15 Best Toddler Alphabet Learning Toys, As Per Childhood Educators

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Children can learn faster while playing and having fun, so parents prefer interactive toys like alphabet learning toys for their children. We have created a list of the best alphabet learning toys to excite the children and motivate them to learn more about the letters of the alphabet and the words they can form. It’s important for children to learn the alphabet and numbers during preschool. It encourages them to start learning new words and improves their cognitive and memory skills.

Alphabet learning toys ensure your child remains engaged and active for hours. They help your child feel confident and develop an interest in studying and learning from a young age. These parent-recommended toddler learning toys are made of safe and durable materials for your child. So, read on to learn more about the various teaching tools and their features to choose the right one.

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15 Best Alphabet Learning Toys

1. Best For Word Association:Just Smarty Interactive ABCs And 123s Learning Poster

Just Smarty Electronic Alphabet Wall Chart Image: Just Smarty

This educational alphabet toy will help your child learn the alphabet, spelling, numbers, and word association. The interactive poster will be a great addition to your kids’ room, and its attractive and colorful design will keep them engaged for hours together. They will learn new skills that they will need once they join the school through this poster. They can dance and sing to nine popular kid’s songs such as Bingo, the ABC song, five Little Monkeys, the Finger Family song, Head Shoulders Knees, and Toes If You’re Happy and You Know It!, three Little Kittens, Wheels On The Bus, and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. The educational activity toy hardly takes up any space–just hang it on a wall or place it on the floor to let your child engage in endless fun and learning.

Item Weight: 9.6 ounces | Product Dimensions: 24 x 8 x 2 inches


  • Improves reading skills
  • Adjustable volume
  • Tear-proof edges
  • Easy to carry along
  • Automatic turn-off feature
  • Mess-free learn-and-play toy
  • Comes with batteries


  • Some may find the buttons hard to press
  • May not stay flat on the wall

protip_icon Quick tip
Hang this alphabet and numbers poster at a suitable height so that your child can easily reach the top buttons without assistance.

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product has garnered more than 28,466 positive reviews on Amazon.

2. Best For Color Recognition: Likee Alphabet & Number Flash Cards

Learning can be so much more fun and effective when your child’s having a good time and pursuing activities such as matching wooden blocks to cards. Children not only learn the alphabet and numbers, but they also learn color recognition, problem-solving skills, and hand-eye coordination with these flashcards. All 26 individual letter cards have a fun illustration so that kids can associate words and objects with each letter, like I is for Iguana, and the numbers 1-10 have the corresponding number of animals for counting.

The flashcards in this learning alphabet toy are thick, large, and durable, with the number cards measuring 3.25 x 5.5 inches and the alphabet cards measuring 3.25 x 4.25 inches, with a thickness of 0.15 inches.

Material: Wood | Item Weight: 9.9 ounces | Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.25 x 0.01 inches


  • Easy-to-grab wood pieces
  • Includes a storage bin
  • Pegged cards
  • Double-sided cards
  • Non-toxic material
  • Smooth edges


  • Some words may be tough to learn
  • Some may find the storage box flimsy

3. Best Interactive: LeapFrog Mr. Pencil’s ABC Backpack

LeapFrog Mr. Pencil’s ABC Backpack Image: Leapfrog Store

Give your kid the chance to interact with the alphabet in fun ways with this board on which they can write and then erase the various letters and drawings. The LCD screen guides them on each step while writing a letter, and then shows how the letter can be turned into an animal starting with that letter.

Your child can also insert the individual letters into the letter spaces and simultaneously learn the letter sound, name, and the name of an animal with each letter. There are a total of seven activities in this learning alphabet toy, and when your kid is done, it can all be safely packed in the backpack. The backpack can be clipped shut and carried like a regular backpack. This interactive and award-winning alphabet toy by the trusted brand Leapfrog is ideal for children aged above three years and makes learning tons of fun. Learn more about this entertaining learning board in this review video.

Item Weight: 2.54 Pounds | Batteries: 2 AA batteries required | Item Weight: 2.54 pounds | Product Dimensions: 12.64 x 2.76 x 9.61 inches


  • String-attached Leap Frog pencil
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Promotes interaction
  • Engaging games
  • Encourages drawing
  • Available in two colors


  • Letters may be hard to remove from the slots
  • Backpack may be heavy

Our Tester's Experience

"Although smaller than expected, the set's impact on my child’s grasping skills has been impressive. Its vibrant colors and easy-to-handle blocks are sturdy enough to withstand rough play and encourage independent play."

