17 Negative Traits Of A Scorpio Man And Woman

Each zodiac sign has some positive as well as negative characteristics. Scorpio, ruled by Pluto and Mars, is believed to be zealous and courageous. But to know about their entire personality, you should know some of Scorpio bad traits as well. For instance, they could be quite rigid and hungry for power due to their fervent nature. It is difficult to understand them as they only open up about their raw emotions to people they trust and love. Read on to know about some negative traits of a Scorpion to know this sign better.

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17 Negative Traits Of A Scorpio

Scorpio is well-known for its intensity and passion. However, their intensity and passion extend to their darker side as well. Here are some of their negative traits.

1. They can get jealous easily

A Scorpio is driven by ambition and a desire to succeed in life. They see everyone as a competition, so they are envious of their competitors. They are afraid of losing their partner in a relationship and dislike seeing them with someone of the opposite sex. They feel threatened and jealous of anyone close to their partner.

2. They have trust issues

Scorpios have a difficult time trusting new people. They are self-sufficient and independent, so it takes time to trust someone for work or even in a relationship. Earning a Scorpio’s trust is difficult because they take their time letting their guard down and might get suspicious easily.

3. They can be secretive

They can be secretive, scorpio negative traits

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Scorpios are secretive due to their lack of trust. They are also emotional creatures afraid of being hurt, so they do not readily share their emotions with others. As a result, they don’t reveal much about themselves and rarely share their plans with others.

Sharing her experience of dating a Scorpio, YouTuber Kiera says about her ex-partner, “He was so secretive. He would want to know all my stuff, but when I asked him, he would say he didn’t trust anyone (i).”

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Scorpios are good at keeping secrets. Hence, if you have a secret with a Scorpio, they will keep it safe.

4. They seem aggressive

A Scorpio personality is characterized by intense passion that they can appear aggressive at times. They may become easily worked up to achieve something, making them appear aggressive to those around them.

5. They may seek revenge

If a Scorpio trusts you and you betray them, don’t expect them to forgive you easily. They are sensitive, but unforgiving souls who will not tolerate betrayal and may exclude you from their lives forever.

6. They are spend-thrifts

They are spend-thrifts

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Scorpios frequently struggle with self-control. They enjoy living an extravagant lifestyle and indulging in luxury. They enjoy trying new things and don’t mind if it means burning a hole in their pocket.

7. They can be resentful

Scorpios can be extremely sensitive. When someone hurts them, it can have a profound effect on them. As a result, if they have been hurt by someone close to them, they may even resent that person. It may take years for a Scorpio to forgive the person who has hurt them.

8. They may seem insensitive

Scorpios are highly emotional beings. As a result, they can be pretty vulnerable, and to protect their emotions, they tend to conceal themselves behind a cold shield of insensitivity. They try to appear emotionless to avoid being hurt by the actions of others.

9. They can be possessive

Scorpios can be possessive of their partners

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People of Scorpio signs can be possessive of their partners when they are in love. They yearn for love and seek their partner’s love solely for themselves. As a result, they may feel insecure if they notice their partner paying attention to anyone else.

10. They may seem manipulative

Scorpios have an innate ability to persuade others. They can convince people to do or believe something. This is not necessarily a negative trait, but others may label them as manipulative because of their persuasive abilities.

11. They can be rude

Scorpios are natural leaders who expect others to be as dedicated and hard-working as they are. When someone fails to meet their standards, the taskmaster within them attempts to motivate their subordinates. However, their motivational words may come across as harsh and rude to some.

12. They seem obsessive

They seem obsessive

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When Scorpio falls in love, they do so wholeheartedly. It could be a game, a sportsperson, a team, a political idea, or anything else. They will adhere to it with such zeal that they may appear to be fanatics. They will give their full support to their favorite and may be unable to listen to criticism of what they believe.

protip_icon Quick tip
Scorpios are ardent lovers, and will give their everything for the relationship. If you are in a relationship with Scorpio, be loyal and reciprocate their efforts.

13. They can be dominating

Scorpios feel secure when they have control over their surroundings. Anxiety can be triggered by anything outside of their control. As a result, they try to exert control over everything around them. This controlling nature can make them appear domineering to those with whom they work.

14. They tend to feel insecure

Scorpios who are ambitious have high expectations of themselves. Therefore, they are hard on themselves because they fear failing to meet their goals or living up to their expectations. However, this fear of failure can develop into self-destructive insecurity if not appropriately managed.

15. They can be stubborn

They can be stubborn, scorpio bad traits

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Scorpios are diligent and well-informed. They only form an opinion after conducting research. So, once they’ve made up their minds about something, changing their minds is a difficult task. They come across as obstinate because they will not budge from what they genuinely believe. They will remain steadfast in their opinions and beliefs.

protip_icon Quick tip
Scorpios resent small talks. They may want to know your darkest secrets and desires. So avoid beating around the bush and indulge in meaningful conversations with them.

16. They may seem lustful

People with Scorpio zodiac signs are devoted partners, but their high libido and desire to experiment in bed may make them appear lustful. They enjoy satisfying their carnal desires and making love with zeal. It can be frustrating for both of them if their partner is unable to match their sex drive.

17. They can be moody

Scorpios have a lot of emotions, and they can get out of control at times. Hence, they are considered self-centered too. For example, assume you meet them, and they appear cheerful and excited, but by the time you part ways, they may appear sad and lost. It is difficult to predict their mood, and they likely have no control over it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Scorpio most compatible with?

Scorpios are most compatible with Pisces, Virgo, and Cancer. These zodiacs are flexible and willing to accept Scorpio’s strong personality and need for control.

2. What should you never say to a Scorpio?

Scorpios are fiercely independent and they hate people who are dominating. They are vindictive and don’t forgive or forget easily. So, you should never ask questions like “Why are you so intense?,” “Why can’t you forgive?,” or “Why do you want revenge?” Similarly, never say certain things to Scorpio like, “You are too emotional,” “ You are wrong,” or “That’s a bad idea.”

3. Are Scorpios rare?

No, Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) is one of the most common zodiac signs. They are also the most likely to disclose their sun sign irrespective of the setting.

Positive and negative traits are like two sides of the same coin and design a person’s personality. A person’s zodiac sign has a significant impact on their personality. Their moody, stubborn, and insecure personality may reflect Scorpio’s bad traits. Scorpios are one of the most misunderstood zodiac signs. They are not bad people, but they do not let any emotions come in the way of their success. They make loving and devoted friends. They may have a jealous streak in their personality, which may be why people do not pick Scorpios as their first choice to share their secrets with.

Infographic: How To Deal With A Scorpio Person?

If you have a crush on a Scorpio person, don’t let these negative traits scare you. Every person has certain shortcomings and deserves to be at least given a chance. So you can try the tips below to deal with a Scorpio, and if things seem to be working, you can think of taking things further.

tips to handle a relationship with a scorpio (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Scorpions are courageous and compassionate; however, they easily get jealous because of their competitive mindset.
  • They are secretive because they lack trust in people and tend to seek revenge when someone betrays them.
  • Their tendency to be moody, stubborn, and dominating may lead people to misunderstand them.

In this fascinating video, delve deeper into the allure of Scorpio men, encompassing an array of their positive, negative, and appealing qualities.

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