20+ Unique Baby Shower Centerpieces That Brighten Up The Party

The decorations at a baby shower add to the excitement. While the mother-to-be is the center of attention, the surroundings are equally important. And, unique baby shower centerpieces can enhance the event’s overall aesthetic. So, if you have a baby shower coming up in your family or circle of friends, you are at the right place. Put on your creative hat and get ready to throw the most memorable baby shower ever by picking ideas from this post. Continue reading to learn more.

protip_icon Did you know?
The origin of modern-day baby shower happened during the 1950s baby boom in the USA and is symbolic of ‘showering the mother with gifts and love.’

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Baby Shower Centerpieces For Boys

Planning a baby shower for a boy? Here are plenty of ideas for baby shower centerpieces for boys.

1. Hot air balloon centerpiece

Image: zavaleta_9408__walker/Instagram

You will need:

  • White wooden box
  • Blue color ribbon
  • Blue netted fabric
  • Blue satin ribbon
  • Long stick
  • Small teddy bear
  • Blue color balloon
  • Netted fabric

How to:

  1. Wrap the blue ribbon around the wooden box.
  2. Fill the box with blue netted fabric
  3. Snug the stick in the center of the box.
  4. Blow the balloon and tie it at the top of the stick.
  5. Prop the teddy bear on top of the box, it should appear as if it is holding the balloon stick with both hands.
  6. Cover the balloon with the netted fabric.

2. Blue and gray elephant diaper cake centerpiece

If you are planning for a blue and gray elephant baby shower theme, then we have an idea matching that theme.

Image: suzisbabystorks/Instagram

You will need:

  • Baby elephant cutout
  • Blue balloon
  • Wooden box
  • Blue color paper

How to:

  1. Snug the elephant cutout in the wooden box.
  2. Make a neat arrangement of the blue color paper in the box.
  3. Stick the balloon with the help of a straw or dowel in the box behind the elephant.

3. Navy and gray onesie bow tie centerpiece

Image: lk_kreations_/Instagram

You will need:

  • Blue color onesie cutout
  • Blue color bow
  • Diapers
  • Blue polka dotted ribbon
  • 3 empty tissue paper holders

How to:

  1. Take a circle cardboard for the base of the cake.
  2. Stick the tissue holder in the center.
  3. Arrange 15 diapers on the base around the tissue holder.
  4. Wrap the polka dotted ribbon around th diapers.
  5. Stick the gray color onesie cutout in the center of the diaper cake.

4. Teddy bear centerpiece

Teddy bear centerpiece
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Image: IStock

The Teddy Bear Centerpiece will not only serve as a lovely decoration but can also be a great gift for the mom-to-be or a charming addition to the baby’s nursery after the shower.

You will need:

  • Teddy bear (preferable blue color)
  • Flower pot or vase
  • Floral foam
  • Tissue paper
  • Ribbon (blue color or boy-themed)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Cardstock papers
  • Knife
  • Wooden dowels or skewers

How to:

  1. Take a flower pot or vase that matches the baby shower theme. Cut a piece of floral foam to fit inside the pot or vase.
  2. Attach one end of a wooden dowel or skewer to the back of each teddy bear using hot glue and let it dry.
  3. Insert the wooden dowels into the floral foam in the pot or vase. Arrange the teddy bears at different heights and over the top of the floral foam with tissue paper or shredded paper.
  4. Wrap a ribbon around the pot or vase and secure it with hot glue. You may add baby-themed decorations if desired.

Baby Shower Centerpieces For Girls

Looking for baby shower centerpiece for girls? Here are plenty of beautiful ideas for you. It can be personalized according to your baby shower theme.

5. Minnie Mouse baby shower centerpiece

Minnie mouse has to feature in the list of baby shower centerpiece for girls, and so here it is.