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

Join the 4,588 satisfied buyers on Amazon who have said the product meets their needs and expectations.

4. Best Vibrant:Learning Resources Smart Snacks Alpha Pops

Learning Resources Smart Snacks Alpha Pops Image: Learning Resources

This set of 26 double-sided and multicolored ice pops can be clicked together so that children can recognize and match capital letters and lowercase letters. Kids can self-check by seeing and ensuring that the colors match. This tried-and-tested alphabet toy has numerous learning objectives like letter recognition, color recognition, receptive language, color matching, quizzes, and expressive language. The ice pops come in 13 bright and vibrant colors and are crafted with safe and durable plastic that’s easy to clean. Each pop measures 4 x 1.25 inches and is easy to hold by children. This review video will provide you with added insights about the product.

Item Weight: 1 pounds | Product Dimensions: 10 x 10.1 x 3.1 inches


  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Enhances imagination
  • Improves reading skills
  • Improves fine motor skills and strength of hand muscles


  • Does not come with a storage box
  • Some may find the double-sided feature confusing

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Teaching my child capital and small letters has never been this simple and fun. The pieces are robust enough to withstand my child's tight grip and pounding without misshaping. The toy also lets her challenge her color recognition and matching skills. Overall, it has been a worthwhile purchase."

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

More than 4,517 independent reviewers on Amazon have acknowledged the product's durability and functionality.

5. Best Non-Toxic:Coogam Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game


This awesome and simple magnetic fishing game comes armed with 26 wooden fish, two wooden magnetic fishing poles, and a wooden sorting box. It’s an enjoyable activity great for learning the alphabet via recognition of alphabet letters on the fish and understanding colors. The board is crafted with premium quality, solid, natural wood, and is coated with eco-friendly water-based paint. Completely safe and non-toxic, all the edges of this letter recognition toy are smoothly rounded and splinter-free.

A great teaching tool, this magnetic fish with letters helps develop eye-hand coordination, confidence, as well as motor skills in kids. Children need to find the fish that matches the letter and color on the board using the wooden magnetic fishing pole and pick up the fish with magnets attached to their mouth. As there are two fishing poles in this fun game, kids can take turns and compete with their friends in catching fish.

Item Weight: 1.8 ounces | Product Dimensions: 5.91 x 5.91 x 0.39 inches


  • Sturdy board
  • Thick fish pieces
  • Durable material
  • Ideal size for little hands
  • Ideal for ages three and above


  • Fishing poles may be a bit flimsy
  • Magnets may not be as strong

protip_icon Quick tip
Say a word and instruct your child to fish out the word’s letters and arrange them in the correct sequence, which will help develop your child’s letter recognition, spelling, and vocabulary skills.

6. Best Portable:Battat Hide & Seek Alphabet Pop-Up Toy


The sturdy and durable board of this time-tested alphabet toy is constructed of plastic and fabric. It comprises 50 colorful flaps and 50 pop-up buttons, so there’s a surprise at every turn.  Kids can learn about letters, four shapes, numbers from one to ten, and ten colors while playing. This board game can also be used as a memory game as they try to remember what’s hidden under the flap. As each button is pushed, it reveals a colorful illustration.

Upper-case letters are painted on the flap, while the corresponding lower-case letter is visible when you push the flap open. This toy boosts early learning of letters, enhances hand-eye coordination, and improves fine motor skills. Measuring 13 x 11.6 x 1.5 inches, it’s easily portable and is ideal for kids over the age of three years.

Item Weight: 12 ounces | Product Dimensions: 13.13 x 1.5 x 11.63 inches


  • Bright colors
  • Double-sided flaps
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Engaging and interactive toy
  • Travel-friendly
  • Easy to use


  • Stickers may peel off over time
  • Some may find it hard to push the buttons

My Personal Experience

"Its hide-and-seek style design has been perfect for introducing the alphabet, shapes, and colors to my child. It also helps improve my child's motor skills, and the sound-free design is a relief. Plus, the built-in handle makes portability easy."

7. Best For Visual Learners:Learning Resources Alphabet Acorns Activity Set

Learning Resources Alphabet Acorns Activity Set Image: Learning Resources

With 26 color-coded counters and 26 acorns, this unique letter-matching and skill-building game helps children learn letters by matching the lower and upper case letters when putting the acorns together. Each 2 x 2.5-inch acorn has a surprise counter that’s vibrantly colored. Ideal for tactile and visual learners, each acorn of this alphabet toy helps familiarize kids with plants, animals, and other common words as they put the apple in A and the zebra in Z.

