13 Best Automatic Hair Curlers In 2022 For Damage-Free Styling


If you want to give yourself a makeover, the best automatic hair curler can help you achieve a fashionable look easily. These curlers are easy to use and do not cause damage to your hair. With various advanced features, you can get loose or tight curls in whichever direction you want in a very short time. However, choosing the right curler can be challenging. So, here is our review of some of the best options available to help you. Read on to know more.

13 Best Automatic Hair Curlers

1. Best For All Hair Types:CHI Spin N Curl Hair Curler

Ideal for shoulder-length hair, this automatic curler comes with directional buttons, tangle protection, dual voltage, and a swivel cord that stretches up to nine feet. To use this curler, set your desired temperature and the timer. Hold the curler vertically with the backside facing the head and insert a section of your hair into the opening chamber. The hair will automatically curl and once you hear a beep, remove it gently. The hair curler has a rotating ceramic barrel and is available in various colors, including rose gold, black, champagne, ruby red, and mint green. Check out this video to know more about this hair curler.


  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Temperature presets available
  • Anti-tangle function
  • Auto shut-off available


  • Curls may not last long

2. Best For Controlling Frizz:Conair Infinitipro Curls Secret

The Infinitipro curling iron that curls for you has a lifelong motor with safety sensors for precise styling. Its high-performance heaters heat up in 30 seconds to give you tangle-free curls without lubrication. The heater comes with two heating levels and three timer settings with a heat level as high as 400℉. Its auto-curl technology pulls the hair into the chamber, giving it the perfect curl. To know more about this hair curler, check out this video.


  • Auto-off function
  • Helps reduce frizz
  • Helps boost shine
  • Suitable for customizing curls


  • Might be heavy

3. Best Anti-Tangle:Kiss Instawave Automatic Ceramic Curling Iron

If you are not used to conventional hair curling irons, this automatic curling wand from Kiss may be for you. It has a patented curl dial with ridges to detangle the hair as it curls. With just the touch of a button, you can enjoy frizz- and damage-free hair, thanks to its ionic technology. This iron can heat up to 420℉ and automatically shuts off after 90 minutes. From gentle waves to tight or loose curls, this curling iron has got you covered. Check out this video to learn how to use this curler.


  • Limited warranty included
  • Suitable for any hair length
  • Heat control available
  • Curls inwards and outwards


  • May be difficult to use

4. Best Portable:Fezax Cordless Auto Hair Curler

The automatic curler for hair from Fezax can give your hair a wavy look according to your needs. Suitable for beginners, it has a left and right curling facility, making it simple and convenient. The type-C USB charging cable can charge the device up to its full potential in three to four hours. Place some of your hair into the curler, set the temperature and the curling time, and press the curl button. After the device curls, it beeps to indicate the curling is done. For better results, use a styling spray or oil after curling.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Portable
  • LCD display
  • Anti-scalding build


  • Battery may lose its efficiency after repeated use

5. Best Cordless:SuperDuomishu Automatic Curling Iron

The curling iron comes with an automatic curling facility, making it easy to use for experts and beginners with the push of a button. It has a ceramic and tourmaline build, and an auto shut-off feature after ten minutes of inactivity. This curler comes with up to 60 minutes of run time, a USB type-C charging cable, a plastic comb, a hair clip, and a user manual. Whether you want to give yourself beach waves, romantic curls, elegant curls, or even classic curls, this device has got you covered.


  • Several time settings
  • Cordless
  • Clear LCD screen
  • Portable


  • May overheat

6. Best For Fragile Hair:Auruza Unbound Cordless Automatic Hair Curler

The Unbound Cordless Automatic Hair Curler can help reduce frizz and damage. Its ceramic coating and tourmaline emit negative ions to protect damaged hair and reduce frizz. It is powered by a 5000 mAH rechargeable battery and shuts off automatically after ten minutes to save battery. To use this curler, set a preset temperature and heat it for some time. Press the curling button when it is in use and remove it only after the beep alarm. You can use styling spray or oil to make sure the curls stay long.


  • Suitable for fragile hair
  • Helps protect natural moisture
  • Double-layer heat insulation
  • Multiple setting options


  • May be difficult to operate

7. Best For Coarse Hair:Laluztop 6-In-1 Curling Iron Wand Set

Laluztop’s curling iron helps give its users a personalized curling experience. Its adjustable temperatures and various timer settings can be customized between 300°F to 410°F to suit different hair types, ranging from fragile to coarse. The latest perm technology comes with a layer of ceramic, tourmaline, and left and right rotation to deliver loose, medium, and tight curls. This curler helps boost your hair’s shine and keeps it frizz-free.


