24 Best Baby Shower Ideas For 2024 To Make It Memorable

The baby shower is a special occasion for both the soon-to-be mother and father. It helps you share your happiness with your near and dear ones. It is important to keep in mind some baby shower ideas to make the day memorable. It needs to be an occasion with fun, recreation, good food, music, and entertainment so that the would-be parents and guests remember it. Conduct the baby shower at your favorite venue and set up a photo booth with several photo props to capture the memories of this joyous day.

In this post, we have put together a list of some interesting ideas for conducting a baby shower and the activities you could include in it. Read on and choose the one you like the most.

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Best Baby Shower Ideas

Here is our selection of the top ideas and themes that will go best with your baby shower and will also suit your budget:

1. Baby diaper pins

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  • You can try adding the baby diaper images as part of your baby shower invites, or even use them to pin up the invitations.
  • Use baby diaper pins to close gift bags or wrap napkins around your vases and accent them with the pins. These will serve as excellent decorations.

2. Homemade jams

Image: Shutterstock

Instead of gifting your guests something that you bought at the store, it is always more personal when you gift them something that you made. Homemade jams are the perfect party favors to gift your guests.

  • Try making jams at home using seasonal fruits and produce. As you are of course eating healthy while you are pregnant, it is a great way to encourage your guests to eat healthy too.
  • The best part about making jam at home is that you can start preparing it a few days before your baby shower and keep the entire batch ready by the time it is your baby shower.
  • You can make a mix of flavors and ask your guests to pick up something that they like, or make all the pieces in the same flavor.
  • The good thing about gifting a homemade jam is that your guests can also use it for their children at home.
  • If you are not able to make the jam at home, you can always purchase homemade jams at nearby organic stores.
protip_icon Did you know?
The tradition of the modern baby shower in America began in the mid-20th century with the aim to provide the expecting mother with useful items.

3. The parenting circus

Image: Shutterstock

True that once you welcome your new member of the family and become parents, your life will turn into a circus filled with fun and chaos. Yet here is another simple baby shower ideas.

  • If you already know the gender of your baby, you can set up the décor based on the particular color, such as pink for girls and blue for boys. Of course, you can always choose to get off the most popularly taken color scheme route and use your choice of colors instead.
  • For the circus theme, you can use a big mosquito net to hang on one part of the room where it can fall like a circus tent. You can also use a big sheet that you can hang on one side of the room to look like a tent.
  • Arrange a table underneath to keep all the goodies and food.
  • Print out interesting circus themed images, such as elephants, monkeys, clowns, trapeze artists, fire eaters, dancers, entertainers, ring masters and more to hang up around the house.
  • Alternatively, you can also use your imagination and draw outlines of these characters on plain or colored paper and display them on your walls and the table.

4. A bun in the oven theme

Image: Shutterstock

As the popular saying goes, you now have a bun in the oven, so why not convert it to a full-fledged baby shower theme idea?

  • You can use a toy kitchen set to be the centerpiece of this particular baby shower theme idea. Of course, your baby can later use the toy set to play too.
  • Keep the oven part of the kitchen set in such a location where it will be visible to all and where it will also act as a main feature of the décor.
  • Use more baking tools as your décor pieces, such as oven gloves, baking dishes to hold your things, ladles and such.
  • To go with the bun part of the saying, make sure you have lots of different types of buns as part of the food you are serving.

5. Bright colors

Image: Shutterstock

If you do not wish to do a color theme that is based around the regular pink and blue, you can opt for some bright and fun colors.

  • The great idea is to incorporate the colors in your décor as well as in the gifts that your guests will be taking back home with them.
  • Try using lemon and mint candies as the main piece in your décor. You can add a few of these in tiny glass jars and create one each for each guest. Place them in the middle of the room so that it adds color and brightness to your overall décor.
  • Once the guests are leaving, they can pick up a jar each.
  • Add more pieces in the colors lime and mint, yellows, and light greens, to complete the look.

Katy, a blogger, joyfully recounts the beautiful baby shower organized by her friends, expressing how delightful the experience was. She says, “The theme of the baby shower was more of colors: purple and teal. We had a sundae bar (which was amazing!!). The sundae bar was perfect with the hot summer afternoon. We had a fun ice cube game that we played. Inside of frozen ice cubes were little plastic babies. Each guest put an ice cube in her drink and once someone’s ice had totally melted and the baby was fully exposed, she could announce, “My water broke!” and win the game. That was fun (i)!”

6. Re-used paper bags and re-usable design

Image: Shutterstock

If you do not want to add too much waste to your baby shower gift packages, a great way to make use of reusable items is to use pre-used paper bags. It is an unique baby shower ideas.