This toy also aids in color recognition skills, and they can even try to make simple words out of the acorns’ letters. Perfect for toddlers, this challenging and fun toy helps hone children’s sorting and hand-eye coordination skills and fosters fine motor skill development.

Item Weight: 2.2 pounds | Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 10.2 x 2.7 inches


  • Multiple ways to play
  • Stackable
  • Bright colors
  • Hard and sturdy plastic
  • Develops color recognition


  • Small pieces may require adult supervision
  • Some may find the colors hard to read

Our Tester's Experience

"The learning aid has helped sharpen my munchkin’s letter recognition skills while allowing her to indulge in tactile play. While the color contrast could have been better, the surprise element of finding a figure inside the acron keeps the game from feeling repetitive."

8. Best Durable:Joyin Alphabet Robots Toy


This safety-tested and child-safe STEM toy includes alphabot figures with various letters and robots, and all the alphabots figures can combine into three bigger robots measuring 7.25 inches. Detachable digits allow the letters to transform into different cool robots. Each letter robot measures 2 × 2 × 0.75 inches and is made of premium quality, non-toxic, durable material, meeting US safety standards. It’s simple for kids to switch back and forth between the robots and letters. These learning letters for toddlers are perfect for word and letter identification, and they are also an effective alphabet toy for learning in a fun way.

Item Weight: 2 pounds | Package Dimensions: 14.86 x 11.05 x 2.01 inches


  • Thick and sturdy pieces
  • Ideal size for little hands
  • Engaging
  • Easy to build
  • Suitable for ages three and above


  • Some pieces could be stiff and hard to transform
  • Does not include an instruction booklet

Our Tester's Experience

"My child is thrilled with the option of transforming letters into robots. It took him some time to figure out how to piece the bots, but with some practice, he can now assemble them by himself and revise the alphabet without my help."

9. Best Child-Friendly:Melissa & Doug Self Correcting Alphabet Wooden Puzzles

Melissa & Doug Self Correcting Alphabet Wooden Puzzles Image: Melissa & Doug

The expert-approved Melissa & Doug Self Correcting Alphabet Wooden Puzzles set features 52 play pieces and comes in a storage bin. The game is designed for the early education of children and helps them learn the alphabet through the puzzle theme. Children can easily learn the various alphabets and their associated objects, including fruits, birds, or animals. The ABC puzzle play set is suitable for children above four years of age and measures 13x6x3 in.

Item Weight: 1.76 pounds | Product Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 3 inches


  • Designed with self-correcting pieces
  • Helps improve cognition and memory
  • Sparks imagination and creativity among kids
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Safe wooden material


  • May have incorrect letters in the sequence
  • Some pieces may get warped or fit loosely

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Besides enhancing my little one’s matching skills, it hones his fine motor skills as he picks and joins the pieces together. Its design is a bit tricky, but the self-correcting feature allows independent play. Plus, the wooden construction feels durable."

10. Best For Matching Skills:Lewo Magnetic Fishing Game

This innovative alphabet toy for babies is made of premium-quality solid wood and features beautiful aquatic animal work. The circular wooden board measures 8.6 x 8.6 x 0.9 inches and includes 26 fish-shaped alphabet magnets, a magnetic doll, and two fishing rods. This two-in-one fishing game helps kids practice their fishing skills. It’s a creative way to encourage fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination as they recognize the letters on the fish. The shapes of the pieces on the board boost matching skills, and kids can use the magnetic fishing pole to catch the vibrantly colored fish from the game board.

Item Weight: 0.01 ounces | Product Dimensions: 2 x 3 x 5 inches


  • Double-sided board
  • Easy to hold and play
  • Colorful
  • Suitable for two players


  • Fish may be small
  • Magnets may not be firmly attached

11. Best Quality:VTech ABC Learning Apple


The VTech ABC Learning Apple game features various animals in fun colors etched on the apple-shaped playing board. With a bright red background, the fun game by this trusted brand attracts your child’s attention and has a playset size dimension of 2.09×12.6×11.42 inches. It supports the exploration of eight learning activities, making it suitable for preschoolers. It supports various modes with 26 different melodies and sound effects. This phonics toy set is suitable for children aged between two and five years.

