35 Baby Shower Host Gift Ideas To Make Them Happy, 2024

A baby shower is all about having fun and making each person at the party feel special. Choose the best baby shower host gift ideas from this list and make your hostess for making the occasion grand.

The host or hostess could be your friend, parent, or any close relative who has put in a lot of effort to make the baby shower a grand success. If you wish to thank them for their efforts in a special way, you need unique ideas. Well, we’ve got you covered. Check out the various baby shower host or hostess gift ideas listed here and take inspiration from them to make your gift memorable.

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Why Should You Consider Giving A Gift to Your Baby Shower Hostess?

You may want to gift the hostess a gift to thank them for putting in the time and effort and planning your baby shower. Although it is not mandatory, it is considered good etiquette to give a gift and show gratitude. To make it more personal, you may also include a handwritten ‘thank you’ note along with the gift.

When To Give A Baby Shower Hostess Gift?

If you are having a planned baby shower, then keep a gift ready to give it to the hostess before or after the party. But if it is a surprise baby shower, then you wouldn’t have a gift ready. Therefore, you may send it later.

If there is more than one host, you can either send individual gratitude gifts for shower hosts along with thank you cards or take them out for a dinner or movie.

Now that we have covered the why and when part, next we’ll share some baby shower hostess gift ideas you may consider.

Unique Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas

Here are some unique gift ideas for a thank-you gift for hosting a shower, which can make the baby shower memorable not only to you but also to the host.

  1. Dried floral arrangements: Opt for plant and flower gifts for hosts if they are nature enthusiasts. Arrange dried natural flowers in a beautiful bouquet. These flowers never die and bring color to the room all year long. You can also buy scented dried flowers as they act as room fresheners.
  1. Candy bouquet: This is a perfect gift for a hostess who has a sweet tooth or an ever-lasting crush on candies. You may make an elaborate bouquet in a basket or create a mini version in a coffee mug. All you need is wooden skewers, glue, candy, and your imagination.
  1. Wind chimes: This is a perfect baby shower hostess gift. Your host will remember you with every wisp of wind. These are great as garden accessories and home decor. Also, wind chimes are believed to enhance the flow of positive energy (Chi) into the house thus promoting a healthy and harmonious environment.
protip_icon Quick fact
It is considered impolite to request someone to throw you a baby shower and unacceptable for you or your spouse to host the event.

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  1. Bookends: This is yet another unique gift if your host has a fair share of books. These bookends come in many styles; some are specific to a profession and some are funny and classy.
  1. Candle holder and scented candles: Buy home decor gifts for hosts. For instance, you can get authentic handmade candles. They come in different sizes and smells, so choose them as per your host’s preference. You may also buy an artistic candle holder for the scented candles.
protip_icon Quick fact
Usually, as per tradition, it’s a close family friend, a grandparent-to-be, or a sibling of either the father-or mother-to-be that hosts a baby shower.

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  1. Wine and dish towel: This is a simple and practical gift idea if your host loves wine. Buy your host’s favorite wine bottle, wrap it with a dish towel, tie a ribbon on the top and add a cute ‘thank you’ tag.
  1. Key and mail organizer: If your host likes to keep things in order, then gift them a key-cum-mail holder. There are several unique designs in the market, but take care you select the one that is easy to install.
protip_icon Did You Know?
A baby sprinkle is a special kind of baby shower held to welcome the family’s second child in which, as opposed to a regular shower, baby essentials are given as presents.

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  1. Herb garden kit: If your host loves gardening and has a beautiful vegetable garden at home, a herb garden kit makes for a unique host gift.
  1. Picnic basket with wine glasses: This handy basket stores everything you need for a picnic and is an ideal way to carry wine without the fear of spilling it or breaking the bottle, making it a great shower hostess present.

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  1. A book: If your host is a book lover and you know exactly what their taste in literature is, then gift them that limited edition or the bestseller of that season.
protip_icon Quick tip
Leaving a thoughtful, sweet yet concise handwritten thank you note in the book can make the gift more memorable for the host.

