40+ Beautiful Baby Shower Cupcake Ideas To Relish At The Party

Motherhood is one of the best, fulfilling, and rewarding experiences in a woman’s life as there are lots of emotions and sentiments attached to it. As the mother is getting ready for the delivery, her loved ones throw a baby shower party, and we present to you some interesting baby shower cupcake ideas. A baby shower is a celebration of motherhood and should be memorable for the mother-to-be. Baby shower cupcakes are an integral part of the event, so plunge into this post for some beautiful cupcake ideas, which will make the party even more exciting.

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40+ Baby Shower Cupcake Ideas

The celebration of your baby’s arrival may remain incomplete without baby shower cupcakes. So, try these amazing cupcake ideas and celebrate the occasion.

Baby Shower Cupcake Ideas For Boy

These cute ideas for a baby boy can also be picked for welcoming a pretty girl.

1. Welcome baby boy cupcakes

Welcome baby boy baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

A simple yet unique cupcake idea can have a welcome message. You can prepare these tiny cakes at home itself. All you need is to roll out fondant dyed of different colors to cover the cakes and use alphabet cookie cutters to create the message. Your guests would love the minimalistic idea. To add a little more shine and elegance, you may use cupcake stands.

2. Tiny feet cupcake

Tiny feet baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

A baby boy bottom cupcake idea is cute for a boy baby shower. Give a nice twist and surprise your guests with a colorful adorable version of cupcakes. A professional cake baker can whip them using fondant, but it’s also something you can try at home.

3. Clouds and stars cupcake

Clouds and stars baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

A cupcake idea with a blue sky touch is unique. You may write a cute message “Oh Boy!” on the side of the cakes. And to give them a feel of a blue sky filled with stars and clouds, you can ask your baker to decorate them using fondant and paper lollipop sticks.

4. Baby boy cabbage cupcake

Cabbage cupcake baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Cabbage patch cupcakes for baby boys are innovative. You can personalize your cupcakes as per your desire and surprise your guests. A talented cake baker can pull this off with green fondant to create cabbage leaves.

5. Teddy bears cupcake

Teddy bears baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Celebrate your newborn’s baby shower by surprising the mom-to-be and guests with delicious and attractive teddy bear-themed baby boy cupcakes. Make them believe that these cupcakes are pure happiness adorned with cute teddies on the top that are too cute to handle.

6. Cricket “It’s a Boy” cupcake

Cricket it's a boy baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Give a delicious sporty surprise to the cricket lover inside you with this idea. The cupcakes with cricket ball design can amaze your loved ones. The mouth-watering taste of chocolate glaze or vanilla cream, topped with chocolate and fondant, can mesmerize your loved ones. The guests can get the feel of a cricket match in one bite.

Quick tip
Cricket-themed cupcakes can be made simply by topping plain cupcakes with green icing and making bat, ball, and stump set toppers from fondant.

7. Soccer ball cupcake

Soccer ball baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

If you are a true fan of soccer, then you may consider this idea for the cupcake decoration. To give it a complete feel of a soccer field, ask your baker to bake cupcakes with green frosting to make it look more like a grass field and top with a black and white soccer ball. You can also change the color of the ball. Present the cupcakes with similar-themed balloons to add more elegance to the theme.

8. Little royal prince cupcake

Little royal prince baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

A new royal little prince is going to arrive soon. Celebrate the birth of a baby boy with royal blue baby cupcakes. Throw a royal-themed baby shower with prince invitations, decorations, crowns, and stars. Your dessert table can feature cake pops, lollipops, and other sweet treats as well.

9. King crown cupcake

King crown cupcake

Image: IStock

Add a regal touch to your baby shower menu by including these king-crown cupcakes for your guests. These golden fondant crowns are sure to dazzle at the party. Your guests, too, will remember these sparkling cupcakes for a long time.

10. Mini panda boy cupcake

Mini panda boy baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Chocolate mini cupcakes can be decorated as little panda bears—perfect for a baby boy’s shower. These mini panda cupcakes are delicious, fun, and cute at the same time. These cupcakes are attractive and sure to grab the attention of everyone.

