Is It Safe To Play Basketball During Pregnancy?

Can You Play Basketball While Pregnant

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Congratulations mommy! You are finally pregnant. So, you need to be extra careful about your routine and your diet. You probably love playing basketball, and enjoy those two on two games regularly. But, are you wondering, can you play basketball while pregnant. Well, wonder no more! Scroll down to learn all about playing basketball during pregnancy.

Can You Play Basketball While Pregnant?

No, it isn’t! Even though you may be an ardent basketball player and would like to continue playing the sport while expecting, it is not safe to play basketball during pregnancy. One of the major reasons to avoid playing basketball while pregnant is that it is a high-impact and strenuous sport that can affect your pregnancy adversely. It can lead to injuries, and cause miscarriage. Even in the first trimester of your pregnancy, it is dangerous to play basketball since the sport includes jumping, running, hopping, high energy movements, and bouncing on both the feet leaving the basketball court simultaneously. All these moves are highly risky for you to perform during pregnancy and increase the risk of miscarriage and other health troubles (1).

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4 Risk Factors Of Playing Basketball During Pregnancy:

There are several risk factors in playing basketball while pregnant. Risk factors include:

1. Risk Of Falling:

While playing the sport of basketball, you are in a constant state of motion. You need to be on your feet and move quickly and speedily in any direction. You also need to take sudden turns. As your pregnancy progresses, the shape and volume of your womb starts increasing that makes it difficult for you to balance yourself when playing the game. Also, quick moves and sudden turns increase the risk of losing balance and falling. Falling in pregnancy when playing the basketball is extremely dangerous. Not just you injure yourself but also it can affect your unborn baby significantly. In certain cases, falling in pregnancy can injure your unborn baby and prove fatal for the fetus (2).

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2. Risk Of Collision:

While playing the game of basketball, collisions are likely to occur. A collision with the player of opposite team can be extremely dangerous for you as well as your unborn baby. So, it is best to avoid playing basketball while expecting (3).

3. Risk Of Jerk And Severe Damage:

While playing basketball, you need to jump high and put the ball into the basket’s net located at height. You need to guess the appropriate height of the basket and jump high enough to put the ball through it. While jumping and concentrating on the basket, you may experience jerk that can lead to a sprain in your back. Also, the jerk can prove harmful to your unborn baby. You may also lose balance and fall on your stomach while jumping. Such a fall can be hazardous leading to placenta abruption that may make you bleed excessively from the vagina and suffer pain in the back. So, playing the basketball is highly unsafe during pregnancy (4).

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4. Unhealthy For Your Joints:

Your joints do not obtain enough support from the ligament surrounding them, and this makes them vulnerable to damage. So, you need to take care and avoid exerting pressure on your joints while expecting. Playing basketball exerts pressure on your joints. The reduced support of the ligaments can make your joints more vulnerable to injuries while playing the sport. You may also suffer from pain in your lower back making it highly uncomfortable for you to enjoy a healthy pregnancy (5).

Now that you know the risk of playing basketball while pregnant, it is safe to wait till you deliver your dear little angel and then resume playing your favorite sport.

We hope you found reading our post useful, and you understand the potential risks of playing basketball during pregnancy. So, diligently avoid playing the sport while expecting! Know someone who insists on playing basketball during pregnancy? Share this post with them.

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