13 Best Animal Toys In 2021

Best Animal Toys

There’s something akin to being iconic when it comes to animal toys. It starts with a teddy bear and spreads to many other animals that your child will love. It’s not just that animals are lovable, they are supremely educational as well as your child learns about all the animals they will come across in the first few years of their life and the different sounds they make. These cute little companions can encourage creativity, problem solving, imagination, and fine motor skills.

Seeing how popular animal toys are with children, there’s a plethora of them available for your choosing. Whether it’s a soft, cuddly stuffed animal, a pull-along, or a puzzle, it’s sure to hold your child’s attention and keep them entertained for hours together. We hope our review of the 13 best animal toys will help you find the perfect toy for your little munchkin so that they have the time of their life.

13 Best Animal Toys

1. ValeforToy Animal Figures

This 54-piece animal set gives your child myriad possibilities to use their imagination while playing alone or with friends. It comprises 32 mini jungle animals, 17 fences, 4 sets of grass, and a coconut tree. Made of environmentally-friendly PVC and non-toxic paint, it’s ideal for children above 3 years of age. Each toy measures about 2.2 inches and includes animals like elephant, cheetah, giraffe, gazelle, tiger, lion, hippo, gorilla, and zebra to name a few. These animals are perfect as party favors, birthday gifts, and even as a cupcake topper. Get this set and let your kid spend hours imagining they are on a jungle safari!

2. Bolzra Safari Animals

The vibrant colors of these 12 plastic jungle animals are sure to attract any child. They include a tiger, panda, lion, cheetah, lioness, elephant, gorilla, camel, elk, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, and cheetah, measuring between 5 to 6.3 inches. Made of eco-friendly ABS which is durable and of premium quality, this animal set is safe for children above the age of 3 years. These African jungle animals look very realistic and serve great as play props and develop creativity, cognitive learning, language skills, and imagination. They can reduce your child’s screen time and can also be used as a bath toy, gift, or cupcake topper. Give your child an immersive experience of the wild with these safari animals.

3. Funcorn Toys Ocean Animals

Let your toddler swim with the sea animals that come in this set of 46 animals, and 6 sets of intricately detailed grass made of premium and 100% safe, non-toxic plastic. Each animal is about 2 inches big and includes marine life like octopus, seal, crab, starfish, crab, otter, seahorse, turtle, dolphin, whale, lobster, and jellyfish to name a few. These realistic looking animals encourage curiosity and imaginative play and are ideal for kids above the age of 3 years. This animal set makes great party favors, bath toys, giveaways, birthday gifts, and cupcake toppers.

4. Boley Farm Animal Figurines

Your child is simply going to love this set of 15 adorable toy farm animals with their young ones that are intricately detailed and realistic looking. They include a cute looking pig and piglet, a cow and calf, a rooster and chicken with chicks, a horse and foal, 2 geese, an adult and baby mule, and a sheep and lamb. Made of durable and safe plastic, they are beautifully painted, and have a textured surface for enhanced sensory stimulation. They are sturdy enough to withstand quite a bit of rough play and follow strict safety standards that are approved by ASTM, ICTI Care, and Sedex. These barnyard animals are sure to delight your toddler and keep them engaged for hours together.

5. You Cute Animal Toys

Enhance your child’s cognitive development, imagination, creativity, and language skills with this animal set of 15 wild animals that make excellent play props. Your child can play with animals like a gorilla, zebra, tiger, lion, elephant, crocodile, bison, panther, camel, bear, hippo, wolf, rhinoceros, hyena, zebra, and giraffe that range between 8 to 16 inches in size. It also includes 3 trees, a zoo playmat made of non-woven, soft, and durable fabric, and a storage case. Made of premium ABS plastic, they are ideal for children above 3 years of age and make a great gift for all occasions. It also includes a manual that gives a detailed description of each animal.

6. Melissa & Doug Farm Friends

Your child is sure to love this assortment of 10 miniature collectible farm animal toys which vary from 0.75 to 3 inches in size. They include a duck, horse, pig, chicken, cow, goat, donkey, sheep, rooster, and border collie, and give you some interesting fun facts about each of these animals. They can be stored in a sturdy, divided wooden tray which simulates a fenced farm and measures 15.5 x 13.5 X 1.75 inches. Ideal for children above 3 years of age, you child can spend hours of creative playtime with these cute and realistic looking farm animals. The felt-covered animals have minute details like the duck has webbed feet and the horse a flowing mane, and all these toys adhere to the strictest safety standards.

7. Terra By Battat Farm Animals

These miniature toy farm animals come in fun shapes and vibrant colors that will keep your kid enthralled. There are 12 different animal toys such as roosters, chickens, pigs, sheep, cows, bulls, geese, and cats, all extremely realistically crafted. This animal set has 60 animals altogether and is ideal for a goodie bag, a birthday party, or as a cake topper. It provides an ideal prop to develop imagination and curiosity about animals as well as compassion and love for them. Ideal for children above 3 years of age, these toys greatly reduce screen time as they keep children completely engaged. Each figurine measures about 1.5 to 2.5 inches and is 1 to 1.5 inches long.

