17 Best Audio Speaker Stands For A Theatrical Experience In 2022


The majority of people believe that speaker stands are primarily used to improve the aesthetic value of a room. However, they might not be aware that the best audio speaker stands can enhance the sound quality and your listening experience. They allow you to direct the sound to where you want it to go and ensure optimal sound distribution. Therefore, they provide you with a fantastic theatrical experience that you wouldn’t get from your speakers.

Here, we have compiled a list of some finest audio speaker stands that enhance the aesthetics of your space and promote excellent sound quality.

17 Sound Enhancing Audio Speaker Stands

1. Best Adjustable:Sanus Adjustable Speaker Stand

Sanus Adjustable Speaker Stand

Designed to support various universal speaker brands, the Sanus Adjustable Speaker Stand optimizes your listening experience and has a built-in cable management system to keep the wires out of your way. This speaker set includes 3 different mounting methods: top plate, keyhole slot adapters, and L-shaped brackets to maximize compatibility with other speakers. This speaker stand is built from steel to ensure the delivery of high-quality sound. Here’s a video to help you learn more about this product.


  • Highly functional and durable
  • Easy-to-use collar to adjust the height
  • Includes a 5-year warranty
  • Iron base for maximum stability


  • Instructions to set it up might not be clear.

2. Best High-Quality:Atlantic Speaker Stands

Atlantic Speaker Stands

The Atlantic Speaker Stands were designed keeping in mind the aesthetics of your home. The wires do not show as they are hidden into the pole and base. Perfectly position your speaker for the most optimum home theatre experience and enjoy a high-quality investment. These speaker stands can be adjusted easily with the collar provided. This video gives you more information about the product.


  • Sleek design
  • 3 sided base
  • Cast-iron construction


  • The hole in the base might be a little loose.

3. Best Stylish:VideoSecu Heavy Duty Satellite Speaker Stand

VideoSecu Heavy Duty Satellite Speaker Stand

One of the best audio speaker stands that gives you a great sound experience, the VideoSecu Heavy Duty Satellite Speaker Stand accommodates most universal speakers. It is stylish and has a black steel finish. This surround sound speaker stand’s height can be adjusted according to your convenience.


  • Wires are concealed
  • Adjustable, side-clamping top plate
  • Screw-in rubber feet can be adjusted


  • Might not be very sturdy

4. Best With Well-Weighted Base:Monoprice Capacity Speaker Stands

Monoprice Capacity Speaker Stands

With an effective base response, the Monoprice Capacity Speaker Stands has ports at the back of the head. For best results, mount these speakers about 1-2 feet away from the wall to ensure that the ports work properly.


  • Adjustable height up to ear level
  • Hollow stand tubes to conceal wire
  • Well-weighted base


  • Speakers cannot be mounted completely upright.

5. Best Easy To Assemble:Perlesmith Speaker Stand

Perlesmith Speaker Stand

With a sturdy triangular base and adjustable height feature, the Perlesmith Speaker Stand makes a great satellite speaker stand. It is perfect for most home theatre sets and includes a top plate, L-shaped brackets and keyhole mount adapters to fit small speakers. For a more detailed review of this product, here’s a video.


  • Easy assembling process
  • Integrated wire channel
  • Heavy-gauge steel pillar
  • Includes a 10-year warranty


  • Might not completely conceal speaker wires

6. Best Compatible:Bose Universal Floor Stands

Bose Universal Floor Stands

Designed to optimize listening, these slender metal stands are elegant and stylish. They carefully hide the wires of your speaker and can be used for most home entertainment systems. The Bose Universal Floor Stands are best suited for Bose cube speakers and other similar compatible products. The stand includes a mounting kit that is easy to use.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Kit includes clear instructions
  • High-quality stands
  • Sturdy and long-lasting


  • Might need longer screws

7. Best Sturdy Design:Ultimate Support Studio Monitor Stands

Ultimate Support Studio Monitor Stands

The Ultimate Support Studio Monitor Stands have a sleek and sturdy design that is best suited for budding producers or newbies. These speaker stands are the go-to choice for musicians, engineers, producers, and listeners who want a wholesome listening experience. It is designed to fit into tight spaces with its sleek triangular base and is highly portable. The height of this stand can be adjusted to suit your preference and it also has a locking mechanism to hold it in place.


