What Is A Baby Sprinkle And How To Host It?

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The anticipated arrival of the first child is celebrated through a baby shower, while a baby sprinkle is usually held for the second or the subsequent child. We have some vibrant baby sprinkle ideas to make this occasion memorable. The celebration is a milder version of the baby shower that mostly includes close family members and friends. The event involves a selection of limited items on the menu and fewer games, and the mom-to-be typically receives only the baby essentials like diapers, clothes, and baby wipes on this occasion.

In this post, we bring you a list of unique and interesting ideas for a baby sprinkle, including themes, guest invites, games, decorations, gifts, and activities. Scroll down.

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Baby Shower Vs. Baby Sprinkle

A traditional baby shower is a large-scale event with a long guest list — every distant relative or colleague are formally invited. A baby shower is thrown so that the first-time mom-to-be receives extravagant gifts. On the whole, it is an expensive affair for the host as well as the guests. The mom-to-be is also required to share a baby registry.

On the other hand, a baby sprinkle is a cozy affair and can be thrown with minimal inventory. It sounds more modern and fun and can be accomplished without spending a fortune. The guests and the second-time parents-to-be can attend it more casually without any baby registry.

Who Hosts A Baby Sprinkle?

A family member or a close friend could host a baby sprinkle

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A family member or a close friend could host a baby sprinkle for the expecting mommy to relieve her of the exhaustion and stress of the pregnancy. Expecting a grand event from friends or the hosts of the last shower would not be reasonable, but anyone can host a casual celebration.

Who Is Invited To A Baby Sprinkle?

A sprinkle shower doesn’t demand creating a lengthy guest list. Only the closest friends and relatives are invited to celebrate the arrival of the next bundle of joy.

Distant cousins, colleagues, or friendly acquaintances need not be invited even if they were a part of the baby shower.

When To Host A Baby Sprinkle?

Plan baby sprinkle ideas eight to ten weeks before the due date

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If you are thinking of hosting a sprinkle shower, the due date should be taken into account.

You should plan it eight to ten weeks (around two months) before the due date. You could throw a sprinkle between the 28th and 32nd weeks of expectancy, almost similar to a baby shower.

The mom-to-be is not too near her due date, giving her a chance to enjoy the event and the attention. This is to give the parents-to-be reassurance about the helping hands they’ll have to stock up on the remaining baby supplies so that they are prepped for the new addition to their family, and they do not have to rush for anything at the last moment.

Baby Sprinkle Invitation Wordings

It is not essential to give a formal invitation to your guests; an online invite would suffice. Even though a baby sprinkle is a modest occasion compared to a baby shower, you can always add a fun element by using your creative skills and playing with wordings in the invite.

Also, it might be advisable to specify that it is a baby sprinkle so that the guests could get a clearer picture and try to keep it subtle. As per the sprinkle etiquette, you need not put a baby registry online; however, you could keep it handy in case someone insists on it.

Your invitation could convey if it’s a girl or a boy to help the guests select their gifts. Also, add theme specifications, if any, along with the timings.

The following sample lines could give you a rough idea about how to write a baby sprinkle invitation:

  • Big brother has plenty to share; it’s just a sprinkle to show we care and help them prepare.
  • The rumors are true! We’re having number two. Kindly join us for our baby sprinkle.
  • Like you showered us in the first, you’re invited to sprinkle love and joy on the latest addition to our family.
  • Boy, oh boy, it’s another bundle of joy! Please join us for a casual gathering.
  • Join us as we meet to welcome our princess.
  • Not much is needed; the basics will do. As we welcome our new baby, join us to sprinkle some love.
  • Baby smiles and giggles galore; they are having one more. It will be here in a blink, so what we know is they need more pink.
  • Twinkle, twinkle, it’s a baby sprinkle. Kindly join us to honor the mother-to-be (name).
  • We are throwing a party for our favorite mommy-to-be. You see, she is having number three. Bring only necessities, for they have plenty of toys. We hope you come and share in her joy.

Baby Sprinkle Theme Ideas

Sprinkle fun can be made lively by sticking to a specific party theme

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You might get overwhelmed with the party planning. To avoid the stress and skip the detailing, keep in mind the casual nature of a baby sprinkle. You could exclude expensive gift hampers and elaborate buffet arrangements. Despite the simple low-key vibe, the sprinkle fun can be kept intact, and it can be made lively by sticking to a specific party theme. You may use any of these themes.

