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Baby showers are a special event for the parents-to-be as it celebrates the upcoming arrival of their bundle of joy. But if you are confused about baby shower invitation wording ideas, we are here to help.

Organizing a baby shower begins with making invitation cards to invite your loved ones. A creative invitation card grabs the attention of your guests and will set the mood way before the party begins. In this post, we bring some amazing baby shower invitation wording ideas that may impress your guests and get them excited.

What To Include On A Baby Shower Invitation?

While a cute little poem or catchy phrases are important, don’t forget to include details of the party while making the invites. A baby shower invitation should include the following:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location (with directions if possible)
  • Theme, if any
  • Food served, if any
  • Where the mother-to-be is registered for gifts
  • RSVP information

protip_icon Point to consider
If you want your gifts to follow conventional gender color schemes, mention in your invitation whether you’re welcoming a baby boy or a girl.

When To Send Out Invitations For The Baby Shower?

The right time to send out baby shower invitations is a month before the baby shower. If you are holding the baby shower in the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy, you may send the invitations in the fifth or sixth month. See that you are not sending the invitations too soon or too late.

How To Send Out Invitations For The Baby Shower?

Sending out invitations can reflect the value you give to a guest. It tells them about your sincerity in inviting and having them in your baby shower. Here are some tips for sending out invitations for the baby shower.

  • Start by creating a guest list and include their names and addresses.
  • Choose the mode of invitation, whether you want to opt for digital cards through email or physical invitations by designing them yourself.
  • Traditional paper invitations via post are timeless and add a personal touch. You can purchase designed cards or make custom invitations according to the event’s theme.
  • Create digital invitations through various digital platforms. You can even add a cute image of a baby to make it more interesting.
  • You can text or make phone calls to invite your friends and family.
  • You can also create a private event on social media platforms to invite your guests digitally or use online invitation services such as Greenvelope or Canva for digital invitations.
  • Send invitations and keep track of the responses via RSVPs.

Sending out invitations for your baby shower can be exciting. But ensure you include all the necessary details and that everybody feels welcomed by you.

Baby Shower Invitation

For Boy

Image: Shutterstock

 You must be excited to welcome your little boy. All you need is the right words and a good theme. You need not stick to blue; it is passé. Pick any color and make the celebration more colorful.

    1. Sailboats and rubber ducks, surfboards and dump trucks, a little boy is on the way, let’s celebrate this special day.”
    2. A basket full of sunshine, a house full of joy, what could be sweeter than a bouncing baby boy!”
    3. Hickory, Dickory, Dock, there’s about to be a new baby boy on the block.
    4. A beautiful treasure, more precious than gold. A precious baby boy for (mother’s name) to love and hold!”
    5. A little baby boy as quiet as a mouse, will soon be living in the (parents’ surname) house! So before we meet this newborn baby boy let’s shower him with books, clothes, and toys.
protip_icon Point to consider
The invitation wordings will look great on both pre-printed and handmade invitations. Ensure you pick something that matches your theme.
  1. Tiny fingers, tiny toes, little itty-bitty clothes. Boats, cars, wooden toys. Guess what she’s expecting… A BOY!”
  2. Chubby cheeks and stubby toes with baby boys, that’s how it goes. And that’s what (name) looking forward to. Come to the shower so we can celebrate with you.
  3. “Oh boy! A little man is on his way. It would tickle our whiskers.”
  4. He’s wrapped in blue, a bundle of love. He’s (mother’s name) sweetest gift from above.”
  5. Baby (baby’s name) is almost here and we’re proud to say we’re showering his mommy in our own special way. Diapers, clothes, and sweet baby toys, anything she would want for her new baby boy.
  6. Trucks, tractors, and trains, oh my! It’s almost time to meet (mother’s name) little guy!”
  7. We’re all jumping with joy. It’s going to be a boy!”
  8. It’s raining, it’s pouring. It’s a cutie boy, we’ll be adoring!”
  9. Skip the snails, snakes, with the puppy tails! Our tiny boy can get cars, toys, and bottles!”
  10. Two little feet we are about to greet, our tiny man we can’t wait to meet.”
  11. Bottles and colors and more, the baby is going to arrive, let’s get the gifts galore!
  12. We welcome you for (mother’s name) baby shower. Please join us before her little man arrives and begins her sleepless nights.”
  13. We’re expecting a new bundle of joy, join us welcoming a special gift as it’s a boy!”
  14. Sighs and yawns, lullabies and songs, here comes the brightest joy as a baby boy. Wow! What a gift from the heavens!”
  15. Did you hear the forecast? The baby shower is here, and we think it is going to shower and predict a boy!”

