28 Cool And Magical Ideas For 19th Birthday Party

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Birthdays are unique because they come once a year, and this beautiful day is dedicated to you alone. If you plan to entertain your guests, here are some 19th birthday party ideas you can try. As you enter the realm of being a full-time adult, have an epic celebration. Well, it’s a job no one wants but has to take it up.

Read through the ideas for your upcoming birthday celebration.

19th Birthday Ideas For Girls

There are various ideas to choose from when you are thinking of celebrating your 19th birthday.

1. Spa day

Celebrate at a spa, 19th birthday party idea

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How about indulging yourself in self-care. Going to the spa and getting pampered is one of the best ways to spend your 19th birthday. Moreover, if you aren’t too keen on going to the spa, invite your friends at home and have a spa day right at the comfort of your own house. Give each other massages, make some DIY masks, get fresh manicures and pedicures.

2. Netflix binge

Nothing beats a good Netflix binge with your closest girlfriend. Call your girlfriends over on the eve of your birthday and keep a watchlist of everything you want to watch ready. Ask them to bring their pajamas for a sleepover later on.

3. Karaoke night

A karaoke night on your birthday sounds like a plan. It’s inexpensive, fun, and nobody will judge whether you have the singing skills or not. So rent a machine and turn your room into a karaoke bar with mood lights and a makeshift stage.

4. Backyard BBQ

If you are planning on having a themed backyard birthday party, then for sure, go with a BBQ party. Decorate your backyard using curtains, throws, cute cushions, etc.

5. Backyard Bonfire

If your birthday is during the fall or winter, having a bonfire bash is perfect for celebrating your big day. Roasting marshmallows and hotdogs while bundled up in your coziest sweaters sounds fun, right? Then, decorate the outdoors with some beautiful fairy lights, paper lanterns, and you are good to go.

6. Under the stars

Outdoor birthday party dinner

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If you want to host a dinner party, why not take it outside. Get lots of fairy lights and decorate them in a manner that will turn your outdoor garden into a whimsical and romantic place. You could also have a canopy of fairy lights above your table, which resembles little stars.

19th Birthday Ideas For Boys

Your 19th birthday deserves to be celebrated especially. So here are some great ideas.

7. Video games

Growing up, you must have had a video game that you loved the most. So why not incorporate it in your 19th birthday party? It serves as a great theme plus, you can have snacks and drinks in a similar fashion. To top it off, you and your friends can have a fun video game competition as well.

8. Mexican Carnival

A Mexican carnival for your 19th birthday to celebrate the last year as a teenager sounds like a plan. If you want to incorporate costumes, you could mention so in the invites. Don’t forget to have a dancefloor where your guests can groove to Mexican music.

9. Camping

If you are not too keen on hosting a party, how about a night of camping and bonfire? You could also have a campfire where everyone can sit around, roast marshmallows, and have a great time together.

19th Birthday Decoration Ideas

A great birthday celebration calls for beautiful decor. Isn’t it?

10. Balloons

Whether it’s plain balloons or something that fits the party’s color theme, it takes the celebration to the next level.

11. Banners

Banners with birthday girl or boy’s name, quirky greetings, or even the number 19 printed large can make the decor look vibrant and fresh.

12. Pretty backdrop

Beautiful backdrop, 19th birthday party idea

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Taking pictures with your friends calls for a pretty backdrop, so make sure to match it with the theme of your party.

13. Confetti

Is any party even complete without confetti or glitter? Fill up your balloons with confetti and burst them to surprise your guests.

19th Birthday Theme Ideas

Having a themed birthday party is always fun. You get to choose the color schemes, snacks, and even the decor.

14. Hawaiian Luau

“Hau’oli la Hanau!”– the Hawaiian way to say Happy Birthday. When planning a Hawaiian Luau-themed birthday party, think about the tropics, where beaches are filled with coconut and palm trees. This party will be incomplete if you forget the Hawaiian mocktails.

15. Old Hollywood

An evening filled with bedazzlement where the venue is lit up, and there are posters of your favorite celebrities from that era. Wall of fame cookies, red velvet cupcakes are some snack options to serve at the party.

