15 Best Bath Toys For Toddlers in 2023

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Add some fun and excitement to your child’s bath time with our list of the best bath toys for toddlers. Made from child-friendly, durable materials, these toys come in various designs, colors, and sizes to suit your child’s interests. They can float on water and encourage your child to engage in imaginative playtime. You can join in on the fun while bathing your toddler, improving parent-child bonding. So, take a look at the options listed below to choose one that suits your child’s interests.

15 Best Bath Toys For Toddlers

Here is a list for your little one:

1. Best For Improving Motor Skills: 3 Bees & Me Bath Toy Basketball Hoop & Balls Set

Price at the time of publication: $14.99

This basketball hoop and balls set comes with a bathtub basketball net that fits 98% of faucet types. The basket attaches to the faucet with straps, which keep it secure even when the baby tugs on it. The toy comes with three plastic balls that float in water. Your baby can pick them, throw them into the basket, and the balls return to the tub.


  • Plastic-made for constant water use
  • Free of BPA, phthalate, and lead
  • Easy to clean after use
  • Mold-free balls


  • Color of the balls may fade

2. Best Educational Bath Toy: Click N’ Play Bath Foam Letters & Numbers

Price at the time of publication: $8.28


The set contains 26 letters and 10 numbers made from non-toxic, BPA-free foam material. It’s a great educational bath toy for toddlers learning numbers and the alphabet. Letters and numbers stick to the tub and the bathroom wall when wet.


  • Comes with a mesh bag to store the pieces
  • Can be secured to the bathroom wall with two attached suction cups
  • Come in primary and pastel colors
  • Durable alphabets and letters


  • Mesh bag may lose hem over time
  • Bag may be a little small

3. Best Fishing Bath Toy: Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy

Price at the time of publication: $8.95


This bath toy by Munchkin comes with one magnetic fishing rod and three plastic toys that float in water. The rod’s string can be wound up while playing, thus making it an excellent fishing bath toy for toddlers. It is made from 100% BPA-free materials and contains non-toxic colors. Watch this video to get a detailed review of the toy.


  • Fishing action helps develop better hand-eye coordination
  • Rod specially shaped to fit in the tiny wet hands of the toddlers comfortably
  • Air-tight fitting prevents the formation of molds inside the toys’ components
  • Attractive figurines


  • May contain tiny parts that can be a choking hazard
  • Magnet may not be as powerful

4. Best Swimming Bath Toy: Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy

Price at the time of publication: $8.85


This penguin toy by Munchkin is a wind-up bath toy for toddlers with swimming action without the need for batteries. It offers easy winding through toys’ arms/flippers. Once released in water after winding, the toy swims on its own. Toddlers will certainly find the swimming action exciting, making it an excellent fun bath toy for toddlers. Check this video to learn more about the product.


  • Cute, brightly-colored toy
  • Made from BPA-free plastic
  • Lightweight and easy to handle with wet hands
  • Encourages imaginative play


  • May develop mold
  • Paint may peel off over time

5. Best Musical Bath Toy: Yookidoo Musical Duck Race with Auto Fountain

Price at the time of publication: $34.95


This musical duck race with auto fountain by Yookidoo is a musical bath toy for toddlers that doubles as a bath fountain, thanks to a battery-operated, inbuilt pump. When you place the toy at the center of the tub, it draws the tub water and throws it out like a fountain through a central duck-shaped spout.


  • Three toy ducks race around the spout
  • Tiny detachable toys
  • Watching and picking moving ducks helps improve hand-eye coordination
  • Offers a total of nine sound effects for added entertainment
  • Can turn off the sounds entirely by using the mute button


  • Range of water might be a bit powerful
  • Batteries may get wet

6. Best Easy-To-Hold Bath Toy: Munchkin School Of Fish Bath Toy

Price at the time of publication: $7.99


The bath toy by Munchkin features three squirtable fish toys with a small toy boat to accommodate them. You can use the boat as a water mug to bath the toddler or hold shampoo and soap. The rubber fish are easy-to-squeeze for squirting even with a toddler’s tiny hands.


  • Made from easy-to-hold material
  • Does not slip from the hand of the toddler
  • Made from BPA-free plastic
  • Painted with non-toxic colors
  • Encourages imaginative play


  • Boat may float on water surface
  • May catch mold

7. Best Bath Toy With Handle: Green Toys My First Tugboat

Price at the time of publication: $14.99


Are you looking for a bath toy that doubles as a bath mug? Here is the First Tugboat by Green toys is a boat-shaped bath toy that also works as a water mug. It comes with a built-in handle that makes it easy to grip. Its sturdy build ensures the toy does not break even on being exposed to heavy splashing in the water by the toddlers. Check out this product review video to learn more.


