10 Best Atomic Alarm Clocks In 2024

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Right from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, time plays a pivotal role in our day-to-day lives. And, what better way to keep track of it than with an atomic alarm clock? An atomic alarm clock works by picking up a radio frequency and can tell the precise time because of high-frequency atomic oscillations. These clocks can also adjust themselves automatically to time zones. We live in an era dominated by atomic alarm clocks, and since there are multiple options to choose from, how will you pick the best atomic alarm clock?

We’ve got you covered. We have a review of the best-selling atomic alarm clocks to help you identify the ideal ones available.

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10 Best Atomic Alarm Clocks

1. Best With Power Back-up:Sharp Atomic Desktop Clock


The Sharp Color atomic clock with precise time synchronization syncs with the WWVB radio broadcast by the US Government’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and is accurate to one second. Known to receive regular updates from the WWVB through its in-built receiver, this clock is known for its accuracy. It can adorn your walls, be it at home or the office. Its elegant design and display of colors make it attractive, and a glance is enough to know the time and calendar. In this clock, you can also customize the display brightness to your liking. This video review showcasing a tester’s experience can give you more information about the product.

Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required | Item Weight: 1 Pounds | Frame Material: Plastic | Shape: Rectangular | Product Dimensions: 6.14"W x 5.1"H | Color: Silver


  • Easy-to-set dual alarm
  • Power back-up available
  • No assembly required
  • Variable backlight


  • It might be difficult to see the screen from certain angles

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

Over 1,078 customers on Amazon have opined that this is one of the best products in its category.

2. Best Sturdy Design:Sangean RCR 22 Atomic Clock

Sangean RCR 22 Atomic Clock Image: Sangean

Sangean takes pride in being a leading manufacturer of radios and their related equipment for more than 35 years. This atomic clock by Sangean looks like a vintage device, and it has an LCD screen that displays the time and is easy to read. It has a 3.5 mm AUX cable socket for plugging in your favorite music from your devices. Connected to the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado, it is also loaded with 7 FM and 7 AM stations so that you can listen to your favorite radio stations. Apart from the adjustable nap timer, this expert-approved clock also has 2 alarm timers and a human wake system buzzer. This product testing cum review video video can help you make an informed decision.

Material: Plastic | Color: Multicolor | Item Weight: 2.07 pounds | Product Dimensions: 6 x 7.5 x 3 inches.


  • Long-lasting
  • No power backup needed
  • Features a snooze button
  • Dual alarm clock
  • Suitable for power naps


  • Setting up process can be overwhelming for some

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Setting up this clock was hassle-free, and the alarm’s intensity has helped me get up on time daily. While its brightness felt jarring, the useful features, such as sleep timers and radio, have made it a reliable bedside companion."

protip_icon Did you know?
As per the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, atomic alarm clocks are one of the most accurate timekeepers in the entire world since they are purely based on the principles of physics (2).

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

Over 1,086 Amazon shoppers have left good reviews about this product, citing its quality features and benefits.

3. Best With Bold Display:AcuRite Atomic Clock

AcuRite Atomic Clock Image: Acurite

Timekeeping is now easy with the AcuRite Atomic Alarm Clock. It is known for its split-second accuracy, thanks to the clock synchronizing to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Radio Station, WWVB. The clock runs on 3 AA batteries, and since this is an atomic clock, you don’t have to set a set time manually. But don’t worry about waking up on time because the atomic clock has an alarm that can be programmable. It also has a 3 by 5 inch LCD, and you can view the time and calendar on the screen and the indoor temperature. Check out this video review to learn more about this product.

Number of Batteries: 3 AA batteries required | Item Weight: 0.01 Pounds | Material: Plastic | Shape: Rectangular | Product Dimensions: 5"W x 7"H | Color: Gray


  • 1-year warranty available
  • Daylight Saving Time available
  • Bold display
  • Great desk accessory


  • Only 4 time zones are available

Our Reviewer's Experience

"With its large display and quick synchronization, this atomic clock always keeps me on time for work or other activities. It's energy-efficient, functional, and consistent with its performance. I wish the display light could be brighter for better visibility at night. Overall, a worthy timepiece for everyday use."