  • Floor spikes included
  • Base includes rubber feet
  • Wide metallic base


  • The central fastener is made of plastic.

8. Best Wire Management System:Atlantic Adjustable Speaker Stand

Atlantic Adjustable Speaker Stand

If you’re looking for a stylish design and a quality speaker, the Atlantic Adjustable Speaker Stand is the one for you. It contains 2 speaker stands that can be adjusted as per your convenience. With 4 adhesive strips and 4 spike studs, the speaker stands have 2 options of being mounted. It includes a wire management system which keeps the wires of your speakers out of sight.


  • Includes non-marring feet
  • Can be easily assembled
  • Holds speakers that weigh up to 20 lbs
  • 45 degree rotation to position speaker


  • Includes spikes that might not fit

9. Best Durable:Mounting Dream Speaker Stand

Mounting Dream Speaker Stand

With a design that is suitable to make it one of the best floor stand speakers, the Mounting Dream Speaker Stand has a strong triangle base. It includes 4 attachments that are suitable for different speakers and includes adjustable height attachments for vertical hole and key hole. It also includes an adapter bar for horizontal holes and a round holder for wooden speakers without holes.


  • Built-in cable management to hide wires
  • Triangle base has extendable tubes
  • Heavy gauge steel finish
  • Made with cast iron for stability and durability


  • The height adjustment knob is made of plastic.

10. Best Anti-Slip Grip:Pyle Dual Monitor Studio Speaker Stand

Pyle Dual Monitor Studio Speaker Stand

With a tripod design that holds speakers up to 90 lbs, the Pyle Dual Monitor Studio Speaker Stand can easily be folded and carried for transportation. It includes anti-slip grip pads that provide stability and balance to avoid the stand from collapsing. It also contains a unique metal base that easily mounts the speaker and produces better sound effects.


  • Arc-welded metal construction
  • Long-lasting and highly-durable
  • Adjustable height feature
  • Sturdy and tough design


  • The base tray might not be wide enough.

11. Bose Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands

Bose Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands

If you’re looking for a set of speaker stands that will transform your bookshelf speakers into floor speakers, the Bose Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands is just what you need. It’s sturdy and has a wide base to support your speakers and optimize their performance. It also adds to the decor of your room with its neat design.


  • Brand credibility
  • High-quality stand
  • Highly durable


  • Might be difficult to assemble

12. VIVO Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands

VIVO Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands

These floor speaker stands are constructed with solid cold-rolled steel and are compatible with satellite speakers and bookshelf speakers. The high gauge speaker stands are sleek and have a black matte finish to suit any decor. The set includes spikes that are easily attachable for carpet placement. The stands are supported by dual pillars and can support weights up to 22 lbs.


  • Includes detachable, padded feet to secure the stand on the floor
  • Attractive for any home theatre system
  • Includes spikes that are anti-vibrational


  • These stands might have a slight wobble.

13. Hola! Music Speaker Stands

Hola Music Speaker Stands

With this incredible pair of speaker stands, it is easy to grab everyone’s attention to turn jam sessions into concerts and presentations into speeches. The Hola! Music Speaker Stands are one of the best audio speaker stands that give you a sturdy tripod base for your professional speakers. It has an adjustable height feature that can be set anywhere between 4-6 feet.


  • Made with robust metal tubing
  • Contains pins to secure stand at any height
  • High-quality and affordable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Does not come with a carry bag

14. Mount-It! Speaker Stands

Mount-It Speaker Stands

A speaker that complements your living space and gives you a great listening experience, the Mount-It! Speaker Stands produce an immersive surround sound experience for satellite and bookshelf speakers. It is designed with style and has a glass and aluminum silky glossy black coating to bring out a contemporary look and feel.


  • Compatible with most universal speakers
  • The wires run through the poles for neat look
  • Includes a detailed instruction manual
  • Comes with the tools needed for installation


  • Does not have height adjustment feature

15. GT Studio Sonos Speaker Stands

GT Studio Sonos Speaker Stands

Speaker stands that are designed with elegance and beauty, the GT Studio Sonos Speaker Stands are of high quality and are compatible with most universal speakers. They come with rubber feet to protect the floor from scratches and for extra stability.


  • Wires are concealed at the back
  • Unique sloping contour design
  • Has a rear speaker attachment
  • Easy to assemble


  • Stand height cannot be adjusted.

