11 Best Radio Alarm Clocks That Play Music To Wake You Up In 2022


Nothing feels better than finding an alarm clock that plays pleasant music when you wake up. For this, you would want to find the best alarm clock with radio. With one, you can turn on the radio and listen to your favorite music on an alarm clock.

Alarm clocks with radio also come with LED lights that are not too bright, and some feature remote control functions. So, keep reading as we have listed the best alarm clocks that feature a radio to help you sleep better at night and wake up on time.

Types Of Alarm Clocks With Radio

Alarm clocks with radio can be categorized into four types.

  1. Dual alarm clocks: These digital alarm clocks come with two alarm settings, a snooze button, and an LED display to show the time. They are battery-powered or can be plugged directly into the wall.
  1. Light-based clocks: The LED display increases the brightness gradually as soon as the alarm goes off.
  1. Novelty clocks: These are similar to functional alarm clocks but have different shapes, such as a hamburger or a banana.
  1. Phone: Your smartphones also have an alarm clock. You can download the clock application to wake up to your favorite songs.

11 Best Alarm Clocks With Radio

1. Keiid Alarm Clock Radio Speaker

Keiid Alarm Clock Radio Speaker


Keiid wall-mountable alarm clock with radio and speaker is designed with multifunctional features. The 5W HiFi speakers enhance the sound quality.  The FM radio can tune up to 30 preset channels, and the 6.5-foot-long antenna ensures good reception. It has a dual alarm system. You can even wake up to your favorite FM music as an alarm. The three-level warm yellow night light is easy on your eyes. It also includes a built-in Anion air purifier.


  • 5inch large screen
  • Sleep timer
  • Snooze alarm
  • Remote control

2. i-box Bedside Radio Alarm Clock

i-box Bedside Radio Alarm Clock


The i-box bedside alarm clock comes with a Qi wireless charging pad compatible with all Qi-enabled phones. With a 1A USB port, you can quickly charge an additional device. The huge 6-watt speakers and a subwoofer allow you to enjoy an amplified sound system. You can enjoy up to ten FM radio stations, and the five-level dimmer enables you to choose and adjust the brightness of the LED display according to your needs.


3. Uplift Alarm Clock Radio

Uplift Alarm Clock Radio


Designed to stream your music wirelessly from smart devices, the Uplift alarm clock radio features high-fidelity speakers that provide fantastic sound quality. The dual USB output ports allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The digital alarm clock has a large 4.2inch LED screen that displays room temperature in real-time. Long press the tactile button to freely switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit modes.


  • Dual alarm with snooze
  • 16-level adjustable volume
  • Four adjustable brightness levels
  • Five adjustable night light levels
  • One-year warranty

4. Mpow Projection Alarm Clock

Mpow Projection Alarm Clock


Mpow alarm clock features a 180° swivel projector that projects precise time on the ceiling or wall. The dual alarm with snooze time offers you nine-minute extra sleep time. The FM radio alarm clock allows you to wake to your favorite radio station. The device remembers the last FM station during instances of a power outage.


  • Five-inch large LED screen
  • 30 radio stations
  • 12/24 hour display format
  • Five ringtones and three-volume12- or 24-hour clock display
  • Four brightness levels
  • USB charging port

5. Reacher Digital Radio Alarm Clock

Reacher Digital Radio Alarm Clock


Reacher is a compact digital clock with a dual charging port for wireless and USB port charging. The radio alarm clock allows you to wake up to your favorite radio station. You can adjust the radio station automatically or manually. The radio volume is adjustable up to 30 levels, and the 1.2inch white LED digits allow you to read the time easily.


  • Stores up to 99 FM stations
  • Six-level dimmer brightness
  • 120 DB volume
  • Nine-minute snooze
  • Two-alarm sound options
  • 12- or 24-hour clock display

6. Housbay Alarm Clock Radio

Housbay Alarm Clock Radio


House bay alarm clock radio has a dual alarm function and lets you set different options for your daily routine. The FM radio option allows you to enjoy your favorite music. The sleep timer can be set to turn off both the nightlight and FM radio. 


