121 Interesting Baby Shower Cake Sayings And Wordings

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Since pregnancy is such a beautiful journey, the celebration of this occasion must be special. Without a cake to sweeten the occasion, it isn’t complete. Beautiful baby shower cake sayings or taglines that are written on the top of the cake will add flavor to the occasion, and your guests will adore you. However, putting your feelings into words might be challenging at times. We’ve all been there. So, to help you find the right message and send your wishes to the parents-to-be, we’ve compiled in this post a list of cake sayings and wordings for the baby shower.

Baby Shower Cake Wordings: If You Don’t Know The Gender

  1. Welcome, darling! The world awaits.
  2. You have a new delivery!
  3. Get ready for the most exciting adventure of a lifetime!
  4. The countdown begins!
  5. Can’t keep calm … You are going to be a mom!
  6. Download in progress!
  7. Welcome to the mom brigade!
  8. Girl or boy, you will bring us joy!
  9. Coming soon! A parcel of happiness!
  10. Rejoice and pray; a baby is on the way.
  11. Can’t wait to see your sweet face!
  12. The finish line is near. Very soon, a star will be here.
  13. Hurray! A miracle is on the way!
  14. Diaper changes or sleepless nights, a baby is still the sweetest delight.
  15. Rejoice! An angelic face with starry eyes is coming.
  16. Whoopee! A cute little star, with tiny feet and tiny hands, is about to land.
  17. Tick tock, ready to pop.
  18. Knock knock, a bundle of joy is arriving from the top.
  19. Peek-a-boo, a bundle of happiness is due.
  20. Yay! Someone tiny to steal your sleep and heart is arriving.
  21. Roses are red, violets are blue, the baby will be cute, just like you.
  22. Cute little bird knocking on the door, we can’t wait for your arrival anymore.
  23. Let’s celebrate and have fun to welcome the little one.
  24. Mommy’s little angel is on its way into the world.
  25. Bye-bye belly, welcome baby!
  26. Welcome, cute little bunny.
  27. The apple of mummy’s eye is arriving soon from the sky.
  28. Nappies and pins — a new journey begins.
  29. Welcome, little munchkin, beautiful and sweet, with tiny toes and tiny feet.
  30. He or she? It’s a mystery.
  31. Let’s celebrate the mommy-to-be and her little cutie.
  32. Here’s to the sweet gift of love, blessed from above.
  33. Pave the way, everyone! Here I come.
  34. Attention! Baby in motion.
  35. Baby diaper, baby clothes, here comes the little one we love the most.
  36. Miss or mister, whoever you are, we will pamper.
  37. Soft as a cushion and cute as a button, come soon, little one!
  38. 1,2,3, the countdown starts, the baby takes its steps towards your heart.
  39. Pink or blue, can’t wait to hold you.
  40. Someone to hold, someone to adore! Can’t wait to see a gift so pure.
  41. A star has been sent by God to brighten our lives.
  42. Congrats mummy! Best wishes for the fantastic journey.
  43. Two will now be three. Welcome, beautiful baby.
  44.  Made in mummy’s tummy. Handle with care.
  45. Days go by and the moment draws near; the most awaited person will soon be here.
  46. Are you ready? I am coming soon, mommy!
  47. He or she, both will be loved by mommy-to-be.
  48. Home production, releasing soon!
  49. The mini you is going to be so cute. Congratulations!
  50. A beautiful surprise with cute little cries is coming your way.
  51. Tiny hands and tiny feet! Your family will be finally complete.
  52. Congratulations on your beautiful miracle.
  53. Our excitement is at its peak. Come on, little one, be quick.
  54. Get ready to welcome your new alarm clock. Bye, sleep!
  55.  A star is coming to earth.
  56. Baby on the move.
  57. Next destination: motherhood.
  58. Someone close, someone dear, here comes ____________ (insert family surname) junior.
  59. Soft little baby to snuggle and kiss. We still can’t say if it’s a mister or a miss.
  60. A perfect combination of mom and dad, whose arrival will make them glad.
  61. Mommy’s glowing face is a sight to see. The upcoming arrival is making her happy.
  62. Hey wonder woman, you have a superpower of giving birth to a little human!
  63. Take care! Mummy is carrying a gem, bright and rare.
  64. Attention! Baby descending.
  65. Strong is the baby’s kicking. Is it a future footballer in the making?
  66. The pitter-patter of little feet, a precious baby is coming to meet.
  67. Prince or princess? It’s still suspense.
  68. Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse? It’s a surprise we will soon find out.
  69.  Tiny face, and shining eyes, we await a beautiful surprise.
  70. Congrats supermom! Thanks for cherishing the little one.
  71. It’s true, not one angel; there are two!
  72. Attention! Precious cargo arriving from heaven.
  73. One, two, buckle your shoe, get ready to meet someone new.
  74. Boss baby is coming!
  75. All the best, baby mama. You rock!
  76. Million-dollar baby already loved to infinity!
  77. Rock and roll and welcome a beautiful soul.
  78. Arriving soon! A blessing and a boon.
  79.  Hey sweetheart, please come fast!
  80.  A flower near bloom in heaven above will be welcomed soon with a shower of love.
  81. Part mom, part dad but completely unique.
  82. All the best! Enjoy the adventure and forget the rest.
  83. Pure laughter and precious tears welcome the baby with claps and cheer.
  84. Arriving soon! A beautiful soul on its way to make a family whole.
  85. Excitement is high. Soon, your home will be filled with the sound of a baby cry.
  86. Enjoy the kicks in your tummy because that someone is soon going to call you mummy!
  87. Hey, baby, how’s the cake? a) Kick once for good b) Kick twice for awesome.
  88. Watching your glow, we stand transfixed; the shine is God’s precious gift.
  89. Here’s to celebrating endless joys and sleepless nights.