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

With over 559 reviews on Amazon, this product is a winner.

Sharp Atomic Desktop Clock
Best With Power Back-up
Sangean RCR 22 Atomic Clock
Best Sturdy Design
AcuRite Atomic Clock
Best With Bold Display
Batteries 2 AAA batteries required--
Weight 1 Pounds 2.07 pounds 0.01 Pounds
Frame Material Plastic--
Shape Rectangular- Rectangular
Dimensions 6.14"W x 5.1"H 6 x 7.5 x 3 inches. 5"W x 7"H
Color Silver Multicolor Gray
Material- Plastic Plastic
Number of Batteries-- 3 AA batteries required

4. Best Simple Design:UMEXUS Atomic Digital Clock

The UMEXUS Atomic Digital Clock is known for displaying its time according to the WWVB (RCC) signals. It is also known as the best alarm clock with auto time adjustment by updating its time automatically according to the respective time zones. Since it receives signals from WWVB (RCC) broadcast, the time displayed on the clock is accurate. Apart from time, the clock also displays indoor and outdoor temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. This clock is suitable for mounting on a wall or setting it up as a tabletop clock in your office or living room and the clock and sensor run on 2 AA batteries each with a wide display screen

Number of Batteries: 4 AA batteries required | Item Weight: 1.08 Pounds | Frame Material: Plastic | Shape: Rectangular | Product Dimensions: 9.25"W x 1.2"H | Color: Silver 2553


  • 24-hour clock available
  • Easy to install
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Suitable for elders
  • Simple design


  • Display may look blurry in low light conditions

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Thanks to easy portability, this clock has served as a desktop clock as well as a timepiece for the kitchen. Its unusual date format (day-month-year) may initially confuse, but it's a minor adjustment. Plus, the display is large and easy to read."

protip_icon Trivia
The modern-day term “clock” has its roots in cloke (French), clocca (Medieval Latin), and clocc (Irish), with all the words meaning the same thing—a bell.

5. Best Lightweight:QUIGO Digital Alarm Clock

The Quigo Digital Wall Clock is compact and can be mounted on a table or a wall. It can record indoor temperature by effectively sensing the same and displaying both in celsius and fahrenheit. This QCM-certified clock comes equipped with eight languages, and it runs on 2 AAA batteries while fitting perfectly in a bedroom, living room, or office room. Since this clock does not require a power cord to power it up, you can set this clock conveniently anywhere. This accurate alarm clock has also undergone multiple rounds of manual inspection to ensure convenient and hassle-free time reading!

Number of Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required | Item Weight: 0.93 Pounds | Frame Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene | Shape: Rectangular | Product Dimensions: 9.84"W x 7.48"H | Color: Silver


  • Dual alarms available
  • Lightweight
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Simple design


  • May require frequent battery replacement

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This clock has provided accurate timekeeping since the day I set it up. Its display is even legible from a distance, and features like temperature and humidity readings are a bonus. Hence, despite some difficulty experienced in adjusting for daylight savings, I would still recommend it."

6. Best With Snooze Option:La Crosse 617 249V2 Atomic Curve LED Alarm

La Crosse 617 249V2 Atomic Curve LED Alarm Image: La Crosse Technology

This atomic clock is more than just a device that displays time, as you can also use it to charge your smart device like a phone! Yes, you read it right; this one with a 1 A USB port can charge your phone while you indulge in your uninterrupted sleep. This radio-controlled alarm clock resonates with the WWVB frequency, and since this clock has curved edges and LED screen, you can easily read the time on this clock from multiple angles. It has a four-stage ascending alarm option to ensure that you rise and shine whenever you desire. The clock supports two alarms that can be set accordingly, along with the option to regulate the alarm’s sound. If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing atomic clock for your home or office, this is a must-buy!

