13 Best 4-Player Board Games For Kids To Have Better Focus In 2022


The pandemic, work commitments, the weather – whatever your reasons are for not venturing outdoors, we completely understand. That is why we are bringing you the best 4 player board games so you can spend quality time right at home with your family and friends. These board games help strengthen interaction, relationships and also help you manage stress levels by providing an outlet for your emotions. Board games provide early learning spaces for kids, helping them develop their focus, language skills, and more. Here is a list of the best four-player board games to help you choose one, so you can have fun times with your family.

13 Best 4 Player Board Games

1. Hasbro Gaming Pop-O-Matic Trouble Board Game

The Trouble game is suitable for children aged five and above. It brings out all the fun on your game night as you trade, build, and settle. You need two to four players, making it suitable for an only child and an adult to play together. The first player to put all four pegs in the finish zone wins the game. You might even get bumped out of the race and sent back to the start. To find out more about this product, check this video review out.


2. Catan Studio Catan Board Game

Suitable for ages ten and above, the Catan board game revolves around the island of Catan, full of resources and adventures to settle down and build a civilization. It brings out all the fun on your game night as you trade, build, and settle. This strategic game requires around three to four players to start. Players need to roll the dice, make a strategic settlement, collect the resources, trade, and make developments to win. You can also buy the extension pack to add more players or make the game more challenging and interesting. If you are an absolute beginner, this video review might be useful.


3. Z-Man Games Pandemic Board Game

The Pandemic board game is a cooperative game where players win or lose together against four deadly diseases. Every turn, the players must treat the disease by containing the spread and finding the cure. Each player plays a different role in the team, and the game involves research stations and disease cards to make it more realistic. This board game supports two to four players and offers a 45-minute playtime. Check out this review for a detailed understanding about the product.


4. Space Cowboys Splendor Board Game

Based on the European Renaissance, this board game allows you to have fun and experience the riches of this era. Each player is a gemstone merchant and tries to acquire most of the business in the jewelry market to become more influential than the others. The game involves collecting the gem tokens, making strategies to control gem mines and trade routes, and attracting the nobles to become the most prestigious and powerful merchant. This game with simple rules and interesting cards is suitable for a family game night and requires two to four players.


5. Monopoly Junior Unicorn Edition Board Game

Monopoly is an all-time favorite board game, and this Unicorn edition is specially designed for children aged five and up. It is a fun and attractive board game that contains four unicorn-themed tokens. As they travel across the board, they can acquire shooting stars, cupcakes, rainbows, butterflies, and more. The player who manages to save the most cash by the end will win the game.


6. Bluey Shadowlands Board Game

Bluey, the lovable heeler dog, and her sister Bingo, and friends Coco and Snickers are on a race to reach the picnic first by collecting all the yummy cupcakes. Each player takes up a character and then spins the wheel to move forward. All the shadowy grassy fields are considered land, while the other bits in the sun are the sea. The game becomes more challenging and interesting as you change the shadowy bits by turning the palm tree in the center. This board game is suitable for children aged three and up, and it needs two or four players.


7. Days Of Wonder Ticket To Ride First Journey Board Game

Ticket to Ride is a cross-country travel game designed to introduce young players to travel board games. This North American railway adventure involves a board map with train routes, 80 plastic trains, train cards, and ticket cards to embark on the delightful journey. Players collect the train cards and claim the routes to connect the cities. You can win the game if you complete six tickets, allowing you to win the golden ticket. The bonus ticket cards add extra fun to the game. It is suitable for two to four players aged six and above.


8. WE Games Shut The Box Dice Game

Shut The Box was originally a board game enjoyed by fishermen off of Normandy and is still enjoyed by many across North American and European pubs. This simple version is made of wood with ten numbered tiles. It has four dice in different colors, and the felt board in the center is suitable for rolling the dice. Each player rolls the dice and adds up the combination to shut the tile of that sum value. It helps brush up your child’s math skills and is ideal for family nights.


9. Blue Orange Photosynthesis Board Game

Photosynthesis is an environmental board game based on the life cycle of trees. This board game helps you build a forest using light points that you gain based on the sun rays falling on the trees. It involves different tree stages, growing from a seed to its full bloom and again rebirth. As the sun revolves, the trees that receive sunlight will gain you light points, and the shaded ones will not gain any. The landscape changes as the game moves, and the player with more mature trees and light points wins the game. It is suitable for ages eight and up and works for two to four players.


10. Partners Board Game

The board game requires four players to play in two teams. Use the cards wisely and strategically to move your pawns quickly and reach the end first to win. At the beginning of each round, partners swap their cards to either help each other or sabotage the opponent. It has 56 game cards to make a strategy, and with a bit of luck on your side, you can win. The instructions and game rules are easy to learn, making the game suitable for ages eight and above.


11. Kiditos Sling Puck Game Air Hockey Table

If you are looking for a tabletop game that you can enjoy with the whole family, the Table Sling Hockey board game is a must-try. It is made of wood and has three swappable center gates to make the game more interesting at all levels. You can make it more challenging or simple by choosing the right center gate. It includes twenty ice hockey pucks in four colors that allow a maximum of four players. The 22-inch long board is suitable for children and adults to play together.


12. Ice Makes Age Of Civilization Strategy Card Game

Age of Civilization is an interesting board game that allows the whole family to enjoy together while making strategies to build and develop their empires. The game has multiple rounds, and in each round, the player chooses a civilization card to gain workers and abilities to raise and develop an empire. With three civilizations to choose from, the game provides various outcomes, and players have to tackle different challenges to win. It requires one to four players to start a game and offers a 30-minute playtime.


13. Vkasd Fidget Toy Pop Chess Board Game

Fidget toy pop chess board game can be a great stress buster for children and adults. This simple game allows you to interact and spend quality time with your children. It is made of non-toxic, soft, food-grade silicone that is foldable and easy to carry. The board has 100 bubble poppers for each player and two dice. Each player takes turns to throw the dice and pop the bubbles on their side that match the numbers. The one who pops the last bubble will lose, and the game continues for five rounds.


How To Choose The Right 4 Player Board Games?

Here are a few factors to consider when buying a four-player board game.

  1. Number of players: Most board games are designed for four players, but sometimes you need a game that can accommodate more players or less. Look for games with extensions or those that support a few players.
  2. Age: Consider the age of the players in the group, especially if you have children to play with you. Choose a game considering their age and capabilities to make the game more interesting for them.
  3. Type: While some board games are competitive, others are cooperative games where you win or lose together. Some games have transactions and deep strategies, and others are simple games with easy-to-understand rules that are fun to play. Choose a game keeping in mind your group’s interest.
  4. Game time: Check out the game time before picking one to fit your players’ needs. While some can last an hour, others may end in 30 minutes.
  5. Level of complexity: If you have children in the group, choose less complex games for easy playing. Choose a game that is more strategic and complex if the players are adults to keep it interesting.
  6. Replayability: Choose a game with good replayability so that you don’t have to toss it aside after a few games.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is a writer experienced in writing articles about toys and gifts. In this article on 4-player board games, she has curated a list after going through several user reviews and suggestions. These games are both informative and entertaining to cater to the needs of everyone in the family. A buying guide has also been included to help you choose the right board game.

A board game is guaranteed to keep you occupied while being indoors. Whether it is the weekends, the holidays, or some other reason, we are sure that at some point, you might have thought about buying a board game to keep yourself occupied. Since there are a lot of board games, you should consider the theme, the age category, and the number of players required for the game. Make sure the game includes all the components and is easy to understand to help all the players feel included.

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