  • Smooth edges and soft plastic make it safe for use with toddlers
  • Lower half of the boat is detachable for easy cleaning
  • Non-toxic paint-coated
  • Made from recycled plastic free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates


  • Can be hard to clean

8. Best Interactive Bath Toy: Funerica Interactive Large Yellow Duck Bath Toy

Price at the time of publication: $39.99


The duck bath toy by Funerica is an attractive, brightly-colored, interactive bath toy shaped like a duck for toddlers. The toy duck features a hollow hat where you can pour water. It opens its mouth to gush out the water, which rotates a water wheel in the duck’s belly.


  • Water-driven movement, no batteries required
  • Promotes the understanding of cause and effect in toddlers
  • Comes with two suction cups at the back to secure easily on a wall
  • Non-toxic colors and plastic
  • No sharp edges


  • Water may leak at times
  • May attract mold

9. Best Stackable: Little Bado Stacking Cups


The Little Bado stacking cups are the ideal fun toys your baby needs while bathing. They can learn to build towers by stacking the colorful cups on top of one another. Each stackable cup has a cute crown and a funny expression to amuse little babies. These cups also double as fun sprinklers in water.


  • Includes cups in various shapes, colors, and patterns
  • Improve critical thinking and planning skills
  • Resistant to falling and crashing
  • Withstand rough handling


  • May have pointy parts
  • Toys may not float properly

10. Best For Teaching Letters And Phrases: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Bathtime Bongos


Shaped like the musical instrument bongo, this adorable toy floats when placed in a tub of water. The toy features a vast range of digital audio catalog including songs, letters, phrases, and greetings. Each bongo drum lights up with a backlight that blinks.


  • Holds batteries and electronic components in a water-tight slot
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Dries quickly after being submerged in water
  • Has a handle to carry


  • Works on battery only
  • Some may find the volume too low

11. Best Floating Bath Toy: Nuby Hippo Spout Guard

Price at the time of publication: $15.89


A dual purpose toy, the Nuby Hippo toy works as a spout guard to protect a toddler’s head while being a fun bath toy. The adorable hippo shape with a smooth surface is made from BPA-free soft plastic. It has a two-way water flow, with water flowing from the hippo’s mouth and its nose when the mouth is shut.


  • Slides easily on any standard bathtub faucet
  • Can be detached from the faucet and used as a standard floating bath toy for toddlers
  • Compatible with most faucets with diverters
  • Available in two colors


  • Might be difficult to attach and detach from the faucet
  • Some may find the toy a bit hard

12. Best Toy For Teaching Cause And Effect: Skip Hop Zoo Bath Pull And Go Submarine

Price at the time of publication: $8.99


The Pull and Go submarines by Skip Hop have a cute and attractive design that will surely keep the toddler busy in the tub while you give them a wash. It features a pull string that activates its propeller. You can place the toy in a tub after pulling the string to watch it propel forward.


  • No batteries required
  • Pulling action helps exercise motor skills
  • Movement of the toy helps understand cause and effect better
  • Made from non-toxic, phthalate-free plastic
  • Has smooth edges all around


  • Submarine may move at a very slow pace
  • Pull-string might be short for some

13. Best For Hand-Eye Coordination: Boon Chomp Hungry Whale

Price at the time of publication: $10.99


A simple fun toy for your toddler’s bath time, it features four pieces – a whale-shaped sieve and small sea creature-shaped pieces. The sea creature pieces float in the tub water. The whale jaw opens when gently pressed on the tail fin. Pieces are then scooped into the whale’s mouth, and the jaw closes.


  • Scooping action in water helps improve hand-eye coordination
  • Holes at the bottom of the whale’s jaw create a mini hand-held water shower
  • Fits easily in a toddler’s small hands
  • Made from non-toxic plastic


  • Some might find it smaller than expected

14. Best Bright-Colored: Fun Little Toys Bath Boat Toys

Price at the time of publication: $15.95


Stimulate your little one’s senses during bathtime with the Fun Little Toys Bath Boats. It includes three pieces–a blue sailboat, a green speedboat, and a red fireboat. The toys are designed to offer visual and tactile stimulation and encourage imaginative play. Watch your baby get creative and engage in pretend-play with the three boats made of sturdy and thick ABS plastic.


  • Made of food-grade material
  • Vibrant colors
  • Flat bottomed design
  • Easy to grasp
  • Easy to clean


  • Boats may start to sink over time
  • May have sharp edges

15. Best Battery-Powered Bath Toy: Skip Hop Zoo Bath Rev-Up Wave Rider

Price at the time of publication: $53.0


This rider by Skip Hop consists of two pieces – a dog figure and watercraft – both made with phthalate-free plastic. The dog can be accommodated in the watercraft, or the toddler can play with it separately. The watercraft makes engine and barking sounds on coming into contact with water.


