34 Beautiful Baby Girl Room Ideas

Baby Girl Room Ideas

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So, your baby girl is on her way! Congratulations!

“Sugar and spice and everything nice that’s what little girls are made of”, and that’s precisely why your little princess deserves all the best things in life. From adorable dresses to the bare essentials – now that your baby is ready to make her entry into this world, you’ll have to get the ammo ready. And that includes her nursery!

Are you scratching your head to come up with something unique for your daughter’s room? Well, scratch…er…look no further. Here, we have compiled some of the best baby girl room ideas for you. Browse through the list and create a memorable place that will soon echo with your daughter’s laughter.

1. Rainbow Room:

Why limit your baby to a single color when she can have it all? Gather all the colors of the rainbow and let them loose on your baby girl’s room! Paint the walls with vibrant colors and offset the color with contrastingly colored furniture. Remember, when you are using a range of strong colors for your little one’s room, don’t forget to repeat a particular element, which will help create a sharper look. You can use a geometric shape to do the trick. For example, you can use triangles and let the shape dominate the walls, bedding, and even artwork.

If you want to go all the way, you can even design a wall with a rainbow motif on it!

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2. Fun Yet Functional:

A nursery room for baby girl should be cute, no two ways about it. But babies do grow up! Unless you are planning to change your baby’s room completely as she grows up, it makes sense to plan things long term. Go for a fun, yet functional look for your baby’s room. Make sure your baby’s room has enough space for a future study table! But, opt for a fun color scheme to keep things cozy. Add a dash of personal memorabilia to turn the room into a place a girl can grow up in.

3. Go Pink Free:

If you want to break some stereotypes, go pink-free! Not all families believe that ‘pink is for girls and blue is for boys’. So, take a break from tradition and opt for various shades of orange instead. Paint the walls a sherbet orange and let the furniture shine brightly in pumpkin colors. To break the monotony of orange, add a dash of electric blue in the room. If you want to add a little bit of girly touch, sprinkle some floral prints on the wall. But to keep up with the modern look of the room, the prints should be graphic rather than flowery.

4. Fun With Squares:

You don’t need a lot of effort and money to get a jazzy look for your baby’s room. Here is something you can do without too much fuss. Mark out squares of different sizes on your baby’s nursery wall. Now, fill in the squares with different colors! For example, if your primary wall is peach in color, you can fill the squares with raspberry, orange, and pink. Make sure the furniture in the room complements the wall colors!

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5. Let’s Be Practical:

As we mentioned earlier, your tiny baby will soon grow up. So, it makes sense to spruce up your baby’s room with furniture that will go the distance. Apart from quality, opt for white colored furniture, as it will work through the different phases of your baby’s life. White is evergreen. You can always change the colors of her bedding, walls, and other accessories in your daughter’s room. Also, go for furniture that will work as well for a tiny baby as it will for a teen.

6. For Her Royal Highness:

Your daughter is your princess, isn’t she? Well, then you can build her a room that is fit for royalty! A crib/bed with crown molding will be perfect. You can also get a fireplace mantel and carved-wood bed frames for that added sophistication. But we recommend using whites for this room as it can work for a teen as well as a toddler. And remember to stick to a two-color palette for this beautiful room idea, like sage and rose.

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7. Now This Is Style:

Now here is an idea that is worth every penny you spend! A combo of the old and the new, the room will be perfect for the individual that is your daughter. To begin with, get a monogrammed bedspread for that classic look but in magenta to give the room a modern touch. Gather some beautiful vintage toile-print pillows and offset them with modern flower curtains. One great idea for a fusion room like this is to hang the curtains at ceiling height. Keep the wall colors subtle and accessorize them with antique photo frames.

8. The Artsy Room:

Yes, your daughter is too young to understand art right now. But as she grows up, she’ll come to appreciate this unique room you created for her. Take your favorite poem (or phrase) and turn it into wall art! You can do it yourself or hire a professional to get the look just right. Print the words on the wall, behind your baby’s crib/bed. Make sure the color of the lettering contrasts with the color of the wall. For the rest of the room, you can stay practical or go more artsy with vintage paintings gracing the walls. We recommend that you restrict the ‘art’ feel to the wall art, or the room can become a little too over the top.

9. Dot The Room:

Polka-dot themed rooms are a rage today and for an excellent reason. Polka dots give a room a sporty and fun look that is perfect for a little girl. Splash the room with colorful polka dots – on the bedding as well as the walls. Get polka dotted lampshades too! As your daughter grows up, you can add a touch of neutral brown into the room for a more mature look.

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10. Go Natural:

An increasing number of parents are looking beyond pinks and tiaras when it comes to their daughters. If you too want to break gender stereotypes, seek inspiration from nature. Go for neutral, earthy colors for the wall and bedding. Add a nature-inspired motif on the walls and let your baby be in touch with mother earth. You can even use some indoor plants if you like.

