Top 10 Beauty Products To Avoid During Pregnancy

Beauty Products To Avoid During Pregnancy

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Are you pregnant and planning a complete makeover of your lifestyle? Do you want to adopt all healthy practices, including your beauty regime? Are you concerned about the unhealthy and unsafe ingredients that your beauty products may contain? Do you plan to make a change throughout the coming months of your pregnancy?

If you said yes, you can’t pass up the chance of reading our post. Here is our list of beauty products to avoid while pregnant.

Top 10 Beauty Products To Avoid During Pregnancy:

One of the most popular ideas beauty product manufacturers sold for a long time was that the chemicals in the products don’t enter the placenta. However, research concludes that chemicals do in fact cross the placenta and can reach your fetus, which can lead to damage and health risks [1]. Check out here what are the beauty products to avoid when pregnant.

1. Luxury Soaps And Bath Products:

Luxury soaps and bath products, including the ‘organic’ ones, are best left on the shelf until you stop breastfeeding your baby.

  • Most high-end bath products use a host of ‘exotic’ ingredients, along with many harmful chemicals.
  • Most of these chemicals are allergens, and can lead to frequent allergies, without you being aware of the root cause.
  • In severe cases, some of these ingredients may be potent enough to increase your risk of cancer.

Tip: Use baby care bath products instead, as they have a few questionable ingredients.

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2. Nail Products:

Most nail products contain the deadly triple combination of formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and

  • The chemicals found in nail products are highly toxic, which is especially dangerous when you are pregnant.
  • E Effects can range from stillbirth to birth defects, and developmental problems in the fetus.

Tip: Ditch the nail paint and other products and instead just file and trim your nails at home.

3. Spray On Tan:

FDA has given the go-ahead for the use of DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) in tanning products, which is a dangerous ingredient to use when you are pregnant.

  • Using spray tan increases your risk of inhaling the particles from the spray.
  • The same can cause DNA damage and pose various other health risks to your fetus.

Tip: Skip the tanning for now.

4. Hair Treatments:

While it is not clear whether ingredients from hair colors, hair treatments and other styling products enter your skin, the risks are still high and you should avoid hair treatments.

  • The ingredients from various hair treatments and styling products can cause allergies. If you happen to be affected, you may require further treatment and medication, which is not a good option while you are pregnant.
  • The fumes that you encounter in a hair salon or while using hair care products at home (including hair color) can have a negative impact on your fetus on inhalation.

Tip: Try natural hair coloring and dyeing options like henna.

5. Skin Lightening Creams Or Treatments:

Pregnancy can often lead to skin pigmentation and dark patches, which can make you feel like using skin lightening products.

  • All skin whitening products contain chemicals that interfere with your skin’s enzymatic process. Ingredients like hydroquinone are considered especially dangerous, and you need to avoid them during pregnancy.
  • Doctors recommend not using any such products during pregnancy, as exact effect is yet unknown.

Tip: Avoid heading out in the sun and use natural skin cleansers like milk cream or lemon.

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6. Sun Screen:

You do need some sun protection, but not all sunscreens are safe when you are pregnant.

  • Sunscreens come in two types; one has chemical protection, and one has physical protection.
  • Oxybenzone and Avobenzone are two chemicals found in chemical protection sunscreens, which the skin absorbs.

Tip: Go for sunscreens that have zinc oxide or titanium oxide instead.

7. Chemical Hair Removal:

Most chemical hair removal products contain thioglycolic acid as the main ingredient.

  • While studies do not show that it is an unsafe chemical, no study claims it is safe when you are pregnant.
  • Follow the golden rule that unless it is safe to use, ditch it for now.

Tip: Use a razor instead for the areas you can reach.

8. Heavy Perfumes:

Most perfumes do not disclose a list of chemicals and ingredients, often labeling them as a cluster under the word ‘fragrance’.

  • Phthalates are one of the most frequently used chemicals in most perfumes.
  • It can cause reproductive toxicity, affecting the proper growth and development of the fetus.

Tip: Go for products that are perfume-free and avoid using perfumes.

9. Smelly Or Sticky Products:

Use the rule to avoid harmful chemicals in various products.

  • A strong smell means that the product contains volatile organics that will evaporate on inhalation.
  • A sticky consistency means that the skin will absorb the product.

Tip: Use natural ingredients to put on your face.

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10. Acne Medication:

You are likely to break out in acne during pregnancy, but acne medication is a strict no, even if prescribed.

  • Accutane, retin-A, and tetracycline are three most common offenders found in acne medication.

Tip: Avoid it for now.

Your beauty will get a healthy glow when you are pregnant, so try avoiding all chemical based and so-called safe products during your pregnancy. Ditch them for now and you can always start again later.

Hope you liked our post on beauty products to avoid during pregnancy. What products did you stop using once you were pregnant? Tell us about them below. Leave a comment.

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