13 Best Baby Alive Dolls To Buy In India-2024

Baby Alive is a brand of baby toy dolls that were first introduced in 1973. These dolls are known for their realistic, life-like physical features and movements. They also mimic the physiological functions of babies, like eating, crying, and soiling their diapers.

These dolls can be fun for children to play. In this MomJunction post, we present a list of the best Baby Alive dolls along with tips to select the right doll for your kid.

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13 Best Baby Alive Dolls Of 2024

1. Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Baby Doll

The Sweet Spoonfuls Baby Doll is a Baby Alive doll that can eat, drink, and poop. It provides your kids with a new way to nurture a doll. They can make the food on their own using the food blender, feed the doll, give her water from the bottle, and replace the diaper when she poops.


  • Comes with a food blender and ready-to-prepare food sachets.
  • The manual blender can be turned to make food by mixing the content in the sachet and water.
  • Once the doll is full, it poops in her diaper, which can be changed easily.
  • There is a toy comb to style the doll’s hair.
  • The kit includes a doll, a bottle, a food blender, two diapers, twofood packets, and a spoon.


  • No automatic movement of the doll.
  • Extra diapers need to be purchased.
  • Only two food packets provided with the doll.
  • A little difficult to clean.

2. Baby Alive Face Paint Fairy Brunette

It is a fairy doll whose face can be painted with her magic wand. Paint her face and attach her wings and she turns into a fairy doll in a jiffy. Your toddler can also feed her and change her diaper and nurture it like a real baby. If your kid is three years or older, then you can go for this doll.


  • Comes with a wand which when filled with cold water turns into a face paintbrush.
  • Dragging the water-filled wand on the doll’s facereveals a beautiful design on her face.
  • The face paint can be wiped easily, thus allows the kid to redo it again and again.
  • Comes with detachable wings that bring the fairy look.
  • The doll is available in two ethnicities – African American and Brunette.
  • The kit includes a doll, a bottle, a wand, a removable dress, a diaper, and wings.


  • The doll does not move on its own.
  • Only a single diaper is provided with the doll.
  • Hair cannot be styled.

3. Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye Doll

Give your childa mother-like feeling with the Baby Go Bye Bye Alive Doll, which is always on the go. Made with plastic, the battery-operated doll speaks, crawls, eats, wets, and giggles like a real baby. The doll claims to improve the social and emotional skills of the toddlers.


  • The baby doll crawls in the direction of the sound. Shake a rattle, and she will follow it.
  • Tickling the tummy would make the doll giggle.
  • The doll speaks 25 sounds and phrases in both English and Spanish.
  • Comes with an on-the-go baby carrier so that the kid can take her around easily.
  • She drinks water from the bottle and wets her changeable diaper.
  • Features a well-rooted blonde hair that can be combed and styled differently.
  • The toy kit comes with a doll, outfit, carrier, bottle, diaper, rattle, and brush.           


  • The doll is slightly overpriced
  • Batteries need to be changed frequently with more usage. 

4. Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby Doll

Give your kids a life-like nurturing experience with the Potty Dance Baby Doll. Besides saying sweet phrases and singing songs, the doll also dances, drinks water, and pees in her potty seat. The soap dispenser toy lets your kids pretend to clean her. Whenever the doll does a good job, your child can appreciate her by giving a sticker from the reward chart.


  • Holding the doll’s hands would make her dance.
  • Speaks 50+ phrases in both English and Spanish.
  • Drinks from her bottle and pees in the potty stand.
  • A soap dispenser toy is provided to pretend cleaning the doll after peeing.
  • Can be switched to mummy mode and daddy mode with a button.
  • Features black curly hair that can be combed to a preferred style.
  • The package includes a doll with an outfit, extra underwear, stickers, a comb, a soap dispenser, a water bottle, and a potty seat.


  • The doll might spill water from the mouth when overloaded.
  • Improper cleaning or draining of water from the doll might lead to mold formation inside the doll.

5. Baby Alive Magical Scoops Blonde Baby Doll

Let your kid feed the doll with an ice cream that gets finished and refilled just like real ice cream. The doll comes with beautiful blonde hair that can be styled using the comb provided. Your kid can also enjoy changing the dress and bib, which are removable and comes free with the doll. The doll is a suitable toy for children three years and older.


