5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Ghee For Babies

Ghee For Babies

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Do you want your baby to eat nutritious Indian food? Have you thought about including ghee (clarified butter) in his diet? Are you worried that it may affect his health adversely? If this sounds like you, or someone you know, read our post. Here, we look at some amazing health benefits of ghee for babies and why you should include it in your baby’s diet!

What Is Ghee?

Ghee is a clarified form of butter that possesses high nutritional value for your baby. As a parent, feeding your child right is your only aim. And your baby’s diet needs to be well-balanced and composed of different vital nutrients. The essential elements present in ghee help your baby’s growth and development. Excess ghee consumption can make your baby obese, but a limited intake can cause no harm to your growing baby.

Why To Include Ghee In Your Baby’s Diet?

Here are some of the vital reasons for including moderate amounts of ghee in your baby’s diet:

  • Your growing baby needs almost 1500 calories per day for optimum growth and development. Feeding ghee to your kid is one of the easiest ways to boost his calorie intake and keep him energetic and active.
  • 30 to 35 percent of the calories that your growing baby requires come from fats. But you should not feed your baby oily or fried food. Be a bit sensible about using ghee, and come up with ways to include it in his diet, to enhance intake of healthy fats that he may require every day.
  • After you stop breastfeeding your baby, he may subsequently start losing weight. It is just because he may not get a regular dose of fats, which he had earlier through the breast milk. To control fat deficiency, introduce ghee in his diet to maintain his fat intake per day.
  • Apart from using ghee in your baby’s food, ghee can help treat several health discomforts. Heat a bit of ghee and a few cloves of garlic to cure your baby’s cold. Rub the warm ghee gently on your baby’s chest, to relieve severe chest congestion (1).

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Health Benefits Of Ghee For Babies:

Some of the health benefits of ghee for your babies are:

1. Easy To Digest:

Ghee is full of saturated fatty acids, and they are easily digestible. Kids are unable to digest red meats or other fat foods. Ghee is one of the simplified fat foods, which can enhance calorie intake and keep him energetic.

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2. Lactose Friendly:

Ghee is a milk-based product, and you can break down lactose sugar during clarification. Even if your baby is lactose intolerant, he can consume ghee.

3. Rich In Vitamins:

Ghee is a rich source of fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D E and K. All these vital vitamins help promote healthy bone and brain development of your baby. Additionally, these vitamins also boost your baby’s immune system and keep him free from diseases.

4. Higher Smoking Point:

Compared to any other oils, ghee possesses higher smoking point and does not break into free radicals. Free radicals can cause potential side effects to your baby’s body and can also induce respiratory issues.

5. Promotes Healthy Brain Development

For, they are at the stage of proper brain development. Adding ghee for infants or toddlers in their diet can boost brain development process (2).

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An excess of ghee can be harmful to your growing baby. Hence, you should keep a close eye on the quantity of ghee consumed by your baby. Serve no more than 2-3 tbsp of ghee to your growing baby.

Did you incorporate ghee into your baby’s food? Did it help promote healthy brain and body development? Did your baby love the flavor of ghee in his foods? Share your experiences with other mommies here!

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