10 Best Animal Toys For Toddlers In 2021


Playing with toys can contribute to the cognitive, physical, and emotional development of a child. Toys depicting animals can be intriguing for a child because of their attractive features and colors. Animal toys are super educational as they will help promote learning by teaching your child about different animals and their sounds. You can weave a story with different animals and demonstrate their activities. It will not only be fun but enhance bonding between the parent and the child.

Here, we have created a list of the best animal toys for toddlers.

10 Best Animal Toys For Toddlers

1. Battat Big Red Barn

The big red barn from Battat opens to a large farm with doors and windows to peek in. This six-piece toy set consists of a horse, a cow, a pig, a sheep, and a farmer. The big barn is equipped with a carrying handle for ease of transportation. It has a stable for each animal, and the doors are big enough to access all the animals. The second floor features a cozy nest for animals to rest. Your child will be able to learn about different animals and their activities, thereby improving their imagination.

2. Boley Farm Animal Figurines

The unique 15-piece set of small assorted farm animals is crafted from lab-certified plastic and is safe for your children. It has adorable barnyard animals with the young ones. The animal set includes cow and calf, pig and piglet, horse and foal, sheep and lamb. It also has a rooster, chicken with chicks, and a donkey with a baby mule. All these figurines are well crafted to look realistic.

3. SplashEZMoldFree Bath Toys

Make the most of your child’s bath time with these BPA-free bath toys. Let your child have quality bath time with SplashEZ toys as they are safe and secure to play with. The airtight design helps prevent any mold formation, and they are CPSE-tested and approved. These colorful toys will let your child remember the names of animals and colors, thereby increasing their concentration and imagination. The five adorable animals are a tiger, lion, quail, frog, and unicorn. These toys meet all the requirements of American standards.

4. Play22 Plush Talking Stuffed Animals Jungle Set

Designed to promote animal sounds, this jungle set includes a talking set of animals. The six-piece set of stuffed animals consists of an elephant, tiger, lion, zebra, and monkey. They are cutely packed in an enclosed jungle-like round box with a big handle to carry. Each animal takes their sound and can be a great learning gift for your children. They are crafted after meeting all the safety requirements.

5. YeonhaAnimal Figure

Made from vinyl plastic, this 12-piece set of farm animals give your children the joy of learning. These animal figures from Yeonha are non-toxic and test-reported for safe use. The different animal figurines include elephant, giraffe, tiger, lion, leopard, zebra, two trees, and four grass patches. All the animals look colorful and have realistic details to help the children relate to active learning. You can weave a jungle story to enhance their creative interest.

6. SCS Direct Farm Animal Toys

The 50-piece farm animals playset comes packed in a unique handle-bucket to ensure safe storage. It includes different farm animals – cows, horses, pigs, chickens, dogs, and reindeers. The animals are crafted from BPA-free plastic and compliant with ASTM, making them entirely safe for your kids. Ideal for ages three years and above, your children can create their barnyard with trees and fences. This toy set can be a great learning experience for your child’s mental development.

7. Boley Safari Animals Bath Toys Bucket

Crafted with child’s safety in mind, this educational toy set from Boley is designed to withstand even the roughest play. Suitable for ages two and above, these toys have smooth rounded corners to protect your children from getting hurt. There are 12 safari animals of cartoon characters and bright colors. They are well packed in a handled bucket to ensure safety and storage. These toys can also be used in the bathtub to encourage fun learning.

8. Tepsmigo Safari Animals Figurines Toys

The set has 12 animals of tiger, leopard, gorilla, giraffe, rhinos, hippo, and a large playmat in a jungle theme. The playmat has a non-woven texture that is non-slippery for comfortable playtime. These toys are made from non-toxic soft PVC material and are hand-painted in full detail to give them a realistic look. The toys will not fade in water. They are packed securely in a transparent handbag.

9. Kiddie Play Farm Toys Set

Kiddie farm toy set comes packed in a transparent suitcase box with a handle.  The carry bag is reusable and makes storage easy and convenient. There are 25 pieces, along with accessories needed for milking and farming. The educational set will teach the children the whole process of milk farming. It has farmers, fences, cows, goats, horses, bales of hay, wheelbarrows, milk cans, and a milk station.

10. Cllayees Animals Bath Squirters Toy Set

The animals’ bath squirters toy set provides fun for young ones and toddlers in their bathtub. This set includes duck, shark, frog, whale, fish, turtle, and more. All the animals are made from safe and non-toxic rubber that is good for your child’s safety. All the animals have a cartoon image, and they are well rounded to not hurt the children while playing. You can fill these toys with water during your child’s bathing session and then press them to squirt out water for extra fun. This activity will make bathing fun and educational for your toddlers.

How To Choose The Right Animal Toys For Toddlers?

Here are a few tips to consider before you purchase animal toys for toddlers.

  1. Safety features: Read the description of the components that the baby toys are made of. It should meet all the safety standards designated by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).
  2. Real figures: Animal toys that have real figures are easier for children to relate with. They should be bright and colorful to attract the child’s attention.
  3. Brand: It is advisable to choose a good brand over cheap toys. A good brand will ensure the safety of your child by using the right material.
  4. Lead-free paint: Make sure the paint used on the toys is lead-free as lead is toxic for your children’s health.

The above-listed animal toys can promote imaginative play, motor skills and also encourage problem-solving. They are designed to capture your child’s interest. Now that you know the benefits of these toys choose your favorite toy set from the best animal toys for toddlers.

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