15 Best Diaper Bags To Buy In 2022

If you are an on-the-go parent, we have created a list of the best diaper bags to help you stay prepared. When traveling with your baby, you need to carry their essentials to ensure your child’s comfort. Thus, you need spacious diaper bags with multiple compartments to carry diapers, baby wipes, feeding bottles, toys, and more. You can also store your keys, wallets, phones, and more for convenience and portability. These bags have various features and are available in different styles and colors to suit your preferences. So, take a look at the options listed below to find the right diaper bag.


15 Best Diaper Bags

1. Best For Storage Space: Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag

Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag


  • Easy to carry, thanks to a strap and two grab handles.
  • Features two mesh pockets on the side to store smaller items for quick access. Contains a total of eleven pockets: seven outside and four inside.
  • Exclusive pocket on the outside to store the baby’s bottle separately.
  • Patented shuttle clips by the side of the bag allow you to hang the bag to the handles of a stroller, thus making it one of the best diaper bags for travel.
  • The contrasting inner lining color makes it easier to find items quickly.
  • Comes with a D-ring to strap a pacifier or a toy. Also has a provision to hold a tablet, phone, and laptop.
  • BPA and phthalate free. Vegan leather options in specific variants.

2. Best Durable: Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Diaper Bag

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Diaper Bag


  • Made with machine-washable Teflon fabric. The inner lining of the pockets is given special treatment to prevent the accumulation of odor-causing bacteria and mold.
  • The outer fabric is non-absorbent, which keep the contents of the bag dry and undamaged.
  • Has two shoulder straps and a removable messenger strap, making it one of the best convertible diaper bags.
  • Has seven pockets: four open and three zipped.
  • A wider bag opening that makes it easier to put and remove items.
  • The floor of the inner pocket is flat and firm, which makes it better for organizing items within the bag.

3. Easiest To Carry: Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack


  • Backpack style bag with two shoulder straps. Two smaller straps at the top allow you to buckle the bag to the handle/frame of a stroller.
  • Has 14 pockets in all, with two separate side pockets for holding the feeding bottle and baby wipes. The baby wipes pocket is hollow and makes it easy to pull out the wipes from it. Feeding bottle pocket is insulated to keep milk warm.
  • The water-resistant outer polyester material makes cleaning the bag easier.
  • The bag ships with free changing mat and sundry bag (a small pouch).
  • Contains an extendable, external key-chain for quick access to keys.
  • The black color scheme gives it a universal appeal, thus making it one of the best diaper bags for dads.

4. Best For Organization: Moskka Diaper Bag Backpack



  • Backpack style diaper bag with a total of 12 pockets, including a zipped pouch on the side for holding your phone.
  • Separated pockets within the bag allow for efficient organization and easy access of items.
  • It has grab handles and pegs at the base that allow it to stand on a flat surface.
  • The top zipper opens end to end, which gives the bag a wide opening for easily placing and removing stuff from the bag.
  • Stroller straps on the bag let you hang it comfortably to a stroller. The bag comes with a free diaper changing pad.
  • The color scheme is gender neutral, which makes it one of the best unisex diaper bags.

5. Best For Twin Babies: Skip Hop Duo Double Signature Diaper Bag

Skip Hop Duo Double Signature Diaper Bag


  • It is large and wide enough for storing several diaper packs, useful for twin babies.
  • You can attach the bag to a side-by-side stroller, which is often used for twins.
  • Two carrying choices include messenger strap and two handles.
  • The bag contains a total of 16 pockets including two side pockets to hold a feeding bottle or sippy cup.
  • Convenient pocket for holding pens and mobile phones.
  • The inner compartment contains contrasting lining and a D-ring on the outside to attach a baby’s toy.
  • Easy to clean material that is free of phthalate.