Personalized Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

Personalized gifts make the recipient feel important. Also, if you have multiple hosts, then personalized gifts give you an opportunity to thank each one individually.

  1. Wine and bottle stopper: What can be more special than a personalized stopper with your hostess’s initials engraved? If your hostess is a wine enthusiast, then help her preserve the finesses of the wines with this special stopper.

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  1. A gift certificate: When you are not sure what your hostess likes, opt for a practical shower host gift, such as a gift certificate for her to buy whatever she wants.
  1. Personalized apron: Is your hostess good at cooking and has always pampered you by fulfilling your food cravings? Then, the perfect way to thank her is a cute apron with her initials or a thank you.

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  1. Take them out: Another way to thank your hostesses is to take them out for a movie or for dinner at a restaurant. This way, you can spend some quality time with them as well as thank them for that smashing baby shower.
  1. Customized bracelets: You can never go wrong with gifting jewelry. A customized bracelet with your hostess’s name on it or with some unique charms that depict your relationship can be a lovely personalized hostess gift.

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  1. Personalized stationery: Gift them a pen, diary or a planner with their initials imprinted on them. You can also give a stationery set.
  1. Jewelry box: Every womanwho lovesjewelry would love a jewelry box. She can keep all her earrings, necklaces, rings, etc., in one place. To customize it, you may add your host’s name on the box.

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  1. Personalized travel bag/ passport holder: Does your host likes to travel and see the world? Then, they would love to get a good quality duffle bag from you. You can also have a customized passport holder with their initials printed on it.

Inexpensive Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas

If you are on a budget or have multiple hosts, then here are some best hostess gifts, which are easy on your pocket.

  1. DIY sangria kit: Your hostess will thank you for this clever sangria kit. All you need is some fresh fruits (strawberries, pears, plums, and limes) and mini bottles of wine and vodka (vodka is optional). Put all the items in an extra large mason jar or a basket, and add a thank you card.

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  1. Print and frame a thank you message: This idea is inexpensive, and at the same time can make your host feel really special. Select a thank you message, collage it with a picture of you and your host, print it and pop it into a picture frame. Voila! Your thank you gift is ready.
  1. Manicure set: This might sound expensive, but you can do it yourself too. In a cute bag, add two nail polishes, a nail file, a mini nail cutter, and a nail lotion–all of these could be travel size–and make a pampering gift for shower hosts.

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  1. DIY gift bundle: Go with this DIY hostess gift idea if you know your host’s tastes well. Pick up a reusable plastic drinking cup, and fill it up with goodies your host likes, for example, candy, gumballs, travel size body lotion, jewelry, etc.
  1. Salad bowls and servers: This is an excellent addition at a dinner table. Choose a wooden salad bowl that comes along with a set of servers.

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  1. Tote bags set: These are durable, environment-friendly and can come very handy. Gift a set of tote bags; they come in different sizes and designs. These are a hit with both men and women.
  1. Home decor: Pick a decorative host gift, such as a beautiful wall hanging, if you know your host’s house well and they have an empty wall, or you know they love artistic wall decor.

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  1. A sapling: One more idea if your host loves to grow plants, and appreciates the garden in your courtyard. Assemble a basket full of your garden produce and place a sapling in the middle. Wrap a thank you card to the sapling and gift it.

Baby Shower Hostess Gift Basket Ideas

The advantage of a gift basket is you can use your creativity and customize it as much as you want with gourmet food and drink gifts for hosts or their favorite cosmetics.

  1. Pasta gift basket: A gift basket need not always be with wine or chocolates. Here is a rather unconventional idea. Pack a basket with everything you need to cook a particular dish. For example, if the dish is pasta, then fill the basket with a baguette, spaghetti, olive oil, olives, a bottle of sauce and spices.

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  1. Breakfast gift basket: When your hosts are a couple, and they just love to have their breakfast together, then gift them this basket containing pancake mix, cookies, instant coffee powder, maple syrup, and a fruit juice.
  1. Home spa basket: Pamper them with a home spa and relaxation gift for hosts. Assemble a perfect gift basket for a DIY relaxing spa session. Place bath bombs, scrub, essential oils, scented candles, pumice stone, body lotion, body scrubs, etc.