  • You can either source it from a nearby re-used goods store or ask your guests to bring an old but usable paper bag each.
  • Cut out interesting and bright pictures from old magazines and keep them ready to be used on the paper bags. Glue them on the front of each bag to give it a special touch.
  • Use old and used gift wrapping paper or old ribbons to add to the paper bags to make them look decorative.
  • You can set up a craft table where each guest can make their take home paper bag.

7. A purple feminine touch

Image: Shutterstock

Purple is a beautiful color that says feminine but is not the typical pink that may seem a little too girlish.

  • You can use purple in your décor by incorporating it in different ways in your overall setting.
  • Try placing some purple flowers and candles around the place where you are hosting the event.
  • Place some purple napkins on the table to add more color to your overall décor.
  • You can also use purple ribbons to accentuate glasses and chairs, as well as make small bows using purple ribbons to tie up the gift bags for guests.

8. Color-themed nail paint ideas

Image: Shutterstock

If you do not know the gender of your baby or if you are having twins with one boy and one girl, you can make use of both pink and blue in this cute baby shower ideas.

  • Lay out the table and keep a pair of pink and blue nail paint for each guest. Make sure you also keep a pair for yourself.
  • To make it easier for guests, you can also provide some nail paint removers and cotton pads so that your guests can remove their previous nail paint and apply the new ones.
  • Ask your guests to create nail art using the pink and blue nail paint combo.
  • Once they are done, ask your guests to paint your finger and toe nails using the same color combo. It will also be a fun way to color up your toenails, something that will get difficult for you to do on your own as you advance in your pregnancy months.

9. Ribbons

Image: Shutterstock

You can make your décor look beautiful, bright, fresh and very different by using a playful mix of bright and differently done up ribbons.

  • Use lots of different ribbons in a variety of colors and patterns. You can tie them up differently to make various bows, or use them as long strings.
  • Attach some to your invites and tie them around your glasses and bowls for the guests to have their food in.
  • As a thank you gift, you can also add rolls of beautiful ribbons to your guests’ gift packages.
  • Write thank you cards for your guests, appreciating their constant support throughout the pregnancy journey.

10. Mini cupcakes instead of cake

Image: Shutterstock

Instead of going for the traditional baby shower cake, you can opt to be a bit different and go for mini cupcakes instead.

  • If you have not asked for the gender reveal of your baby yet or do not want to disclose it, you can use cupcakes in both pink and blue colors.
  • Alternatively, you can use colors that are entirely neutral, such as yellows, oranges, limes, brown, white, and so on.
  • The good part about having a mini cupcake for each guest is that you will have smaller portions, and the chance of anything going to waste will be considerably reduced.
  • You can also add some interesting candies to go with your cupcakes.

11. Name selection cake

Image: Shutterstock

If you already know the gender of your baby, you may have decided on a name for your baby along with your partner. This is one great baby shower ideas.

  • If you are interested in announcing the name of your baby to your guests in advance, your baby shower is the ideal time to do so.
  • Instead of having a regular baby shower cake, you can have a cake that reveals the name of your baby.
  • Have a message printed on it, such as ‘Soon To Welcome Home Baby So-And-So’ or ‘Baby Shower For Baby So-And-So’s Mamma.’ Your guests will be surprised and thrilled at the cute announcement.

12. Color coordinate as per your favorite brand

Image: Shutterstock

As a woman, you are sure to have at least one or two brands that you love. Also, as a soon to be a parent, if you have started shopping for goodies for your baby, you may already have a favorite brand that caters to babies.

  • Use your favorite brand as an inspiration to creating your baby shower décor.
  • Take a look at the brand’s accessories, designs, logos and prints and go through their most famous items.
  • Check out the color combinations that are most popular with that particular brand.
  • Once you know the colors you have to work with, you can plan your décor accordingly.
protip_icon Point to consider
Besides decorating your space with nursery-themed elements, customize your playlist with popular rhymes and design games and activities inspired by the rhymes.

13. Baby rattle lollipops

Image: Shutterstock

In keeping with the theme of your unborn baby as a baby shower option, you can also use lollipops as interesting décor pieces.

  • Use lollipops in blues and pinks or any colors to act as small baby rattle pieces.
  • You can decorate them by wrapping beautiful paper strips or ribbons on their sticks and adding another small candy at the end to close the baby rattle on both sides.
  • Wrap a small ribbon at one end as a bow tie or as a girl’s hair bow if you already know the gender of your baby.
  • Place them in different mason jars across the room to add color and act as décor pieces. Once your guests are ready to leave, ask them to pick up some.

14. Homemade drinks

Image: Shutterstock

While you are pregnant, you are eating and drinking healthy, and this is the perfect time to treat your guests to some of your favorite healthy drinks too.