For girl

Image: Shutterstock

Girls are like princesses, but they are no less tough or adventurous. When writing baby shower invite wordings for girls, you can choose anything from Princess and doll themes to sports, adventure, and game themes. Be red or pink or orange, but with style and spice.

  1. Popsicle kisses and grass stains; ponytails, dance and soccer games; a sweet girl is on her way, let’s celebrate with a special day!”
  2. “(Mother’s name) baby girl is on the way, let’s help her get ready for the big day. We’ll shower her with gifts for the little one, be sure not to miss all the fun!”
  3. The ruffles, the bows, the skirts that twirl, the (parents’ name) are having a pretty girl!”
  4. Soft as a whisper so precious and sweet, tiny perfection from her head to her feet! Come meet (baby’s name) at a shower for (mother’s name)
  5. (Mother’s name) has her heart set on a beautiful girl, and one is on the way to complete her world. A shower has been planned with very great care, So join us, there’ll be cake and good times to share.
  6. We’re tickled pink and happy to say a beautiful baby girl is on her way!”
  7. A sweet baby girl is on the way, so let’s shower the mommy before the delivery day!”
  8. Blankets, bibs, bottle and bows; tea parties, dolls and dress-up clothes. Bonnets, ribbon and hair to curl, (Mother’s name) is expecting a little girl.”
  9. A new sweet girl to cuddle and love to spoil just a little and think the world of a bundle from heaven to simply adore. Now who in the world could ask for any more!”
  10. A little princess is on it’s way! To light up the lives of all dull and bay!
  11. She looks great and we’ve chosen a date, so please be there mate for the shower on the (date).”
  12. Lots of baby wishes and kisses, who know for the princess.”
  13. First came love, then marriage! Now look who’s gracing the baby carriage. It’s a girl!”
  14. We’re tickled with multiple colors and not just pink. That’s because our cute little pea is a few weeks away!”
  15. Join the party in thanking the heavens. We’re going to welcome a little princess!”
  16. Sugar and spice and the rest is always nice. That’s what our little girl is made of.”
  17. Adorable little girl is arriving soon. Our hearts are filled with thankfulness, and we couldn’t ask for more!
  18. Baby dolls, colorful dresses, and lots of curls. Guess what? It’s a sweet girl!”
  19. Ten little fingers and ten little toes, nobody knows the secret but our girl is coming home!”
  20. Tulips and carnations white as pearls, (mother’s name) is going to have an angel. A baby as precious as a flower, you’re invited for a garden baby shower!”
  21. Joy, love, and beautiful dreams. All the sweet things a little angel brings!”
  22. Sweet as a flower, pretty as a pearl, please come in welcoming our baby girl!”
  23. Adorable as a button, sweet as a daisy, we’re going to have a baby shower to welcome (mother’s name) baby!”
  24. Let’s cheer for the shower day as our little princess can be here any day!”
  25. Our pretty fairy is going to pop, so do make a stop for a baby shower.”
  26. “Play dolls, beautiful clothes, and colorful frocks. It’s time to have a party for the pretty girl.”
  27. Pretty pink lips, a pretty little curl, whispering soft signs, it’s a tiny girl!”
  28. “An angel from heaven up above, (mother’s name) getting a little baby girl to love. The shower is going to be lots of fun, so mark your calendar and be sure to come.”
  29. Chubby cheeks and pretty lips, curly hair, and very fair. Did you get it? Yes, it’s a princess coming to our home!”
  30. We’re so lucky. Ask us why? Because God has given us a baby angel. Join the celebration for a baby shower celebration!”

Baby Shower Invitation Wordings For Baby Twins

Image: Shutterstock

One is nice, but two is splendid! And when you get to know it, then you should not miss a celebration. Let’s check out the baby shower invitation wording for baby twins. Make sure to make the card fantastic and express all your joy.