Batteries: 1 CR2 batteries required | Item Weight: 5.6 ounces | Frame Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene | Material: Plastic | Shape: Rectangular | Product Dimensions: 6.6"W x 3.45"H | Color: Black


  • Daylight Savings Time available
  • Features a snooze button
  • Includes a power backup battery
  • 1-year limited warranty available


  • May be a choking hazard as it contains small parts

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I love that this clock automatically adjusts the time regardless of my time zone. While the highest brightness setting can feel too powerful during nighttime, it helps me read the time during different light conditions. Hence, despite some shortcomings, I would still recommend it."

protip_icon Quick fact
Depending on the model, La Crosse clocks can display these Standard Time zones—Eastern, Central, Alaskan, Mountain, Pacific, Hawaiian, and Atlantic.

7. Best Self-Adjusting:Marathon Store Atomic Desk Clock

Marathon Store Atomic Desk Clock Image: Marathon

This atomic clock gets its frequencies from the NIST’s Colorado Atomic Clock. Along with time, it displays the date, indoor temperature, humidity levels, and heat index. It also has an amber-colored LED backlight. It runs on 2 AA batteries and is a tabletop clock that displays its time in a digital format. Although the clock displays a lot of details, the time has the largest display. This clock comes as a relief for all sleep lovers because it is equipped with a snooze option and a progressive alarm option. What if we told you that temperature and humidity can affect your productivity? It is a self-adjusting and self-setting alarm clock that can also track humidity levels. Hence, this smart device will be apt for an office setting.

Item Weight: 9.6 ounces | Number of Batteries: 3 AAA batteries required | Frame Material: Plastic | Shape: Square | Product Dimensions: 12"W x 3.7"H | Color: Black


  • 2-year warranty available
  • Multiple language options are available
  • Daylight Saving Time available
  • Self-setting and self-adjusting


  • Might be overwhelming to set up

Our Reviewer's Experience

"After extensive use, I can attest that the clock's accuracy and easy readability are impressive. However, the buttons could be more distinct for more effortless operation. Despite that issue, the clock has met my expectations, and the operation has been smooth."

8. Best With Backlight:Baldr Atomic Alarm Clock

The BALDR Atomic Alarm Clock draws its frequencies from the WWVB radio frequency, Fort Collins, Colorado. Apart from using it as a device to tell the time, you can use this atomic clock as a decorative item too. While many atomic clocks offer displays in only one color, this atomic clock has a display filled with multiple colors. In addition, you can mount it on a wall or place it on a table. Apart from displaying the time, it also displays details like a calendar, indoor humidity, and indoor temperature levels. If this was not all, it also displays the different phases of the moon. The atomic clock is powered by an AC/DC adaptor and If you are looking for a visually appealing clock that you can add to your space, this is for you!

Item Weight: 12 Ounces | Frame Material: Plastic | Shape: Rectangular | Product Dimensions: 6.3"W x 4.52"H | Color: White


  • Easy to set up
  • Adjustable backlight
  • Backup battery available
  • Has a snooze function
  • 12/24 hour clock available


  • Removable battery option not available

Our Tester's Experience

"I was attracted to this clock due to its vibrant color display and was thrilled to find it showcases temperature, date, and even the moon phase. The power cord made it difficult to hand it on the wall, but the clock’s functionality has been commendable."

9. Best With Moon Phase Indicator:La Crosse Technology 617-1485B Atomic Clock

La Crosse Technology 617-1485B Atomic Clock Image: Lacrosse

Measuring 5.56 x 3.33 inches, the tried-and-tested La Crosse Technology atomic clock is suitable for table and desktop use. It boasts a large, bright, multi-colored LED screen with a continuously illuminated backlight that can be adjusted per your preference. This automatic time-setting alarm clock is not affected by daylight-saving time resets. Additionally, the alarm clock can display details about weather, temperature, and humidity readings and even track their trends. Featuring a moon-shaped icon, it displays the varying phases of moon.

Number of Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required | Item Weight: 0.3 Pounds | Frame Material: Plastic | Shape: Rectangular | Product Dimensions: 5.56"W x 3.33"H | Color: Black


  • Easy-access buttons
  • Battery- and USB-powered
  • USB cable included
  • Includes AC adaptor
  • Features a low battery indicator


  • May have sync issues with certain time zones
  • Batteries are not included

Our Tester's Experience

"Placing this clock on my desk has made it easy to keep track of temperature, humidity, and moon phases. While it could benefit from increased viewing angles, it has been the perfect multifunctional accessory for my desk."