6. Best Water-Resistant:  Abear Diaper Bag Backpack

Abear Diaper Bag Backpack


  • The bag opens wide and has a volume of 23.8 liters, which makes it one of the largest diaper bags.
  • It has a total of 14 pockets and a large central compartment.
  • It is made of high-quality, durable polyester, which is water resistant and easy to clean.
  • It features an exclusive, insulated pocket for a feeding bottle and another for baby wipes. Front pocket contains a secondary inner pocket where to store wet napkins.
  • The two top grab handles allow you to hold the bag straight. Each handle is sturdily attached to the bag with metal rivets, thus making it one of the best tote diaper bags.
  • The bag offers a lot of features for a reasonable price, making it one of the best affordable diaper bags.

7. Best Stylish:  Crossbody Canvas Diaper Bag

Crossbody Canvas Diaper Bag


  • A stylish diaper bag made entirely of canvas and comes with a messenger strap and two tote handles. The easy-to-wear design makes it one of the best messenger diaper bags.
  • It has nine compartments, with two dedicated to holding a feeding bottle each.
  • Four zipper pockets allow easy organizing of objects within the bag.
  • Features a firm base with clogs at four edges.
  • Two exterior pockets to place smaller objects and even baby wipes for quick access.

8. Best Faux Leather Bag: Kaydee Baby Faux Leather Diaper Bag Backpack

Kaydee Baby Faux Leather Diaper Bag Backpack


  • A stylish, large diaper bag made of artificial leather. Straps and handles are also made with faux leather, which adds to the bag’s appeal.
  • The bag contains a large central compartment
  • Four small internal pockets and two side pockets to store the baby’s feeding bottle.
  • The single sturdy handle at the top allows you to hang the bag on hooks and strollers.
  • Overall, a lightweight diaper bag that is as much a fashion statement as it is utilitarian

9. Best For Traveling: HaloVa Diaper Bag Travel Backpack

HaloVa Diaper Bag Travel Backpack


  • Made from water-resistant material that is easy to clean. Comes in five color options.
  • The bag comes with a large pocket on the outside to hold the baby’s food items.
  • A separate wet cloth pocket lets you put soiled and wet clothes separately, away from the rest of the items in the bag.
  • The bag has a dedicated side pocket for baby wipes with a slit that allows you to pull the wipes easily A top side pocket lets you store your phone.
  • Has two carrying options: tote-style or as a backpack.

10. Best For Convenience: Harrito Designer Diaper Bag Purse

Harrito Designer Diaper Bag Purse


  • A stylish purse-style diaper bag that with comes long straps that go around the shoulder comfortably. Shorter, removable, straps allow you to attach the bag to a stroller.
  • The bag contains a total of ten pockets, which includes two external pockets for quick access to necessary items.
  • The bag ships with free changing pad and an insulated bottle holder.
  • The bag, changing pad, and bottle holder are machine washable.
  • Adequate space inside allows you to place your phone, keys, and wallet too.

11. Best Multipurpose Bag: Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag


  • A box-style diaper bag that lets you neatly arrange the diaper packets in a single compartment.
  • The bag features a built-in diaper changing pad that folds neatly into the bag when not in use.
  • Exterior side pockets for holding a feeding bottle or sippy cup.
  • Can be used as a messenger bag or a backpack.
  • Comes with an exterior back pocket, specially made to store the removable messenger strap when not in use.
  • The front flap attaches with a magnetic clasp, which makes it convenient to open and close the bag.

12. Best For Toddlers: KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack

KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack


  • A huge, backpack-style diaper bag with provision to carry toddler-size diapers.
  • The bag features an insulated front pocket, with a capacity to hold three feeding bottles and two pouches inside for two more feeding bottles or sippy cups.
  • Multiple zipped pockets inside the bag allow you to store essential items including your phone.
  • Slitted side pocket to store baby wipes.
  • The bag is large enough to store even a small laptop or tablet along with baby essentials.

13. Best Designer Bag: Kate Spade Baby Diaper Bag

Kate Spade Baby Diaper Bag


  • An authentic designer bag from a fashion label with sets it apart from the standard diaper bags.
  • Holding options include a messenger style strap and two tote handles.
  • The messenger handle attaches to the main bag through premium metal hooks that add to the appeal of the bag.
  • Water-resistant polyester within the bag and the outside, which makes the bag easy to clean.
  • Two smaller pockets within the bag allow you to store smaller items such as a baby wipes pack or even a phone.