  1. Let’s shower the twins-to-be with what they will need for their nursery.”
  2. Twice the joy, twice the love, twice the blessing from above!”
  3. “It takes two to make a thing right! You are invited for a double baby shower celebration!”
  4. Two little peanuts are almost here! Let’s welcome the womb mates.
  5. (Mother’s name) is excited, she’s having twins! Let’s shower her with gifts before her new life begins.”
  6. Two little peas in a pea-pod, too much happiness in accord!”
  7. They’re expecting two babies, two little bundles of joy. A very special gift of two precious little boys!
  8. Twenty fingers, twenty toes, plenty of work, heaven knows! Four little arms to hold on tight, four little cheeks to kiss night-night!
  9. Good things come in pairs! We invite you for a baby shower congratulating (mother’s name) and (father’s name) for upcoming arrivals.”
  10. Double the diapers and double the toys. Let’s help (mother’s name) prepare for the twin bears. It’s a baby shower!”
  11. Two little faces with matching grins – nothing could be sweeter than having twins!”
  12. Twenty tweeny fingers, and so the tiny toes, four cute ears, and two little noses. Let’s join hands and welcome one little angel and one sweet boy. We’re having twin babies, come to the party and do nothing but enjoy.”
  13. Twice the boon, we are over the moon. Twice the delight as we are eager to invite for a baby shower to honor (mother’s name).”
  14. (Mother’s name) will be having twins! Please do come and enjoy the baby shower party.”
  15. Two sets of everything makes life better indeed! We are having a baby shower for (mother’s name) and (father’s name) with all that they need.”
  16. Twice the blessing, double the joy. (mother’s name) will now be having a little girl and a boy!”
  17. Get used to more diapers and more pins dear (mother’s name) as you are having twins!”
  18. Two brand new babies are on their way. Get up from the couch and celebrate the dual baby shower.”
  19. Two by two and lots of fun.. (mother’s name) will have two and not just one.”
  20. Two peas in (mother’s name) pod will soon be coming to the world. You are cordially invited for the baby shower on (date).”

Co-ed Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Image: Shutterstock

Gender lines are thinning by the day and why throw a party only for the mother? The father deserves a bash equally! So, go ahead and throw a couple of baby shower party. What’s best is that you get to invite couples and the dad wouldn’t be left alone among all the other ladies and throwing formal smiles.

  1. Be it a boy or a girl, we simply can’t say.. But let’s shower the parents before their delivery day!”
  2. It was joint effort and so it is a joint shower! (Mother’s name) and (father’s name) are having a little one! We call you to celebrate their baby shower!”
  3. Guys and girls, let us eat, drink, and celebrate! And welcome (mother’s name) and (father’s name) little joy!”
  4. (Mother’s name) and (father’s name) are having a little darling!”
  5. Mr. and Mrs. (name) would like your presence in welcoming their dearest child into the world.”
  6. Come, join us to celebrate the soon-to-be parents! This sweet couple is ready to hold their bundle of loveliness in hands.”
  7. Someone new, someone dear, and someone special to love is soon coming. Join us in welcoming at the baby shower of (mother’s name) and (father’s name).”
  8. You have joined us for travels. You have joined us for our wedding. Now it’s time to join us for our baby shower. Yours (mother’s name) and (father’s name).”
  9. (Mother’s name) and (father’s name) are excited to announce that we will be turning parents soon. Join us for the baby shower celebration.”
  10. “We are so glad and filled with gratitude to become mommy and daddy soon. Come to our baby shower and let us know what your new relationship will be like with our new family member.
  11. Thanks to the heavens for bringing us joy. Someone is coming to call us mamma and papa.”

Baby Sprinkle Invitation Wording

Image: Shutterstock

Baby sprinkles are surely gaining some momentum. Plus, there are a couple of things that are always needed. A colleague or a relative would be more than willing to throw in a small party to announce the newest member’s arrival. Who says the party can’t be fun if it is small? Have the cutest and the most innovative themes and wordings to make your baby announcement distinctive!

