Top 10 Beautiful Felt Crafts Ideas For Kids Of All Ages

You might be looking for ways to help your kids use their creativity and channel their energy into something productive. Felt craft ideas for kids can help your little one create something fun and useful. Organizing a craft project at home is an apt way to encourage your little ones to learn new skills and boost their creativity. Here are some craft ideas that kindergarten and preschoolers can consider trying out. Read on to get your child involved in some fun activities.

Top 10 Ideas For Felt Crafts For Kids:

There are plenty felt craft ideas for toddlers and young kids and here is a list of  some amazing crafts that you and your kids will absolutely love:

1. Cute Pin-Cushion:

This is a simple felt craft for kids that you can try out.

  • Take two pieces of felt in different colors and one in white.
  • Take the first felt piece that you want as the primary one and cut out 2 round shape and one strip.
  • Stitch the strip ends together.
  • Take a round piece and stitch it to the bottom using the simple whip-stitch.
  • Stuff the finished product with batting and stitch up the top round piece.
  • Now, take the second felt piece and cut it into the shape of a flower, star, etc. and glue it to the top.

 2. Beautiful Felt Butterflies:

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The only thing you will need to do is to cut out the felt for your kid into the required shapes.

  • Get felt in different colors to make every butterfly look unique.
  • After you have made cutouts for the wings and other parts, give your little ones glue to create their adorable butterflies.

 3. Colorful Felt Flowers:

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This is another fantastic craft idea for your kids as it is easy and quick. You will need to cut out the flower shapes for your kids if they are still too young to handle scissors.

  • Let them stick the flowers and leaves to another piece of felt so that you can frame the artwork.
  • They can also stick them on walls if they like.

4.  Adorable Owl:

Image: Source

You and your kids can make an artwork of a felt owl in a cute retro style. You will need sheets of felt in yellow, pink, green and brown colors. You will also need small scraps of the material in black and white, canvas, felt glue and embroidery thread and needle.

  • Cut the felt into required shapes with the help of a template and assemble them to create an owl.
  • Attach the beak and eyes with the glue.
  • Take a solid felt piece and glue it onto the canvas and attach your owl.
  • You can use this to decorate a wall or use it on a throw pillow.

5Felt Alphabets:

Image: Source

This is a fun way to decorate your kid’s room wall. You need two sheets of felt in your child’s favorite colors.

  • Cut the felt to create alphabets to spell his or her name.
  • Get a few lengths of ribbons so that the alphabets can be hung.
  • Embellish the alphabets with buttons, bows, sequins, etc. to make them pop even more!

 6. Felt Landscape Artwork:

Image: Source

Start a craft project to make a landscape artwork that can be framed to decorate your kids’ room. Get felt pieces in different colors like green, brown, blue, white, red, pink and yellow.

  • Use a large piece in light blue for the base.
  • Now start cutting up shapes for different parts of the scenery like the house, trees, flowers, mountains, river (optional), the sun and other details that you would like to include in your artwork.
  • Stick on all the elements of the landscape using felt glue.

 7. Felt Corsages:

Image: Source

This is a felt craft project that is adorable, especially for little girls.

  • Get felt pieces in different bright colors and cut them into different flower shapes.
  • Cut smaller pieces as well to add a little detail to the corsages which you will love once they are done.
  • Once you have glued the pieces together, glue or stitch on the buttons to the center of each flower and when the glue has completely dried, put pins at the back of the corsages so that they can be used as brooches or stitch a length of ribbon on so that they can be worn as bracelets.
  • They are cute and fun and make adorable gifts for your little girl to give her BFFs!

 8. Creative Felt Photo Album/Diary Cover:

Image: Source

This is an easy craft and kids of all ages will love it. You need felt, felt, glue and decorative pieces of your choice. You can get the felt in multiple colors to try out different designs.

  • Cover the album or diary in felt
  • You can make stripes, polka dots, etc. with other colors.
  • Add ribbons, buttons, sequins or bows, embellish it even more and you will have the cutest album/diary cover!

9. Felt Flower Rings:

This is a sweet craft idea for your little girl. Let her make felt finger rings using stiff felt material in bright colors, pipe cleaner, scissors, hole punch and shank buttons.

  • Cut the felt into flower shapes and make a hole in the center of each flower.
  • Take a 4-inch long pipe cleaner and slide the shank button.
  • Fold the pipe cleaner in half and thread its ends through the holes in the flowers.
  • Now, spread the ends and wrap them on your finger.
  • Lastly, to finish off the ring, get the ends twisted around each other.
  • Your little girl can make lots of these to give her friends and family!

 10. Felt Coasters:

Let your kid create table coasters for your home. You need felt papers in different colors and felt glue.

  • Cut out circles out of the felt in different sizes.
  • The larger piece will make the base while the other smaller ones can be used to create designs.
  • You can try out two or three circles in matching colors or even try stripes and other designs to make unique coasters for your home!
  • It is simple and quick to make so kids of all ages will definitely love it!

There are many felt crafts ideas for kids that you may try as activities with your children. You may try them at home or school, helping bring out your child’s creative and artistic skills. Felt is a simple, easy-to-use material to work with, and your children will have a great time making all types of things, such as flowers, butterflies, landscape artwork, birds, and animal figures, for their friends and home. Encourage your children to try any of these simple crafts and let them have fun while creating their masterpiece.

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