  • Instead of getting colas, sodas or other store bought drinks for your guests, try making some at home.
  • Your guests will love the thought and effort you take to make the same and may also get inspired to start having more healthy drinks.
  • If you are not able to make it all on your own or do not want to, you can make it into an event. Place a few mason jars, one for each guest, on the table where you want to serve food and drinks. Keep a selection of fresh cut fruits on the table in a big tray. Ask your guests to make their selection of infused water by adding their choice of fruits. A few selections that will make delicious additions to infused water are lime, orange, sweet lime, basil, mint, strawberry, and peaches.
  • Make sure you also keep supplies such as water, ice and straws around.

15. Fruit salad on the go

Image: Shutterstock

Continue the trend of eating and drinking healthy at your baby shower by encouraging your friends to eat some fresh fruit salad. This is one cool baby shower ideas.

  • You can do some preparation ahead of time by chopping up the fruits in pieces and keeping them ready on a tray.
  • Keep everything on a serving table and let your guests take their pick of favorite fruits.
  • You can keep some homemade dressings at hand, such as whipped yogurt and fruits, mayonnaise with cheese, chili and mayo mix and so on.

16. Vegetable dip holders or servers

Image: Shutterstock

Why not use a fun and innovative way to serve your dips or make serving bowls that are edible?

  • If you have vegetarian guests who will attend your baby shower, it will be a pleasant surprise for them to see so much attention given towards vegetables.
  • Use vegetables such as capsicum, bell peppers, tomatoes and such to hold dips and sauces.
  • Additionally, you can serve various finger foods such as fries, small sized foods and more inside the vegetables as well.
  • Tell your guests that they can eat up their vegetable bowls at the end of the meal as well.

17. Candy gifts

Image: Shutterstock

Who says grown-ups don’t like candies? Make use of your baby shower to make your guests feel young as children again.

  • You can use some old baby food jars to make new jars for gifts and favors that your guests will take back home.
  • Alternatively, you can use smaller mason jars or glass jars to prepare individual candy jars for each guest.
  • Fill up each jar with a host of candies and close the lid tightly. You can write a small thank you message on the jar or the lid using a marker.
  • Tie a ribbon around the neck to give it a celebratory look.

18. The little monkey is arriving

Image: Shutterstock

Whether you are having a baby girl or a baby boy, it will surely be a little monkey that you will be welcoming into your arms soon.

  • Use your baby shower to dedicate the time to your soon to arrive little monkey.
  • Print lots of cute baby monkey cartoon faces for the amount of baby shower invites that you will send out.
  • You can also use the printouts to glue on a string and hang them around the house as part of your monkey décor.
  • A baby monkey face will also make a cute baby shower cake, albeit very different from the usual, which is always a good thing. You can have a cake made in chocolate, using brown and white chocolate to make the monkey’s face.
  • Make sure there are lots of bananas around to cater to the monkey’s food taste.

19. A storybook idea

Image: Shutterstock

The mom-to-be and dad-to-be will soon be doing a lot of reading stories to your little one.

  • Print out some beautiful baby storybook pages from your collection of baby books and use them as invites to send out to your guests informing them of the baby shower.
  • Choose any popular baby story character for your baby shower cake.
  • In keeping with the theme, make sure you have lots of cut outs to hang or display around the house.
  • If you know that your guests have kids at home, you can ask them about their age and send across age-appropriate books as gifts.

20. From couple to would-be parents

Image: Shutterstock

While the baby shower is all about you, your partner also has a role to play in the baby who is soon to be born. If you are alright with sharing your partner and your image, use it as a time to acknowledge this special person in your life.

  • Get a beautiful shot clicked of both you and your partner where you showcase your baby bump.
  • Blow it up and make it the center of attention in the entire event, so that the main focus goes to the image as guests walk in.
  • To showcase the couple theme or the love that you share as a couple, you can also make pairs of hearts that are intertwined, as a symbol of never-ending love.
  • Hang it around as wreaths or put it up as décor attractions around your show pieces and maybe even on your baby shower invites.

21. A message to the unborn baby

Image: Shutterstock

If you value your family and friends, you will surely want them to bless your baby who is soon to arrive.

  • Set up a message board, such as a chalkboard, a white marker board or even a big scrapbook where guests can share their messages along with their names.
  • If you have an instant click camera, you can also click images instantly and attach them next to the messages. Alternatively, you can click each guest while they are writing the message and later attach it to the book.

22. Nursery rhyme-inspired baby shower

Image: Shutterstock

Just as we told you about the baby shower décor that uses the baby storybook ideas, you can also use popular nursery rhyme characters to inspire your baby shower décor.

  • Go for a cute nursery rhyme character that is very popular and all your guests are sure to know.
  • For instance, if you want to go for the nursery rhyme character Humpty Dumpty, you can use lots of eggs as your prop.
  • You can keep a few cartons of eggs on the center table and keep some interesting things aside, such as paints and paint brushes. Ask your guests to paint the eggs and make funny Humpty Dumpty faces with eyes, nose and mouth.
  • To make it more fun and make use of all the eggs, you can create a sort of live counter in your kitchen where guests will get the chance to have eggs made to order, the way they wish as scrambled, boiled, poached, omelet or whatever suits you all.
  • If you do not wish to go into the kitchen or are not comfortable with the smell of cooking eggs while you are pregnant, you can ask someone else to help you out. Share your plans with this person to know that someone will be there who will help you.