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  1. Coffee gift basket: This gift basket is like a pot of gold for a coffee lover. The must haves are coffee (beans or ground), mugs, sugar, creamer, stir sticks, some biscotti or other treats.
  1. Fruit basket: In this classic gift basket option, load it with all the seasonal fruits, dry fruits, and nuts. Try a ribbon, and your gift basket is ready.

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  1. Baking gift basket: If the host is good at baking, this fantastic baking gift basket would make a thoughtful host gift. You can fill it up with ceramic egg cartons, baker’s twine, silicone mixing spoons, and a whisk, measuring spoons, cupcake liners, sprinkles, etc.
  1. Cosmetics gift basket: For the fashionista that your host is, give her a stylish hostess present in the form of a basket full of makeup brushes, lip gloss, lipstick, foundation, eye makeup palette, perfume, etc.

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  1. Game night gift basket: This is the perfect gender neutral baby shower host gift. Fill the basket with snacks like milk duds, chips, m&m as well as some board games like scrabble, Zenga and bingo. You can also include a pack of cards.
  1. Wine gift basket: If your host is a wine lover, opt for wine and cocktail gifts for hosts. Buy some wine bottles along with their favorite cheese pairings. You can also add a corkscrew remover and a wine bottle stopper to complete the basket.

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Most baby showers are grand, thanks to the efforts of the hostess or host. And to show your gratefulness and appreciation for the hostess, you need to give them the best gifts. The gift ideas listed here might well be just what they have wanted all this time. When choosing a gift for them, ensure you gauge their likes and dislikes and try to personalize it. You may also do something special for them instead of giving them a regular gift—such as taking them out for dinner or camping. Whatever gift you choose, or whatever you do for them, ensure it is something they can cherish for a long time.

How To Choose The Right Gift For A Baby Shower Host?

Consider the following aspects while looking for a gift for a baby shower host.

  1. Interest: Consider their interests, likes, and dislikes to buy a suitable gift. You can also consider gifting handmade host gifts to show your appreciation. If you are unsure, decorative items or a thoughtful gift basket to express your gratitude. However, make sure to be thoughtful while choosing the gift.
  2. Usefulness: Ensure the item you choose is useful to the host. Practical options such as tote bags, self-care items, aprons, gift certificates, and more can be suitable.
  3. Long-lasting: Choose gifts that are durably built. Entertaining gifts for hosts as well as household items can last for years and would be appreciated by the recipient.
  4. Safety: Ensure the gift is made of high-quality materials and is non-toxic for optimal safety.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is an experienced and professional content writer. Her knowledge in writing about gift ideas comes in handy as she lists the best gifts that are unique, heartfelt, and practical. In this post, she has curated an extensive list of the best baby shower host gift ideas. She lists the best available options in the market to help you make the right choice when it comes to picking baby shower appreciation gifts. She has considered user reviews and researched extensively to find premium options.

Most baby showers are grand, thanks to the efforts of the hostess or host. And to show your gratefulness and appreciation for the hostess, you need to give them the best gifts. The gift ideas listed here might well be just what they have wanted all this time. When choosing a gift for them, ensure you gauge their likes and dislikes and try to personalize it. You may also do something special for them instead of giving them a regular gift—such as taking them out for dinner or camping. Whatever gift you choose, or whatever you do for them, ensure it is something they can cherish for a long time.

Do you have some more baby shower hostess gift ideas? Let us know in the comments section below.

Infographic: Factors To Consider When Choosing Gifts For Baby Shower Hosts

Getting a gift for a friend or family member who has hosted your baby shower can be challenging. The gift is supposed to be as joyous and thoughtful as the occasion. Take a look at the infographic below to note some factors you should consider when choosing a gift.

Tips For Selecting Gifts For A Baby Shower Host (Infographic)

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