11 Best Abstract Board Games That Are Tactical & Engaging In 2022


If you are a fan of abstract board games, you must have played a few of the famous ones. Chess and checkers are prominent examples that most children are familiar with. Featuring geometric patterns and simple rules, these board games draw you into layers of strategic depth.

In the latest abstract strategy games, the template is almost the same, while you can enjoy some unique features. So, if you have been searching for abstract board games that are tactical and engaging, here is our comprehensive list of the best abstract board games for you.

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11 Best Abstract Board Games

1. Best Strategic:Plan B Games Azul Board Game

The tile-placement game allows the players to work as artisans to create beautiful tiled mosaics. You have to draft tiles from the central market and place them into varying rows on the board. You can collect sets of similar colored tiles and create various patterns to earn additional points. However, you will have to face the penalty for every tile you take but don’t use. Although strategic, this easy-to-learn game can last for up to 45 minutes. This video offers a more detailed explanation of the product.

2. Best For Medieval Adventure:Z-Man Games Carcassonne Board Game

Suitable for medieval adventure lovers, this intriguing board game lets you develop a landscape of a medieval fortress city. It can last for up to 45 minutes and requires two to five players. If you are playing with an opponent, you can either connect with their roads to share points or block their city’s growth to outsmart them. The board game offers tiles that depict fields, monasteries, roads, and cities, making it more enjoyable. The game mechanics are simple, and it offers 84 tiles that you can configure to make multiple combinations. You may check this video for a better understanding of this product.

3. Best Biology-Based:Blue Orange Photosynthesis Board Game

One of the best environmental board games, this one is based on the photosynthesis process. It is suitable for biology and science enthusiasts as it is based on the trees’ lifecycle. Two to four players can enjoy this nature-inspired game at a time. It has an action point allowance system to help you take the trees through the lifecycle. From seedling to rebirth, you will be in charge of everything. You can earn light points when your trees receive sunlight from the revolving sun’s rays. This video review will help you learn more about the product.

4. Best For Family:Spin Master Games Santorini Strategy Based Family Board Game

The picturesque board game resembles Greek architecture. This board game has easy-to-understand rules and an approachable playing process. Players have to move pieces and blocks to create a three-story structure as fast as possible to win. You will also receive God cards to handle divine intervention and bend or break the rules as required. This game allows adults and children to hone their strategic and analytical skills. You can choose the difficulty level to suit your requirement, making it suitable for family game nights.

5. Best Fast-Moving Game:Winning Moves Games Deluxe Pente Strategy & Capture

A fast-moving game, you can play the Pente game with up to four players. Similar to tic-tac-toe, you have to win the match by scoring the specified number of points. You can win by placing five stones in a row or capturing five pairs of your opponent’s stones. If you have made five-in-a-row or caught five, the game will end. The kit contains four colorful glass stone sets, four cloth drawstring storage bags, and an illustrated guide. You can align the stones horizontally, diagonally, or vertically.

6. Best Town-Building:Alderac Entertainment Group Tiny Towns: Original

The Tiny Town abstract game lasts 45 to 60 minutes and lets you build a prosperous town. This game enables you to be the Mayor of the town, where small creatures, made of wood, have created an entire civilization concealed from predators. As the land is small and the resources are limited, you can take whatever you get. In this game, you will have to plan and build a town without wasting resources. Suitable for one to six players, the game contains one rulebook, 90 wooden resource cubes, six player boards, six wooden monuments, 25 building cards, one wooden master builder hammer, 15 monument cards, 126 wooden buildings, 15 resource cards, and one score pad.

7. Best Ancient World:Repos Production 7 Wonders Board Game

You can become a leader of one of the seven cities of the Ancient World with this board game. You will have to collect resources, develop commercial routes, and establish your supremacy in the military. Also, you have to construct the city by erecting architectural wonders. However, you must track your neighbors’ progress. The game has three rounds where you need to select cards with powerful effects. At the end of every round, you will compare your strengths with the neighboring cities to decide the winner.

8. Best Immersive:Next Move Games Azul Stained Glass Of Sintra

Players can glaze attractive stained glass windows that require no previous training or knowledge. You have to choose glass panes to complete the windows while not damaging anything or wasting supplies. The set contains double-sided window panels, allowing you to play with a dynamic board with multiple possibilities. Although strategic, the game is easy to understand and is suitable as a gateway. You can play it with two to four players, and the game lasts for up to 30 to 45 minutes.

9. Best Entertaining:Thames & Kosmos Ingenious The Ultimate Family Strategy Game

With a playtime of 30 to 45 minutes, you can play this game with one to four players. Players have to take turns to place colored tiles on the board, earning points for every matching colored symbol. Entertaining and strategic, the game board has hexagonal spaces where you will have to lay the tiles. 120 in number, every tile is shaped like a hexagon to fit adequately. This game is suitable for children aged eight and above. The player with the highest score in their low-scoring color tiles wins.

10. Best Classic:Brybelly Hnefatafl Viking Chess Set

The two-player strategy game is suitable for enthusiasts of classic board games. This set includes 37 attractive faceted wood pieces and a huge king piece to rescue from the frost giants. This board game is illustrated with the famous World Serpent to keep you hooked for long. It measures 10.5 inches, and this single-piece board doesn’t fold, offering a smooth surface to play on. This game is easily replayable and easy to set up.

11. Best Abstract:Gigamic Squadro – Modern Classics Of Abstract Strategy

An amalgamation of modern and classic, this abstract strategy game is suitable for those above eight years old. It has a simple objective and a playtime of 20 minutes. You need to move four pieces out of five across the board and come back to the side from where they started. If an opponent blocks your piece and sends it backward, they will get a bonus point. To ensure stability and durability, this abstract game is made of high-quality wooden material.

How To Choose The Right Abstract Board Games?

Here are a few things to consider when buying abstract board games.

  1. Ease of play: Choose easy-to-understand games that don’t require much effort from your end. If you don’t want to invest a lot of time understanding the game, you can buy an effortless one with a detailed instruction guide. Games with simple rules are suitable for the entire family.
  2. Age: Consider the age range of the players when choosing a board game. These games state the compatible age of the player to help you choose.
  3. Number of players: Consider the number of players when buying a board game. While some allow solo playing or two players, others are suitable for big groups of five or six players.
  4. Playtime: Ensure to check the playtime of the game. While some last for 30 minutes, others can continue for hours. Choose a board game depending on how much time you wish to spend.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose specializes in writing about children’s toys and gifts. She researches and reviews multiple products to bring you high-quality items. She has created a list of the best abstract board games that will allow children to develop thinking and problem-solving skills. Including details about each board game and factors to consider before buying these, Priti has considered multiple user reviews to ensure these board games are durable, interesting, and good-quality.

After curating the list, we have shortlisted some of the best abstract board games above. These tactical abstract board games are ideal for spending quality time with your family or engaging in a strategic game in your spare time. They are fun, educational, and can bring the whole family together. Check the length of the playtime, the number of players the game can accomodate, and ensure the game is easy to understand for all the players. Also, when buying one for your kids and family, keep the buying guide listed above in mind, as it will surely assist you in making your decision.

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