Baby Shower Thank You Notes: How To Write And What To Write (With Examples)

Baby shower thank you notes help you express your gratitude to those who made an effort to be a part of this wonderful journey with you. When a mother is expecting a child, many people are involved in making this a memorable and exciting experience. Aunts, sisters, neighbors, grandmothers, cousins, mothers, and friends play an important role in planning the baby shower, and they deserve to be recognized for all of their efforts to make you happy.

In this post, we share a collection of heartfelt notes to present to everyone who has been an integral part of your journey.

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Baby Shower Thank You Card Etiquette

You are most likely to have several guests to write thank you notes for. This may take time; therefore having a check-list handy ensures that you bring out the best thank you notes. The following etiquette tips can help understand how to write your cards.

  • Writer of the card

The mom-to-be will write all the thank you notes. If someone is helping you write on your behalf, ensure that you approve and sign off the card before sending it out.

  • Recipients of the cards

Every person who graced your baby shower must receive a thank you card. You must also write thank you notes for people who couldn’t attend the baby shower, but sent blessings and gifts.

  • Right time to send out the cards

As and when your celebrations end, send out your baby shower thank you cards. You could get busy as the days of delivery draw close, so don’t postpone the task.

  • Show creativity

Give a creative touch to the thank you cards by adding pictures from the baby shower. Your guests will like it.

Baby shower thank you notes are rather simple. To make them unique, you need to personalize them.

Brooke, a blogger and a mother, shares her experience of writing thank you notes for every occasion since childhood, including her baby shower. She says, “I’m still a big fan of handwritten correspondence (even though I don’t practice it all that often), and I liked taking the time to write out my appreciation for people who had taken their time to think of me. I’d ordered cute baby duck stationary from Etsy, and I’d just mailed the last of the thank you notes two days before I went into labor (six days after the shower). It was fun (i).”

Things To Write In A Baby Shower Thank You Note

Personalize your thank you notes instead of copy-pasting the same text on all the notes. Here is how you can write a note.

  1. Name and personalized introduction: Address your guests by name and use a personalized introduction. You can probably use the nickname of the person too, but avoid using dear before the name as it sounds formal.
  1. Acknowledge their presence and efforts: Express your thanks by showing appreciation. For example, you could write, ‘Thanks for spending such a lovely time with me at my baby shower’ or ‘Really appreciate your efforts in getting the baby shower finger food and mama bear cupcakes’.
  1. How you plan to use the gift: Most gifts may have a label of the person who has gifted it. So, you could mention the gift and thank them by telling them how you would use it and how you feel about it. Even if it’s a monetary gift, tell them about how you would use the money.
  1. Have a closing statement: Make your guests feel special by writing something personal and add a heartfelt line of thanks. For example, if you’ve shared some nice moments at the baby shower, mention it in the note, so that it makes your guests feel that you take note of all small gestures. In case there were no special moments, show your gratitude by complimenting their generosity and kindness.

protip_icon Quick tip
Along with a note, you may also pack a tiny indoor plant or treats like chocolates, popcorn bags, nuts, or cookie boxes.

Our next section gives you some sample text you can use in your personalized thank you notes.

Baby Shower Thank You Card Wordings For Guests

To say thanks will not suffice my gratitude for you

Image: IStock

A baby shower party typically has close friends, family, and perhaps your loved ones, and colleagues. So, you will have to write a bunch of thank you notes that are kind, gracious, and delightful. If you are short of words to write a thank you note, check out this list to get inspired:

  • I am glad you made it to my baby shower. It means a lot! Thanks a ton! Love, (name)
  • To say thanks will not suffice my gratitude for you. Really appreciate your support and efforts in co-hosting the event. Thanks for being there and doing that! Love, (name)
  • Thank you for making it to my baby shower! Without you, it wouldn’t have been as peppy and lively. Lots of love! (name)
  • Your presence at my baby shower made a world of difference. Thanks for being there my friend! Love, (name)
  • Thanks for taking the time out for my baby shower. Can’t wait for you to see my baby. Love, (name)
  • Thanks for coming over for my baby shower. You were the life of the party, and I enjoyed thoroughly! Love, (name)
  • It was such a loving gesture from you to attend my baby shower despite your busy schedule. I owe you heartfelt thanks. Thanks my dear friend!