8. Bolmaz Woodland Animal Toys

These handmade forest animals are made of premium quality and durable ABS plastic that is totally non-toxic. The set includes an elk, fawn, doe, brown bear, raccoon, lynx, bear cub, wolf, buck, and a greater kudu, and can give your toddler many hours of joy. This woodland animal toy set helps in enhancing your child’s concentration, creativity, and imagination, and also helps them learn a lot about various animals. They are great for educational purposes and also as party favors and birthday gifts. Recommended for children above the age of 3 years, these animal toys won’t disappoint your little ones.

9. Fun Gift Sea Animal Toy Set

Introduce your kid to marine life with this animal toy set that comprises 12 realistic and detailed sea animals like a shark, whale, penguin, sea lion, turtle, seal, and dolphin. Each figurine is made of non-toxic, BPA-free, flexible, durable, and long-lasting vinyl, and is painted with premium, non-toxic paint. Your kids can use their imagination and create a number of games with these sea animals, both alone and with friends. They can create a world of fantasy that can boost their creativity and hand-eye coordination. Perfect for children above 3 years of age, these toys conform to strict safety norms.

10. OuMuaMua Mini Ocean Animal Toys

Your toddler will enjoy this value pack of 42 detailed and realistic ocean animals which include 36 marine animals, 4 sets of grass, and 2 corals. Your kid will be introduced to marine life like dolphins, octopus, sharks, whales, sea slugs, snails, sea lion, penguin, walrus, seal, crab, squid, star fish, sea horses, and sailfish among others. As children learn their names, it helps expand their vocabulary and observation skills. These sea animals are great as bath toys and as a teaching model. They are quite vibrantly colored and are made of completely safe plastic vinyl material. This animal set is sized between 1.18 to 3.14 inches and is certified by CPC and ASTM for safety.

11. Yeonha Toys Animal Figures

This animal toy set comprises 12 wild animals that are made of durable plastic and are painted in a detailed manner with non-toxic paint. They include a lion, tiger, elephant, giraffe, leopard, zebra, 2 trees, and 4 sets of grass. Children learn to recognize different wild animals and these toys are a great learning resource. They also help your tiny tots learn how to use their imagination and develop creativity. Each animal measures about 8 inches and is suitable for children above the age of 3 years.

12. Joyin Mini Animal Toys

Available in a pack of 24 mini plush toys, each animal measures about 2.5 to 3 inches. These adorable soft animals can be used as party favors, Easter egg fillers, in pinatas, as key chains, or as gifts. They come in attractive, vivid colors, and are made with premium, soft cloth. Every animal imaginable is present in this animal set— a duckling, cow, bunny, monkey, bear, dinosaur, and dog to name a few. Children love the feel of these soft and cuddly toys which positively influence their cognitive behavior, creativity, and social skills.

13. Terra By Battat Assorted Miniature Sea Animals

Give your toddler a glimpse into the underwater world with 12 miniature sea animals and a total of 60 fish toys in all. These small animals are boldly colored and realistically designed with 6 different kinds of fish and 6 crab toys. They are ideal for a fish themed party or to fill into a goody bag and are a great learning experience as well. They provide information about marine life, boost imagination, and promote compassion for animals. Your child can build their own fantasy underwater aquarium at home and this marine animal set will pique their curiosity about oceans and the animals found in it. Ideal for children aged 3 and above, these animals are made of plastic and measure about 1 to 2.5 inches x 1.5 to 2.5 inches.

Now that you have been through our review of the 13 best animal toys, here are a few points to keep in mind while choosing one for your child so that they not only have fun but it also becomes an educational experience for them.

How To Choose The Right Animal Toys

  • Color

Always try to go for vividly colored animal toys as children find them more attractive. Also, they should look realistic so that children can recognize them easily and are able to relate them to a real life experience.

  • Size

The animal toys should be small enough so that your child’s tiny hands are able to grasp them easily, but not so small that they become a choking hazard. Also ensure that there are no small buttons or removable eyes on them as all these can be potentially dangerous.

  • Safety

Make sure the toys are made of completely safe and non-toxic plastic or other material. Children often put toys into their mouths and you cannot expose them to hazardous material. The paint also should be non-toxic so that you don’t have to worry every time your child puts it into their mouth.

  • Stimulating

The primary purpose of any toy is that it should be fun, but it’s always better if it can provide an educational experience as well. Toys should ideally also promote eye-hand coordination, cognitive development, language skills, creativity, and imagination. It should help your child build a world of fantasy while being educational at the same time.

We all would definitely remember our own animal toys that we played with as kids and the special emotional bond we formed with them. Such toys not only keep kids engaged in play for hours on end but also enhance their cognitive development and imagination with all the input they get from them. Starting with a fluffy stuffed animal to more complex animal toys, they will always hold a special place in your child’s heart. Toy stores have shelves and shelves dedicated to animal toys so that you have no dearth of choice. Towards this end, we hope our review of the 13 best animal toys will help you get the best animal friend that your child will treasure for years to come.