Image: suzisbabystorks/Instagram

You will need:

  • Minnie mouse cutout
  • 2 feeding bottles
  • Pink color papers
  • Dowels
  • Wooden square box
  • Pink ribbon

How to:

  1. Stick the Minnie mouse cutout in the middle of the box.
  2. Cover the box with pink color papers.
  3. Make one hole each on the feeding bottles.
  4. Stick a dowel in the bottle.
  5. Stick the dowels on either side of the box.
  6. Tape the pink ribbon around the center of the box.

6. Disney Dumbo party centerpiece

There can’t be anything simpler and cute than Disney dumbo party centerpiece. We bet your guests will go ‘aww’ over this piece.

Image: lizzeeeecreates/Instagram

You will need:

  • A small cane/wooden basket with strong base
  • Baby elephant soft toy
  • 4 dowels
  • Pink ribbon
  • White ball

How to:

  1. In the cane/wooden basket, put the soft toy.
  2. Attach four dowels on four sides of the basket.
  3. Decorate the ball with the ribbon. Make bow shapes with the satin ribbon and stick them on the ball on all sides.
  4. Glue the ball to the dowels firmly. Your dumbo centerpiece is ready!

7. ‘Just girly’ baby shower centerpiece

This is a girly and gorgeous baby shower centerpiece that is easy to make.

Image: cuute_n_crafty/Instagram

You will need:

  • Glass vase
  • Ribbon
  • Clear gift box filling
  • Bubble wrap
  • Floral foam

How to:

  1. Make a paper flower with pink color paper.
  2. In the vase put the bubble wrap and floral foam.
  3. Tie a ribbon around the vase.
  4. You can put some colorful small pebbles to make it attractive.

8. Pink flower pot and balloons centerpiece

Girls can never get enough of pink. So, here is yet another pinkish centerpiece.

Image: baby_shower_ideas2015/Instagram

You will need:

Plain pink balloons
Polka dotted balloons
Flower pot
Pink tissue papers
Pink ribbon

How to:

  1. Fill the flower pot with pink tissue papers.
  2. Tie a bunch of pink and polka dotted balloons together.
  3. Hang the pink ribbons from the balloons.
  4. Tie the balloons to a rod and put it in the flower pot.

9. Pink cupcake bouquet baby shower centerpiece

Cupcake bouquet, baby shower centerpiece
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Image: Shutterstock

Just like your cupcakes, you can create and decorate a similar cupcake centerpiece for your baby shower.

You will need:

  • Pink plastic plant pot
  • Pink, violet, yellow, white sponge foam paper
  • Thin green paper

How to:

  1. Get a normal pot and paint it pink or if you can get a readymade pink pot, that’s great.
  2. Make rosettes with the foam papers of all colors and put it in the pot.
  3. Snug the green tissue paper in between the cupcakes.

protip_icon Trivia
Originally blue was the color assigned to girls as it was seen as dainty, and pink was seen as a strong color, so it was assigned to boys. Shortly after World War I, the current norms were adopted of ‘pink for girls, blue for boys.’

A Few More Homemade Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

If you have exhausted all the creative ideas, then don’t worry. As we still have plenty of options in our kitty.

10. Rope-wrapped vase centerpiece

This simple craft is an adorable baby shower centerpiece and doubles up as a things holder later.

Image: Shutterstock

You will need:

  • Flower pot
  • Pink rope
  • Fresh pink flowers

How to:

  1. Wrap the flower cot with the pink rope firmly.
  2. Stick the ends with glue.
  3. Decorate the container with fresh pink flowers of your choice.

11. Motorcycle diaper centerpiece

We are sure everyone will be bowled over your cute motorcycle diaper centerpiece design!!

