15 Beautiful Baby Girl Room Ideas

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The delivery time is approaching, and now you’re preparing to welcome your little one. If you need a few whimsical ideas on creating a welcoming environment for your baby, here are some baby girl room ideas. From wallpaper to the accessories, our list has considered all the factors. There are also a few pictures to give you a clear idea of our thoughts. Most of these are customizable, so you and your partner have the final say. Although this is a list of girl rooms, we have included a few gender-neutral themes for those planning to keep the baby’s identity a surprise. So keep reading for some spectacular ideas.

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15 Cute baby girl room ideas

Before you start decorating the room, split the work into four parts – furniture, wall paint, décor, and accessories. This will help you not only plan better, but will ensure you attend to all of the minute details.

1. Purple baby girl room idea

Purple is the new pink. It is the latest favorite among new mothers. Use it well and you can create the dreamy look you want.

Furniture: To make your room look tasteful, only two of the four parts of the room should be purple. If you decide to paint the walls purple, buy furniture and decor in light colors such as white, pastels, etc., or vice versa.

Wall paint: Purple is soothing when used in cooler shades. Be careful while picking the accent wall shade as purple ends up looking darker after applying on the wall. So, choose lighter shades such as lavender and lilac. Alternate purple with a neutral color. For example, if all the walls are painted purple, then the ceiling and window panes may be painted in white or any neutral color you choose. If you are painting the walls white, you might decorate them with some purple decals.

Decor: It is important to select the right-colored curtains, as they must allow some sunlight inside, but still block some light. Choose light-colored curtains that contrast with the wall color, with playful patterns such as teddy bears, balloons, etc. Place a purple color rug on the floor.

Accessories: You may place toys or clothes in the corner wardrobe, and a lampshade at one corner. Hang a few photo frames, keeping in mind the color theme, on the wall. Consider placing a purple flower pot on the window sill. The crib can be situated either in the middle of the room or along a wall.

Did you know?
Purple is considered a symbol of imagination, creativity, compassion, spirituality, and royalty.

2. Gray baby girl room idea

This color is neutral, clean and durable.

Image: IStock

Furniture: Decide whether you want to go for grey walls or furniture. Once that is done, the rest is a cakewalk. White furniture with wooden detailing goes best with gray walls.

Wall paint: Gray has many variations. To make your baby girl’s room bright and cheerful choose soothing grays that highlight blue tones, or a warmer gray that highlights yellow tones.

Decor: Usually, white, aqua blue, pink and lavender go well with soothing grays, and yellow, orange and rich gold go well with warmer grays. So, choose the curtains, cushions, and upholstery accordingly. However, avoid having more than one complementary color.

Accessories: If you choose to paint the wall gray, then go ahead and create some clouds, ocean waves or go artsy with popular cartoon characters. Use a wooden bed lamp, photo frames, or other accessories to pop the color of the room.

3. Pink baby girl room idea

Pink is the all-time favorite among mothers. We may be blamed for stereotyping, but pink is irresistible when decorating your baby’s room to make it girly.

Pink color baby girl room ideas
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Image: Shutterstock

Furniture: White furniture goes well with any shade of pink. Alternatively, if you are worried about it looking dirty after some wear and tear, go for a light grey or off-white furniture. You may add pink details such as bows and cloth banners near the crib to match the theme.

Wall paint: Decide which shade of pink you want (peach, pastel, dark pink or even magenta). You may also choose an auxiliary color such as teal blue, navy blue or citrus orange, that complements pink.

Decor: If you have chosen pink for the above two parts, pick an auxiliary color for the décor, as it will give the room a fresh look. Go for bold prints.

Accessories: Pick some pink soft toys. Or, use pink containers for holding items related to daily needs, such as towels, body lotion and cream.

4. Mint green baby girl room idea

Mint green is another charming color for a baby girl’s room.

Mint green color baby girl room ideas
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Image: Shutterstock

Furniture: You can choose classic white furniture or off-white furniture with gold detailing if you decide to paint the walls mint green or vice versa. Bright-colored furniture such as orange and red also go well with mint green.

Wall paint: Mint green has a soothing effect. Combine it with blue hues to create an ultra-relaxing environment.