11. Old Is Gold:

Are you trying to stay within your budget while creating a beautiful living space for your daughter? How about reusing some of the old furniture lying around in your house to create something brand new? The wood from an old bed can be used to create an antique crib. And you can use your old desk to create a special place for your little girl as she grows up. Just add a mirror and you are all set.

12. Limit The Clutter:

Not everything beautiful needs to be frilly and cluttered. You can create a dramatic and bold look for your daughter’s room by using a combination of two colors. Just use large blocks of your favorite colors on the bedspread and walls. Do not use too many patterns (don’t use them at all, if you can), and don’t forget to use some white to add a final dash of class.

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13. Flower Power:

You cannot go wrong with a flower-themed room for your little girl. But you can add a little bit of a modern twist to it. Use fun colors like violet and orange instead of the usual pink. You can use graphic flowers on the walls as well as the pillows. The masterstroke? Opt for sheer, polka-dot curtains to offset the florals.

14. Center Of Universe:

Most nurseries put the crib at one corner of the room. But we suggest you place it in the center. Make the crib/bed the focal point in your daughter’s room. If you have a window in the room, put the bed such that sunlight can stream directly on it. But do get heavy curtains so that your daughter can sleep in relative darkness during nap time!

15. Try Asian Themes:

Parents are increasingly opting for gender-neutral themes, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot go for a traditional look! You can try the classic girly look with an Asian touch. Paint the nursery walls a pale blue and paint a pink Asian-themed flower mural on it. Mix it up with a white crib for a classy look. You can even go for a flower printed carpet for the room to complete the girly feel.This is a beautiful baby girl room themes with a classic look.

16. Classy Fairytale:

If you are looking for a mural, go for a crib-side display. You can achieve a fairytale look without going the Disney way, though! Simply get a tree (with some birds) mural for the crib-side wall, and you are good to go! Use golden color for the wall decoration for the perfect fairytale look. Accessorize the room with a golden leafy chandelier and matching curtains. Keep the wall colors subtle and go for a brown crib and white bedding for this room.

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17. Get The Rich Look:

If you are ready to splurge some money, this next idea will be great for you! Not overtly girly, the room gets its appeal from its wall decals, which appear like paneled walls! Go for metallic decals for a classier look. Use colors like pink and lime green for the furniture while you paint the wall light lavender. As a finishing touch, emblazon a wall with your baby’s name and go for white curtains.

18. Future Cheerleader:

If you don’t’ want to spend a bomb but want to give your baby’s room a unique touch, use pom poms! Wall decorations can make or break a room. You can use handmade pom poms to perk up your daughter’s nursery. To make the room shine, bright paint the wall with an earthy shade. And use vibrant colors, like bright pink, for the bedding while you can use dark brown for the furniture.

19. Texture It:

You can use different textures to give your baby’s room a unique feel. Cozy up the room with a floral ottoman and a butterfly windchime. Use peach for the walls and opt for a brown and white crib. Throw in a cream-colored couch and use a beautiful cream curtain with a light green trim to complete the look. If you are looking for a baby girl room wall decoration, go for an antique wall mirror.

20. Personal Space:

You can use the room to let your child know and understand her heritage! You can use family heirlooms and turn them into wall art! Use grandma’s favorite necklace or those vintage flowers if you like. We suggest you use beautiful lavender for this room’s walls. Use white furniture and matching curtains to give this room that cozy feel. A room with a personality!

21. For The Crafty Mom:

If you are into art and craft, this next baby room idea will surely appeal to you. You can use embroidery hoops with patterned fabric, felt and scrapbook paper fillers as a wall decoration! To give the room a complete crafty look, go for handmade decorations and lampshades.

22. Go Glam:

For wall decoration, use a gold trimmed mirror – the larger, the better. You can also decorate the room with other golden colored items like a lampshade. For the furniture, you can use a dramatic black or dark brown. But let the crib be white, to offset the dark color theme. Search for a black and white striped curtain to complete the glam room for your little princess.

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23. Stick To The Classic:

Some things never grow old, like a classic-themed nursery! Go for a classic decor for your baby’s room with vintage accessories like a traditional chandelier, lampshade, and furniture. For the walls, go for a pink and white textured wall paint on the top half, while painting the lower half with a light green to give the room a girly touch. For the curtains, use green and white prints to complete the classic look.

24. Make Space:

If you have a limited space for your baby’s nursery but want to make the most of it, this next idea is the one for you. Use peach for the walls to give the room an illusion of space. Remember, dark walls can make a room look smaller, so stick to lighter shades. Now, get some child-safe furniture with soft edges and baby-friendly shapes. Decorate the walls with family photographs and a little windchime. Use subtle color, like cream, for the furniture. Don’t crowd the room with too many items, though. Stick to the essentials – a crib, a changing table, and a storage area should be enough. If you want to add a dash of color to the room, throw in a light green carpet or rug!

