15 Best Board Books For Babies To Develop Their Skills In 2022


Board books can be an effective way to introduce your child to the world of books early on. So, check out our list of the best board books to choose the right one. They help develop sensory skills, language skills, and hand-eye coordination. These books are visually appealing, easily attracting your little one’s attention and interest. Also, being durable, they cannot be torn easily and are suitable for your child’s rough play.

With various themes and illustrations, choosing the right one can be tricky. So, go through our list of board books to find a suitable one for your child.

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15 Best Baby Board Books

1. Best With Die-Cut Pages: The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is created and illustrated by Eric Carle. It is a story of a caterpillar and its life cycle illustrated with beautiful images and colors. The perfectly sized book with die-cut pages is recommended for babies and children up to three years of age. This book can help you teach your baby about food, colors, counting, and days of the week while reading through the story.

2. Best With Colorful Images: I Love You To The Moon And Back Board Book

A beautiful story of a bear and its cub is illustrated by Tim Warnes and published by Tiger Tales. This board book can help your child understand the love and affection you have for each other. It is illustrated with colorful images and sweet gestures that the bear and cub shares throughout the day as they spend together. The story has a rhyme that you can sing to your children and help them recite. It is recommended for the ages two to five years and has a personalization page to mention to and from.


3. Best Rhymes: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Board Book

A beloved classic rhyme by Bill Martin Jr. and pictures by Eric Carle, this board book can be a good addition to your child’s library with its simple rhyming and bright colors. Each page is illustrated with beautiful images of different animals and a rhyme to sing and learn. It is recommended for children of two to five years, and babies can equally enjoy it.

4. Best To Learn Alphabet: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Board Book

The Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a fun book to learn alphabets through a song and colorful illustration. This classic is authored by Bill Martin Jr. along with John Archambault and illustrated by Lois Ehlert. It is every kid’s favorite as it is great to sing along and learn the alphabet. The rhyme says “A told B, B told C, I’ll meet you at the top of the coconut tree” as each alphabet tries to climb up the coconut tree. It is recommended for kids aged from one to four and has 36 pages.

5. Best To Build Self-Confidence: Giraffes Can’t Dance Board Book

Giraffes can’t dance is a rhyming story written by Giles Andreae and illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees. It is a story of a giraffe named Gerald who loves to dance, but it is not an easy goal that you can achieve with long and thin legs. Despite all the odds, Gerald finally finds a way and achieves his goal.

This book is a good read for kids that helps them to build self-confidence and strength to fulfill their dreams. The story is beautifully illustrated with colorful and attractive images, for every child instantly falls in love with this book. It is recommended for ages two to nine years.

6. Best To Develop Vocabulary: My First Library Box Set of 10 Board Books

If you want to introduce your child to a wide range of topics through images, this box set could be perfect for your child. It is recommended for children up to three years and is published by Wonder House Books. This book set includes ten books with different topics, including alphabets, numbers, colors, birds, wild animals, farm animals, shapes, fruits, vegetables, and transport. It has everything you want your baby to learn at a young age. These baby books are small in hand and have beautiful and colorful images that keep your baby hooked to them. They also help your baby learn words and develop vocabulary as you read to them.

7. Best For Sensory Skills: Dear Zoo: A Lift The Flap Board Book

A classic and an all-time favorite book of children through many years and has an updated look. Dear Zoo, authored by Rod Campbell, is a lift the flap board book that makes it exciting and fun for babies and toddlers. It helps them learn about zoo animals and flip through the pages to find their perfect pet. This book also helps develop sensory skills and hand-eye coordination. It can be a good addition to your child’s bookshelf with bright colors and easy narration.

8. Best For Bedtime: Good Night Moon Board Book

Good Night Moon is a classic bedtime book for all the little ones to fall asleep. The bright colors with poetic text can keep your baby amused. It narrates the bedtime routine of a cute little bunny in its green room. The bunny says good night to all the objects around in the room and will slowly fall asleep. This book is authored by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd. The recommended age of this board book is up to four years, and it can be a great gifting option for birthday parties or as a baby shower gift.