16. Vegas Casino Party

Did anybody say casino? This theme is sure to delight everyone. You can quite easily rent card tables along with slot machines. At the beginning of the party, hand out fake dollar bills that they can trade for casino chips. Black, white and red are always the top color choices for a casino-themed party. Soda, fish and chips, nachos are some ideas for food that you can serve to the guests.

19th Birthday Party Games

Have a great time with your guests by playing some fun and exciting party games.

17. Balloon Dare

Think of some dares that would be fun but challenging. Write them down on small slips of paper and fill each balloon with one dare each. When your guests choose a balloon, they would have to pop it and see what’s the dare they got. Those who complete the most number of dares win.

18. Wink murder

Choose a murderer from your guests, and the others will be the detectives. With each round, every player will look at everyone, and the murderer will have to kill every one of them. If a detective gets the name of the murderer right, they win, and if they don’t, they die. If the murderer kills the last detective standing, the murderer wins.

19. Guess the song

Guess the song; birthday party game idea

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For this activity, make teams of 2-3 people each. Every song will be played for a few seconds. After that, the team to guess the most number of right songs correctly will be declared the winner.

20. Bingo

A game of bingo never goes out of style. However, quirk it slightly to suit the theme of your birthday party.

21. Spoon and egg race

If you plan on an outdoor birthday party, a spoon and egg race game may be fun. Hold the spoon in your mouth and place an egg on it. Each of the players would then have to race to the finish line balancing the egg. If anyone fails to do so, they get eliminated.

22. Solve the mystery

Most of us have grown up reading Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, or Enid Blyton. How about a detective-themed party? Set up small games where you and your friends can solve mysteries with a magnifying glass in hand and dress up as a detective. You could also curate invitations that read “You are invited to a top-secret gathering” to set the tone.

23. Bowling

If you are not up for a themed party, call your friends and spend the night bowling. It’s fun and quite inexpensive. Later on, you could also go for a round of drinks at the nearest bar to end the night on a sweet note.

Things To Do For Your 19th Birthday

Want to try something unique this birthday? Here are a few things to do for your 19th birthday that may intrigue you.

24. Road trip

A road trip to the nearest city with your friends sounds like a great way to spend your 19th birthday. Jam to some good ol’ tunes and carry your favorite snacks.

25. Concert night

Go to a concert on your birthday week. Enjoy a night of good music with your friends and get grooving. Watching your favorite artist performing live is in itself a treat for your 19th birthday.

26. Movie night

Movie night with friends on birthday

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A good old movie night with your friends or family for your 19th birthday does not seem like a bad idea at all. A night at the movies with a bucket of popcorn and comfy seats is all you need to immerse yourself in a fantasy world.

27. Go to a carnival

With all the snacks, sweets, and fun rides, going to a carnival can double the joy of your birthday week. And, if you have not been to a carnival anytime before, it will be a new experience altogether.

28. Laser tag

Want to shoot your friends in the dark with neon lights? Did we hear a yes? Head to the nearest gaming zone to celebrate your last year as a teenager.

Now that you have plenty of 19th birthday party ideas, get started with the planning. Celebrate your next step into adulthood with a grand celebration. These ideas will help you plan an epic party with your near and dear ones. Whether you want a chilled spa day with your best friends, a road trip, a Luau-themed party, or a Hollywood-style one, pick anything from the list above that best fits your preference. Don’t hesitate to seek help from your friends and family and enjoy every bit of the celebrations.

Infographic: 19th Birthday Party Games

Now that your child is entering adulthood, celebrate their entry into adulthood with a fun birthday party where they can enjoy a wide variety of games. If you are thinking of ways to ensure the guests at your child’s 19th birthday have fun, we bring you some enjoyable game ideas in this infographic.

party games to keep your young guests entertained [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Spa day, Netflix marathon, karaoke and ending it with a dinner under the stars can be the perfect party idea for a 19-year-old girl.
  • For a boy who’s turning 19, game night and camping are some of the best ideas among others.
  • To throw the coolest party ever for your 19-year-old, you can follow a theme such as Hollywood or Vegas casino party and add some fun.

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