  • Seven nightlight colors
  • Five brightness levels
  • Adjustable alarm volume
  • Adjustable sleep timer
  • Lighted-in-the-dark buttons
  • Dual alarm

7. USCCE Digital Alarm Clock

USCCE Digital Alarm Clock


The USCCE alarm clock has six optional alarm sounds that allow you to wake up to your favorite sounds. You can adjust the volume of the radio on a scale of 0-16. Dual alarms with on/off indicators make it easy to distinguish which alarms are active. In the event of a power outage, it has a backup battery option (3 AAA batteries). The 3.4-inch compact LCD is dial-controlled with adjustable dimmer lights from zero to 100%.


  • 5mm headphone jack
  • Two USB ports
  • Temperature display in Fahrenheit or centigrade
  • 10-15 minutes sleep timer
  • Dual USB charger
  • Radio saves up to 40 stations

8. hOmeLabs Alarm Clock

hOmeLabs Alarm Clock


hOmelabs alarm clock features eight colorful lighting options that can double as a bedside lamp during non-sleeping hours. A warm, white LED light automatically turns on 30 minutes before the alarm. The sunrise alarm clock has an easy-to-hit snooze button. Press the snooze button on the top of the clock, and it will pause the alarm and turn off the lights and sounds.


  • Touchscreen
  • 12- or 24-hour clock display
  • Three brightness settings
  • USB charger with a backup battery

9. Elegiant Alarm Clock

Elegiant Alarm Clock


The Elegant alarm clock is compact and supports dual alarm clock settings. The alarm clock’s snooze function allows extra sleep time of five to 60 minutes. The FM radio has 15 adjustable volume levels and can store up to 15 radio stations. It provides a default snooze time of nine minutes and is manually adjustable.


  • 7in display screen
  • Dimmer with four brightness level
  • USB charging port with battery backup
  • 5V 2A adapter
  • 12- or 24-hour clock display

10. Reacher Dual Alarm Clock Radio

Reacher Dual Alarm Clock Radio


Reacher dual alarm clock with weekday and weekend settings can easily set your different wake-up times. The brightness level of the dimmer lights can be adjusted from zero to 100% as per your comfort level. The FM radio with a sleep timer allows you to sleep with your favorite song. The radio function also enables you to select the manual and auto settings of the radio stations. It also comes with a built-in temperature sensor that can measure indoor temperature.


  • Dual charging sockets
  • Dual alarm functionality
  • Battery backup
  • 25-inch LCD
  • Temperature display

11. Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio

Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio


Emerson speaker is a smart technology device that can automatically set the correct year, month, day, and time on first use and every time there is a power outage. The smart alarm can save up to 20 radio stations, and you can wake up every morning to your favorite songs. It features a LED display with four-level dimmer controls and an easy-to-read LED clock display with dimmer control and blue night light. It also has a programmable music sleep option.


  • Nine-inch jade green LED clock
  • Four-level dimmer
  • Batteries included
  • Programmable sleep to music timer

How To Choose The Right Alarm Clock With Radio?

Consider the following factors when choosing an alarm clock with radio.

1. Durability: Look for a durable product. High-quality products may be expensive, but they are long-lasting.

2. Sound quality: Noise cancellation technology has become common. You can easily find alarm clocks with reduced background noise and excellent sound quality.

3. Features: Make sure the product comes with dual alarm and clock display options. Also, check the display brightness of the LED screen. The light should be soothing to your eyes at night.

4. Connectivity: Multiple connectivity options and dual USB ports allow simultaneous charging of devices. Choose a product that has USB ports, SD card slots, and auxiliary ports.

5. Battery Life: The battery life should be at least 12 to 15 hours. Some devices offer 24 hours of battery life, so you don’t have to worry about charging the device frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can an alarm clock be used to set up multiple customizable alarms?

Yes, you can set up various alarms and customize the time between the alarms.

Can the sonic options be customized in an alarm clock?

2. Customized sonic alarm clocks with advanced vibrating functions are available on the market.

Sometimes, an alarm clock can be disturbing. However, smart clocks are reliable, interactive, and have unique functions that make the whole experience of going to bed and waking up comfortable. We hope our list of the 11 best alarm clocks with radio helps you find the one that suits your needs.

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