Decor: Mint green pairs well with all bright colors. So, if you want to add a splash of color, consider bright-colored decor such as orange, yellow, red, etc.

Accessories: Gold is another color that goes well with mint green. Pick gold or shimmery photo frames, lampshade, or other accessories.

5. Bright-colored baby girl room idea

If you want to work with colors, there is no better place than your baby’s room. Also, studies prove that different colors influence various emotions (1).

Bright colored baby girl room ideas
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Image: IStock

Furniture: You may choose a pastel theme and buy a pastel pink crib, a pastel green storage cabinet, and so on. Pick a color palette and stick to those colors for the furniture.

Wall paint: You may select one of two patterns to go with the furniture. First: Paint the whole room in one neutral color and then go with the contrasting furniture of different colors. In this case, take care not to overdo the choice of colors and stick to your color pallet.

Second: Paint the wall in light and dark shades of a bright color like green and orange, and pick subtle colored furniture to go with it. Leave some white space in the room as it helps the room look prominent.

Decor: Here, you can experiment with colors. If you have chosen option one for wall paint, pick bright colored curtains or a rainbow-colored bedspread. If you are going with option two, then pick neutral colors.

Accessories: Babies tend to get attracted to bold, primary colors such as red, green, etc. So use these colors for the bedspreads, wall frames, hangings etc., but make sure you are not deviating from your selected color pallet.

6. Go-green baby girl room idea

No. We are not talking about the green shade. It is about making your baby’s room chemical- and toxin-free.

Eco-friendly baby girl room ideas
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Image: Shutterstock

Furniture: A green bedroom starts with the furniture. You may choose furniture made from cut wood and avoiding chemically pressed wood or plywood. Choose the upholstery made of organic material.

Wall paint: One of the most toxic products you can use in your baby’s room is found in wall paint. Choose paints that are VOC (volatile organic chemicals) free.

Decor: In the first months, your baby will sleep a lot. So the room needs to be dark and dust-free, but at the same time, it should get some natural sunlight. Pick curtains made from organic cotton or natural linen. Instead of using the new curtains, use washed ones, as they are less likely to cause allergies. A carpet covering the whole floor may look neat but can attract microorganisms. Opt for eco-friendly floorings such as wood, cork, or bamboo.

Accessories: An excellent way to go green and stay safe is to buy used accessories. If your friend has an unused wooden rocking horse, you may very well use it. Buy toys made from sustainable materials such as wood or bamboo, instead of plastic.

Point to consider
Non-woven fleece paper and other similar plastic free materials can be eco-friendly and safer alternatives (2).

7. Budget-friendly baby girl room idea

Parents want to give the best to their children. However, the best need not always be costly. Here is how you can build a beautiful baby girl’s room under budget.

Budget friendly baby-girl room idea
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Image: Shutterstock

Furniture: We tend to splurge on furniture. Do not buy furniture just to fill the room, but stick to the bare minimum. Go for a convertible crib. It may cost more, but it is a worthy investment. Recycle an old dresser into a changing table. Use wicker baskets for storing.

Wall paint: Choose your colors and pick up some DIY ideas to create your own unique textures. Or, create a chalkboard wall so that your baby can create graffiti once she begins to walk.

Decor: Avoid buying expensive bedding sets. All your baby needs is a well-fitting mattress, waterproof bed cover and a regular change of sheets.

Accessories: Instead of going for expensive lamp shades or carpets, see if you can prepare something at home or recycle the existing accessories. If you are creative and have time, make photo frames, soft toys, pom pom balls, etc., at home.

8. Princess-themed baby girl room idea

Here is how you can build a castle for your little princess.

Image: Shutterstock

Furniture: You may go for those readymade castle-style beds or Cinderella carriage beds. If you want to go old-fashioned, get a slightly large bed with a plush, padded headboard. Other furniture, such as a rocking chair, study table, and bedside tables, should be chosen in a similar color with a royal look.

Wall paint: Pink is the first color that comes to mind. You may also try royal blue- shimmer, blue-gray, or peach-white.. Paint a crown or a royal seal with the initials of your girl’s name on the center of a wall or at the back of the bed. Make sure you add gold detailing throughout the room.

Decor: Long, plush curtains are a must in a princess room. Choose fluffy curtain valance for the windows. You can also buy princess bedspreads, cushion covers, etc.