10. Best With Large Display:Ken-Tech/Sonnet Industries Model T-4652

The Sonnet atomic clock receives signals from the National Time Observatory in Boulder, Colorado, making it an accurate clock. This clock can automatically adjust itself to any time zone in the USA. The clock has a large 1.5-inch digital display and bright illumination that runs on 2 AA batteries. Despite a simple design, the clock can display dates, calendar, and temperatures while being easy to use. Thanks to the backlight option, you can now view the time even in the dark.

Color: black | Item Weight: 4.8 ounces | Product Dimensions: 5.3 x 4.4 x 2.3 inches


  • Sets time automatically
  • Does not require a cord to function
  • Easy to use
  • Alarm facility available


  • Might have syncing issues with time zones

My Personal Experience

"This cloak’s sleek design is much appreciated as it does not take too much of my desk space. Although the setup was tricky, the clock has been easy to use since then. Plus, the gentle, gradual alarm and the automatically lit display are nice touches."

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Atomic Alarm Clock?

  1. Time zones: Some atomic clocks are programmed to work only in specific time zones, while others come with adjustable time zone settings. There are 6 time zones in the USA, and when you plan to buy an atomic clock, we recommend you purchase one that works in multiple time zones for your convenience. You can usually know the time zones it works on by looking at the packaging. However, keep in mind that atomic clocks work on radio signals, and there could be some locations where they might struggle to get the signal. If you live in such a place, using an atomic alarm clock can be difficult.
  2. Display: If you are planning to buy an atomic clock, you have to ensure that you can read the time in a hassle-free way. Atomic clocks have a backlight for viewing the time in the dark. However, if the backlight is too bright, it can be a distraction when you are at work or about to go to bed at night. If the backlight is not available, you cannot read the time at night. Choose an atomic clock that has a backlight whose brightness can be adjusted.
  3. Additional features: Atomic clocks can display additional details like weather, humidity, and calendar. However, you have to understand that although many details are displayed, time is usually given more preference. The display must not look congested but rather aesthetically appealing and easy to read.
  4. Power source: Atomic clocks run on broadly 2 types of power sources — electricity and battery. Battery-operated atomic clocks require the replacement of the batteries when their efficiency reduces. However, they are easily portable and can be placed anywhere. For the clocks that run using a power cord, you have to keep them where they can be connected to a plug point, but they will hardly face any power shortage issues. We recommend atomic clocks that can run on electricity and have power backup in batteries in case of a power shortage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is an atomic clock better than a quartz clock?

Atomic clocks use a radio frequency to tell you the accurate time, thus making them superior to quartz clocks (1).

2. How long do atomic clocks last?

An atomic clock is highly accurate and would take around 30 billion years to lose a second. They can last for one to five years depending on how you care for them.

3. How can I boost my atomic clock signal?

Atomic clocks receive and send signals through their antennas; therefore, you can improve their signal by adjusting their antennas.

4. Do atomic clocks adjust for daylight saving time?

Yes, some atomic clocks can adjust for DST (Daylight Saving Time).

5. Should I set an atomic clock manually?

Yes, you can set an atomic clock manually if it doesn’t receive the signals properly.

The Bottom Line

Atomic alarm clocks are designed to keep up with our need for better speed and accuracy and work with radio frequencies that tell time precisely. The Sharp Atomic Desktop Clock from our list may be the best choice in places with frequent power outrages, and the Sangean RC 22 Atomic Clock may be an ideal choice for those who love to listen to music before sleep or nap time. Further, you may also opt for an expert-approved atomic alarm clock that is programmed to work in your time zone, has a clear display, runs on an accessible power source, and offers additional features, such as the option to measure weather, humidity, and other details. The options listed here are easy to set up and super convenient for everyday use. Besides, some clocks have self-adjusting settings and snooze buttons.

Infographic: Buying Guide For Atomic Alarm Clocks

Choosing the right atomic alarm clock might be challenging with various options available. So, we have prepared an infographic with the necessary information to help you pick. Check it out!

Tips For Choosing An Atomic Alarm Clock

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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  1. New type of atomic clock keeps time even more precisely
  2. New type of atomic clock keeps time even more precisely
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