40 Exciting Baby shower Trivia Questions, With Answers

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A baby shower is all about celebrations for the parents-to-be. It’s a day when they feel special and excited about the upcoming parenting phase of their life. To make this festivity more fun and memorable, you can come up with this baby shower trivia questions’ game.

Baby shower trivia is an exclusive idea that entertains and makes you aware of interesting facts about babies. We have put together some great trivia questions to help you organize an adorable and creative baby shower.

40 Baby Trivia Questions

Use these interesting trivia questions at the baby shower event to ask your guests and parents-to-be, and enjoy the answers.

Trivia Questions For Baby Shower

  1. Who spoils the baby most?
  1. Who is going to change the diaper at the nights?
  1. Who will dress up the baby?
  1. Who will bring more gifts for the baby?
  1. Who will the baby recognize first?
  1. Who will decide the baby’s name?
  1. Who is going to wake up at night for the baby?
  1. Which newborn had the highest number of teeth?
  1. When does a baby start learning to talk?
  1. When does a baby start differentiating people?
  1. Which is the most common food that pregnant women crave?
  1. What is the best time to go for a pregnancy test?
  1. What is the number of weeks for a normal pregnancy?
  1. Which color has been picked for the baby’s room?
  1. From which parent will the baby inherit the looks?
  1. Which parent will be more nervous during the delivery?
  1. What are your expectations of the baby?
  1. Who will enforce more rules for the baby?
  1. How many children does the couple want?
  1. What will be the hair color of the baby?

Baby Shower Trivia Questions And Answers

  1. Which sense is first developed in a baby?
    Answer: The sense of touch
  1. At what age can a baby recognize the taste of salt?
    Answer: Five to six months old
  1. How many bones does a newborn have?
    Answer: 300 bones
  1. When does the fingerprint appear on a baby’s finger?
    Answer: Fingerprints of a newborn are shallow but become prominent when they are six months old.
  1. How far is the eyesight of a newborn?
    Answer: Eight to 14 inches
  1. Which color is first recognized by a newborn baby?
    Answer: Red
  1. At what age does a baby have actual tears?
    Answer: Between one and three months of age
  1. What percentage of babies are born on their actual date?
    Answer: About 4 to 5%
  1. Who holds the record for most children?
    Answer: Valentine Vassilyev holds the record with 69 children
  1. What is the Japanese word for the term ‘baby?
    Answer: Akachan
  1. When does a baby’s eye color get permanent?
    Answer: Nine months old, but it differs from one baby to another
  1. When can newborns recognize themselves in the mirror?
    Answer: 18 months to two years of age
  1. At what age do the babies start crawling?
    Answer: Six to 10 months, but it varies from one baby to another
  1. At which age do the babies double their birth weight?
    Answer: Six to 12 months old
  1. When does the umbilical stump of a baby fall off?
    Answer: Within one to three weeks after birth
  1. When does a baby start sitting and holding its head?
    Answer: Around four to six months of age
  1. What is the first poo of a baby known as?
    Answer: Meconium
  1. When does a baby start smiling?
    Answer: Around six to eight weeks of age
  1. What is the size of a newborn baby at the time of birth?
    Answer: 20 inches is the average size
  1. What do you call a baby shower party in South Africa?
    Answer: A stork party

Throwing a baby shower party can be fun when you make it creative and adorable for all the family members and guests. To keep everyone entertained, use the baby trivia questions. You may even create your questions to keep the celebration going on.

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