Bed Bug Bites In Kids - Causes And Remedies


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Is your child waking up with itchy rashes on his body of late? Are these rashes recurring despite your child using mosquito repellents? Well, if you can relate your child to the above situations it’s time to give bed bug bites a thought!

Are you a cleanliness freak and find it impossible to imagine bugs in your child’s room? Well, bed bugs are not just synonymous with unhygienic living conditions. Bed bug infestations are common in areas that are apparently spick and span like posh rooms in five-star hotels and resorts! Do you want to know how to prevent bed bug bites in kids? Read on!

Common Causes Of Bed Bug Infestations:

Bed bugs usually thrive in the tropical and temperate regions of the world. These bugs tend to take refuge in the nooks and corners of your bedroom especially in mattresses, headboards, old furniture, box springs and even behind loose wallpaper. An untidy and cluttered room is a perfect hiding space for bed bugs. Bed bugs may also transmit through luggage, clothing, and old mattresses.

The recent resurgence in bed bug population is due to factors like:

  1. Dense urban living conditions
  2. International travel
  3. Ineffective pest control measures
  4. Insecticide resistance. (1)

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Symptoms Of Bed Bug Bites In Kids:

A lot of times, you may mistake bed bug bites for mosquito bites. However, you can identify bed bug bites better by looking out for the following symptoms:

  1. Small, flat bumps on the skin
  2. Redness and itching in the affected area
  3. Several bite marks in a row
  4. Bumps that usually appear on the hands, neck, face, and arms. (2)

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Tips To Deal With Bed Bug Infestations:

If your kid is experiencing symptoms of bed bug bites, his room may be possibly home to bugs. It is a good idea to consult a physician and confirm if the rashes are bed bug bites. Following this, you can take a few steps to eliminate the bed bug infestation in your kid’s room.

  • Inspect the area thoroughly for signs of bugs. You can look out for feces, eggs and shed ‘skin’ of larval bed bugs and active bugs.
  • Try replacing mattresses and using clean sheets. You can also seal cracks in the walls and install a door sweep. (3)
  • Eliminate all the clutter in your kid’s room and allow the representative of the pest control services to inspect the room.
  • You may call for pest-control professionals to use insecticides and equipment that work effectively against bugs. (4)

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How To Treat Bed Bug Bites?

You can treat the bed bug bites on child by following these steps:

  • You can apply calamine lotion or a baking soda paste on the affected area. It will help reduce itching.
  • If the bites are very itchy, you can consult a pediatrician about which creams and lotions you can topically apply on your child’s skin.

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Tips To Prevent Bed Bug Bites In Children:

One of the simplest ways to prevent bed bug bites is to make sure the room and bed are clean. You can follow these tips to eradicate the threat of bed bug infestation:

  • Make sure you vacuum clean the mattress regularly and pay close attention to seams and tucks. Also, dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag after use.
  • Declutter your child’s room regularly.
  • Wash and heat-dry clothing and bedding for at least 20 minutes in a hot dryer.
  • Avoid keeping any luggage on your bed.
  • You can use an insecticide that treats bed bugs but remember never to spray it on a mattress. Also, store it away from the reach of children (5).

Now you know how to protect your child from bed bug bites. Go ahead and spread the word!

Did your child suffer from bed bug bites? Do you know any home remedy to treat it? Please share it with other moms here!

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