9. Best With Attractive Images: On The Night You Were Born Board Book

Every child is unique to their parents, and this board book is a great book to express your love towards the little one. It starts like this “ On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder, that the stars peeked in to see you…”. This book makes your child feel special and loved, while the colorful and attractive images will make them fall in love with it. It is another good choice for your baby’s bookshelf, and bedtime read. Authored by Nancy Tillman, it is recommended for children of one to four years.

10. Best With Rhyming Text: Moo Baa La La La! Board Book

“ The cow says moo, a sheep says baa, three singing pigs say la la la.” This little board book authored by Sandra Boynton is a fun and hilarious illustration of animals and their sounds. It helps your baby learn the animals and their sounds with colorful images and rhyming text. It makes you sing to your baby over and over and is a great choice to make your little one familiar with animals. The recommended age is up to three years.

11. Best For Interactive Skills: First 100 Box Set Board Books

With an attractive bookcase, this box set includes three different board books to help your baby develop speaking skills, first words, family learning, etc. The books cover concepts, such as the first 100 words, the first 100 animals, numbers, colors, and shapes. It is designed with bright and colorful collage images to read and talk to your baby. The perfect size with thick pages will help your baby have a firm grip to turn the pages and keep them engaged while building their vocabulary. It is authored by Roger Priddy and recommended for ages one to three years.


12. Best To Develop Skills: Press Here Board Book

Press Here is a simple dotted book that can create magic and bring a smile to your little one’s face. Authored by the versatile and talented Herve Tullet, this is the New York Times best-selling board book. Follow simple instructions and turn the page to enjoy the dotted journey. It develops interactive skills and helps them to understand and follow the instructions. It is recommended for children of three to five years.

13. Best Lift-The-Flap: Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?

Babies and toddlers love playing Peek a Boo, and this lift-the-flap book allows them to do that. It is a great interactive book that helps your little one learn the body parts while having fun. The faps are easy to lift, and the images are attractive and adorable that your baby can easily fall in love with this board book. It is an amazing toddler book and recommended for children up to four years. This board book is written and illustrated by Karen Katz.

14. Best With Adorable Images: Baby Signs Board Book

A baby-sized introduction to speaking with sign language is a simple board book authored by Joy Allen. This modern classic will help your baby communicate and interact easily through signs. It explains thirteen vital signs with adorable images. Start teaching your baby as early as possible, and you can see your baby communicating their needs, such as hunger, milk, water, diaper change, help me, and it hurts. The recommended age for this book is up to three years.

15. Best Versatile: Peek A Who? Board Book

Peek a who? is a lift-the-flap book to keep your curious little one guessing and giggling while flipping through the pages. The die-cut pages allow peeking at a part of the image on the next page so your child can guess what is coming next. The colorful pictures and versatile illustrations on every page make this one of the favorite board books for your baby. Simple rhymes accompany the images to make them exciting and fun. It is recommended for up to 12 years of age and is authored by Nina Laden.

How To Choose The Right Baby Board Book?

Here are some factors to keep in mind to choose the best baby board book.

1. Age: Choosing the board book based on your baby’s age. For newborns, it is recommended to go for high-contrast black and white books as their eyesight is not fully developed and is limited to black and white. At later stages, choose a book with big and colorful images to grab their attention. If your baby is a toddler or older, you can pick a board book that has rhymes, stories, images, and so on.

2. Safety: Choose baby books that are sturdy enough to withstand the energetic play of your child. They should have thick pages so that your baby will not end up swallowing the pages while teething and round edges to prevent hurting your baby. Most board books are made with safety standards.

3. Type: There are different types of board books, including lift-the-flap books, touch-and-feel books, musical books, pop-up books, and rhyme books. Choose one or more of every kind so that your baby will enjoy reading rather than buying similar books.

Introducing children to books at an early age is always a great idea, and board books are perfect to start with. These board books for babies, toddlers, and kids with different content help your baby to develop interactive skills, sensory skills, speaking skills, and vocabulary while having fun.

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