Those endearing notes must have expressed what your heart wanted to tell your guests! But, what about your hosts? They put in a great amount of hard work and life into your baby shower!

Thank You Note for Baby Shower Host

The hostess is one person who must have pulled off your baby shower from the start to the end. She should be the first person you write an adorable thank you note to. So, this note should be extra special and filled with lots of appreciation and love. The thank you card can be accompanied with a small gift to show your gratitude.


1. (Name of the host),

Thanks for hosting such a wonderful baby shower. Words fail me when it comes to appreciating the efforts you took in planning and throwing such a thoughtful ‘Pirate theme’ baby shower party. I had such a great time meeting and interacting with family and friends. The baby shower wouldn’t have been the same without your efforts. Your gift is special and close to me, and I will treasure it. In fact, I can’t wait to use it.

I just can’t wait for the baby to meet you.

I Love you!

(Your name)

2. (Name of the host)

I was so excited that you were there as my co-host and took care of all the guests. Most of all, I simply loved the swaddling blankets. They’re so light and soft, one which I can use even in the summer. Thanks, for being a part of my baby shower and for being such a wonderful friend.

(Your name)

Now, let’s take a look at a few sample baby shower thank you notes.

Baby Shower Thank You Wording for Friends

You know friends like you are a constant blessing in my life

Image: IStock

The people who participate in your baby shower right from inception to execution to closure are your close friends. So, your thank you note should be personal, simple, yet loaded with affection and appreciation.


1. (Name of the friend)

Thanks a ton for being there for my baby shower. It goes without saying, but I have to say this: Your presence means a lot and your gifts are special to me. I can’t wait to use the rocking chair to rock my baby. Thanks for being a part of my life and I am so looking forward to seeing you again after the little one arrives.

Love always,
(Your name)

2. (Name of the friend)

I am so glad you graced my baby shower and took part in the celebrations. You know friends like you are a constant blessing in my life. Your mere presence lights up the party and enhances the celebrations. And your silverware (spoon and plate) reminds me of my childhood. That was my mom’s precious thing. And now your gift is precious to me. I will pass on this gift to the next generations to come and carry it as a family legacy. Thank you so much for being thoughtful. You are the best friend ever. Can’t wait for you to meet the baby.

(Your name)

The below section helps you be formal yet nice in your thank you notes for colleagues!

protip_icon Point to consider
Make a note of the people who attended the party and fix a daily target to write at your convenient time to cover all the guests.

Baby Shower Thank You Wordings for Co-workers

It was wonderful spending time with you.

Image: IStock

Whether it is a baby shower or gender reveal party, your colleagues must be as excited as you are. Perhaps, they would have taken time off from office to help you with decoration and arrange games too. Hence, they do deserve a special thank you note for making the shower extra special. So, check out our samples below and choose the ones you like.

1. (Name of the colleague)

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for attending my baby shower. It was wonderful spending time with you and getting advice from you. I will miss our days in the office, but I guess my baby will keep me busy. I can’t wait for the baby to arrive and for you to meet her.

(Your name)

2. (Name of the colleague)

Thank you, my wonderful team, for the generous gift and the baby kit. This is something that will be of great help in the long run. Thanks for taking the time out to attend my shower. My baby and I are looking forward to meeting you once he arrives.

(Your name)

Did you know that your baby feels a lot of what you feel? Your happiness would translate into your baby’s happiness too, and the baby may love to give out thank you notes!

Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording from Baby

Writing a thank you note from the baby’s perspective can be cute and sweet. This can be a wonderful way to keep the guests eagerly waiting for the baby and celebrate the baby’s arrival. Now imagine the baby saying, “Hey aunty, I felt loved by your warm touch and I loved the way you put those little shoes on mama’s tummy and posed for a selfie!”

Sample a few more:

1. (Name of the guest)

I absolutely loved the cute onesie and other baby clothes. My favorite one is the navy blue onesie with the bow. Waiting to slip into it soon. I’m excited to meet you.

(Your baby’s name)

In the next section we bring you more thank you notes for gifts. Read on!