  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Attractive and cute dog figure
  • Watercraft floats and move forward quickly with slight push
  • Well-crafted dog and vehicle


  • Makes sounds only for several seconds
  • Engine may be prone to catching water

How To Choose A Bath Toy For Toddlers?

Bath toys for toddlers come in an array of designs, shapes, and sizes. Look out for these essential features:

  • Free of harmful chemicals and colors: Select bath toys that are free of substances such as bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, and toxic lead-based colors. Such chemicals dissolve in bath water, and the skin can absorb them easily. It can also be accidentally ingested by the toddler.
  • Large enough to prevent swallowing: The toy should be small enough to fit in the tub but big enough to not fit in the preschooler’s mouth. Therefore, select toys that are large for your baby to prevent swallowing.
  • Easy to grip: Things are going to be watery and slippery around the toddler’s tub. A toy that features a rubbery or textured surface makes it easier to hold with wet hands.
  • Preferably bright-colored: It can be hard to spot a light-colored toy in a tub due to the water splashing around. A brightly-colored toy makes it easier for parents to pick it up before unclogging the sinkhole to drain the tub’s water.
  • Easy to clean: A good bath toy should be easy to clean. Use soapy water, give it a rinse under running water, and dry it in air before storage.

What Are Some Precautions To Be Taken When Using Bath Toys For Toddlers?

Keep the following safety tips in your mind when bathing your toddler with a bath toy:

  1. Read the manual: Not all toys are meant to be played the same way, and some manufacturers may want you to take special care of their products. Read the manual or user guide provided with the toy. Check if there are limitations to the product and if there is a recommended method of playing. If there is no user manual, then check for usage instructions at the back panel of the toy’s packaging.
  1. Supervise your toddler’s toy usage: Experts recommend not leaving a toddler alone in a bath since they can drown even in a few inches of water (1). Also, you must also keep an eye on the toddler’s toy usage. Some toys feature battery operation and secure the cell in a slot. Manufacturers make it impossible for a toddler to access that section, but a curious toddler may still gnaw at the slot latch and damage it permanently. Battery operated toys also cannot bear the brunt of hitting and banging. So, show the toddler the correct way of using such toys.
  1. Wash and dry the toy after every use: Clean the toy with warm soapy water after every use or refer to any special maintenance instructions. After washing in soapy water, rinse the toy with clean water, wipe it dry with a tissue, and leave it to air dry. If the toy can be dismantled or unscrewed, then do so once a week to clean the insides and prevent the formation of molds and mildew.
  1. Secure battery slot cover tightly: Once you insert a battery, tightly secure the slot and double check if it is closed properly. A loose slot lid lets water trickle into the battery compartment and damages the electronic components.
  1. Discard the toy if it chips or breaks: If you notice the toy chipping, then you must throw it away and get a new one. Tiny bits of plastic may be hard to notice in splashing tub water and the toddler may accidentally ingest those bits.

Why Trust MomJunction?

The author of this post, Priti Bose, has a remarkable prowess of presenting informative and well-researched content. She covers various topics and specialties for kids and selects the most popular and loved children’s toys. If your child loves to play while bathing, this list of the best bath toys can add more fun to their bathtime. Priti has compiled this comprehensive list after considering the safety, design, and other features. She also shares a few tips and precautions to note while choosing and including these toys for your child’s bath time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does my baby need bath toys?

Bath toys can help your little one enjoy bath time and overcome the fear of water and bathing. However, avoid bath toys that can build up mold.

2. How often should I clean bath toys?

Clean the bath toys once a week. Allow them to dry completely before the next use.

3. When should I replace bath toys?

Replace the bath toys whenever you notice mold. Mold may grow within 24 to 48 hours after use. So, allow the toys to dry before use.

4. Are bath toys safe?

According to the AAP, young infants need no bath toys and can enjoy splashing water. However, bath toys may be helpful when babies are introduced to bathtubs (1). Bath toys made of non-toxic and BPA-free materials are safe.

5. What are bath toys made of?

Bath toys are generally made of rubber, plastic, and wood. Always choose toys that are free of harmful chemicals.

Bath toys add a lot of fun and color to your baby’s bath time, and babies thoroughly enjoy being surrounded by squeaky floatable toys that they can play with. You may consider those toys that are colorful, visually appealing, easy to clean, and easy to hold. However, ensure that these toys are made of safe materials and do not contain small parts that may pose a choking hazard. Moreover, ensure you always supervise their bath time and read the user manual before giving the toy to your baby.


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