Baby's 20th Month - A Guide To Development And Milestones

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At your baby’s 20th month age mark you have a small mimic at your home that absorbs and copies almost everything you do. Apart from this, she will also try to please you and engage you in her games.

As a parent, you need to understand that separation anxieties are common at this age. You can set a small routine by saying goodbye and showing affection while leaving. This will help her understand that separations are normal, and parents are leaving just to come back.

20 Month Old Baby Development:

Your baby has come a long way. Your little one is now busy in exploring the world around her. She will now move around more confidently than before. Here are some things she shall be capable of at this age. Take a look at your 20 month old developmental milestones here:

  • Various activities will grab her attention at this age. Rather than focusing on her individual play, she will be drawn more into groups. If you have admitted her to a playgroup, you will find her enjoying group activities.
  • You can have fun with her playing symbolic games like bathing a doll.
  • In physiological changes, she will be able to jump with both feet and take off her clothes.
  • In psychological changes, she will be able to search for hidden objects, name her different body parts and draw a straight line.
  • Help your baby interact with the world around her. Help her develop a bigger vocabulary that will make communication easier.
  • She is not yet mature enough to be sensitive towards others’ need. Do not expect her to understand the concept of sharing at 20 months. Biting and pushing features prominently in this age.
  • Be ready for the bumps and bruises as her steering is not very clear yet. Have a talk with your doctor about what should constitute the first aid kit for your baby. Make sure you have the kit ready with you. Take it along if you are travelling.
  • You may find her toppling over different objects all through the day as she won’t be able to stop while running. Keep away breakable objects that she might hit and topple.
  • Your baby is now happy with a single nap. Maintain proper sleep timings in the afternoon and at night. Setting bedtime routines is important as it will help her know what to expect next.

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Interest In Art And Craft:

You’re 20 months old baby will love crayons and enjoy scribbling on papers. It helps reduce hyperactivity in babies. These in turn aids in increasing concentration, learn and improve attention span.

  • It is better to avoid giving pens or pencils as she may sustain injury from the pointed ends. Crayons are the best option.
  • Buy her non-toxic crayon sticks that won’t cause any harm, even if she puts them in her mouth.
  • You can make her sit on a high chair and place a paper on her table. Your baby shall love finger painting at this age.

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Exploring The Genitals:

Babies are naturally very curious about everything they find around them. There is no need to worry if you find her exploring her genitals.

  • Just like your little one played with her toes and fingers, she may have started playing with her genitals at this age.
  • You need not worry about this till this happens continuously.
  • Do not make a fuss about the whole thing even if she keeps touching her genitals in public.
  • Explain her why it is inappropriate to do that in front of others.

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How To Deal With Your 20 Month Old?

You are your baby’s friend, philosopher and guide. Make sure you are there by her all through the development process. Remember to be patient and keep in mind you too behaved the same at her age. You might have had a tough day, but this does not imply that you can expect her to act reasonably.

Here are some helpful tips that will help you deal with 20 months old baby development stages in the best possible way:

  • Be aware of the methods to control the aggressive instincts of your baby.
  • Do praise her for all the good things she does.
  • You must provide her scope to vent out her exhaustions.
  • Keep the play dates small and brief.
  • If your baby’s favorite word is ‘NO’, it is a good sign. It means she feels secure and wants to get things done her way.
  • To make your life a little easier, you can let your baby choose small things. Such as which dress to wear and which jam to use on the toast.
  • You must also make it clear that your child should not negotiate in important things. Like, putting on a seat belt while travelling in a car.
  • You need to keep in mind that every baby has temperament. As parents, you can adopt effective strategies to cope with her tantrums.

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There is no need to explain how busy and exhausted you are managing your 20 months baby development changes. Make sure to spar some quality time just for yourself. Only when you feel relaxed and happy you can shower love and care on your little one.

The developmental phases at this age are indeed enjoyable that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Moms, share with us the best moments with your baby in the comment section. We will love to hear from you.

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