Accessories: Every detail in the room must shout “Princess.” A canopy over the bed is a must. If it is not too much for you, build a canopy covering the whole ceiling. A princess dress station, ruffled pillow cushions, and a pink rose lamp are some add-on possibilities.

Quick tip
An old-fashioned rock-crystal chandelier can make the room prettier while making your princess feel like royalty.

9. Small room décor idea for baby girls

It takes creativity and planning to make space for your baby girl in a studio apartment.

Image: Shutterstock

Furniture: Go for mini-cribs. These are similar to traditional ones, but with fewer features and more flexibility. If you can find one with a sliding changing platform, then it’s even better. Use the space behind the door and put up floating shelves to create some storage space.

Wall paint: By painting the right colors you can make the room look bigger. Paint opposite walls in a deep color, or use horizontal stripes to make the room seem bigger. The ceiling is the best place to decorate in a small nursery. Paint the ceiling with a bright color and add exciting details such as stars, birds, and clouds.

Decor: Hang the curtains above the window panes to make the windows look bigger and the ceiling higher. Opt for sheer or light-colored curtains.

Accessories: Use peg boards to hang multiple objects in one place or use ceiling hangings.

10. Minimalist décor idea for baby girl’s room

If you are someone who believes less is more, here is a simple idea for your baby girl’s bedroom.

Image: Shutterstock

Furniture: Instead of a crib, buy a simple cot with raised sidelines to prevent the baby from falling. When your baby outgrows it, skip the toddler bed and place her directly on a twin bed. Use a multi-purpose changing table with a storage cabinet.

Wall paint: Choose a single color and paint the whole room in that color. If you feel it is too bland, then paint simple murals on the walls.

Decor: Do not compromise on the decor. Invest in some nice curtains/ blinds to protect your little one from strong sun rays during the afternoons.

Accessories: Just add the necessary accessories such as a few soft toys, a simple rug, and a few cushions. Use items such as wooden cars, hand carved toys, to serve as décor.

11. Vintage baby girl room idea

This is a unique baby girl nursery theme, which gives you the feel of going back in time.

Image: Shutterstock

Furniture: Since we are trying to create a look that is lost in time, try looking for furniture in refurbished shops or use your own ancestral items. For example, if you have old suitcases, a simple paint job can turn them into storage cabinets.

Wall paint: Colors such as gray, pink, or metallic silver go well with the vintage theme. Paste floral wallpaper on the central wall. To make it more interesting, cut different wallpapers and carefully glue them in the form of an heirloom quilt.

Decor: Use lace curtains with ruffles, place a canopy on the top of the bed and use sewed cloth ruffles on the sides of the bed and chair and side table.

Accessories: By using simple yet elegant accessories such as Victorian era door knobs, vintage handkerchiefs, reused shutters as wall art, doily lamps, or old baby fashion frames, the room will get a complete vintage look.

12. Cartoon-themed idea for baby girl room

Cartoons will soon become your girl’s best friends. Here are a few cartoon-themed ideas for a baby girl’s bedroom.

Image: IStock

Furniture: Decide whether you want to stick to one cartoon, or go universal. If you choose the former, then you can buy ready-made cartoon-themed furniture. For the latter, you may buy plain white or gray furniture and decorate as you please.

Wall paint: Choose a color pallet that has bright colors or paint the whole room neutral with a splash of bright colors here and there. A mural is important for this theme. On one of the corner walls, recreate a rainbow and butterflies, Cinderella’s castle, Rapunzel’s tower or anything else that you like.

Decor: Choose curtains and bedspreads, which have cartoon patterns.

Accessories: You can complete the look with accessories like a Mickey Mouse bed lamp, Pooh bear soft toy, or 101 Dalmatians quilt.

Point to consider
Children tend to change their preferences about their favorite cartoon characters sooner than you think. Opting for wall decals instead of wall paintings can be a cost-effective solution

13. Personalized baby girl room

Here is how you can give a personal touch that honors your family in your girl’s room.

Image: Shutterstock

Furniture: The idea is to create a bedroom that says it is her room. Make a customized crib or bed with your baby’s name on it, and choose a study table and chair and embellish with her name.

