11 Best Anti-Chafing Shorts In 2022


Don’t you just hate how the weather affects your skin? Skin irritation and chafing are usually the results of weather changes, whether summer or the more humid days making an appearance. And we are generally the ones who have to deal with the brunt of such changes, either through a change in skincare routines to suit the weather. Another way that is much easier to fight such issues is investing in weather-appropriate clothing or at the least clothing that may help in reducing such issues.

This is when anti-chafing shorts prove to be a total blessing. They save you the hassle of having to constantly pull your shorts back to place or just shake off the urge to do so because they can’t stop feeling uncomfortable when you’re out and about or lounging at home. To help you buy the right ones, here is our review of the 11 best anti-chafing shorts! Happy reading!

11 Best Anti-Chafing Shorts

1. Wirarpa Women’s Anti-Chafing Shorts

These women’s long-leg boy shorts are made up of 95% combed cotton and 5% spandex, making them ideal for the summer, with the assurance of a close fit. These shorts are suitable for a variety of activities such as yoga, cycling, biking, etc. Wirarpa has upgraded this line of anti-chafing shorts to have a wider and softer waistband to improve on the comfort factor. The shorts are also designed with an 8-inch inseam to prevent any roll up from your day-to-day activities!

2. Melerio Women’s Slip Shorts

Melerio’s Women’s Slip Shorts are designed to offer unmatched comfort. Made with 90% nylon and 10% of spandex, these long-leg slip shorts are both breathable and elastic for better stretching while you work out. The shorts also double as compression shorts that can offer you a slightly slimmer appearance without sacrificing comfort. They fit in the mid-thigh length and are breathable. To all those who are looking for an apt pair of anti-chafing shorts, your search finally ends here!

3. Simiya 3-Pack Slip Panties

If you want that seamless look, Simiya’s slip shorts can help you with that. It is made by blending together fabrics like nylon and spandex to ensure maximum comfort and better stretchability while you are wearing them. These mid-length full-rise boy shorts are perfect for layering with dresses, jeans, skirts, and more— thanks to their seamless design and breathability. They cover the mid-length of your legs and provide a lightweight feel and all-day comfort while wearing them. When it comes to choosing a smooth pair of anti-chafing shorts for women, this one delivers!

4. Yadifen 3-Pack Women Seamless Shorts

Yadifen’s Women’s Seamless Shorts are made up of 92% nylon and 7% spandex, along with other fabrics, making them breathable and sweat absorbent. Its 2-inch waistband stays intact and can pair with any material of outfits to ensure a smooth and comfortable fit, along with chafing-free legs. These boy shorts are incredibly versatile as well, allowing you to use them for either casual activities or for sports, yoga, or any high-intensity activity like cycling, trekking, or long runs.

5. Molasus Women’s Cotton Anti-Chafing Shorts

Here we have women’s anti-chafing shorts by Molasus sold in a multi-color 4-pack. Designed with reinforced seams that prevent the shorts from losing shape when worn, these shorts are made up of 95% of high-quality cotton and 5% spandex that makes them soft to the touch. These boxer briefs are stitched with a gusseted crotch which makes the shorts comfortable to move in, and with their breathable wicking stitch, they’re great for workouts too! The cotton material and 8-inch inseam help to prevent chafing and rolling up of the shorts while allowing them to be sweat absorbent.

6. Cauniss 4-Pack Bamboo Viscose Fiber Shorts

These anti-chafing modal panties are made of 96% viscose fiber and 4% spandex, making them organic, breathable, soft to the touch, and stretchy. These organic and lightweight shorts are designed to have a high-quality waistband that does not loosen up and stays in place even after an intense workout or a hectic day at work. This pair of shorts is perfect for both indoor/outdoor activities as it weighs light so you can be assured of comfort all day long.

