance with music and decorations. Amy, a blogger, shares how she personalizes the baby shower bingo cards she uses by printing them on colored stock paper and changing the middle image to fit the theme of the particular shower. She says, “I found some Baby Bingo cards online a few years ago and decided to adapt the game and have used it at several showers I’ve thrown. It is always fun for everyone and keeps people paying attention while the mother to be is opening gifts (i).”

4. What type of prizes can be offered to Baby Shower Bingo Card winners?

When offering prizes for Baby Shower Bingo Card winners, consider options that are both fun and relevant to the occasion. Some popular choices include small gift items like scented candles, bath bombs, or keychains. Edible treats like chocolates or gourmet cookies are always a hit. You can also opt for baby-themed prizes such as onesies, baby socks, or cute baby accessories. Alternatively, gift cards or vouchers to local stores or online retailers allow winners to choose their rewards.

5. How can a Baby Shower Bingo Card game be made more challenging?

To add a challenge to the Baby Shower Bingo Card game, increase the number of items on the cards and use specific or uncommon baby-related items. Implement time limits to create a sense of urgency and introduce additional patterns or combinations required to win. These strategies will make the game more engaging and challenging, keeping participants on their toes and adding excitement to the baby shower celebration.

Baby shower bingo cards can increase the interaction between guests and turn the party quite fun and happening. There can be blank and printed bingo cards, and you may choose cards having various themes. Themes such as Alice in wonderland baby shower sheet, princess baby shower sheet, baby sprinkle shower, green baby shower bingo sheet, forest baby shower bingo sheet, and elephant baby shower sheet can keep your guests entertained. You may download and print bingo themes or personalize the theme to make it touchy and heartwarming.

Infographic: Interesting Baby Shower Bingo Cards Themes For Guests

Including games and fun activities to keep the guests entertained at a party is as important as good food and decorations. Bingo is a great game with simple steps that can be played by many simultaneously. Explore the infographic below for some interesting Bingo themes for your baby shower celebration.

unique bingo cards themes to include in a baby shower (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Learn how to make your bingo cards for free! Quick and easy steps to create your cards for any occasion. Get creative and have fun!

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