Wall paint: Choose a color pallet of your choice and add personal touches such as the family’s or baby’s initials. You might also draw your family tree with handprints on a wall – this will give a nostalgic feel.

Decor: Get personalized bedspreads. You may also make window and door curtains with cute patterns, perhaps including your girl’s name.

Accessories: Give final personal touches by hanging a wall clock with your family photo or filling a wall with family pictures. You can also prepare a banner with details such as your baby girl’s name, birth weight, and lists of her favorites and firsts.

Andi, a blogger and a would-be-mom, shares how she has personalized her baby girl’s room before her arrival. She says, “To make it work for the baby’s room, I used the same color paint and added all of the girls’ initials, two sweet little hearts that I found in the wood section of the craft store and a pillow. I plan to add a few more pillows and maybe a cushion.” She adds that there was a white bookshelf that was originally a bathroom cabinet and says, “I added pink polka dot craft paper to the back and changed out the pulls — they’re now pretty pink glass rather than white plastic.” She also chose the name Clara for her baby and made these letters from round wooden circles and glued scrapbook paper to them to make her name with three different papers (i).

14. Modern baby girl room idea

This idea is for all the contemporary moms out there.

Image: Shutterstock

Furniture: A modern nursery has to be clutter-free and easily accessible. Pick furniture that is classy and modern. Greywhite, or classic wood work well for this theme.

Wall paint: You may choose a theme such as a circus or food and paint the wall accordingly. Tribal patterns and textures work well with modern furniture. You may also have some modern art done on one of the walls.

Decor: As per the modern theme, select bedspreads and cushions with bold colors and patterns. You can also hang colorful cloth buntings to give a splash of color.

Accessories: Have a mix of infant and regular accessories. You may choose a floral bed lamp or hanging lamps along with a few stuffed toys.

15. Nature-inspired baby girl room idea

This theme gives you several options. You may choose from a woody forest theme, oceans, rivers, sky, mountains, and more.

Image: Shutterstock

Furniture: Select the furniture based on the theme. For example, if you want to create a look of a cottage in the woods, then choose woodsy-colored furniture in green, yellow, or brown.

Wall paint: Nature is full of colors, so choose one that goes well with the furniture and theme. Paint some nature-inspired murals, as beauty lies in details.

Decor: Buy window drapes with trees and animal patterns. Pick colors as per the theme — if you are planning a fall scene, pick fall colors. You may also add nature-inspired bed sheets and cushions.

Accessories: Add some soft forest animal toys in proper toy storage. If the room is big, create a forest corner with murals on the wall and a grass-like rug. Use indoor plants to give it a natural look.

Baby Girl Room Ideas_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some ways to incorporate storage solutions in a baby girl’s room?

You can incorporate storage in your daughter’s room with the help of multi-functional furniture, bins and baskets, bookshelf, mobile storage drawers, and dressers.

2. How do I add a personal touch to a baby girl’s room?

You can add a personal touch to your baby girl’s room with the help of custom decor with your daughter’s name, customized bedding, and personalized accessories.

3. Can you suggest some lighting options for a baby girl’s room?

Ceiling lights, table lamps, string lights, and ambient lighting are some options that you can consider for your daughter’s room.

If you are awaiting the arrival of your baby girl, utilize the time to prepare the best room for her. These baby girl room ideas will help you visualize and plan the colors, design, and decor for your little princess that will make her love her room. Use these ideas and create a cozy, stylish, comfortable, and safe place for your baby girl. So go ahead and pick one that best fits your liking and idea and get started. You may even add your touch to personalize it and make it unique.

Infographic: Cute Baby Girl Room Ideas

Decorating your baby’s nursery is one of the most calming yet exciting times of the pregnancy journey when you are getting ready to welcome your bundle of joy. If it’s going to be a little princess and you want to make her room a convenient, colorful, and soothing one, this infographic has some ideas.

cute baby girl room ideas (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • You can explore colorful themes, from vibrant hues to soothing pastels, to suit your baby girl’s room.
  • Furnish the room economically by opting for convertible furniture and DIY decor ideas.
  • Illuminate the space with numerous lighting options, such as ceiling, string, table, and ambient lighting.
  • Custom decor with your baby girl’s name will provide a personal touch to the space.
  • Consider gender-neutral themes for those who prefer to keep the baby’s gender a surprise.

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