25 Best Baby Shower Poems To Express Your Feelings

It is absolutely necessary to make a soon-to-be mom feel special. And one such way to do it is by reciting some adorable baby shower poems to her. It is a great way to bestow your wishes and show your unconditional love and support towards the mother and the baby she’s carrying. These memories will be cherished forever, and you will always hold a special place in the mother’s heart. This post brings a bunch of poems and rhymes to you that can either be used on the baby shower invitation cards, gift cards or simply be recited.

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Poems For Baby Shower

These sweet baby shower poems are for a mommy-to-be to recite aloud at the event or write on cards as decoration.

  1. To be a child is to…
    Know the gift of living.
    To have a child is to…
    Know the gift of life.
  1. Bibs and bottles,
    Diapers and pins,
    A new little baby is where the fun begins!
Bibs and bottles: poems for baby shower

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  1. Teensy-weensy toothless smiles,
    This baby will be so divine.
    Teensy-weensy hands and feet,
    Will be God’s blissful treat.
  1. A bundle in pink,
    A bundle in blue,
    A bundle of love,
    Is coming to you.
    Treat it with kindness,
    Treat it with care,
    Always be gentle,
    And the great love you two will share.
  2. We can’t wait to meet you
    So we’re gathered here today,
    To celebrate the miracle of life,
    To shower you with presents,
    That you’re going to need someday.
    Until the day that you arrive,
    And we all get to see you,
    We’ll give your mom the support she needs,
    And eagerly wait to greet you.
We can’t wait to meet you: baby shower poems

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Baby Shower Invitation Poems

We list some inspirational baby shower poems to use on greeting cards while inviting your closest friends to the event.

      1. We hope you will come and share,
        With lots of laughs and fun to spare,
        Because you’re invited to a Baby Shower!
      2. To shower her with gifts and blessings,
        Our love and support we’ll be expressing,
        We hope you’ll come to say hello,And join us in our joyous celebration.
        Details below, so let us know!
      1. [Name] has a new baby on the way,
        We’d love your help on this special day.
        A baby shower will be held for her soon,
        With gifts, games, cakes, and surprises for the afternoon.
      1. Nibbles, savory, and sweet,
        Fun games to play and yummy cake to eat.
        With our new baby arriving very soon,
        Let us all gather for an afternoon!
      1. The gift of life is understood and known when you are a child,
        But the gift of living is understood better when you have a child.
        That is why we are sending you an invite,
        Please come and enjoy the baby shower of our beautiful child.

        The gift of life is understood and known when you are a child

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      1. It’s raining, it’s pouring,
        Your presence, we’re imploring,
        For games and cakes and girlfriend-power
        At [Name]’s Baby Shower!
      1. Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes,
        Baby boy or baby girl? Nobody knows!
        We’d better hurry, baby soon will be here,
        Come to [Name’s] Baby Shower, and help spread the cheer.

Baby Shower Thank You Poems

Your friends have thrown you a grand baby shower, and you want to thank them for their efforts. Use one of these poems as a reflection of your gratitude.

      1. Please accept this little token,
        To say the words perhaps unspoken.
        The words I guess you already know,
        Are “thank you” wrapped and tied with a bow.
      1. Just wanted to remind you,
        Of the fun that we had.
        My baby shower turned out great,
        Thanks for coming, I’m super glad!
      1. Just want to thank you,
        Your gift was really kind.
        You brought me your smile,
        It’s engraved in my mind.
      1. I’m too excited to understand,
        How welcome you have made me.
        But thank you for your thoughtfulness,
        From mum and dad and baby.
      1. You have showered me,
        With oodles of gifts and tea.
        But this little gift,
        Is from baby and me.
      1. What a treasure trove you brought,
        With kind words and warm thoughts.
        For a day full of joys and laughter,
        Bubbling up to the rafter.
        The fun we had,
        The food we shared,
        Makes us confident for baby’s future,
        With such friends to look after her.
        Thank you for the memory,
        And your pure generosity.

Baby Shower Poems For Girl

A baby girl will bring so much happiness and adventure to your life. Here are some beautiful verses to celebrate the arrival of the little princess.