  1. Spa-time with the mommies: Arrange full-body massages, pedicures, DIY manicures for the second-time mommy-to-be and her girlfriends.
  1. A sprinkle brunch: A casual brunch can never be a bad idea for a sprinkle. Arrange a sunny gathering or a barbeque outdoors. Invite the closest family and friends to brunch, relax, and chat with the expecting parents.
  1. Ice cream or yogurt sprinkles and toppings theme: An ice cream or yogurt counter with add-ons, such as berries, candies, and syrups, can be arranged for the guests. Do not forget the different-shaped, colorful sprinkles for toppings. This will not only be exciting for the elders, but also the kids, who would have a lot of fun creating their own sundaes.
  1. Balloons and confetti sprinkle: It might not be a birthday, but what’s a celebration without balloons? Use clear balloons filled with colorful confetti and cakes with candy sprinkles. You can play different balloon games. This would add color to the party and make it full of life.
  1. Sunset baby sprinkles with beer and snacks: A grown-up party could serve as a much-needed break for all. Arrange the seating on the house’s large front porch where the guests could chill out with light snacks and beer and enjoy the setting sun.
  1. Kid-friendly theme: Invite the first kid’s friends and cousins and indulge them in activities, such as baking, painting, and crafts, or fun games, such as musical chairs. Let the expectant mama relax and watch the children have fun.
  1. Jungle theme sprinkle shower: You can use this theme to celebrate the new and upcoming wild one. Upscale the childhood birthday party theme by adding nicely patterned foliage and some animal print for decoration. Games, such as, matching the animal to their young ones, can be added.
  1. Virtual baby sprinkler: The ongoing situation calls for a virtual (online) sprinkle shower to make the second-time mom-to-be feel special. Get creative and make sure she doesn’t feel she’s missing something.
  1. Fiesta fun: This game is all about laughter and creativity. You can level up the excitement by decorating cute onesies with vibrant colors, taking a swing at the piñata loaded with treats, making memories, sharing smiles, and celebrating the little one on the way with a sprinkle of fiesta joy.
  1. Slumber party theme: Turn up the cozy vibes with a slumber party-themed baby sprinkle. You may include onesie decorating, pillow fights, and a spread of sweet treats. It is a laid-back celebration where guests can arrive in PJs and have a good time. Share laughs, create memories, and welcome the baby with a slumber party twist.
protip_icon Point to consider
You may plan a movie theme party at home. Many theaters also do private screenings, which can be a great way to enjoy some relaxed moments.

Baby Sprinkle Decorations

Decorate the venue for the baby sprinkle in accordance with the theme. It can be in the house, a garden in the backyard, or any such place. The decor need not go over-the-top. Incorporate any of the following suggestions to achieve your desired baby sprinkle decor.

  1. With the theme “sprinkle lots of love,” you can use many colorful options, such as colored mason jars filled with lemonade, a candy counter, a sprinkled donut, or a cupcake station.
  1. Using muted pastel confetti will give a sophisticated yet playful look to the event.
  1. For an outdoor baby sprinkle, you can add a small photo booth for the parents-to-be so that they can have a nice photo session and flaunt the second baby bump.
  1. Decorating just a couple of corners with antiques or a classy floral arrangement and detailing with beads or tiny fairy lights can give a simple yet chic look.
  1. Live food counters, such as a taco counter or a popcorn station, can never go wrong in a baby sprinkle as they keep the party people active.
  1. For a kid-friendly party, you can have a low table set-up with puzzles, art and craft, and stickers. Include snacks, such as chips, juices, and cookies, to keep the little ones fueled while the grown-ups chat and relax.
  1. You can organize a simple yet elegant family dinner by using beautiful tablecloths and expensive china sets. Serve the expecting mom’s favorite cuisine.

Baby Sprinkle Etiquette

Baby sprinkle ideas

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Like every other party, a baby sprinkle also demands definite etiquette.

Etiquette for the mom-to-be

  • A mom-to-be should not expect anyone to throw a sprinkle (especially the hosts of the baby shower). As it is a new concept, wait for your close family or friends to think of it on their own.
  • The mother-to-be is allowed to attend more than one sprinkle party.
  • Contrary to a baby shower, the sprinkle etiquette demands that a mom-to-be should not have a full-blown baby registry. Make a small register of essential items (excluding the already existing baby gear received during the shower) for the second baby. One or a maximum of two essential big-ticket items, such as an infant car seat or baby stroller, can be added. Keep the list handy and give it to the guest if they ask for it.
  • Remember to express your gratitude to the host. This can be with a bouquet, home-baked cookies, or a handwritten note.

Etiquette for the host

  • The time duration should not be as long as the shower. The event should last for two to four hours.
  • Invite only near and dear ones.

Etiquette for guests

  • A sprinkle etiquette also dictates that the guests bring simple gifts. You may go in for a gift registry if confused.
  • If you do not plan to attend, you need not send a gift. However, inform the host in advance and give them a genuine reason.

Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas

  • As per the etiquette, the guests should show up at this low-key gathering with daily baby essentials, such as diapers, baby wipes, baby shower gel, blankets, diaper creams, and other toiletries. Instructions on the invite might reveal whether it’s a boy or a girl, so you can also gift baby clothes accordingly.
  • To stand out from the crowd, you can give the mom-to-be a few hours of relaxation at a spa or a salon voucher to pamper her.
  • You can also get a small gift for the elder child to make them feel included.
protip_icon Quick tip
Bibs, bath toys, burp clothes, breast pads, baby carriers/wraps, and teething toys can be some practical gift ideas for a baby sprinkle.

Baby Sprinkle Game Ideas

Games can make baby sprinkles fun

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Easy yet interesting games can make hosting and attending the baby sprinkle a fun-event. Try and choose games that are great for all age groups. The games should be unique, hilarious to make the big bellies laugh, and easy and quick to play.

  • Swaddle a baby: Each player is provided with a toy baby and a cloth. The one to swaddle the baby the fastest is the winner.
  • Blind blocking: Each player is blindfolded and given blocks. Ask them to stack them up while you play music. The one to build the highest stack before the music stops wins.
  • Collect binkies (pacifiers): Each player holds a chopstick in their mouth and starts collecting the looped pacifiers by scooping them in their chopsticks. Collect as many as you can to win the game.
  • Baby gear hunt: Arrange a treasure hunt of various baby items. Hide them at different places in the venue and ask the teams to search the listed items to win the prize.
  • Nappy change time: A person who changes a diaper filled with confetti on the plastic baby without spilling its content in the minimum time is declared the winner.
  • Name the rhyme: Divide the guests into pairs of two. Play a line or two of a nursery rhyme and ask the teams to identify the song.

You can always distribute small gifts to the winners to add to the fun.

Should You Send Thank You Cards?

Although a baby sprinkle is a small gathering, it is always sweet to thank all the guests for sparing their time to attend it. The expectant mommy should thank her dear ones and the host for making her feel special.

A personalized thank you card with the guest’s name on it and a few words written by the celebrity of the hour( mother-to-be) would go a long way.

You could also hand each quest a small plant sapling or a jar filled with homemade cookies or chocolate as a sprinkle favor.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it acceptable to have a baby sprinkle for the third or fourth baby?

If the idea of a baby sprinkle excites you, you need not worry about how others may perceive it. As per social etiquette, consider limiting your guest list to family and a few close friends and request them not to bring gifts. A low-key celebration with your loved ones has no reason to ruffle feathers.

2. Why is it called a baby sprinkle?

The new parents are showered at a baby shower with gifts to help smoothen their transition into parenthood. However, when a couple is expecting their second or third child, they are usually more prepared with baby utilities. Hence, a baby sprinkle is arranged, where the couple is “sprinkled” with smaller gifts and love from the guests.

3. Is a baby sprinkle the same thing as a gender reveal party?

The two parties may sound similar; however, the purpose of each party is different. For example, a gender reveal party celebrates the gender of the baby, whereas a baby sprinkle celebrates the mother’s second or third unborn child without any focus on gender.

4. What are the origins of the baby sprinkle tradition?

A baby sprinkle is a modern adaptation that emerged from the baby shower tradition. It is a smaller and toned-down version of a full-blown baby shower. Baby showers can be traced back to ancient times in Egyptian and Greek cultures.

A baby sprinkle is usually organized for second-time would-be parents and includes close family and friends. These baby sprinkle ideas will help you plan the perfect sprinkle party for your friend or relative expecting their second child. You can host a theme-based baby sprinkle by drawing inspiration from the versatile themes listed above. Make the event more fun by including some classic games such as swaddle the baby and nappy change time. Have a unique and exciting gathering and help the soon-to-be parents share their happiness with those who matter the most to them.

Infographic: Baby Shower Vs. Baby Sprinkle

We all know and have heard about lavish baby showers, which are always in vogue. However, some would only like to have their close friends and relatives attend their intimate celebration, known as a “baby sprinkle.” To know more about the contrast between a baby shower and a baby sprinkle, give this infographic a quick read.

baby shower vs baby sprinkle (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Baby sprinkle is a cozy celebration for second-time parents-to-be, attended only by close relatives and friends.
  • Use simple themes such as outdoor brunch, ice cream, yogurt with toppings, or kid-friendly themes.
  • Use pastel confetti, floral arrangement, China sets, and other interesting decoratives to make the place lively.
  • Include fun-filled games, such as swaddle a baby or nappy change to add more excitement to the celebration.
Baby Sprinkle ideas_illustration

Image: Dall·E/MomJunction Design Team

Are you looking for some creative and unique baby sprinkle ideas? Let’s dive into some creative themes and make this occasion truly memorable for your little one!


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