  • Comes with an ice cream cone with a moveable scoop, which when pushed against the doll’s mouth, goes inside the cone.
  • Pushing the scooper over the cone would bring the scoop back.
  • A sprinkles shaker to add toppings to the ice cream.
  • A bib is also included to wipe the doll once she eats the ice cream.
  • The kit includes a total of sixpieces – a doll, an ice cream cone, a scooper, a bib, a comb, and a dress. 


  • The doll does not move on its own.

6. Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby Doll

If your kid aims to become a doctor or likes to enact like a doctor, then this Sweet Tears Doll is the right gift. The doll becomes sick, sheds tears, and shows signs that she’s unwell. With the check-up accessories that come with the doll, your kid can pretend to check the doll.


  • The doll sheds tears when fed with water from her juice box.
  • Nose of the doll becomes red when it’s unwell.
  • Speaks more than 35 phrases in both English and Spanish.
  • Features a switch to mommy and daddy mode.
  • Wipe the nose with the tissue to make the light go off.
  • The doll has medium length hair that can be styled using the comb.
  • The kit contains one doll, a stethoscope, a bandage, one tissue, juice box, brush comb, outfit, and a thermometer.


  • The doll does not have body movement.
  • A bit expensive.

7. Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Noodles Baby

The Snackin’ Noodles Baby Alive doll loves noodles made from the specially provided noodle maker. Your kids can make noodles and feed the doll. Once she is full, she poops, and they can clean her diaper. Tickle her belly and she starts talking in both English and Spanish. The doll can be played by both boys and girls.


  • A blonde hair doll that can swallow noodles.
  • The noodle extruder is easy to use. Just fill it with the dough and press it for the noodles.
  • Keep a noodle tip at the doll’s mouth, and it will pull the noodle inside.
  • Once the doll is full, she will poop the noodles in her diaper.
  • Can style her thick, blonde hair with the comb provided.
  • The kit includes a doll, a removable outfit, a diaper, reusable doll food in a container, and a comb.


  • A bit expensive.

8. Baby Alive Lil Sips Baby Has A Tea Party Doll

The Lil Sips Baby Has A Tea Party Doll would be a great addition to your kid’s toy collection. The doll can be taken to any baby tea party as it comes with all the required accessories. There’s more, your little one can feed the doll, change her wet diaper, and pretend to be a real mommy.


  • Comes in a pretty blue color dress and a tiara.
  • Made with high-quality material for children of all ages.
  • Drinks from her bottle and wets in her diaper.
  • The kit includes the doll, a removable dress, tiara, teapot, two tea cups, and a diaper. 


  • The doll does not talk or move.
  • Only one diaper is provided with the doll. Additional ones need to be purchased separately.

9. Baby Alive So Many Styles Baby Doll

If your kid loves to dress up and make the doll ready, then the So Many Styles Baby is the right one to buy. Your kid can change the outfits, style the baby with stick-on, comb her hair as per the occasion, and take her out in rain in her own raincoat and boots. What’s more, the Styles Baby also drinks and pees.


  • Comes with two different outfits which can be mixed and matched.
  • Take her out in the sun with her stylish sunglasses on.
  • The 16 additional stick-ons would add mood to the doll.
  • The raincoat and rain boots allow the kids to play in the rain as well.
  • The brown hair of the doll can be styled as required.
  • The play kit includes a doll, a bottle, a pair of outfits, a diaper, sun glasses, rain boots, a pair of slippers, 16 applique pieces, and a comb.


  • Only one diaper is provided with the kit. Additional diapers need to be purchased.
  • No automatic movement of the doll.

10. Baby Alive Shimmer n Splash Mermaid Baby Doll

Gift your kid this shimmery and splashy mermaid doll to double their joy. With an easy to pull down skirt, the doll transforms into a pretty mermaid and back to a normal doll in a jiffy. 


  • Comes with a shimmery and dazzling tail to transform into a mermaid.
  • Can be used in the water as a mermaid and outside as a doll.
  • Drinks water from its bottle and wets the diaper.
  • Comes with a removable top and mermaid tail swimsuit bottom.
  • Kit also includes a doll, dress, bottle and a diaper.


  • No movement ofthe doll.
  • Doll’s design might make it more appealing to girls than boys.

11. Alive Lil’ Sips Baby Blonde Hair Doll

Drinking water from the bottle and peeing in the diaper are the two main functions of this blonde hair ed doll. If your kid loves doing these chores besides playing with the Baby Alive doll, then you can surprise them with the Lil’ Sips doll.


  • The doll drinks water from the bottle.
  • Once full, it pees in the diaper.
  • Features blonde and curly hair design.
  • Wears a pretty dress, which is removable.
  • The doll kit also includes a bottle, a diaper, and a dress.


