Being A Mother Is Not Easy. Take This Survey To Tell Us What You Feel

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Early motherhood is memorable. Breastfeeding the baby, seeing them smile in their sleep, or holding them to your face and feeling their smooth skin are all stress-busters. And yes, you desperately need these stress-busters to fight the stress that you have right from the initial days of becoming a mother.

Baby Dove recognizes the anxieties and pressures faced by a new mom. To know more about mothers and their stress, Baby Dove conducted the Real Mother’s Heard Survey in six markets including India. This survey validates the belief of the Baby Dove that new mothers feel pressurized to be a ‘perfect’ parent and are faced with constant judgment on their parenting abilities. We understand that being a mother is not easy and would like to know what you think and feel, take the Baby Dove Survey to be heard:

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