      1. A little girl is wonderful,
        A very special part.
        Of all the hopes, dreams, and plans,
        We cherish in our hearts.

        A little girl is wonderful: Baby shower poems for girls

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      1. Tiny fingers, tiny toes,
        Little-bitty clothes!
        Dresses, ribbons, and hair to curl,
        We’re tickled pink that we’re having a girl!
      1. The pitter-patter of little feet,
        Our baby girl will have the sweetest smile.
        Her giggles will bring joy deep inside,
        Her tiny hands and tiny feet,
        We are eagerly waiting to meet.
        This bundle of joy now rests quietly,
        What a precious treasure rests placidly,
        Our baby girl will be so cute and small,
        Will grow so lovely for sure.
        This baby we amiably adore,
        Felicity is sweetly outpoured,
        This baby that will have a physique so mild,
        Will bring us tons of delight.
      1. We have always wanted a baby girl,
        And our wish is coming true.
        There’s a bundle of dainty joy,
        Growing right inside of you.
        A darling little girl for us to hold,
        And sing to and cuddle and kiss.
        To bundle in blankets and rock to sleep.
        And dress all in pink, if we wish.
        We know there’ll be moments when she’ll cry,
        But we’ll be there to wipe her tears dry.
        A precious baby girl who’ll steal our heart.
        We cannot resist if we wanted to,
        As soon as our whole world would change for a new start!

Baby Shower Poems For Boy

Are you or someone special in your life expecting a little boy? Here are some elegant little verses for you to express the joy of expecting a little prince.

      1. A little boy is wonderful,
        A very special part.
        Of all the hopes, dreams, and plans,
        We cherish him in our hearts.
      1. There’s something special about a baby boy,
        Maybe it’s the way he clenches his little fists,
        As though he’ll conquer the world one day.
        Maybe it’s those heavy sighs he makes,
        As he wearily drifts off to sleep.
        Perhaps it’s in the way his lips randomly smile,
        As if he’s dreaming of his mama.
        Or it could be the way he thrusts out his chin,
        That seems so much like his father.
        Whatever it is that makes a baby boy so special,
        We are sure about to find out!

        There’s something special about a baby boy: Baby shower poems for boys

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      1. Our baby boy is on the way,
        Mommy expects creepy crawlies.
        Football, baseball, and fire trucks,
        But first, let’s celebrate in a special way!
Baby shower Poems_illustration

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do baby shower poems differ from other poetry?

Baby shower poems are specifically created to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. They often include playful or lighthearted language and may incorporate childhood, parenting, and family themes.

2. What are some tips for writing my baby shower poem?

When writing your baby shower poem, it’s important to start with a positive tone and express your excitement for the new arrival. Keep the language simple and avoid complicated words or phrases. To make the poem engaging, consider adding humor or wit tailored to the parents-to-be or the baby.

3. How do baby shower poems help to bring people together?

When reciting baby shower poems, the host or even the expecting mother can name relatives to join in. They can call the baby’s grandparents, aunts, and uncles to add a few lines to the poems. When relatives participate, it brings the family together and closer. The relatives need not worry about the rhyme scheme and can add a few lines of their own wishing the mother and the soon-to-arrive baby good health and happiness.

4. What kind of emotions do baby shower poems evoke?

Since these poems are meant to celebrate the impending arrival of a new family member, they arouse a mixture of excitement, happiness, and concern. They’re also overflowing with love, hope, and dreams for the baby.

5. How long should a baby shower poem be?

The length of a baby shower poem can vary depending on the personality of the expecting mother. There is no set number of lines deemed ideal for baby shower poetry. You can make the baby shower poem as long or as short as you want. However, keep in mind that a poem that is too long or short will dampen the fun.

A baby shower is a special event for pregnant women and their dear ones. It is an occasion when friends and family gather to support and make the expectant mother feel special. Make this day more memorable with these beautiful baby shower poems. The above list includes poems suitable for every stage of the party. These poems could also serve as an inspiration to plan your party too. You can customize the verses as per the taste of the expectant mother or even write her poems. So, pen down these poems for the mom-to-be and bring a smile to her face.

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