11 Best Air Coolers In India In 2024

Living in India can be really difficult during the summer and during the dry season when rainfall is low. In times like these, it is important to keep the body cool to avoid heat-strokes and what have you. To keep the body calm, what is the first thing that come to your mind? An air conditioner, are we right? But air conditioners aren’t always the most reasonable option and may also burn a serious hole in our pocket. But, there’s an alternative! You guessed it right — air coolers. You are probably thinking, why invest in an air cooler instead of an air conditioner. Well, simply put, air coolers offer what air conditioners don’t.

As India’s climate is mostly humid and hot, an air cooler can help you cool down and stay fresh. These coolers utilize electricity and water to give out cool air, so you must consider the cooler’s water tank capacity before choosing the right one. While air coolers don’t consume as much electricity as air conditioners, checking the voltage and watts of the brand and model you shortlist will help with power consumption estimates. You should also consider how much sound they generate based on where you plan to use it. Most of these coolers come with wheels for easy transportation and use, so you can have a steady supply of cool air wherever you go.

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11 Best Air Coolers In India

1. Bajaj Platini PX97 Air Cooler

This air cooler by Bajaj is perfect for a room size of up to 150 sq ft. It comes with removable pads, 3-side cooling pads, and a honeycomb cooling media for increased performance and cooling. Bajaj makes sure that the castor wheels make it easily movable even with its 1.5 cord length. The air cooler comes with a 3-way speed control and 4- way air deflection. Finally, with this air cooler, you need not worry about it consuming a lot of electricity as it is powered by 100 Watts.


  • Its suitable for a wide range of climatic regions
  • Turbo fan technology
  • Air throw of about 70-feet
  • 36-liter capacity


  • It may not be suitable for large rooms.

2. Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler

This air cooler from Symphony has a 12-liter capacity and offers coverage for a room of up to 28 cubic meters. Its enhanced honeycomb cooling pads and cool flow dispenser ensure that it delivers superior cooling. The I-Pure technology with which this air cooler is made makes it top-notch, especially because it comes with a smell filter, bacteria filter, and dust filter that makes sure that your air intake is of good quality. With this air cooler, you need not worry about the pump. The dura-pump of Diet 12T offers longevity.


  • Compact
  • Multi-stage air purification
  • Water level indicator that keeps you informed
  • Multi-directional wheels


  • Some may find the capacity inadequate.

3. Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler

This air cooler hits the list as one of the best air coolers because it is absolutely sleek and offers high performance. It caters to rooms that measure up to almost 550 sq. ft and boasts a 75-litre water capacity. With its dimension set at 40.5 cm x 120 cm, you need not worry about the cooler taking up much space in the room. Its honeycomb cooling pads and air speed control also makes it one of the best air coolers in India. Its 46000 m3/hr air delivery and 52 feet air throw capacity makes it highly efficient.


  • Wood wool padding
  • Ice chambers
  • Motor overload protector
  • Inverter compatible


  • Has a high noise level compared to others

4. Orient Electric Smart-cool Dx CP2002H Air Cooler

This air cooler from Orient Electric hits this list owing to its 25% and 45% more cooling and water retention power, respectively. The motor of the air cooler makes for higher performance. It also has a 4-way cooling and 1300 m3/hr air delivery performance. It has a rust-proof, high-gloss ABS body that makes it durable. It also comes with a dust filter that improves the air quality and is compatible with inverters. You can make use of the ice chamber for quick cooling, and horizontal as well as vertical louvers.


  • Ideal for high temperatures
  • Castor wheels
  • Dust filter
  • Low power consumption
  • 3-way speed motor


  • High noise level

5. Kenstar Little Dx 12-Litre Air Cooler

Measuring 460 mm x 340 mm x 660mm, this product is sleek and aesthetically appealing. It offers an air throw distance of about 35 feet and air delivery of about 900 m3/hr. With this air cooler, you have a 4-way air deflection system, and a 20 square meter cooling area. This product also has a motorized vertical louvre movement and honeycomb evaporated pads that make it very suitable for cooling the air.


  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to install
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Inverter compatible


  • Power generated is lower than other air coolers

6. Cello Tower 15-litre Air Cooler

This air cooler by Cello Tower is equipped with a 15-litre powerful turbo power cooling system that is ideal for rooms of about 160 sq ft. It comes with honeycomb cooling pads with a water inlet that runs from the top and back, an ice chamber for faster cooling, and a powerful 11-inch fan blade. However even without the trolley, it has an air delivery power of 1800 m3/hr coupled with a 3-speed power and its air throw is about 35 feet.


  • Lightweight
  • In-built mosquito net
  • Easy assembly
  • Digital and auto panels


  • Not equipped with a trolley.

