13 Best One Gallon Water Jugs To Buy In 2020

13 Best One Gallon Water Jugs To Buy In 2020

When you work out a lot or go on camping or outdoor trips that involve physical activity, it is essential to stay hydrated. While a regular water bottle is compact, it does not hold enough water to quench your thirst or keep you hydrated for long. When you cannot find fresh water easily or refill your bottle as often as you’d like, carrying a one-gallon water jug could be a good idea to have easy access to drinking water for extended durations.

Keep reading as we bring you a list of some of the best 1 gallon water jugs, along with a few tips on how to choose the best one for you.

13 Best One-Gallon Water Jugs

1. BuildLife 1 Gallon Water Bottle


The portable and large water jug is made of 100% BPA-free PETG and can hold one gallon of water. It is transparent and has motivational prints on it to encourage you to stay hydrated all day. The water container has an anti-skid handle and a stainless steel lid. It is leak-proof, durable, eco-friendly, and reusable. You can use it in the gym, home, office, or during outdoor trips.

2. QuiFit Gallon Water Bottle with Straw


QuiFit one-gallon water jug has a time marker to let you keep track of your water intake. This is a good water bottle made of Eastman Tritan material, which is durable and BPA-free. The bottle comes with a push cap and straw for convenience and a handle for easy portability. The bottle is available in a variety of prints and colors, including brown, light green, mauve, red, yellow, and orange.

3. BOTTLED JOY 1 Gallon Water Bottle


This one-gallon water container is made of recyclable and high-quality PETG resin material. The reusable bottle has a wide mouth for ease of filling water and a carrying strap for portability. The leak-proof lid, built-in handle, and durable design make it one of the best one-gallon water bottles for multiple purposes.

4. BuildLife Gallon Motivational Water Bottle


The portable water container has an ergonomic design with an anti-skid handle, broad mouth, and a nozzle cap. It is available in bright and colorful designs and has a time marker print to monitor your daily water intake. This plastic bottle is free of BPA and odor and is perfect for use in a gym or during a camping trip. You can clean the bottle effortlessly by hand.

5. RTIC one-gallon Vacuum Insulated Jug


RTIC one-gallon water cooler container is made of high-quality stainless steel. It has a wide opening and a handle on top for portability. The best thing about this insulated water bottle is it keeps water hot and cold for six hours and 24 hours, respectively. It is available in different colors, including white, pink, Carolina blue, navy, royal, and purple.

6. FRETREE Portable Water Jug


Bring this versatile large water jug and keep dehydration at bay. It has a time tracker with inspiring words to make you drink an adequate amount of water every day. The reusable bottle has a flip-top and screw lid that make drinking water easy. The durable, recyclable, and eco-friendly one-gallon water container is free of odor and BPA and is available in four colors.

7. AOMAIS Gallon Water Bottle


This one-gallon water container is made of premium-quality material that is free of toxic substances. The reliable water bottle has a good design with a broad mouth, straw, and nozzle lid. It has an anti-skid handle and a carrying strap for portability. Get one for yourself and monitor your water intake all day to ensure proper hydration and overall good health.

8. Giotto Large 1 Gallon Motivational Water Bottle


Made of safe Tritan material, this one-gallon reusable water bottle can be used for multiple purposes. It lets you monitor the amount of water you are drinking in a day and motivates you to drink more. The plastic bottle comes in eight bright colors and features an ergonomic handle, a push button, and a flip-top lid. It has a simple design, which makes washing it easy and quick.

9. New Wave Enviro one-gallon Water Bottle


There’s no need to worry about dehydration when you have this premium-quality one-gallon water jug holder. It measures 6.5x11in and is made of FDA-approved high-grade Triten plastic that is recyclable. It has a stainless lid with a strap and handle and is available in one size and one color. You can carry it anywhere you go, be it a gym, office, or on a camping trip.

10. B4Life 1 Gallon Water Bottle with Time Marker


Keep drinking sufficient water and maintain your health by bringing home this good quality one-gallon water container. It is leak-proof, durable, and has a wide mouth to help you drop in some ice cubes with ease. The water jug is available in different colors and has a handle and carrying strap for portability. You get a motivational wristband with this water jug as a gift.

11. NatureWorks HydroMate 1 Gallon Water Bottle


Portable, lightweight, and durable, this water jug holder can be your ideal companion during workouts. Fill it once and keep drinking all day. It has printed motivational words and a time marker for you to keep track of the amount of water you are drinking. The bottle has a wide mouth, removable straw, secure seal, and a leak-proof cap, making it a convenient option. It is available in different colors, including green, pink, purple, blue, and black.

12. Home Brew Ohio Glass Water Bottle


Home Brew Ohio brings you a pack of four glass bottles, each with the capacity to hold one-gallon water. The glass bottle has a poly seal cap to prevent leakage. Its classic design and glass material make it a unique choice. This set can be an ideal gift choice for your friends, although carrying it outdoors could be tricky.

13. YETI Rambler Gallon Jug


When you have this double-walled vacuum insulation bottle with one-gallon capacity, you can keep your hot beverages warm and cold drinks cool for a long time. The water jug size is 12.5×6.5in and comes with a steel handle on top. The stainless steel insulated water bottle has a simple and elegant design and can be used for various purposes. It is available in silver, black, navy, and red.

How To Choose The Right One-Gallon Water Jug?

Here are a few tips to consider when selecting a 1 gallon water bottle.

  • The bottle should be made of stainless steel or high-grade plastic. These materials are free of BPA, toxins, and other harmful substances, and are safe for long-term use.
  • If you choose stainless steel, make sure you are buying insulated bottles as they help maintain the temperature of the beverage.
  • The water container should have a wide mouth for easy refilling and putting ice cubes or fruit chunks in it.
  • You can also check if it has an in-built handle on the side or a sturdy handle with the lid.
  • Some additional features to consider are a straw, anti-skid handle, leak-proof lid, and simple design to carry it anywhere you go.

Drinking adequate water in a day should become a routine for you to maintain good health. To make that simpler, a 1 gallon water jug can become your new companion. Select an awesome bottle for yourself from this list and always carry it with you to stay hydrated and fresh.

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