Batteries: 2 AA batteries required | Item Weight: 1.08 pounds | Product Dimensions: 2.09 x 12.6 x 11.42 inches


  • Learning concepts include phonics, memory spelling, words, and time
  • Has seven play modes
  • Has 26 light-up letter buttons
  • Lightweight


  • Letters may be smaller than expected
  • Some may find the volume low

My Personal Experience

"My daughter is captivated by its sounds, lights, and buttons. Its different modes and phonic sounds also make it easy for her to recognize and memorize the alphabet. Its music sometimes seems a bit loud, but I give it my approval for its hands-on learning experience."

12. Best Innovative:Wood City Alphabet Puzzle

Wood City Alphabet Puzzle Image: Wood City

Made of smooth and solid wood, this vibrantly colored alphabet letter puzzle is a parent-recommended choice for safe and engaging play. It includes 26 uppercase letters and lowercase letters that are distributed under the pieces. Children have to complete the puzzle by matching the upper and lower case letters and fitting them into the wooden puzzle board. Perfect for two-year-olds, it’s an innovative way to learn while playing and helps kids practice their letters as well as learn simple words.

Children will simply adore spelling their names by lining up the letters or fitting them into the puzzle, and the game helps develop basic cognitive ability, color perception, hand-eye coordination, and logical thinking in them. These learning letters for kids are a perfect size for children to hold, and they can stand upright, which lets kids stack the alphabet one after another as they spell out words.

Item Weight: 1.54 pounds | Product Dimensions: 12.48 x 12.48 x 0.4 inches


  • Non-toxic material
  • Water-based paint
  • Smooth edges
  • Thick and sturdy board
  • Durable


  • Paint may chip over time
  • May require adult supervision

My Personal Experience

"This toy has introduced my son to everything from the alphabet and shapes to numbers. I wish the letter pieces were magnetic, but the box-style exterior keeps the pieces from scattering. Moreover, the shoulder straps make it a breeze to carry the toy."

13. Best Portable:Beiens Talking Flash Cards For Toddlers


The Beiens flashcards are an intriguing set of toys designed for children between two and four years of age. This Beiens set for toddlers has 120 double-sided cards, also considered speech therapy toys, with different learning and skill levels. The talking alphabet toy set features 11 themes, including animals, letters, colors, numbers, shapes, fruits, and musical instruments. The alphabet flashcards have quizzes to ensure your child learns in detail.

Material: Paper | Batteries: 3 AAA batteries required | Item Weight: 1.17 pounds | Product Dimensions: 5.66 x 3.24 x 3.43 inches


  • Helps with language development
  • Helps improves cognitive skills
  • Flexible toy made of durable paper
  • Helps develop independent learning habits
  • Easy to use
  • Has a volume-control feature


  • Some themes may not have enough examples
  • Cards may need reinsertion for use

Our Reviewer's Experience

"The dual-sided design of the cards seems to have helped my child make better associations between the letters and how they form words. I wish the cards were thicker, but this little quick does not reduce the game’s engagement efficiency in improving my child’s vocabulary."

14. Best For Preschoolers:LeFree Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart


LeFree’s Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart is designed as a preschool playing and learning toy with multiple interesting features that can keep your child engaged for long. This wall alphabet chart includes letters and numbers enabled with music for easy learning and extended attention. The posters with alphabets and numbers measure 17.5×5.3×1.7 inches, are brightly colored, and have five variations to choose from to align with your child’s learning needs. This toy is suitable for children aged three and above.

Item Weight: 10.2 ounces | Product Dimensions: 17.5 x 5.3 x 1.7 inches


  • Aids language development
  • Features four learning modes
  • Ease to use with sensitive buttons
  • Adjustable volume
  • Wall mounting feature saves space
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Material may get creased
  • Charts outer layer may start coming off with use

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Its innovative backpack design allows my toddler to brush up on her letter formation skills even on the go. Since the letter slots are snug, she sometimes requires my help to arrange them. However, that is a small trade-off for the immense fun it brings to my child."

15. Best Multifunctional:Boley Alphabet Learning Backpack


The Boley Alphabet Learning Backpack is an interactive and magnetic doodle board set inscribed with letters for easy and early learning of the alphabet. Its brightly colored buttons help keep your child’s attention intact. It has undergone rigorous tests to meet multiple safety standards and thus makes an age-appropriate toy for children above three years of age to suit their playing and learning needs. This alphabet-themed playset has four geometric shape stamps and runs on two AA batteries. The backpack-shaped carrying case also makes the playset portable and easy to pack.