Image: Shutterstock

You will need:

  • Folded Diapers
  • Napkins
  • Teddy bear
  • 2 socks
  • Dotted ribbon
  • 2 bibs

How to:

  1. Arrange the folded diapers in a pan. Continue arranging the diapers in the pan until you get a swirl shape.
  2. While the diapers are still in the pan, wrap it with rubber bands. You will get a tire like shape.
  3. Take the diaper tire from the pan and put it on a flat surface.
  4. Create another diaper tire in a pan in a similar manner. Place it next to the other diaper tire.
  5. Wrap a decorative ribbon around both the tires and pin it up.
  6. Fold a big napkin lengthwise and make a tight roll and pin it.
  7. Slide the rolled napkin into the center of the diaper tire.
  8. The napkin roll must hang out on either side equally.
  9. Stand the diaper tire on its side.
  10. Run the napkin roll from the first diaper tire to the second one.
  11. Align the tires in the same line so the base of the motorcycle is strong.
  12. Tuck the end of the napkin roll into the hole of the second diaper and pull it tight.
  13. Pin the napkin roll so that it holds both the tires firmly.
  14. Fold another napkin lengthwise similar to the first one.
  15. Place the napkin into the opening of the front tire.
  16. Slide the napkin fully through the hole until both ends meet.
  17. Pin the bib on the front diaper tire.
  18. Hold the ends of the front diaper tire napkin upward.
  19. Slide the ring through the top so they hold the two napkin ends.
  20. Slide the toy until it is way down to the diaper tire.
  21. Insert the bottle above the bib and below the ring.
  22. Slide a rolled-up cardboard inside each handlebar to make it stiff.
  23. Stuff the socks with tissue paper.
  24. Cover the handle-bar with socks on two sides and pin it up.
  25. Cover the back diaper tire with a bib.
  26. Put the teddy bear in the middle of the two tires and pin it up to prevent it from falling.

It appears as if the bear is riding the motorcycle.

It seems to be a lengthy process, but it is simple once you start making it.

12. Rubber duck centerpiece

Something as simple as rubber ducks can spruce up your baby shower and add peppiness to your theme.

Image: bedazzledeventsnyc/Instagram

You will need:

  • A glass bowl
  • Rubber ducks
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Blue solution
  • Ribbon

How to:

  1. Pour some water and ice into the glass bowl.
  2. Add a blue solution to color your water.
  3. Put the rubber ducks inside the bowl.
  4. Tie a ribbon around the bowl.

Unique Baby Shower Centerpieces

13. Jungle safari centerpiece

The Jungle safari theme is fun and reflects your adventure spirit.

You will need:

  • Shoe boxes or cardboard box
  • Animal cutouts
  • Orange color polka dotted ribbon
  • Colorful papers
  • Rods

How to:

  1. Take as many boxes as you want.
  2. Stick a different color paper on all the boxes.
  3. Wrap the polka dotted ribbon around the box making a bow in the center.
  4. Make cone shapes with the colored papers and put them in the box.
  5. Attach the animal cutouts on the rods.
  6. Put one animal cutout in each box.

14. Pearl studded topiary baby shower centerpiece

Image: treasuredmomentsnyc/Instagram

You will need:

  • Pearls or similar kind of balls
  • Bucket
  • Thin wire
  • White crepe paper
  • Pink satin ribbon

How to:

  1. Fill the bucket with white crepe paper.
  2. Make a huge paper ball and stick pearls all around it. Remember to leave a small opening in the centre of the ball for the stick.
  3. Make a paper rod and wrap it with pink satin ribbon and end it with a bow.
  4. Attach this stick in the center of the ball.
  5. Place the stick in the bucket.

protip_icon Did you know?
Baby showers have been observed throughout time and space. Rumored to have originated in ancient Egypt, variations of these festivities are seen all around the world. From the Godh Bharai observed in India to the South African Stork party and the Tibetan Pang-sai, to name a few.

Easy-to-make Baby shower centerpieces

Some centerpieces require simple, everyday items. Here, we bring a list of simple and easy-to-make baby shower centerpieces.

15. Snowman centerpeice

Expecting your baby during winter? Then a snowman diaper cake centerpiece would be the perfect decoration to welcome your baby.