16. Echogear Adjustable Speaker Stands

Echogear Adjustable Speaker Stands

With the Echogear Adjustable Speaker Stands you don’t have to worry about it being compatible with your speaker. It’s designed as a “one size fits all” and gives you a wholesome listening experience. It has 3 mounting options: top plate, L-shaped bracket and keyhole adapter attachment. The built-in cable system hides your speaker wires for a clean and aesthetic appearance.


  • Simple 3 step installation
  • Sturdy and heavy base
  • Includes an instruction manual


  • Screws might become loose after use

17. Rockville Bookshelf Speaker Stand

Rockville Bookshelf Speaker Stand

This high-performance wooden speaker stand is designed to be the best in quality and appearance. They are compatible with surround sound speakers, bookshelf speakers, and even studio monitors. This wooden stand has a premium coating that prevents the paint from chipping, or peeling off. The set includes brass and rubber spikes as well as isolation pads to keep the stands sturdy on the ground no matter what the floor material is.


  • Made with premium furniture grade paint
  • Made with high-quality, medium-density fiber core
  • Empty body design to keep the stand light


  • Does not include screws to assemble

This list of audio speaker stands can transform your bookshelf speaker into a home entertainment system without any hassle. Now, let’s look at what factors to consider before choosing an audio speaker stand.

How to Choose The Best Speaker Stands?

There are different types of audio speakers that cater to different needs. So, based on your requirement, here are some of the factors to consider when selecting a speaker stand for your home.

  • Weight – This is the most crucial part of selecting the right speaker stand. Depending on the type of speakers you possess, its weight and its width, the speaker stand must be able to support it. Most stands come with clear instructions of how much weight capacity it can hold. While making the choice, ensure that the speaker stand has the capacity to handle the weight of your speakers.
  • Top Plate – One of the most common ways that a speaker is mounted on to the stand is using the top plates. These plates come with holes for screws and rubber pads or studs to ensure stability. Speaker stands with rubber pads also reduce the vibrations of speakers making the sound quality crisp and clear.
  • Design – Speaker stands are great to give you an enhanced listening experience in the comfort of your homes. Most of the time, these speaker stands work very well for your home entertainment systems and add to its functionality and efficiency. It is important to keep in the mind the kind of speakers you own to know which stands will be most compatible with them.
  • Height – Another important feature to look out for is the height adjustment of the stands. Most speaker stands have the option of adjusting the height depending on your need. However, there are some that do not.
  • Build – Your audio speakers rely on these speaker stands. Therefore, it is essential to ensure it is sturdy and made with strong materials that can withstand the weight of your speakers. Wooden speaker stands might be more expensive but they are highly durable. On the other hand, steel stands are cheaper and offer better stability. Some of them are hollow and can be filled with sand to improve sound quality.
  • Cable – Most speaker stands that are available in the market have a built-in feature to conceal the cable wires of your speakers. Therefore, look out for the size of the wires to ensure that they will fit in the channel.
  • Base – There are different types of bases like a tripod base, broad base, or even a sleek base. But the best kinds are the ones that are wider and heavier. These stands provide more stability and keep your speakers safe and secure. Most stands for speakers have 2 types of feet options: rubber pads or spikes. Spikes are compatible with carpeted surfaces while rubber pads work best for flat surfaces.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Whether you’re planning a house party or an evening with friends or family, a good-quality audio speaker is a must-have for a good time. Our product writer, Wedetso Chirhah, has channeled his interest in electronics into picking the best audio speaker stands. These products were chosen based on user reviews and features such as build, weight, and design. These audio speaker stands will enhance the look of your space and improve the listening experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do the speaker stands make the audio quality better?

Speaker stands enable the sound to be directed to exactly where you want by allowing proper distribution of sound. This enhances your listening experience overall.

Audio speakers are a valuable home accessory that can enhance your movie-watching or music-listening experience and help you enjoy a theater-like experience at home. However, when you bring home these, you also need to ensure you have the best audio speaker stands that are sturdy and made of durable materials. The options listed here are excellent at enhancing the aesthetics of your space and also help direct the sound in any direction you want. When picking one, make sure it comes with all the specifications and features you need. Moreover, it should be easy to assemble and install and be compatible with the speaker you have at home.

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