Basics Of Baby Care For New Parents

Parents will agree that having a baby means a beautiful responsibility interspersed with a series of heartwarming and caring moments. As new parents, they devote ample time in ensuring that their baby gets the best of care and attention. From getting a baby to burp or trimming their nails to having fun tummy times and massage bonding sessions, the spectrum of baby care is broad and diverse. However, knowing the basics of how to take care of a baby is crucial and will help ensure that your baby stays happy and in the best of health.

1. Hygiene

This factor can be included in almost all aspects of babies’ daily routine. It is imperative that nappies and diapers be replaced frequently. Leaving your baby in a nappy or diaper for a long period of time can affect their soft, sensitive skin. You can opt for breathable and non toxic ones to ensure cleanliness and safety.

For bathing and washing routines, it is not necessary to bathe babies daily. Sponge baths are a good technique for alternate bathing. If you have a newborn, care for their umbilical cord by keeping it dry and clean and switch between full bathing and sponge bathing after the cord falls off. Some other areas to focus on include cutting their tiny nails, sterilizing every baby food product and using a mild detergent to wash your baby’s clothes.

2. Feeding Your Baby

Nursing mothers are no strangers to the fact that breast milk is the most ideal source of nutrition for babies. Each baby has their own feeding pattern. In the post-delivery days, they may be feeding non-stop but slowly the amount of milk given and the time of their hunger starts changing. Breast pumps and formula feeds (powder or liquid) are also widely accepted. Approved by the FDA, some baby formulas are marked safe and are known to be laden with important nutrients needed for a baby to develop (1). Seek support from your loved ones and keep the pediatrician in the loop to express milk effectively and ensure that your baby receives ample nutrition.

3. Sleep Schedules

Unlike adults, babies cannot make sense of daytime and nighttime. That’s why, some may end up sleeping for endless hours while some are content with short naps or tend to wake up constantly. Parents can however, regulate an effective sleep routine for sound sleep as it promotes brain development and growth spurts (2). You can try introducing a bedtime routine that your baby will internalize overtime like swaddling, feeding, humming lullabies or something as simple as changing their clothes. These practices can serve as cues to let the little one know that it’s time for a long nap. To ensure a good night’s sleep, you may reduce the number of times your baby takes naps in the day. The room’s ambience also plays a role in ensuring proper sleep. Check if the baby’s room lights are dim and talk softly near the baby.

4. Massages With Coconut Oil

Massaging is a great way for parents to bond with babies, but it has several other benefits. If your childhood rings a bell, grannies and mothers sang praises of coconut oil and used it for a soothing massage. Research says that applying coconut oil topically to newborn babies results in less infection rates, reduced water loss, and promotes growth and healthy skin (3).  Massage time can be scheduled as per your preference, whether it is after a bath or a nap. Be gentle with your strokes and avoid rushing the process to let the baby soak in every drop.

Unlike in the past, where mothers traditionally prepared homemade massage oils for babies by following a long process, current times demand convenience. New parents or parents who are working may find it hard to follow the same process. Why? – Due to busy schedules and other chores.

Himalaya’s Coconut Baby Massage Oil can help reduce this preparation time. This pure oil is formulated with an effective combination of oils and a rich blend of herbs to nourish skin. Infused with the goodness of coconut, it helps moisturize, and soothe babies’ sensitive skin. Some other natural ingredients include olive oil for soft skin, winter cherry and country mallow to improve muscle tone and strength, vetiver for a cooling effect, and aloe vera to moisturize. This soft coconut oil by Himalaya is clinically tested and does not contain synthetic colors, parabens, or mineral oil. With a clean and pure formulation, this oil is gentle on the baby’s sensitive skin and causes no irritation. The non-sticky and lightweight oil makes it easier to apply and soak into the baby’s skin. It can also help your baby sleep better and lessen crying bouts. In spite of offering many glorious benefits, Himalaya’s Coconut Massage Oil is not very expensive.

Mothers know that taking care of their little ones involves a balanced mix of setting suitable schedules, following the right techniques, taking precautions, and seeking guidance from a trusted source. This way, daily baby care routines turn out to be more systematic, effective, and work in favor of keeping your baby healthy and cheerful.


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