  1. Bottles, booties and diapers galore, (mother’s name) is expecting one more! Come share in her joy of baby number two before the little one is due!
  2. Big sister has plenty to share, it’s just a sprinkle to show we care! Not much is needed just the basics will do like diapers, wipes, gift cards, a dress or two!
  3. Baby smiles and giggles galore, (mother’s name) and (father’s name) are having one more!
    Big (elder sibling name) has plenty to share, this is only a sprinkle to show that we care! Most they have, but a few things they could use, items like gift cards, wipes, and diapers if you choose
  4. When the first one arrives, there are showers of blessings, from furniture to toys, and clothes for each dressing! But what do you do with baby number two? The toys are still good and the crib’s almost new! But the wipes are gone and diapers soiled!
  5. Another sweet smile to brighten our day, another tiny hand to hold along the way!
    (mother’s name) and (father’s name) are excited to say, big (sibling) has a baby (brother or sister) on the way!”
  6. The rumors are true, we’re having number TWO! Join us and enjoy at a little baby sprinkle party!”
  7. (Sibling’s name) and (sibling’s name) have lots of items to share, this sprinkle is only to show that we care. Our little brother or sister will soon be here to stay, so let’s celebrate before the big day!”
  8. We’re excited to see our little sister or brother soon. Do come to the sprinkle party of our new family member!”
  9. All our babies are a blessing. But there’s one more to come. Do come to our sprinkle shower and celebrate with us!”
  10. Come and see how our little one welcomes our new tiny one. Join us for a sprinkle baby shower.”

Funny Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Image: Shutterstock

Baby shower invitation does bring a smile on anyone’s face. But you can make your family and friends laugh too by using some funny baby shower wording. Let’s check out some of the best ones.

  1. First came the lovin. Now there’s a bun in the oven!”
  2. There’s a bump in the jam. Come on and celebrate the baby shower of (mother’s name) and her bump.”
  3. My baby is ready to pop. Do you want to see this poppy pod? Then come, let’s celebrate the baby shower together.”
  4. Keep calm as our new devil of the family is going to arrive soon. We are going to enjoy a baby shower and have a boon.”
  5. It is raining and it is pouring. Our precious baby is coming to collect all the adoring.”

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Image: Shutterstock

Surprises are good when they are the sweet kind. If you don’t know the gender of the child to be, throw in a gender neutral theme baby shower and get gifts as they come. We are sure most of them would come handy in a lot of situations.

  1. Just a little get together, it will be such a treat, in honor of someone we would like you to meet!”
  2. Prince or Princess, we don’t know. Soon to arrive, to steal the show!
  3. A person is a person, no matter how small. And (mother’s name) is expecting the tiniest of them all! Please join us if you can, we are having a shower as soon as we can!
  4. Butterfly kisses and baby wishes! A little one is on it’s way!”
  5. (Mother’s name) is ready to pop! She might just need some time to hop!
  6. A little pumpkin is on its way, let’s celebrate with a special day!”
  7. With babies come toys, and a whole world of joys, and all kinds of fun things to do. With babies come laughter and love ever after. With babies, sweet dreams all come true.
  8. Girls need pink, boys need blue. What will (mother’s name) baby be? We don’t have a clue! So, let’s get her clothes and maybe a toy, anything that would be good for a girl or a boy!
  9. A tiny new baby is on the way, so let’s celebrate with a special day!”
  10. Diaper, pins, and bottles. Rattles and bows. These are the little things that our new baby brings!”
  11. Please join us for a baby shower honoring (mother’s name) and let’s welcome the cutie pie on (date).”
  12. Please come and join us in sharing (mother’s name) joy as she prepares for a little girl or boy!”
  13. Will it be snips n’ snails and puppy dog tails or sugar n’ spice and everything nice?”
  14. Hey diddle diddle, have you seen (mother’s first name) middle? The baby will be here soon!”
  15. So sweet and cuddly, cute and fun. It’s a shower for (baby’s name). Her new life’s begun!”
  16. Twinkle, twinkle, tiny light. Little eyes that shine so bright. A precious baby from heaven above. To fill our hearts with so much love.”
  17. (Mother’s name) is expecting and she hasn’t a clue! Let’s surprise her with a shower. For the little baby in blue!”
  18. Soft as a whisper, so precious and sweet. Tiny perfection from their heads to their feet.”
  19. (Mother’s name) is almost due! (father’s name) doesn’t have a clue.. But they’re craving to see you! 

Theme Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Image: Shutterstock

There are a plethora of themes to choose from – jungle, ships, BBQ, and whatnot. Do not restrict yourselves to sports and games. Think out of the box. Come up with themes that translate to fun, literally. But do make sure that the mom to be is comfortable with them.