Item Weight: 2.14 pounds | Package Dimensions: 12.75 x 9.75 x 3.25 inches


  • Helps improve early cognition
  • Adjustable straps
  • Eight sound buttons to play different music
  • Child-friendly and safe


  • Helps improve early cognition
  • Adjustable straps
  • Eight sound buttons to play different music
  • Child-friendly and safe

Our Tester's Experience

"I like the inclusion of the doodle board as it lets my child work on her letter-writing skills. I wish the letter pieces were magnetic to keep them in place during transit. Nevertheless, this bag-style toy has been effective in introducing my child to basic animal and fruit names as well."

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Alphabet Toys For Toddlers?

Here are a few pointers to let you choose the best toy that’s fun, interactive, rewarding, and motivating.

  1. Age of your child: When you get the right toy for your child, it enhances their skills while playing and having tons of fun. With an alphabet toy, children will have different requirements for different age groups. Puzzles work well for older kids, while a toddler is better off with soft alphabet cards, and a preschooler may enjoy simple alphabet books with pictures or basic games.
  2. Safety: At a younger age, children tend to put things into their mouths, so ensure that the alphabet toy is made of safe materials like wood, BPA-free plastic, and fabric. They should be non-toxic, made of non-flammable materials, and have no sharp corners or edges. Also, they should have no small parts that pose a choking hazard. Read the warnings given by the manufacturers closely, and choose only those toys for kids that are recommended for your child’s age.
  3. Material: Wooden alphabet toys are better, safer, and more eco-friendly than their plastic counterparts. Unlike plastic, wooden alphabet toys have natural antibacterial properties and are made from sustainable resources. Wood also provides better tactile and sensory stimulation than other materials because of their varied texture.
  4. Features: Toys that grow with your children and look after several developmental features are more versatile, and good value for money. As your child grows older, they can continue to play and derive benefit from them. It’s best if such toys come in trays or boxes for easy storage and portability.
  5. Open-ended toys: Children have a short attention span, so opt for open-ended toys to avoid boredom as they can play with it in multiple different ways. Alphabet toys, apart from teaching kids the letters, should stimulate creativity, imagination, reasoning, and problem solving skills. It should also help develop eye-hand coordination and foster fine motor skill development. Also, try to avoid a battery-operated alphabet toy as a child may not learn to think independently with this passive style of learning.
  6. Toys that involve the family: Consider toys that involve the family. Games and toys involving counting, matching, letter identifying skills, and sorting can help build stronger bonds and teach team spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. By what age should my child know the alphabet?

By the age of two years, your little one will start recognizing some letters of the alphabet. By age three, your little one might recognize half of the letters, and by four years your child is likely to recognize all the letters.

2. How do alphabet toys affect a child’s overall development?

Alphabet toys help with fine motor skill development, enhance vocabulary and memory, and improve hand-eye coordination.

3. What are the benefits of learning toys?

Learning toys help your little one develop cognitive skills, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills (1).

4. Which letters should be taught first?

Letters that occur frequently should be taught first. It is also recommended that you teach letters and sounds simultaneously (2).

5. Does playing with alphabet toys help in learning?

Yes, learning through play encourages your little one to explore and think out of the box. It boosts creativity, confidence, and encourages cognitive development.

The Bottom Line

Introduce your little one to the world of ABCs with the best alphabet learning toys for toddlers we have listed here. We bring you toys of different types to meet your various requirements. You could choose the Just Smarty Interactive ABCs And 123s Learning Poster with colorful images to engage and motivate children to learn. The Learning Resources Smart Snacks Alpha Pops, made of safe, durable plastic, is a good choice if you are looking for a safe toy. Moreover, learning should be fun for toddlers. Thus, an interactive and visually attractive toy, such as the VTech ABC Learning Apple that combines comprehensive learning and engaging play modes, makes an excellent pick for your little one. Once you find the right alphabet toy from the many options, you can even bond with your little one while helping them learn.

Infographic: What Are The Interesting Ways To Teach The Alphabet?

The ability to recognize and differentiate between letters can impact the kind of reader and learner your child would become. Therefore, you must teach your child the alphabet from a very young age. Read the following infographic to learn about some exciting and participatory ways of teaching the alphabet to children.

Creative Ways To Teach The Alphabet (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get the high-quality PDF version of this infographic.

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  2. Letter-Sound Correspondences

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