23 Special Baby Shower Guestbook Ideas To Make The Event Memorable

A baby shower is a special occasion for the soon-to-be parents. So, to capture the essence of that day and look back at it after a few years, we bring you a list of baby shower guestbook ideas. Capture the good wishes and precious moments in a book so that you may go back to them after several years and relive those, maybe even show them to your baby after they grow up.

It is a great idea to capture those beautiful moments. So, read on as we give you a few interesting ideas for a guestbook on your baby shower.

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23 Special Baby Shower Guestbook Ideas To Make The Event Memorable

1. Fingerprint tree

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Create a personalized baby shower guest book for the mom and the baby. All you need to do is spread out a white chart paper, and make a drawing of a tree with several branches (count the expected guests and fix an approximate number).

Spread the chart paper on a table, and place a stamp pad and a few gel pens. As the guests arrive, ask them to print their thumb impression on one of the branches and write their name and relation with the baby. The result will be a wonderful fingerpainting memory that can be framed and hung in the baby’s room.

2. Wishes on stones

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To execute this idea, you would need some smooth beach or river pebbles, and permanent markers. Ask your guests to get creative and write down their wishes on the pebbles. You can place them in a glass jar or arrange the pebbles in a center table.

3. Ultrasound guest book

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Ultrasound helps friends and family to get the first glimpse of the baby. Stick the baby’s ultrasound picture on a signing mat and ask the guests to sign it. Later, you can frame it as a remembrance of all the love and support you and your baby got.

4. Supportive envelopes

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In this adorable idea, the guests write their own short poems or words of wisdom and messages of support on envelopes and place them inside diapers. Whenever the mother opens the diaper, she will be thrilled to find the note. You can also go ahead and write the wishes on the diapers itself. It would be amusing to see when the baby crawls or walks with a funny note on the diaper.

5. Baby’s ABC book

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Turn your baby shower guestbook into the baby’s first book. Give the guests some coloring pencils, sketches, and markers, and ask each of them to create one page for the book. They can also include best wishes for the baby on the page.

6. Wishes on onesie

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This onesie could be framed or worn by your baby for a photoshoot. Buy a white or a light-colored onesie and ask all the guests to fill it up with their wishes and blessings for the baby.

7. Timeless guestbook

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If you are looking for a baby shower guest-book, which can be used by your baby for many years to come, then you may try this idea. Pick up a favorite children’s book and ask the guests to write their wishes and messages on the pages. Whenever you read that book to your baby, you can also read the wishes and look back at the happy memories.

8. Baby blocks idea

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This baby shower guestbook idea is simple and can be a perfect reminder of all the love reserved for your baby. Buy some wooden building blocks and ask the guests to write down their wishes and sign each block with permanent markers.

9. Short and sweet idea

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This idea is probably one of the simplest crafts. Choose the first letter of your baby’s name (if you have already selected one), cut cardboard in that shape and stick a white paper on it. Request the guests to fill the letter with their wishes and blessings. The end product will, indeed, add a personalized touch to your baby’s nursery.

10. Put them together

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The guests at your baby shower are the people who would play a significant role in your baby’s life. And this is a sweet way to reiterate the importance of a support system for your baby. Gather some blank puzzle pieces and ask the guests to write their wishes on each. While helping your child in putting the pieces together, you will have an opportunity to teach them about the support system.

11. Personalized pillow cover

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Get a personalized pillow cover made with the picture of the mom, dad, and siblings. You can also include some heartfelt quotes. Display it to the guests and ask them to sign on the pillow cover.

12. Signed baby bibs

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The new mommy can have much-needed emotional support while feeding the baby. Spread some plain bibs and permanent markers on a table. Request the guests to sign the bibs; when they are done, you will have a collection of funny, emotional, and personalized bibs for your little one.

13. Wishes bunting

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This is a unique way to surround your little one with all the wishes from your family and friends. For this baby shower guestbook idea, cut thick-colored paper into the desired shapes (animals, onesies, hearts, etc.), place them in a jar, also place some sketch pens and clothespins. Tie a string in a zigzag manner on a wall. Ask the guests to write down their wishes on the shapes and pin them on the string. You can hang this DIY bunting near your baby’s crib or in the nursery.

14. Around-the-world idea

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With this idea, you can turn something formal into a treasure trove of emotions. You will need a revolving globe and some permanent markers. Request your guests to write down their wishes and sign on the globe. Once your baby grows into a curious toddler, you can teach them about the world and also about the well-wishers in their life.

15. A wishful quilt

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Another cute guestbook idea is a signed quilt. Hang a quilt and ask the guests to sign it using fabric markers. Once they are done, you will have a quilt full of wishes and blessing just for your baby.