11. Giraffe cupcake

Giraffe cupcakes baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Cute animal-themed cakes are loved by everyone, and giraffe cake can be a great option to surprise your baby shower. It can brighten up the celebration.

Betsy, a baker, recounts her experience of creating giraffe-themed cupcakes with giraffe toppers for a baby shower. She writes, “I bought a giraffe stamp and a Baby stamp from Paper Source. My very crafty and amazing friend Rachel offered to come over the night before the cupcakes were due and brought over some gold ink, gold embossing powder, and an embosser. We put the gold stamps on white paper and made a silver, scalloped border, and then glued a tongue depressor stick to the back so they could be stuck into the cupcakes. I really liked how they turned out (i).”

12. Nautical cupcake

Nautical cupcake

Image: IStock

Let your friends and family know your little sailor is on his way to meet them soon. These sea-themed cupcakes with boats, anchors, and sail fondants would undoubtedly fascinate your guests. You may also offer sailor hats to your guests to suit the party theme.

13. Sneaker cupcake

Sneaker cupcake

Image: IStock

These adorable cupcakes with tiny boy sneakers are cute and will make your guests go ‘Aww.’ It’s not necessary to stick to blue color fondant. You can customize the cupcakes with other colors per the theme of your event.

14. Superhero cupcake

Superhero cupcake

Image: Shutterstock

Little superheroes adorning cupcakes can make a memorable cupcake option for a baby shower. You may choose from DC and Marvel superheroes or have characters from both universes, creating a unique space for Batman and Spiderman to appear together.

15. Jungle animals cupcake

Jungle animals cupcake

Image: Shutterstock

Ferocious jungle animals look adorable on little cupcakes. From tigers to rhinos, treat your guests to a colorful and sweet jungle safari. To enhance the jungle theme of your baby shower, consider providing animal masks to your guests as well.

16. Farm animals cupcake

Farm animals cupcake

Image: Shutterstock

Farm animals also look appealing on cupcakes. Complete your cupcake farm with pink pigs, white hens, and brown bulls. To give your guests a farm feel, you can play the sound of cows mooing near the cupcake section. These cupcakes would be a great addition to your baby shower menu.

17. Aquatic cupcake

Aquatic cupcake

Image: Shutterstock

Cupcakes with different types of fish can be a great idea for a sea-themed baby shower. From starfish to crabs and dolphins to sharks, amaze your guests with beautifully decorated cupcakes. To make it more interesting, you can place the cupcake tray on top of an aquarium tank filled with blue water to make it look like the cupcakes are floating in the ocean.

18. Summer cupcake

Summer cupcake

Image: Shutterstock

If your son is going to be born in the summer, then a summer-themed cupcake will be an awesome pick. Yellow suns, brown shades, and beach balls on cupcakes are a great way to welcome both summer and your child.

19. Guitar cupcake

In a musical family, the little one born might also have an affinity for music. So, a guitar-themed cupcake can be great for your baby boy’s shower. Pick the one you like best, whether it’s a retro guitar, an electric guitar, or a bass guitar.

20. Cowboy cupcake

Cowboy cupcake

Image: Shutterstock

A country-themed baby boy shower would be incomplete without cowboy-themed cupcakes. Play good country-side music as you treat your guests to these delicious cowboy cakes. You can also provide cowboy hats as party favors for your guests.

Baby Shower Cupcake Ideas for Girl

Here are some colorful ideas to welcome a baby girl. However, you may use these ideas for a baby boy shower as well.

21. Princess shower cupcake

Princess cupcakes baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Explore the enchanting world of a princess with an impressive cupcake idea. You can instruct your cupcake baker to decorate the cupcake like a princess. Enrich them by adding some meringue cookies and dusting the cake with edible glitter that makes them look royal.

22. Mermaid baby shower cupcake

Mermaid cupcakes baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

If you wish to choose an underwater theme for the baby shower, the mermaid cupcake idea can be a hit. A darling mermaid baby shower can be styled with vintage items and served deliciously. You can get it done by a professional baker. The cupcakes can be decorated with shells, starfish, seahorses, and mermaid’s tails.

23. Twinkle twinkle little star cupcake

Twinkle twinkle little star baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Welcome your bundle of joy by adding stars to the cupcakes. You can decorate them with different shades of pink and shining golden stars. The look and feel of the finished cupcakes will look elegant.