25. Color Me Blue:

Who says blue is only for boys? If you don’t want to color code your baby, we have a great idea for you! Paint the walls of the room any shade of blue (we suggest a lighter shade, like periwinkle blue). You are already breaking rules! Now, paint the furniture with vibrant hues of yellow, orange, and some white. Throw in a white on red polka dot rug on the floor and a cute bird wind chime – and there you have it, a room to die for!

26. Sunshine Room:

Your baby fills your life with light, so give her the sunshine room! Does yellow feel too bright for the walls? Well, if you go for neon yellow, you’ll need sunglasses to enter the room. A light yellow, on the other hand, can make the room look cheery and vibrant. If you like to make things colorful, go for multicolored curtains and brightly painted furniture to give the room an oriental look.

27. Wall-Paper Beauty:

Wallpaper can do wonders for your baby’s room. This idea is perfect for smaller rooms. Paint the room light pink but leave one side of the wall (preferably crib-side) empty. Use textured wallpaper on that wall. Use minimum furniture to make most of the room and use light colors to paint the furniture. A bright lampshade and off-white drapes will complete the look.

28. Go Slow With The Pink:

Pink is THE color for cute baby girl rooms. But you don’t need to overdo it! Use neutral yet bright shades for the walls and pink as the accent color in the form of curtains and for other baby girl room accessories. Use white photo frames as wall décor and white furniture (crib, storage-cum-changing table, and sofa).

29. Simply Beautiful:

Sometimes, it makes sense to keep things simple. Go for subtle earthy shades for the walls. Get classic nursery furniture and heavy drapes. But give the room a personal touch and paint your baby’s name on the wall!

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30. Gray And Elegant:

Most people stay away from gray walls as gray is often associated with the dreary. But done right, gray walls can give your baby’s room some unique character. Use gray as the primary wall color and offset it with the use of more cheerful colors like white and pink on the furniture and curtains. But if you do use gray, try to keep wall accessories to a minimum to avoid making the room look cluttered.

31. New Age Look:

Are you aiming for a modern look for your little girl’s room? What you need are textures! Go for a metal crib instead of the usual wooden one. Keep wall décor to a minimum and whatever décor you use, keep the room’s theme in mind. White drapes and faux fur rug will look great in this room. For that added oomph, get some personalized cushions and scatter them around the room.

32. Let The Pink Flow:

Let your love for the color pink reflect in your baby’s room. Give the room a dollhouse theme and use various shades of pink for the furniture, walls, cushions, curtains, and even the accessories. Decorate the walls with ornate (and pink) décor. Try a princess mirror with pink trimmings.

33. Drapery All Around:

A great and unique idea for your baby’s room is to use drapes – but not just on the windows! Use drapes on the walls and ceilings to give your baby something to look at when she alone in the room. Use contrasting colors to get that perfect finish. Paint the walls with a nice subtle color and use drapes to accentuate the glamorous feel. You can use dark brown drapes on the wall behind your baby’s crib. You can also get similar colored drape for the ceiling, but it will be better if the curtain comes with some baby-friendly design (like unicorns). Make sure the furniture in this rooms matches the theme. Go for ornate furniture. And top it up with a good sized chandelier.

34. Wall Is Your Canvas:

If you are artistically inclined, you can use the nursery wall as your canvas and unleash your creativity. Use vibrant colors and create something unique. If you are not a painter yourself, you can always hire one. You can go for a Disney princess theme, Winnie the Pooh, or anything that appeals to you. Let your wall tell a story! But do make sure that the rest of the room (furniture, accessories, curtains, beddings) works with the wall artwork. It can be one of the best baby girl bedroom ideas for you!

Some Tips To Make Your Baby’s Room Unique:

  1. You can turn an ordinary room into something magical with a simple trick. Just make a canopy for the crib.
  1. Apart from the walls, you can even decorate the windows to give the room a dynamic appeal.
  1. You can use different shades of the same color in your baby’s room to create different focal points.
  1. Try to keep the baby girl room décor simple.
  1. Bright colors can make the room cheery but can turn out to be overstimulating for a newborn baby.
  1. Don’t shy away from experimenting with different colors, even blue.
  1. Plan your nursery well in advance.
  1. Keep in mind the size of the room before you buy furniture and other accessories.
  1. Ensure that the room has proper ventilation.
  1. If your home décor has a common theme, incorporate it into your baby’s room as well.
  1. Don’t forget about safety issues while decorating the room.
  1. Position the crib away from the windows, lamps, and other electronic appliances.

So, let the creativity flow and get ready to welcome your baby home in style! How did your baby girl bedroom turn out? Share your nursery pictures with us here.

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