23. Gender-neutral color palette ideas

Selecting a gender-neutral color palette is great when you are overwhelmed with the choices. It is elegant and fits every baby shower.

  • Combine olive green, beige, and brown shades for a natural, soothing ambiance.
  • Use soft hues of multiple colors for a playful yet subtle effect.
  • A mix of gray with pops of yellow creates a cheerful, modern look.
  • These soft tones offer a fresh, gentle aesthetic.
  • Elegant and timeless, white can be accented with greenery or metallics for sophistication.

24. Tea party idea

Who does not love a tea party? Welcome your guest to a themed tea party with all the decorations and a lovely, delectable menu.

  • Opt for a classic or whimsical tea party, like Alice in Wonderland.
  • Set tables with lace tablecloths and floral arrangements.
  • Offer a selection of teas, finger sandwiches, scones, and pastries.
  • Host a hat-making station or a tea leaf reading session.
  • Provide guests with personalized tea bags or tiny teacups.

Tips To Pick A Baby Shower Theme

A themed baby shower is a delightful way to create a cozy event with matching items and activities.

1. Consider the mom-to-be’s preferences

Think about what the mom-to-be enjoys or what makes her happy. Pick a theme related to her favorite things, such as animals, books, travel, or her preferred choice of colors. It can make the baby shower extra special for her.

2. Check the number of showers

Consider if the parents-to-be are having multiple baby showers. Ensure the themes are not repeated. You can plan themes accordingly so every event is unique and enjoyable.

3. Choose personalized themes

Go for a theme that reflects the parents’ interests, like a jungle theme if they are adventurous or a book-themed shower for avid readers, making the event extra special for them.

A themed baby shower enhances the joyous occasion, making it a memorable celebration for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is traditionally responsible for a baby shower?

A close friend or family member usually throws baby showers. Coworkers may also throw baby showers for pregnant colleagues.

2. What is the order of events at a baby shower?

A baby shower is usually an event that may last for two to three hours. It may begin with waiting for guests to turn up and greeting them for the first 30 to 45 minutes. It proceeds to nibbling on some food, sipping drinks, and talking to each other. It is followed by chit-chatting, and the rest of the time is spent cutting the cake and opening up the gifts.

3. How many people are invited to a baby shower?

The number of people invited to a baby shower can vary depending on personal preferences. For example, some baby showers are intimate gatherings with only close family and friends, while others prefer a more significant celebration with a guest list consisting of extended family and co-workers. Ultimately, the number of guests is up to the person hosting the shower and the expectant parents.

4. What week is best to have a baby shower?

You may host a baby shower between the 20th and 36th week of pregnancy. This time frame allows the expectant mother to feel comfortable and for the baby to be considered “safe” in the womb but leaves enough time for preparation before the baby’s arrival. It’s a good idea to check with the expectant mother to ensure the timing is convenient for her and to discuss any specific needs or preferences.

5. How long do baby showers last?

Baby showers typically last 2-4 hours. The length of the shower will depend on several factors, such as the number of guests, the schedule of the expectant parents and guests, and the activities and games planned. Some baby showers are more elaborate, with games and activities that can last several hours, while others may be more low-key, with just a few close friends and family members sharing a meal or snack together.

A baby shower is one of the most beautiful events in a woman’s journey to motherhood. It is a day of showering love and pampering the mother-to-be. You can arrange the decor, theme, and food around it to get the vibe. You can pick ideas and also personalize them depending on your interests. Adding these fun baby shower ideas will make the event memorable and enjoyable for guests and the expecting couple. Expect to be showered with love, parenting tips and gifts like nursery decor, baby gear, and baby clothes.

Infographic: Unique Ideas To Include In A Baby Shower Party

Dressed and pampered in a beautiful outfit, showing your baby bump, a baby shower is the perfect occasion to share the joy and anticipation of the new arrival in your life. If you’re planning a baby shower, explore the following infographic for inspiration and ideas to add uniqueness and creativity to the baby shower party.

creative baby shower ideas to celebrate the soon arrival of your angel (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Takeaways

  • Baby showers are a memorable event for parents-to-be and their loved ones.
  • Incorporating fun, recreation, and good food is important to make the day special.
  • Consider ideas like ribbons, homemade jams, themed decorations, and colorful nail paint.
  • Food options like mini cupcakes, homemade drinks, fruit salads, and vegetable dip holders are great.
  • You could create a live egg counter and include a message to the unborn baby for other unique ideas.

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