24. Simple “It’s a Girl” cupcake

Simple it's a girl cupcake baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Wrap a bow and give these baby girl cupcakes as a gift to celebrate the new arrival. Strike a hit with these simple cupcakes, each with an “It’s a girl” message. Ask the baker for a batch of vanilla cupcakes, use a vanilla frosting, and decorate with colorful balls. Top each with a store-bought topper and a flower crown. Consider crafting a delightful cupcake bouquet using these cupcakes as a beautiful gift for the expectant mother.

Quick tip
A pink and white polka-dotted icing goes well with an “It’s a girl” message.

25. Butterfly cupcake

Butterfly cupcakes baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Butterfly cupcakes can add more colors to the baby girl shower party. These can be decorated with butterflies in shades of pink and purple. A garden theme can match up to these cupcakes. You may add cupcake wrappers in the shape of a butterfly to add a pretty touch to its appearance.

26. Ballerina cupcake

Ballerina cupcakes baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

If the mom-to-be wants something chic, a batch of chocolate vanilla cupcakes with ballerina decorations can be a perfect idea. You could also make an attractive cupcake tower with this design.

27. Baby birds cupcake

Baby bird cupcakes baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

A colorful bird-themed baby shower with birdcages, cookies, and decorations make up for a creative baby girl shower idea. The simpler and more natural the birds, the better they look. Use cupcake molds of different colors to create a variety of birds. The bird idea makes a versatile baby shower theme, with cupcakes having chocolate nests and edible eggs to make them more natural and interesting.

28. Cute owl cupcake

Cute owl cupcakes baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Decorate your woodland cake and impress your guests at your upcoming baby shower. The owl cupcakes can be decorated with oversized eyes. You may use yellow fondant circles that resemble feathers and white frosting for wings.

29. Rainbow and unicorn cupcake

Rainbow unicorn cupcakes baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Celebrate your baby’s arrival with a party that is as perfect as a fairy tale and as pretty as a daydream. A rainbow and unicorn theme cakes can have a rainbow as a base layer and a unicorn profile on the top layer. They can be crowned with a rainbow sprouting out of clouds.

30. Rose cupcake

Rose cupcakes baby shower cupcake ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Rose-shaped meringue cupcakes with white drip around the perimeter adds a pretty touch. These can grab the eyeballs of many at the baby shower party. Decorate the cupcake platter with multi-colored rose-shaped cupcakes.

31. Flower garden cupcake

Flower garden cupcake

Image: Shutterstock

Why stick to just one flower when you can have an entire garden? A flower garden theme can also be great for cupcakes at your baby shower. Pink, white, blue, and every flower color can create appealing cupcakes that your guests will surely relish.

32. Disney princess cupcake

Disney princess cupcake

Image: Shutterstock

Celebrate the imminent arrival of your princess with Disney princess cupcakes. Take your guests into Disney cartoons’ nostalgic and fun-filled world with memorable female characters such as Snow White, Ariel, and Belle. Also, if you are a fan of these princesses, it is a cool way to relive your childhood.

33. Fashion accessories cupcake

Fashion accessories cupcake

Image: Shutterstock

When the mommy-to-be is into fashion, incorporating fashion accessories onto cupcakes can be a tempting affair for a baby girl’s shower. Lipsticks, shoes, bags, and all things fashion on cupcakes are not only visually attractive but also a tasty treat for everyone to enjoy.

34. Minnie Mouse cupcake

Minnie Mouse cupcake

Image: Shutterstock

Minnie Mouse is a popular and adorable cartoon character loved by many. With her big eyes and cute pink bow atop her head, she will certainly melt your guests’ hearts. Consider setting up a pink-themed photo booth with pink bow placards for your guests to click some funny and delightful pictures while enjoying these cupcakes.

35. Ladybug cupcake

Ladybug cupcake

Image: IStock

Vibrant red accents appear alluring as your guests indulge in delectable ladybug cupcakes. Some cakes can have one, and some can have multiple ladybugs. The serving tray can be decorated with artificial leaves for a more natural look.