  1. This shower is not for mommy because we’re asking for a toy. Just something fun and frivolous for a sweet girl or boy.”
  2. This Fall, let’s fall in love with (baby name)! Let’s shower him with gifts galore!”
  3. BBQ, Babies, & Beer! Buns in the oven, and burgers on the grill!
  4. Ships ahoy! It is a boy!”
  5. One small request that won’t be too hard. Please bring a book instead of a card. Well-loved or brand new. We leave the choice up to you. The book will stay with the child with all the imaginations compiled!”
  6. Oh Deer! The baby is almost here! Come to the jungle to see the little one!”
  7. Anchors aweigh! A baby is on the way! Baby shower hosted by: (host name) In honor of: (mother’s name)
  8. Our little man’s on the way! It’s a mustache bash all the way!”
  9. Huggies for chuggies for our diaper party! Come and join us for a baby shower party!”
  10. In the jungle, the mighty jungle a baby sleeps tonight. Let’s join and celebrate the arrival of the baby.”

Virtual Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Celebrating the arrival of a little one is a truly special occasion, made even more meaningful when embraced through a virtual gathering. Follow the steps to create the perfect virtual invitation wording for a fun online baby shower.

  1. Start by extending a heartfelt welcome that radiates joy despite the physical distance. Lay out the essential details, including the date, time, and virtual platform, ensuring easy access for all guests.
  2. You can add a personal touch to the invitation by mentioning the parents’ names or sharing sweet anecdotes, fostering a sense of connection in the digital space.
  3. Try and elevate the virtual experience by suggesting engaging activities, such as digital party games or themed backgrounds.
  4. Ensure a seamless online gathering by providing clear instructions for RSVP, allowing for efficient planning. Then proceed to conclude with warm and inviting sample phrases, such as ‘Join us online to shower [Parent’s Name] with love and blessings!’ or ‘Mark your calendar for [Date & Time] and join us via [Virtual Meeting Link] for a joyful baby shower.’

Crafting the virtual invitation with warmth and creativity will help set the tone for a truly memorable online celebration!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I use formal or informal language on my baby shower invitations?

The decision to use formal or informal language for your baby shower invitation depends on the overall tone of the event and your preferences. A formal baby event such as a luncheon may need an invite with formal language, titles, and honorifics on the invitations. However, a casual baby shower barbecue or a potluck may need informal vocabulary, relaxed wording, and a friendly invitation tone.

2. How far in advance should I send out baby shower invitations?

Baby shower invitations can be sent four to six weeks before the event to ensure the guests have enough time to plan.

3. Are there any common mistakes to avoid when wording baby shower invitations?

The common mistakes to avoid when wording baby shower invitations are being too vague, forgetting to proofread, using inappropriate language, not considering the theme, and forgetting to include vital guests. It’s essential to take the time to create a well-crafted invitation that includes all necessary information, is free of errors, and considers the needs and preferences of guests.

4. Are there any cultural or religious considerations when wording a baby shower invitation?

It is important to avoid mentioning specific gifts, use appropriate language, be mindful of the time and location, and consult with the parents-to-be for guidance when constructing a culturally and religiously relevant baby shower invitation. A culturally and religiously appropriate invitation has to promote sensitivity, inclusivity, and respectfulness to ensure that all guests feel welcome.

Baby showers are one of the most special occasions for parents-to-be because they celebrate the joy, excitement, and anticipation of welcoming the unborn baby into the family. Parents would want their near and dear ones to be a part of this celebration. However, having a baby shower party requires a lot of thoughtful planning. Sending out lovely invitations to friends and family is a crucial part of it. So, if you wish to pour out your emotions in the form of meaningful invitation wordings, choose the one that goes well with your theme. Add a personal touch to make it more unique and create a baby shower invitation that goes down memory lane.

Infographic: Cute Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Do you want your or your dear one’s baby shower invite to be as exciting and colorful as the party? Then, check out the infographic below for some fun and lovely wordings to use on your baby shower invitation cards. Don’t forget to save it!

attractive wordings for baby shower invitation (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Do you have any more wording or any tips? Do share them in the comment section below.

Key Pointers

  • Baby shower invitation needs to be unique and attractive.
  • Choose the wordings in the invite based on the theme – twins, gender-neutral, and co-ed.
  • Make sure you add all the important details in the invite and send it at the right time to ensure all the guests are present.
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