  • Does not have artificial hair.
  • No automatic movement of the doll.
  • Extra diapers need to be purchased separately.

12. Baby Alive Step ‘n Giggle Baby Doll

The Baby Alive doll hops, jumps, walks, talks, sleeps, drinks, pees, thus mimicking a real baby. The doll also features light-up shoes. The product is battery-operated and comes in multi-colour. Kids can have a good time with the doll which also tells when it’s sleepy.


  • A baby alive doll that walks, jumps, and hops with your baby.
  • Wears light-up shoes that glow with each step.
  • Tells that she is tired by yawning and then takes a nap.
  • Speaks in English and Spanish in 25+ phrases and sentences.
  • Wears removable glasses.
  • Features strong blonde hair that can be styled with the comb provided.
  • The doll kit includes the live doll, changeable outfit, a bottle, a comb, and a diaper. 


  • The doll cannot move on its own.

13. Baby Alive Plays and Giggles Baby Doll

It is a Baby Alive doll that reacts to movement. Make her talk by moving her up and down, in circles or as you wish, she will tell you how much fun she’s having. Squeeze her hand and she will start speaking. Once she’s tired, rock her to sleep and she tells that she is having the best hug.


  • The doll reacts to the movement and also reveals how much fun she’s having.
  • Bounce the doll and it will ask to bounce again.
  • Spin the doll in circles and she will tell you that she is dizzy.
  • Squeeze the doll’s hand and it will start talking.
  • Features a soft body, that when hugged, the doll expresses how warm the hug is.
  • Make her fly and she will ask you to go higher.


  • The doll’s hand is a little hard to press making it difficult to initiate the talk.
  • Not quite interactive.
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose A Baby Alive Doll?

Here is a guide to help you choose a doll:

  • Age of your child: Most of the Baby Alive Dolls available in India are recommended for kids aged threeyears and above. Hence, making sure your child falls in that category is quite important.
  • Preference and interests: Consider your child’s interest before picking the right doll. For instance, if your kid is more interested in styling, then pick the dolls that can be styled. Similarly, for someone with interest towards cooking and caring, choose the dolls that come with food makers and feeding stuff.
  • Specific functions: Besides a variety of features, the Baby Alive dolls also come with different functions. Some can crawl, some can talk, while some can smile and giggle. Choose a doll based on which activity your child finds the most interesting.
  • Price of the doll: The last but important factor to consider is the cost of the doll. As most of the Baby Alive dolls come with a heavy price tag, make sure it is worth buying a doll with the specified features. Read reviews online, do some research, compare with other company products, and then take a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What age group is Baby Alive doll for?

The recommended age group for most of the Baby Alive Dolls is threeyears and above.

2. What are the different models available?

Baby Alive Dolls are available in almost all models that kids prefer. From a simple toy doll, to the one that eats, drinks, sleeps, giggles, sings, walks, crawls, responds, poops, so on and so forth.

3. Do all Baby Alive dolls come in all hair and skin colors?

Not all the Baby Alive dolls are available in different hair and skin colors. Only a few selected models are available in limited variants, including African American, Blonde, and Brunette. 

4. Do all the Baby Alive toys eat, drink, pee, and poop?

Not all the dolls come with similar features. Only a few dolls do everything, while most others do some of them. Whatever the feature is, the Baby Alive doll comes equipped with the required accessory. For instance, if the doll drinks water, it comes with a bottle, if it pees or poops, then it comes with a diaper.

5. Is the skin of the Baby Alive Dolls soft to touch like the real baby?

The manufacturer claims so, but users complain about hard bodies. However, there are a few dolls whose bodies are made from soft material in order to provide a real cuddling experience. Do check the same before purchasing.

Baby Alive dolls are renowned for crafting realistic-looking dolls that emulate the physical functions of a baby. The best Baby Alive dolls can help your little one form a bond and learn how to nurture a newborn baby. They are helpful in keeping children engaged and teaching them how to take care of a baby. You can choose from a variety of styles, designs, and features to make sure your child can find a fun companion to play and cuddle up with.

Infographic: How To Buy A Good Baby Alive Dolls?

Baby Alive is a toy brand that strives to create a varied range of dolls for younger children. They ensure the use of good-quality and premium materials, making their toys a close friend to your child for a long time. Look at the infographic below to learn some tips for choosing baby dolls from this brand.

Tips For Choosing Baby Alive Dolls (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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