Image: bebeonboard/Instagram

You will need:

  • Three-tiered diaper cake
  • White ball
  • Cap
  • Pacifier
  • Black circle shaped paper for eyes
  • Buttons
  • Shoe box

How to:

  1. Take a shoe box or any rectangular box for the base and cardboard circle shape for the cake base.
  2. Make three-tiered diaper cake.
  3. Wrap the blue ribbon around each layer.
  4. Stick a button in the center of the ribbon.
  5. For the snowman decoration:
    Stick black circles for eyes
    Use one small, black circle for the nose
    Stick the pacifier below the nose
    Put the cap on the ball
  6. Stick a brown color tweak behind the cake.

16. Literally sweet baby shower centerpiece

There can’t be a sweeter centerpiece than this, I mean literally! Sweets, candies, gummies, and toffees for your baby shower centerpiece.

Image: eastalchemy/Instagram

You will need:

  • Jars
  • Sweets
  • Candies
  • Real and faux flowers

How to:

  1. Place the jars in the center.
  2. Fill them with sweets, candies, and gummies to give it a matt texture.
  3. Stick flowers in all the jars.

17. Building blocks baby shower centerpiece

Building block-themed baby shower centerpiece
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Image: Shutterstock

You can use white cardboard boxes and write letters B,A,B,Y on them. Alternatively, you can use blocks you have at home to create this centerpiece. It’s totally affordable and easy to make.

You will need:

  • Blocks (with letter B,A,B,Y)
  • Fur mat
  • Small teddy bears and baby shoes

How to:

  1. Place the blocks on the fur mat.
  2. Surround the blocks with teddy bears and baby shoes to give the centerpiece arrangement a lovely look.
  3. You can also place a few gift bags, boxes, and diapers to make the baby shower arrangement more attractive.

18. Floating candle centerpiece

Floating candle, baby shower centerpiece
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Image: Shutterstock

Floating scented candles bring in a bright and joyful ambiance to your baby shower. It takes less time to create and makes a great centerpiece.

You will need:

  • Mild scented candles
  • Floating petals or flowers
  • Glass bowl

How to:

  1. Fill one-fourth of the bowl with water.
  2. Put the floating scented candles in the water and light them.
  3. Place small floating flower petals or in between the candles to accentuate the bowl’s appearance.
  4. Spread a bright red, pink, or orange color table spread or runner to make this centerpiece garner applause.

Inexpensive Baby shower centerpieces

Making your centerpiece needn’t be expensive. In fact, you can make the centerpiece with stuff you have at home or have bought from dollar store for cheap.

19. Twinkle-twinkle little star centerpiece

Image: Instagram

You will need:

  • LED star lights
  • Golden/ brown ribbon
  • Diapers
  • Tiny decorative items

How to:

  1. Make three diaper cakes and arrange it in three layers. Place a single diaper at the top.
  2. Tie them up with a rubber band so that it is firm.
  3. Wrap the golden/ brown color satin ribbon around the circular diaper arrangement.
  4. Arrange the star lights at various places on the three tiers.
  5. Place the decorative items, such as tiny dolls and stars on the cake.

20. Diaper bouquet baby shower centerpiece

Image: marshais_cakes/Instagram

This centerpiece is easy to make and can be of good use after the party.

You will need:

  • Glass vase
  • Flower foam
  • Baby products
  • Tissue paper
  • Diapers
  • Rubber bands
  • Colored lace
  • Empty tissue holder
  • Metal wire

How to:

  1. Place the baby products in an empty vase.
  2. Roll the diapers and tie it up with rubber bands at the base.
  3. Tie all the rolled diapers with a metal wire and stuff it into the tissue holder and put it in the vase.
  4. Tie the colored lace around the upper edge of the vase.
  5. You can put some glitter in the centre of the rolled diaper flowers to give the appearance of pollen.

21. Blocks, bears, and balloons centerpiece

Image: divinepartydisplay/Instagram

If you are pressed for time and small on budget, don’t worry – simple and budget-friendly blocks, bears, and balloons can work as great decors for your centerpiece.