14. Best Luxury Bag: Coach Large Diaper Travel Bag



  • A premium, designer canvas bag with a large compartment that allows you to store several diaper packs.
  • A zippered pocket for holding smaller items like baby wipes.
  • A side pouch to hold a sippy cup or feeding bottle.
  • An inner sleeve, at the top, lets you keep your phone or keys for easy access.
  • The metal hooks and loops add to the premium appeal of the bag, making it a true luxury diaper bag.

15. Best Versatile Bag: Parker Baby Diaper Backpack




  • The bag features multiple compartments with a total of ten pockets.
  • A single zip closes the bag with a large flap covering the entire top portion of the bag.
  • The bag features a key ring and a laptop sleeve.
  • It features two side pockets, of which one is insulated to hold the baby’s feeding bottle.
  • The bag ships with free stroller straps and a diaper changing pad.

How To Choose A Diaper Bag?

The basic purpose of a diaper bag may be the same, but each parent’s needs are unique and warrant a unique diaper bag. So how do you pick what’s right for you? Read on to know what you should consider when buying a diaper bag.

  1. Spacious: Not all babies need the same number of diapers for a specific period. Some may need more, and others need a few. So pick a bag with enough space to hold the number of diaper packs required by your baby.
  1. Not heavy when empty: The bag should be strong enough to carry everything you need, but not bulky. Check the weight of the bag while you are still shopping for it and see if you will be comfortable taking it around.
  1. Easy to carry: The straps and handles should make it comfortable and convenient to carry the bag even with full load. If you prefer hauling bags on your shoulder, then backpack style diaper bags will be ideal for you.

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  1. Hard base with feet: If you are traveling alone with the baby and are likely to have no help when you change the diaper, get a bag with a firm base and sturdy pegs that allow it to stand on its own. This keeps the bag clean and prevents the contents from spilling out.
  1. Pockets: Pick a bag that has pockets to store additional items like talcum powder or diaper rash cream.
  1. Isolated slots: A separate slot is necessary to hold the feeding bottle, away from the compartment containing the diapers. Additional slots to keep the diaper wipes and a slot where you can store only the waste will be great too.
  1. Easy to clean: Accidental spills of food and milk are possible, so select a bag that is easy to clean.
  1. Preferably waterproof: You do not want the diapers to get all soggy if you are caught in the rain! So select a bag made of waterproof material, so that the contents of the bag remain dry even during snow or rain.
  1. It should be dad-friendly: Yes, dads can change diapers too! But they do not want to be seen around sporting a diaper bag with a light floral print. If you plan to split the diaper changing responsibility with your partner, then pick a unisex diaper bag, which is appealing to both the genders.

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Tips For Using Diaper Bags

The following tips can help you make the most of your diaper bag:

  1. Pack as per the baby’s needs: Pack only the essentials, avoid overstuffing the bag just to fill the slots.
  1. Store smaller items in one box: Place smaller items like pacifiers within a larger box and then store them inside the bag for better organization.
  1. Have separate compartments for waste: Pick one zippered slot within the bag and use it to store used napkins and soiled diapers in a plastic bag. Do not then use it for any other purpose.
  1. Use outside pockets for quick access items: Use the outer pocket to store keys, mobile phone, credit cards, and other items that you will need to access easily.

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Diaper bags are an essential part of your daily routine, especially if you are on the move with the baby. A good bag helps you stay organized and carry stuff you need without having to worry about missing something out. Pick one from the list above or any other that meets your requirements just right.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have compiled this list of the best diaper bags after evaluating various products available on different e-commerce platforms and considering user reviews and ratings. We have specifically chosen those diaper bags that are lightweight, durable, and convenient with additional pockets for easy storage. The list offers detailed descriptions and features of each product to help you make an informed decision. Furthermore, we have also added a buying guide to help you pick the right product.

What is your idea of a perfect diaper bag? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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