5 Health Benefits & Side Effects Of Iced Tea During Pregnancy

Side Effects Of Iced Tea During Pregnancy

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The idea of iced tea may appeal to you during pregnancy. But is it safe?

When you are pregnant, your diet undergoes a complete change. You cannot indulge your taste buds without sparing a thought. Suddenly, your food habits will be under scrutiny all the time!

There are many foods & beverages that you should avoid in pregnancy diet. Is iced tea one of them?

When it comes to tea, iced or otherwise, moderation is the key. Find out here is it safe to drink iced tea during pregnancy.

Benefits Of Iced Tea During Pregnancy:

Tea is considered to be one of the healthiest drinks out there. Why? Just check out the list of benefits it has to offer!

1. It Is Refreshing:

Is morning sickness making you feel low? Is the soaring temperature unbearable for your pregnant body? Well, then what you need is ginger iced tea (1). With its fresh flavor and taste, iced tea is the perfect beverage to beat the heat. It can give you an instant boost of energy too, thanks to its caffeine content.

2. Contains Antioxidants:

During pregnancy, your body will undergo a lot of change. It can increase the free radicals in your body. Tea contains a good quantity of antioxidants that can keep these free radicals at bay and prevent DNA damage (2).

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3. Keeps The Brain Healthy:

Tea, in all its forms, keeps the brain healthy. That is something you need while pregnant (3).

4. Prevents Cavities:

Now this is an interesting benefit! Pregnancy can take a toll on your oral health. With iced tea in your diet, you can banish the fear of cavities for good (4).

5. Perfect Drink For Women With Gestational Diabetes (GD):

If you have gestational diabetes, it may be better to ditch that mug of coffee and embrace tea! Unlike coffee, tea does not increase the risk of GD during pregnancy (5).

So, as you can see, moderate tea consumption during pregnancy can do wonders for your health. However, don’t make it your staple diet.

There are some cons of drinking iced tea while pregnant too.

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Problems With Drinking Iced Tea During Pregnancy:

Tea is full of caffeine. Too much caffeine can adversely affect your pregnancy in the following ways:

1. Can Cause Miscarriage:

Losing a baby is the biggest fear for pregnant women. Consuming excessive amounts of caffeine through tea can increase the risk of miscarriage (6).

2. Can Lead To Low Birth Weight:

If you love iced tea, make sure you limit its intake. Too much caffeine from the tea can lead to low birth weight of your baby (7).

3. May Cause Stillbirth:

Here’s another good reason to limit your tea consumption during pregnancy. Research shows that excessive consumption of caffeine (tea is a rich source of it) can lead to stillbirth (8).

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4. Increases Insomnia:

Sound sleep is a costly commodity, especially when you pregnant. Many women develop insomnia during pregnancy. If you cannot do without your steaming cup of tea, you can kiss sleep goodbye! The high caffeine content in tea can cause insomnia (9).

5. Can Cause Anemia:

Many women tend to become anemic when they are pregnant. It is so because their bodies require an extra amount of iron during this period. You need an iron-rich diet during your pregnancy. But iced tea can inhibit the absorption of iron in your body, paving way for anemia. Fortunately, you can resolve the issue by consuming meat and poultry (10).

So, moderation is key. Make sure your daily intake of tea does not exceed 200 milligrams per day, and you’ll be okay! Don’t worry! Enjoying a glass or two of iced tea every day will not cause any harm. In fact, tea is any day, a better option than coffee!

So, pamper yourself and enjoy a refreshing glass of iced tea.

And don’t forget to tell us how you enjoy your iced tea. Share your tips and recipes with us, right below!

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