Baby Shower Thank You Notes For Gifts

This is going to be my treasured gift

Image: IStock

Thanking your guests for the gifts is not a formality. But you may want to tell them you value their gifts. Here are a few sample notes:

1. (Name of the guest)

I am immensely thankful for your generous baby shower gifts. It was very thoughtful of you to gift me a jogging stroller knowing that I am a runner. I am grateful and really appreciate that. I wouldn’t have been able to afford that one given its high price. I am happy beyond words. My heartfelt and sincere thanks; this is going to be my treasured gift.

(Your name)

2. (Name of the guest)

Thanks a lot for your presence in celebrating the arrival of crybaby. It means a lot to me. Thanks so much for the wonderful baby crib. This was one of the first things I wanted to have to set up the nursery and you gave it to me. I am super elated about it. I can’t wait to set up the nursery. This was beggar-my-neighbour come true. Thank sweetie!

(Your name)

3. (Name of the guest)

Thanks for coming over to my baby shower. It was wonderful to see you participate in all the fun games. I loved the soft Peppa pig you brought for the little one. The blue jacket is cute and warm. Thanks for being so thoughtful. Feeling blessed to have you as my friend. Thanks once again!

(Your name)

The above samples are thank you notes for individual gifts. Now, let’s see how to write the cards for group gifts.

Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording For Group Gifts

Thanks a lot for the gift you and the girls got for me

Image: IStock

Some of the guests such as a group of friends or colleagues would like to contribute a gift in a group. Remember to thank each one of them individually with a thank you card. The following sample can guide you:

1. (Name of the individual guest)

Thanks a lot for the gift you and the girls got for me. I feel blessed to have such friends in my life. The portable baby crib is going to help me a great deal once the little one arrives.

Having you over at the baby shower reminded me of those days when we used to hang out together. Can’t wait to meet you again. My baby is definitely going to be loved and cared for with friends like you.

(Your name)

protip_icon Point to consider
Also, do not miss out on sending a thank you note to your invitee who could not make it to the party but sent you a thoughtful present.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it rude not to send thank you cards after a baby shower?

Sending out thank you cards after a baby shower is considered thoughtful and proper etiquette. It lets your guests know how much you appreciate them and their time. These cards are a beautiful way to extend your gratitude for their beautiful wishes.

2. When to send thank you notes after a baby shower?

It is recommended to send out thank you notes at least two to three weeks after your baby shower. However, if your little one arrives sooner than anticipated, you may send out these cards after you get adjusted to the baby and new changes.

3. What is the etiquette for thanking someone who didn’t attend the baby shower?

You may express your gratitude to someone who didn’t attend the baby shower by sending them a handwritten note, calling them over the phone, or by sending them a message via social media to share your sentiment or appreciation for the gift they sent or the support they extended. You may add that you missed their presence on the happy occasion.

4. How can you express gratitude for someone who helped you during pregnancy?

You may send a personalized thank-you note expressing how much you appreciate their gift or support, give a thoughtful gift that may be personalized to reflect your gratitude, show public acknowledgement for their support via social media (if both of you are comfortable with it), and reciprocate their gesture and extend similar support when they require it.

Your friends and family do a lot of planning and preparation to host an unforgettable baby shower for you. Now that they have succeeded in making it a grand event, it’s your turn to shower them with love and gratitude. To help you accomplish this task effortlessly, we listed some useful things to consider before penning down baby shower thank you notes. Take cues from these points and craft your unique baby shower thank you text or personalized cards to appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in hosting the party.

Infographic: How Should You Write A Baby Shower Thank You Card?

A baby shower is an excellent time to meet your friends and families and celebrate the joy of having a baby soon. Now that the party is over, you must always express gratitude and thankfulness to everyone who came to bless you and your soon-to-be baby. Look at the infographic below for suggestions on writing a thank you card after a baby shower.

things to include and write in the baby shower thank you card (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Friends and families who have played a key role in organizing the baby shower deserve to be appreciated.
  • Sending thank-you notes will make them feel important and valued.
  • Go through the ideas to deliver personalized thank-you notes to make the process easier.
  • Club together a couple of wishes and personalize them based on your taste to make them even better.
Baby Shower Thank You Notes_illustration

Image: Dall·E/MomJunction Design Team

Expressing gratitude to your guests for attending your baby shower requires some thoughtful words. Check out this video that will give you some inspiration for a note to write on your ‘Thank You’ card.

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