36. Galaxy cupcake

Galaxy cupcake

Image: IStock

Surprise your guests with this sparkling treat. Galaxy-themed cupcakes captivate the eyes and satiate one’s taste buds. This unique cupcake idea is relatively uncommon, making it a standout choice for your baby shower.

37. Rainy season cupcake

Rainy season cupcake

Image: Shutterstock

If you are expecting your little princess to arrive in the rainy season, consider a charming rainy-season-themed cupcake for your baby shower. Decorate your cupcakes with clouds, umbrellas, and rainbows – all things that evoke the feeling of rain, and let your guests drench in a sugary sweet treat.

38. Heart cupcake

Heart cupcake

Image: Shutterstock

What better way to show love and excitement for the arrival of your little angel than with adorable little hearts on cupcakes? If pink is the theme of your baby shower, these little pink cupcakes are just right for the occasion. Alternatively, you can have pink and red heart sprinkles on the frosting instead of larger hearts.

39. Pink flamingo cupcake

Pink flamingo cupcake

Image: Shutterstock

Pink flamingos are yet another unique option for a baby shower cupcake. These pretty birds gracefully poised on a cake can charm your guests. To create a variety you can have a mix of pink and white colored flamingos.

40. Little shoes cupcake

Little shoes cupcake

Image: Shutterstock

Little pink shoe cupcakes are classic, tried, and tested choices for a baby shower. If you do not want to get too experimental, these cakes are your best bet. To add some variety, you can have cupcakes with different colors of shoes and not just the standard pink.

41. Strawberry cupcake

Strawberry cupcake

Image: IStock

If pink is the chosen theme color for your baby shower, then strawberry cupcakes are a perfect match. Cupcakes topped with juicy strawberries can truly impress your guests. The delightful blend of sweet and tangy flavors will make these cupcakes a memorable addition to your menu.

Quick tip
Top plain cupcakes with pink fondant crowns decorated with edible golden balls to represent your princess.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I decorate baby shower cupcakes at home?

Candies, sugar cages, candles, fresh fruits, chocolate chips, ganache, sprinkles, small flags and tags, chocolate shapes, cookies, shredded chocolate, and fondant shapes can be used to decorate baby shower cupcakes.

2. Do I have a cake at a baby shower?

Yes. A cake or cupcake is an essential part of a baby shower and can be served as dessert to guests. The cake can be preferably white, with white icing and something related to the baby shower written on top.

3. How do I fold a onesie into a cupcake?

To make a cupcake out of a onesie, first smooth out the onesie flat, tucking any tags away, then neatly fold in the arms toward the middle two times on each side to create a tight, long rectangle. Place a sock at one end of the rectangle, overlapping the toes of the folded onesie. Roll the sock and onesie into a tight ball, having left the sock tip visible at the top. Flip the ribbed ankle part of the sock over to hold the rolled onesie in place.

4. What do I need to make edible images for baby shower cakes?

To print or create edible images for baby shower cakes, use food-grade edible coloring ink cartridges instead of regular ones, and use frosting sheets or wafer papers rather than regular paper.

Pretty decors, amazing food, and cute cupcakes are a must-have for a baby shower. So, these fantastic baby shower cupcake ideas give you a push to celebrate a baby shower on a sweet and happy note. Whether the royal-theme cupcake or enchanting princess or mermaid-theme cupcakes, these will leave your guests wanting more. Cupcakes are great for bringing an instant smile and delight to the mom-to-be, and having theme-based or color-coded cupcakes for a baby shower will surely add variety and richness to the occasion.

Infographic: Baby Shower Cupcake Ideas

Just as fun games and pretty decor are a must-have at a baby shower, so are themed cupcakes. If a baby shower party is on your mind, we share some fantastic cupcake ideas in this infographic to add relishable treats to your menu and make your baby shower event a hit.

relishable cupcake ideas for a baby shower (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • A baby shower is a thrilling experience for all soon-to-be mothers.
  • You can have different themed cupcakes for girls and boys.
  • Tiny feet, clouds and stars, princess, mermaid, and many other cupcake ideas as you scroll through the post.

Create adorable cupcake toppers that will add an extra touch of charm to your baby shower! Follow along with this easy tutorial and make your celebration extra special.

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