25 Beautiful Cinderella Coloring Pages For Your Toddler

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Fairy tales and folklore are a part of growing up and every child goes through a phase when she is allured by a Cinderella or a Sleeping Beauty. Such stories are all full of fun and amazing magic and miracles that greatly attract the young mind.

Cinderella is one such folklore that has been reproduced again and again in books, school texts and even in the form of a movie as it is very much popular. The transition of the poorly treated girl-Cinderella into a beautiful princess enchants the young and the old alike.

Top 20 Princess Cinderella Coloring Pages For Kids

The magical story of Cinderella has the ability to lure people of all ages! If you are trying to make coloring an interesting activity for your children, then giving them few Cinderella coloring pages free to print to inspire them more.

1. Cinderella With Her Gown:

In this picture, Cinderella is seen wearing her beautiful gown.

  • If you are giving your kids coloring pages based on the theme of Cinderella, the best way is to start by introducing her character.
  • Since the picture has only the complete profile of Cinderella drawn in line work, it is easier for the kids to color her well and enjoy the story as well.

2. Close Profile Of Cinderella:

Cinderella is beautiful and her special features and hairdo are her identifications. In this close up of Cinderella the children can use all their imagination to color her beautifully and bring out her charm.

  • Girls especially love to color such lovely Cinderella coloring sheets, as they themselves love dolling up and looking good.
  • Also, this picture will be helpful in emphasizing the character of Cinderella on the young minds.

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3. Worried Cinderella:

This is the picture in which the poor girl Cinderella is worried as her stepmother and the stepsisters harass her.

  • The expressions of unhappiness and the overall dress up shows the way she looks while serving as a servant to her family.
  • This is one way of letting the children know the difference between a happy picture of a character (Cinderella profile above) and a picture with subdued effect.

4. Walking Away:

The picture shows Cinderella walking away in an unusual mood. You can tell your child how her stepmother tortured the girl and stepsisters that made her life unhappy.

  • Telling your kids the Cinderella story if they do not know it already will create more affinity towards the character in their minds.
  • Young kids will get the experience of coloring Cinderella in a different mood, pose and look.

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5. The Stepmother And Step-Sisters:

The picture shows the evil-minded stepmother and the stepsisters of Cinderella. The scheming expressions on the faces of the three figures immediately relate the meanness of their mind.

  • Coloring this sheet will be an altogether different experience for your tiny tot as she will relate to the soft toned character of Cinderella.
  • This picture has many intricate details that will further create more interest in your child about the story of Cinderella.

6. The Castle Of The Prince:

This whole picture is a line work of rectangles, square and other geometrical shapes. It is an ideal coloring page for children of nursery or kindergarten level.

  • You can introduce your child to different shapes and also give him an idea about how to draw and color a castle in the simplest possible way.
  • Since the picture does not carry any intricate designs of windows and doors, the child will be able to color it block by block.

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7. The Three Friends Of Cinderella:

Cinderella has only three mice as her friends. In the house where everyone despises her, her three friends serve as a company to her and help forget the unhappiness.

  • This picture shows all the three dressed in festive attire with caps.
  • This is the picture when the mice visit the party of the Prince serving as horses to the chariot and are transformed back to their original state when the clock strikes 12 in the midnight.

8. Fairy Godmother And Cinderella:

The Fairy Godmother transforms Cinderella into a princess. Here in this picture the two are shown together in discussion with worried Cinderella relating something.

  • Both these figures are quite simple and their entire attire is also simple.
  • That is why, this coloring page is perfectly suited to kids who are starting with their color pencils and crayons and are yet to gain efficiency in coloring within the lines.

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9. Finding The Right Dress:

In the story, when Cinderella hears about the big party in town, she too is excited about it and wants to go. But the lack of a pretty dress to wear to the ball, is what keeps her from going.

  • This picture depicts her trying to find out a proper dress from her trunk that can be suitable for the party.
  • The coloring page explicitly reveals the anxiety and anxiousness of Cinderella to get to the party and find out the right dress.

10. Fairy Godmother With The Wand:

In this picture, the godmother is seen with her wand as she transforms the entire dress and get up of Cinderella so that she looks exactly like a princess.

  • Children are fascinated with magic, and this sketch is sure to hook your child to coloring.
  • Cinderella and the fairy godmother are seen in the coloring page each with different expressions. Coloring this page will give the children an idea about how to color characters in different moods.

11. Fairy Godmother Magic:

The picture has Fairy Godmother talking to Cinderella with sparkling stars in the backdrop, creating a magical atmosphere around.