Baby Shower Cake Sayings For Baby Boy

  1. King of the world!
  2. Oven in the bun! A beautiful son.
  3. It’s going to be a son. Congrats, and well done!
  4. Tiny suits and cute bow ties. Thank you, Lord, for the baby boy.
  5. Here comes a little prince.
  6. Hello! little fellow.
  7. Beware, a serial heart stealer is arriving soon!
  8.  Little toy train and tiny toy van, here comes our little man!
  9. Dance and sing! Make way for a cute little prince.
  10. Join your hands and take a bow, for a little boy made with love.
  11. Excitement and tears of joy! It’s going to be a little boy.
  12. A bouncing baby boy is coming to stay.
  13. We await our little guy with a tiny face and a twinkle in the eye.

Baby Shower Cake Sayings For Baby Girl

  1. Girl power!
  2. Daddy’s little princess and mommy’s pride
  3. Precious and rare like a little pearl — it’s going to be a little girl.
  4. Adding joy to our lives! Baby girls are sweet and nice.
  5. Rule the world, precious little girl.
  6. Cute dresses, tiny curls, Thank god for the little girl!
  7. A tiny bundle to cuddle and kiss! We are going to be blessed by a cute little miss.
  8. Here comes a pretty little girl in pink.
  9. Soft cheeks and eyes bright, little girls are a wonderful delight.
  10. The day is drawing near! A baby girl is on her way here.
  11. Some sugar and some spice! All baby girls are cute and nice.
  12. Ten little fingers, ten little toes, a cute little girl with ribbon and bows
  13. Here comes an angel, your beautiful baby girl!
  14. Come fast, princess of our heart!
  15. Waiting for mommy and daddy’s miracle
  16. Tiny hands and tiny feet, girls are God’s special blessing.
  17. Our family will be complete, with a little girl so sweet.
  18. Someone new, someone special. A little baby girl is arriving.
  19. Congrats to the cutest mum carrying a sweet someone.

We hope this list of beautiful and cute sayings helps you find the ideal wish. The mom-to-be might become emotional because of your heartfelt wish, so be ready for some watery smiles and happy tears. While the spotlight will be on the mom-to-be, it will be a great idea to involve the would-be-father in the celebration too. This will make the event more special. Don’t forget to click photos of the event as well as the baby shower cake, to relive the wonderful moments.

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