7. Joyshaper Anti-Chafing Slip Shorts

Now, if you’re looking for something that has all the benefits of a pair of slip shorts, Joyshaper’s Slip Shorts are your best bet! Coming with a completely seamless appearance, along with preventing chafing, this pair of mid-waist shorts gives you the confidence of looking your best whether you wear a sundress, suit, or while wearing fitness gear. Featuring their latest zero transparency blend of fabric that is both breathable and quick to dry, thanks to the 86% nylon and 14% spandex material, this pair of shorts fits like a glove.

8. Pokarla Anti-Chafing Bike Shorts

If you want a pair of high-quality bike shorts, Pokarla has got you covered as their shorts are the perfect blend of 95% combed cotton and 5% spandex. This pair of shorts will definitely ensure maximum comfort, no matter what you have planned for the day. These soft stretch shorts are designed with an 8-inch inseam that prevents rolling up of the shorts that may cause irritation from movement and keeps your legs free from chafing. The wide waistband also helps to prevent any rolling down during workouts or yoga sessions and will make sure your shorts stay in place, regardless of the complexity of movement.

9. Woweny Anti-Chafing Slip Shorts

This pair of shorts for women by Woweny has a seamless design that works great with shorts, sundresses, jeans, and party dresses. Made from 90% polyamide and 10% elastane, this pair of shorts offers a very comfortable fit. These anti-chafing shorts are designed to prevent any roll up on your legs so that they can safeguard your thighs from irritation and pains, and thanks to the  2.5 cm waistband, these mid-high shorts won’t roll down on their own.

10. Avidlove Slip Shorts For Women

Avidlove Slip Shorts are a great anti-chafing pair of shorts to get for the summer. With a fabric blend ratio of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, these shorts are a great pair to invest in if you’re looking for something that will prevent any kind of discomfort on hot and humid days. These shorts are great as they are versatile as well— from using them for yoga, workouts or any physically intensive activities to some outings to even using them as pajama shorts for bed, making it a must-buy!

11. VESHINE High-Waisted Slip Shorts

VESHINE High Waisted Slip Shorts are some fantastic shorts to invest in if you’re looking for something simple. Made with a blend of 95% rayon and 5% spandex, these shorts are incredibly breathable and work great at keeping your thighs dry. These high-waisted shorts come right above your knees and work great by offering compression to hide away bloating that you may face throughout the day. The waistband is also designed with extra elastic material in it so that it won’t feel too tight as you wear them.

After going through our list of the best anti-chafing shorts, we understand that you might be wondering how to pick one that suits you. Well, we’ve got you covered. Read on to know more.

How To Choose The Right Anti-Chafing Shorts?

  • Know your chafing line

The first thing that you must know while choosing anti-chafing shorts is to know your chafing line. We already know that everyone has different body types, so it is not easy to say that there is a specific part on your thighs that may suffer from chafing. Usually, the point at which your thighs meet either by muscles, or by stored fat is where irritation may occur, so it is advised to buy chafing shorts that have a leg length that at least extends 2 inches below your chafing line.

  • Waistband and inseams

When choosing bike shorts, you should ensure that the shorts have good inseam stitches that help at preventing the legs from rolling up on you. If you have experienced leg roll ups with certain brief shorts or boxer shorts while wearing tight jeans or shorts, you know how annoying it gets to move around.

The waistband of the shorts is also something that you must keep your eye on because waistbands that are too thin tend to roll down, and this can get quite uncomfortable. So always make it a point to purchase shorts with a waistband that is thick but also elastic and comfortable enough to sit on your waist or upper hips.

  • Material

Material is something that you should never overlook, especially depending on the weather. Anti-chafing shorts are made by combining 2 or more materials so that you are comfortable while wearing them. Avoid latex or silicone embedded materials as they can stick to your skin and are non-breathable, leading to more irritation and damage to your skin.

Anti-chafing shorts are a versatile piece of clothing that is a preferred choice for a variety of sports during summer. From cycling and walking to yoga, you can pick one made with a mix of synthetic materials to help you perform well. Anti-chafing shorts can help you move freely without causing chafing or discomfort, and this is especially handy when you’re playing a sport for long hours. We recommend considering your size and shopping for well-fitted shorts to ensure complete comfort.

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