  • Children love fantasies and marvel at miracles and magical things.
  • By giving this coloring page to your child for coloring, you are offering him a chance to color things he imagines and dream.

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12. The Pumpkin Chariot:

After transforming the entire attire of Cinderella, the fairy Godmother transforms the pumpkin into a round shaped chariot using her wand. This picture shows the Pumpkin chariot with all the right drapes and embellishments.

  • The shape is peculiar and children will certainly find coloring this page both intriguing and interesting. The line work in this picture is more detailed and will need a good amount of concentration to color.
  • The picture carries all the details and motifs that decorate the chariot further. It is certainly an interesting collection of Cinderella pictures to color if you want your child to become perfect in coloring intricate pictures and designs.

13. Cinderella Dancing With The Prince:

This picture shows Cinderella dancing with the Prince at the party. Both are seen in bright party dresses, lost in their arms and dancing. The free flow of Cinderella’s gown and the overall dancing pose is quite interesting.

  • This page is especially good for the younger children for coloring. They can color both the prince and Cinderella and get an idea as to how a dancing couple can be drawn and colored.
  • Although only the face of Cinderella is clearly visible while the Prince has his back, the picture certainly will engage your child for hours at a go!

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14. Cinderella And The Prince Down The Stairs:

In this picture, the Prince and Cinderella are seen coming down hand in hand from the stairs. The sides of the stairs are beautifully decorated that increase the aesthetic value of this coloring page.

  • Apart from the charming figure of the Prince and the beautiful Cinderella, the staircases and the decorative sides require a deft hand at coloring
  • Your lil’ one will surely get a good practice of coloring delicate designs by coloring this Cinderella coloring page.

15. Cinderella In Conversation With The Prince:

The Prince and Cinderella are both enticed by each other’s presence. And in this picture both are seen in deep conversation standing at the top of the galleria.

  • The decorated sidebars are visible in this coloring page too and the children will find it interesting to color the design.
  • Both the Prince and Cinderella look quite happy with each other and the overall picture exudes happiness and affinity.

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16. The Footmen And Cinderella:

The picture shows the lizards who are turned into footmen by the Fairy Godmother reminding Cinderella that it’s time to leave the party as at midnight, all of them will come back in their natural appearance.

  • Cinderella is worriedly listening to them and the expressions of anxiety are clear on her face. The expressions of even the footmen look very endearing in this very interesting coloring page.
  • Your will especially have fun coloring the little characters with their anxious look along with the worried Cinderella.

17. Cinderella Hurrying Up To Go Back:

Cinderella is seen hurrying to get out of the palace so that she does not transform before the Prince. The picture though static has an action that is quite interesting and will encourage your child to color.

  • The look of anxiety is clearly depicted on her face as she carries her flowing gown and the gorgeous bouquet of flowers with her down the stairs.
  • Your child will get to color different objects to color in this one coloring page such as the flower bouquet, the flowing gown, the footmen holding her paraphernalia and the stairs.

18. Footman With The Glass Slipper:

While leaving the palace of the Prince in a hurry, one of the glass slippers of Cinderella fall off her dainty feet. The prince is charmed by her and wishes to find her.

  • The servant of the Prince is seen announcing that the owner of this glass slipper is going to be identified by matching the glass slipper.
  • The servant has a huge speaker in one hand and a plate on which the glass slipper is kept covered with a cloth, in the other.
  • The whole picture is quite dramatic and kids will get a chance to color a coloring page on a very different subject that is full of drama.

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19. Cinderella Trying The Glass Slipper:

The picture shows Cinderella trying out the glass slipper brought by the Prince’s servant sitting in a royal chair.

  • Cinderella is very happy as her foot exactly fits the glass slipper and the happiness is clearly visible in the picture.
  • Apart from Cinderella, your child will find coloring the beautifully decorated chair very interesting.
  • The whole picture has a magical touch and that is what children love the most when it is their coloring time.

20. The Overjoyed Prince:

Finally, the Prince gets the girl he has been looking for. The two-glass slippers match and he get his beloved Cinderella. The picture shows the overjoyed Prince holding the glass slippers while Cinderella looks at him.

  • This picture is inspired by the end of the story when the Prince recognizes the girl that came to the party and danced with him.
  • The Square shaped window design will remind your kid about geometrical figures. Also, the picture has drama, happiness and good amount of line work but not very intricate.
  • Your young child will get to use varied colors and combinations in this coloring page, but he will not be confused as the lines are definite and clear.

If your little princess is besotted with Cinderella, humor her love for the pretty princess then allow her to color these free printable Cinderella coloring pages in vibrant colors.

If you have any fond memories of your child coloring pages, do share them with us in the section below!

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