16. Charming guestbook

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This cute idea works fine when you have a limited number of guests. The hostess can ask each guest to bring a bracelet charm that would suit the mother’s personality or is a symbol of their bond. The guests can present their charms and write why they have chosen that particular charm for the mom-to-be. The mother will have a forever reminder of all the loving thoughts.

17. Elephant guestbook

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This guestbook idea would make a pretty wall decor for your baby’s nursery. Get a printout of a baby elephant holding a bunch of balloon strings in its trunk (with empty space in the place of the balloon). Spread out the printout and place some stamp pads; ask the guests to put their fingerprints at the end of the string and sign on it.

18. Baby furniture guestbook

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Choose a crib or a high chair and turn it into a guestbook. Ask the guests to sign on the furniture using a permanent marker.

19. Photo booth idea

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If you want to set up a photo booth for the baby shower, then you can use it for your guestbook as well. Place an album, glue and some glitter pens near the photo booth. As the guests click photos (use a Polaroid camera), ask them to paste them in the album and write down their wishes and sign. This guest book will surely make you feel nostalgic.

20. Tiny hearts idea

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This is another adorable idea to keep all the wishes framed forever. For this idea, you would need tiny wooden hearts and permanent markers. Ask the guests to sign the hearts, and you can either drop them in a glass jar or frame them.

21. Alphabet idea

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Ask the guests to carve out an alphabet letter from card or wooden cardboard, decorate it as they want and write their wishes. Once they are done, you can hang them in your child’s nursery.

22. Whale guest book

Whale guest book

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Create a memorable guest book for a whale-themed baby shower by having guests write their wishes or advice on cut-out paper whales. Arrange these whale notes on a sizable ocean-themed backdrop or in a unique album. This charming keepsake will collect heartfelt messages while beautifully complementing the whale-themed decor, making it a treasured souvenir for years.

23. Pumpkin guest book

For a pumpkin-themed baby shower, create a unique guest book by using a decorative pumpkin. Ask guests to write their well wishes and advice directly onto the pumpkin with permanent markers. This creative approach serves as a festive centerpiece during the event and becomes a cherished keepsake, symbolizing the love and support surrounding the arrival of the new baby.

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For a pumpkin-themed baby shower, create a unique guest book by using a decorative pumpkin. Ask guests to write their well wishes and advice directly onto the pumpkin with permanent markers. This creative approach serves as a festive centerpiece during the event and becomes a cherished keepsake, symbolizing the love and support surrounding the arrival of the new baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of messages should I ask guests to leave in the guest book?

You may ask your guests to leave a message congratulating you on occasion or a piece of advice for the new parents. Your guests may leave good wishes for your baby or share personality predictions for the baby’s future. You may also ask guests to share their special memories as parents or with their parents or simply to give their autographs with the date.

2. How can I make my baby shower guest book gender-neutral?

You may make your baby shower guest book gender-neutral by choosing colors such as white, cream, gray, yellow, green, and purple, which are not associated with any gender, and decorating with elements such as stars, moon, or origami hearts, and opting for gender-neutral themes, such as a jungle, animal, or nature theme. Also, try using language such as “parent-to-be” instead of “mom-to-be” or “dad-to-be.”

3. Are there any virtual baby shower guest book options?

You may create a virtual baby shower guest book online using Google forms and share the link with your guests. You may ask your guests to video record their messages and compile them into a video guest book. Take the help of a digital photo album and ask your guests to share their pictures with their children (as babies) and add a message. You may compile these into a digital album using Canva or similar online software. Some online websites may offer customized digital guest books, and you may opt for such services.

The baby shower guestbook ideas will work amazingly to keep your guests highly entertained. It will also leave adorable souvenirs or keepsakes for the mother and the baby from every guest who attends the shower. Therefore, pick an idea that suits your requirements and preferences the best. And you may treasure all the love you receive in the form of wishes and gifts for your baby.

Infographic: Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas For A Memorable Event

A baby shower is a special time for soon-to-be parents as they get a chance to celebrate the arrival of their new baby with their loved ones. To help them preserve the memories of this occasion, we have prepared a list of unconventional guest book ideas that you can include and let guests shower their blessings on the soon-to-be-born child. Read on and choose the one that you like most.

ideas for a baby shower guest book (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • A baby shower guestbook is a wonderful memento that holds messages and wishes for your special day so you can go back to them and relive the moment even after years.
  • This book is not only for parents, but a beautiful gift for the child to know who all were there to celebrate their arrival.
  • Fingerprint tree, wishes on a onesie, signed baby bibs, etc., are a few of the many interesting baby shower guest book ideas you can take a cue from.

Create a unique and memorable baby shower guest book with this easy craft DIY! Learn how to make a special keepsake for the new parents.

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