Top 4 Beaver Crafts For Preschoolers And Kids

Beaver Craft Activities For Kids

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Are you always looking for new craft ideas for your kid? Is your little one bored of the regular craft activities? Does your child love craft and find it a fun way to spend time?

A beaver craft activity is a hit with kids. Read on to find some fun beaver craft ideas that will hone your child’s creativity.

Top Four Beaver Crafts:

Here are four beaver crafts for kids of all ages that will surely make happy:

1. Identify The Shapes:

You Will Need:

  • Chart papers in brown, white, and black colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How To:

1. Help your kid cut out different sizes of circles and squares from the chart papers. It will help your toddler develop his motor skills.

2. Ask your kid to identify the shapes. Let him separate the squares and circles.

3. Instruct your kid to glue the black circle over the white circle to make the eyes. Next, ask your kid to stick the white circles over the big brown circle that will form the face.

4. Ask your kid to stick the white squares to make the teeth of the beaver.

5. Similarly, instruct your kid to stick a black circle to make the nose and two circles to make the

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2. Toilet Paper Roll Beaver:

You Will Need:

  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Chart paper in brown, black, and white colors
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How To:

1. Help your kid in covering the toilet paper roll using the brown chart paper, to form the beaver’s body.

2. Ask your child to make a beaver face as he did in the first activity.

3. Help your kid stick the beaver face on top of the toilet paper roll.

4. Tell your kid to cut out a tail using the chart paper and stick it to the body.

5. Your kid can also make tiny feet with the chart paper and stick them on the toilet roll too.

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3. Beaver Wreath:

You Will Need:

  • Cardboard
  • Chart papers in red, black, brown, and white colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How To:

1. Use the cardboard to cut out a small plate and a large plate. Stick the two together to make a wreath.

2. Help your kid in cutting a small strip of cardboard and then sticking it on the back of the ring.

3. Ask your kid to cut out strips from the chart paper and glue them into rolls to look like a paper chain.

4. Now, your kid has to glue the rolls on the wreath.

5. Help your kid in making a beaver’s face as mentioned in the first activity.

6. The last step is to glue the beaver’s face onto the wreath. It will look as if the beaver is peeping out from the top of the wreath.

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4. Heart Beaver:

You Will Need:

  • Chart paper in brown, white, and black colors
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Straw
  • Tape

How To:

1. Help your kid in making a heart-shaped beaver face. He can cut out a heart shape to make the face. Tell him to cut and stick the eyes, nose, ears, and teeth on it.

2. Help him fold a chart paper to make a card. Let him glue the beaver’s face on top of the card and write a message inside. Help him cut the card in the shape of the beaver’s face.

3. Stick a straw in the center of the card with the help of a tape to make a cute puppet shape.

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The four simple busy beaver arts & crafts mentioned here can help your kid create some fun things. Let your kid try these out and have some fun this summer!

If you know any other busy beaver arts and crafts ideas, please share it with other moms here!

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