Is It Safe To Eat Barbecue During Pregnancy?

Eat Barbecue During Pregnancy

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Are you craving for some delicious Barbecue (BBQ) chicken during pregnancy? But, are you equally concerned about how safe it is during pregnancy, and what safety measures should you follow? If these are questions you’ve been pondering, consider reading our post.

Barbecue is one of the oldest, yet classic cooking methods. You can cook fish, meat, vegetables, and other foods in the open using a grill. Barbecue fish, chicken, potatoes, and other delicacies taste great and people love barbecue. Let’s look at the safety of eating BBQ while you are expecting.

Is It Safe To Eat Barbecue During Pregnancy?

Yes, you can enjoy eating delicious barbecue while expecting, as long as you cook the fish or meat thoroughly. Avoid eating under cooked barbecue delicacies since they may contain harmful bacteria that can affect your and the unborn baby’s health adversely. So, remember that you need to barbecue the meat for longer than usual while you are pregnant.

Cooking at high temperatures helps rid the meat of hazardous bacteria, such as E. coli, Listeria, Salmonella, and other bacteria that induce food poisoning (1).

Safety Measures To Follow When Eating BBQ During Pregnancy:

Even though it is safe to eat barbecue while expecting, you need to take great care while grilling and eating it. Here are some useful safety tips to follow to prevent the risk of health hazards while enjoying BBQ.

  • Avoid eating raw meat.
  • Wash your hands after every time you touch raw meat.
  • Make sure you keep cooked meat and raw meat in separate utensils.
  • Defrost the frozen meat appropriately.
  • Cook the meat thoroughly and make sure it is piping hot in the center.
  • Make sure foods such as dips, salad, desserts, yogurt, and milk are cold. Avoid eating them if they are out in the sun for a long time.
  • Cover your food with foil or plastic film or keep it in airtight boxes to prevent pets from nibbling on it (2).

3 Health Benefits Of Eating Barbecue During Pregnancy:

Eating barbecue offers many health benefits during pregnancy. Not only barbecue delicacies are a good source of proteins, but they are also an excellent source of essential minerals and vitamins.

1. A Rich Source Of Protein:

Lean meat is an excellent source of vital proteins. Grilled meat retains and offers you all necessary proteins during pregnancy. Protein is a quintessential nutrient that you need while expecting to build new cells, maintain body tissues in good condition, and synthesize new proteins for smooth body functioning. Grilled chicken, meat, and other animal products help you ensure good health of the fetus and a healthy pregnancy (3).

2. Fulfils Vitamin And Mineral Requirements:

Grilling vegetables and meat tend to retain all essential minerals and vitamins. Meat retains thiamine and riboflavin that are crucial vitamins for your good health and appropriate growth and development of the fetus. Also, vegetables retain iron so eating grilled vegetables helps you prevent the risk of anemia during pregnancy (4).

3. Controlled Fat Intake:

You need to have regulated fat intake during pregnancy to regulate cholesterol levels. While preparing barbecue meat, excess fats tend to drip off meat and the grilled meat tends to retain less fat. So eating BBQ helps you regulate your fat intake (5).

Now, that you know it is safe to devour nutritious barbecue delicacies while expecting, ensure that you follow all safety measures while enjoying a barbecue.

Did you enjoy eating grilled chicken and vegetables during pregnancy? Do you have any special barbecue recipes for fellow moms? Tell us here. Share your story with other moms-to-be. We would love to hear your views.

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