7. iBELL MAJORNEW Air Cooler

This air cooler features an elegant and sturdy body that makes it aesthetically pleasing. Its tank capacity of 35 liters also makes it an ideal choice for small and medium-sized rooms. It also makes for high mobility with its 4 castor wheels while offering a 3-speed control. Worried about the light consumption? It is low-powered and can work on the inverter. The cooler features honeycomb pads, making it ideal for the home.


  • Lightweight
  • Ice chamber for enhanced cooling
  • Environment-friendly
  • Sleek design


  • May not be suitable for large rooms.

8. Hindware Snowcrest 19 HO Air Cooler

This air cooler from Hindware is equipped with a powerful fan and motor that makes it highly efficient. Its ingenious louver system helps deliver high-quality air to cool every corner in the room. Other than these, the honeycomb pads make room for cooling that absorbs dust particles and the like while ensuring durability. The 4-way deflection system ensures that the distribution of air is balanced throughout the room. Also, the ice chamber that it is equipped with makes cooling even better. While it is equipped with this ice chamber, it also has an enhanced louver movement, it is easily compatible with the inverter, has water level indicators that keeps you updated, and it is designed with castor wheels.


  • East control panel
  • Water level indicator
  • Ice chamber
  • Anti-deformative and anti-erosive material


  • Some may find it slightly noisy

9. Voltas Mega 70 Desert Cooler

This air cooler from Voltas is sleek, sturdy, and elegant, making it one of the most sleek air coolers on this list. It is equipped with a trolley that makes mobility all the easier. With a cooler capacity of 70 liters that offers enhanced cooling, this air cooler is one of the best. It comes with honeycomb cooling pads, and turbo air throw that provides effective cooling.


  • 70-litre capacity
  • Sturdy stand
  • Low power consumption
  • Turbo air throw


  • Slightly heavy

10. MITBOTS ABS Plastic Air Cooler

With 3 levels of cooling, this air cooler keeps your room cool, just the way you like it and runs for 12 hours without any problems. While working for this long, you can make it cooler with its ice chamber instant cooling features that makes it even more efficient. It comes with honeycomb cooling pads that take cooling to another level. Finally, this air cooler from MITBOTS is capped with an ABS plastic body that makes it durable.


  • Lightweight
  • Sleek
  • Mobile charging port
  • LED light for night


  • Offers low power

11, Havells Celia I Desert Air Cooler

This air cooler by Havelis has a 55-litre capacity that gives it enhanced performance and comes with an ice chamber and operates noiselessly. The air delivery of this air cooler too is top-notch, as it boasts 3500 m3/hr, while offering a remote controllable feature that makes control effortless. The unique louvers also make sure that it prevents dust and foreign particles from getting inside. It is rounded up with a 220 watts and 220/240 voltage power.


  • Clutter-free cord winding station
  • Auto water refill
  • Easy maintenance
  • Anti-erosion and deformation
  • 3-sided honeycomb cooling pads


  • 220 watts making it heavier energy-wise than other air coolers.
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

There are a few factors you need to consider before choosing an air cooler. You just need to first examine what you want before going ahead to consider the different features you’d want in an air cooler.

How To Choose The Best Air Cooler

Water tank with huge capacity

Air coolers are powered through a method of evaporative cooling where water is changed to water vapour and eventually reduces the temperature of the air blown by the fan. This means that water is very important to air coolers. So, in choosing one, you need to consider the water tank capacity that will be suitable for the kind of room you intend to put it in.

Power consumption

Although air coolers do not consume power that much, the watts and voltage of the brands vary. If you do not want an air cooler that consumes power more than necessary, you need to consider buying a low-powered air cooler.


Before getting an air cooler, you also need to consider the fan type. There are axial fans or centrifugal fans. However, the latter is quieter, but consumes more power and is more expensive than the former.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an I-purification technology in the air cooler?

The I-purification technology simply helps to process foreign particles and get rid of them. There are a lot of particles in the air ranging from insects to dust and the like. This technology simply helps to get rid of them in the air cooler, to avoid the air cooler blowing in dust and other foreign particles

2. How much electricity do air coolers consume?

Air coolers are not heavy appliances so they do not consume so much light. Most of them offer only between 125 to 220 watts accounting for not even up to a unit of power per hour.

Air coolers are becoming increasingly popular especially since they offer a lot of high-tech features. Because they are designed to offer top-notch cooling quality and to meet cooling desires, they have become necessary especially in a country like India where temperatures are increasing each day. Air coolers are also favorable for people who are not ready to splurge on air conditioners while offering the same escape route from heat that air conditioners offer. And since attention has shifted to these air coolers, they have become more sought after. Hopefully, our article has answered all your questions, so you can now proceed to get the air cooler of your choosing.

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