  • Compact
  • Anti-tangle design
  • Includes heat-resistant gloves
  • Scalding protection


  • May overheat

8. Best User-Friendly:Beautural Automatic Hair Curler

If you struggle with using curling irons or wands, this hair curler might be for you. It has an operation self-lock function that comes in handy during accidental button releases. Its memory function remembers the last-used settings and sets itself if you use it again. After 30 seconds of inactivity, the device automatically shuts off, ensuring maximum safety. Its LCD display is wide enough to display the usage details and can help you create shiny curls conveniently.


  • User-friendly
  • Universally compatible voltage
  • Anti-scalding design
  • Various timer settings


  • Not cordless

9. Best Battery-Efficient:Iorab Curling Iron

The Iorab curling iron is a cordless device, reducing the hassle of using a wired one. It runs on a battery that lasts up to an hour with four hours of charging time. To save battery, it comes with an automatic shut-off protection mechanism when it does not detect any action, thus maximizing your safety. It is built to eliminate frizz and has six adjustable temperatures to suit all hair types and create attractive curls quickly.


  • Anti-tangle build
  • Anti-scalding design
  • Keratin coating
  • Smart sensor chip


  • Might take time to heat up

10. Best For All Ages:Xigugo Automatic Hair Curler

The Xigugo automatic hair curler is battery-powered and can emit a temperature as high as 392°F. Users have the freedom to set the temperature and timer along with the direction of curling. It comes with a dual heat-insulating system, reducing the chances of scalding or wire winding. This curler is suitable for all types of curls, from loose and soft to tight. Its battery capacity is 5000 mAh and has a charging time of up to four hours.


  • Easy to set temperature
  • Portable
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Auto shut-off function


  • Might take long to curl

11. Best Scald Protection:Nityrliv Hair Curler

Nityrliv’s hair curler is 7.5 inches long and is small and compact enough to be carried in a handbag. It has a rotary switch, four adjustable temperatures, a ceramic-coated barrel to prevent overheating, and anti-tangle protection to keep your hair safe while using it. When not in use, this curling iron can also be plugged with a USB cord to charge your mobile phone. If your hair is coarse, we recommend adding a smaller portion of the hair and using a higher temperature to curl it. Since it is a cordless iron hair curler, its battery capacity is 5200 mAH, which is large enough for hassle-free usage.


  • Includes a user manual
  • Helps seal moisture into the hair
  • Helps protect cuticles
  • Auto shut-off function


  • May take time to charge

12. Best For Long Hair:Denraoti Automatic Curling Iron

From long hair to short hair, this cordless curling iron caters to different lengths. Suitable for people of all ages, you only need to put some hair in, press the side button and hold it for a while to get the much-needed curls. It is built to emit temperatures as high as 430℉ and comes with a hair roller, plastic comb, and two hair clips for convenient usage. The curler is designed to check on the hair’s moisture levels so that it does not expose your hair to excessive heat.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Travel-friendly
  • Anti-scald design
  • Efficient battery


  • May not be durable

13. Best For Gifting:Hauea Hair Curler

The hair curler is suitable for beginners and professionals and is easy to use. By putting the right amount of hair into the curling tube and pushing a button, you are all set to get seamlessly curled hair. You can choose from six temperature levels and time settings as the iron is suitable for different types of hair textures. It has an LCD display to show the time, temperature, direction, and charging. The curling iron comes as a pack with add-ons, including clips, a storage bag, a black comb, and a hair divider.


  • Auto shut-off function
  • Can be used as an emergency power bank
  • Motor sensor
  • Portable


  • Curls may take time to form

How To Choose The Right Hair Curler?

Consider the following points when picking the best automatic hair curler.

1. Wired/Wireless: A wireless curler ensures you do not have to worry about moving around as it is easily portable. However, it runs on charge and requires frequent charging. However, a wired charger provides a steady power flow but can limit your movement.

2. Adjustable temperature: Choose hair curlers whose heat can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Picking a hair curler with adjustable temperature levels can help you experiment with different types of curls and keep a check on your hair’s safety.

3. Barrel size: Choose a barrel size that is spacious enough for your hair type. Whether it is coarse or fine, the thickness of the hair inserted into the barrel varies. You can consider a product with multiple barrel types to experiment with different curl sizes.

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If you are a beginner at hair styling, the best automatic hair curler can come in handy as it helps create beautiful curls easily. To pick a device that suits you, ensure the hair curler comes with adjustable temperatures and timers as different hair types require different heat. We recommend choosing one with ample heat protection to protect you and your hair from burns or injuries. These devices should maintain your hair’s moisture level and keep it frizz-free to ensure your hair stays shiny and healthy. Also, consider if you want a wireless or corded device based on your requirements. We hope our list helps you understand the different options and features for starting your hair styling journey.

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