30 Memorable Ideas For 75th Birthday Party Celebration

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The 75th birthday is a momentous occasion in every person’s life. The platinum jubilee calls for grand celebrations, and these 75th birthday ideas will help you plan an unforgettable party for the birthday person. Be grateful to the person who has always been there for and supported you throughout your life. So, take the opportunity to make them feel special and show them how much they mean to you. In this post, we bring you some amazing party ideas to ensure that the person celebrating their birthday will have a great time.

30 Memorable Ideas For 75th Birthday Party

75th Birthday Ideas For Mom

Your mom’s turning 75 soon and you want to throw her a big bash to ring in the year. Turn to these fun ideas for inspiration with your party.

1. Spa day

Nothing says relaxation like a spa day and your mom may be long overdue for one. Take her for an indulgent spa day that can help her rest and rejuvenate. And if it’s just family, it’ll be a great bonding session too.

2. Karaoke

Karaoke’s are great fun and can add freshness to any party. For your mom’s 75th birthday party, choose her favorite tunes and  sing your hearts out.

3. Cruise party

Cruises are fun offering plenty of things to do. You can spend the day indulging in different activities on board, explore new spots, and celebrate your mom’s 75th birthday in style.

4. D for Dancing

Dancing is fun and what better than taking the birthday girl ballroom dancing. If you know places where dance nights happen, just head on there. Or, you could just throw a ballroom dance-themed party for your mom.

75th Birthday Ideas For Dad 

It’s the big 75 and you want to do something special for your dad? Here are a few tips on planning a 75th birthday party for your dad.

5. Road tripping

Take your dad on a fun road trip for his 75th birthday. If you know his favorite destination, just hop on into the car with a few fun games in your kitty and enjoy the journey.

6. Wine country calling

Plan a fun and exciting birthday party at a winery for your dad. You can invite a few close friends and family members and enjoy this unique experience together as you sip wine and ring in your dad’s 75th.

7. Weekend retreat

Let your dad wind down as he celebrates his 75th birthday. Book a weekend at a calm resort and just enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. If there’s a destination that your dad loves, you can make it a part of your trip.

8. Potluck birthday

Invite your dad’s closest friends and family over for a potluck dinner and have each member or group prepare a dish for the party. Not only do you get a potpourri of flavors, but your dad will also have a cozy birthday with people he loves.

75th Birthday Gift Ideas 

One of the best parts about having a birthday party is the gifts. It’s a wonderful way to feel the love that your friends and family have for you. For your parents or grandparents, you can use these 75th birthday gift ideas for inspiration.

9. A jar of notes

This is a simple gift that conveys how much you truly love and care about a person. Collect messages from the birthday boy or girl’s close friends and family in a jar, gift it to them, and see their smile unfold with each message.

10. Nostalgic candy hamper

Put together a basket of all the chocolates the birthday girl or boy enjoyed as a child and teenager. You could also include sodas and other nostalgic souvenirs.

11. Turntable

Bring back those days with a turntable coupled with vinyl records of the birthday boy or girl’s favorite tunes.

12. Massage equipment

A great investment for seniors is massage equipment. This could be a massage chair, for foot, or neck.

13. DIY handmade album

Put together the birthday girl or boy’s pictures in a tasteful collage or a photo album box that they can cherish forever.

75th Birthday Party Decorations

The color of the 75th birthday party decorations will obviously vary with the theme you’ve picked. But we’ve got some fun recommendations for party decor that you can incorporate into your theme.

14. Balloons

These are a classic, but how you put them up can change the mood of the party. You can leave them along the floor where they’ll float along giving an ethereal feeling, or fill them up with helium and let them glide along with the ceiling. You could also choose to place them along the walls in clusters forming some quirky patterns.

15. Banners

Along with the rest of your decorations, you can include a banner that reads ‘Happy 75th’ or add photos to it showing how the birthday boy or girl has aged gracefully.

16. Centerpieces

You could place an order for custom-made centerpieces with photos of the birthday girl or boy and place them on the table at the party.

17. Photo corner

Clear out a corner where you can add a backdrop that goes with your theme. It could be a ribbon curtain or a full backdrop. Keep a small table with props that people can use while they take photos.

18. Kid-at-heart

Use decorations that you usually would choose for a kid’s birthday party – balloons, streamers, party hats, blowers – in fun patterns.

75th Birthday Theme Ideas 

Want to make a lasting impression on your guests? Pick decor and props that are fun and vibrant. For your party, here are a few 75th birthday themes that you may try.

19. Classic black and gold

You can keep the theme simple and elegant and go with classic theme.

20. Noir

For a fun party, dress up as noir characters and set up the decor along the lines of a noir film.

21. Broadway

Use inspiration from Broadway theaters or musicals to set up the 75th birthday party decorations.

22. Luau

Visit Hawaii in your own backyard with a luau-themed 75th birthday celebration.

23. This is your life

Put up a sequence of photos marking memorable moments as a part of the decor to reminisce the 75 years of their life.

Games For 75th Birthday Party 

Games are a fun way of celebrating the 75th birthday. We’ve got some cool suggestions if you need ideas.

24. Trivia

Much like a trivia night, you can set up this game to include fun and tricky questions about the birthday boy or girl.

25. Memories

Have the birthday girl or boy sit on a chair and let each of the guests take turns to share a funny memory or anecdote about them.

26. B-I-N-G-O with a twist

Bingo is notorious for being a game that seniors enjoy. You can put a twist to it by customizing the game as per the birthday girl or boy’s name. 

75th Birthday Invitation Ideas 

The first step to a successful party is to send out lovely invites.  Here are some 75th birthday ideas for invitations.

27. Classy and elegant

If the they like simplicity and elegance, try this theme. Pick an elegant font for the invite and keep the wordings simple and precise. You just can’t go wrong!

28. Grand party

If you’re throwing a big bash, you’ll want people to know that it’s a big bash. What better way than to put it in print? Pick a photo that screams ‘celebration’ and design your invite around it.

29. Funny invites

Everyone loves a good joke. Put a comedic twist to your invitation with a funny one-liner and let the laughs roll out. Think about a funny trait special to the birthday boy or girl to personalize it. You’re bound to get compliments along with the RSVPs.

30. Photos old or new

A great way to personalize invitations for a 75th birthday party is to include their photographs in the invite. Pick out a few old and new pictures, place them side-by-side, and let the reminiscing begin.

Chalk out a plan with these 75th birthday party ideas. Choose the venue, theme, and decorations. Make a guest list, send out the invites, don’t forget your gift and an epic cake. A 75th birthday is a big milestone and celebrating it is a reminder for seniors that life is just getting started.

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