You will need:

  • Blocks
  • Teddy bear
  • Balloons
  • Rod

How to:

  1. Take a big block and stick the letters ‘BABY’ on all the four sides. If you don’t have a block, use a white cardboard box.
  2. Stick a teddy bear with a double tape.
  3. Blow a bunch of balloons and let the teddy hold the balloons with the help of a rod or glue the rod to the teddy.

Here are a couple of common decorations you need to know, such as making a DIY diaper cake and paper flowers.

To make a diaper cake, check this video:

To make a diaper bouquet, check this video:

To make paper flowers, check this video:

Organize a baby shower within your budget. Create beautiful centerpieces for your baby shower with some easy DIYs. Learn how to make three inexpensive centerpieces that will wow your guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should you not do at a baby shower?

At a baby shower, it is important to consider the atmosphere and tone of the event. To maintain a positive and supportive environment, avoiding inappropriate gifts, negativity, and unsolicited parenting advice is recommended. Additionally, respecting the expectant parents’ wishes and preferences for the shower is important. It is best to focus on the celebration of the new arrival and offering well wishes and support to the expectant parents.

2. What colors are for a girl’s baby shower?

Traditionally, pastel colors such as pink, lavender, light blue, yellow, and green are associated with baby showers for girls. These colors are often seen as soft, sweet, and delicate, reflecting a new arrival’s gentle personality. However, there is no set rule, and expectant parents can choose colors that reflect their taste and style.

3. Do baby showers need centerpieces?

Although unnecessary, centerpieces can give baby showers a colorful and joyful touch. The atmosphere of the baby shower can be improved by using centerpieces to create a visually appealing and coherent theme. They can add to the overall decor and act as tabletop focal points. However, the decision to use centerpieces ultimately comes down to personal taste, available budget, and the desired level of decoration for the event.

4. How many centerpieces should I have at a baby shower?

Having one centerpiece per table is common to ensure that each table has a visually appealing focal point. If you have many tables, you may choose to have a smaller centerpiece on each table or opt for a few larger centerpieces placed strategically throughout the venue. However, consider your budget for decorations. Centerpieces can range from simple and inexpensive to elaborate and costly.

5. Are there any safety considerations to consider when creating a baby shower centerpiece?

One can consider a few safety considerations while creating a safe baby shower centerpiece. Some of them include avoiding smaller objects or choking hazards, using non-toxic materials, avoiding flammable material, ensuring a secure and stable base container to avoid toppling over and lastly, considering avoiding using certain flowers that are prone to allergies and other sensitivities.

6. How far in advance should I create or order a baby shower centerpiece?

The timing for creating or ordering a baby shower centerpiece depends on various factors, including the complexity of the centerpiece, the availability of materials, and your schedule. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to begin organizing and preparing for the centerpiece well before the baby shower day. Doing so will spare you from feeling rushed or under pressure and give you enough time to acquire supplies.

While planning to host a baby shower, you must be looking for exceptional decorative items to add to the party theme. These unique baby shower centerpieces could be an attractive and stunning addition to the decorations. You may craft these centerpieces with readily available supplies and minimal time. We have also listed the items and methods to prepare these to make it further simpler for you. Choose the most-suited centerpiece according to your decor theme and watch the guests go gaga over the fantastic centerpiece.

Infographic: Creative Ideas For Baby Shower Centerpieces

Along with good food and gender-reveal ideas, creative decorations are a big part of a baby shower. So, explore the list of centerpiece ideas given in the infographic below you may include in your baby shower celebration. These ideas are all influenced by the little angel’s arrival, making them ideal for this occasion.

amazing baby shower centerpiece ideas to try (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get the high-quality PDF version of this infographic.

Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • You can try using edible centerpieces like fruit baskets or candy bouquets to keep the celebration a sustainable event.
  • Fresh flowers and succulents are other natural and unique options.
  • A visual delight can be created by experimenting with a combination of multiple elements that vary in height, such as tall-stemmed flowers with stout candles.
  • Using keepsakes such as goodie bags is also a good idea to keep as center pieces.
Unique Baby Shower Centerpieces That Brighten Up The Party_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

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