14 Best Baby Body Wash In India In 2024

Welcoming a baby into the family comes with a list of responsibilities. An important, yet challenging, responsibility is to give the little one a bath to maintain hygiene. You need a gentle and safe baby body wash for cleaning the baby’s soft and fragile skin. The body wash should preferably nourish their skin and also last a long time.

Keep reading to find the best baby body wash in India to keep your precious baby’s skin healthy and free from dirt and germs.

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14 Best Baby Body Wash In India 2024

1. Himalaya Gentle Baby Wash

This baby wash is an ultra-mild cleanser for the entire body. It keeps your baby’s skin nourished and moisturized with the goodness of green gram, chickpeas, and fenugreek. This soap-free formula is safe to use on your baby’s sensitive skin and maintains the pH balance. Gently lather to trap the moisture and keep your baby’s skin smooth.


  • Suitable for daily use
  • Rinses away dirt easily
  • Does not irritate eyes
  • Free of parabens, chemicals, and synthetic colors
  • It is infused with the healing properties of three herbs


  • The lather is not foamy

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2. Aveeno Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Gentle Body Wash & Shampoo with Oat Extract, 2-in-1 Baby Bath Wash & Hair Shampoo, Tear- & Paraben-Free for Hair & Sensitive Skin, Lightly Scented, 18 fl. oz Image: Aveeno

The Aveeno Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo is a combination of cleanser and shampoo in a single bottle. This formula contains natural oats extracts and gets rid of dirt and germs without drying your baby’s skin. It infuses five vital elements for healthy, smooth, and glowing skin and hair. It contains antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, enzymes, and lipids for the complete nourishment of your baby’s skin. It comes in an 18 fl.oz bottle.


  • Lightly scented and tear-free
  • Absence of parabens, steroids, phthalates, and dyes
  • Hypoallergenic and suitable for the baby’s delicate skin


  • Cannot be used as a bubble bath

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 12,050 positive customer reviews on Amazon attest to the product’s quality.

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3. Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Wash For Babies

The Mamaearth Deeply Nourishing Wash is a dermatologically tested formula for babies. It penetrates deep into your baby’s skin and nourishes it with aloe vera, orange, jojoba oil, and coconut extracts. It does not irritate the eyes and skin when forming a mild lather. The body wash is light, transparent, and free of coloring. It can be applied to babies and kids of all ages and skin types.


  • Suitable to use from head to toe
  • 100% toxin-free, organic, and natural
  • Can be used as a bubble wash
  • Comes with a natural fragrance that babies love
  • The bottle is easy to use, convenient, and portable


  • May leak as the lid cannot be screwed tight

4. The Moms Co. Natural Baby Wash

Part of The Moms Co.’s range of natural, toxin-free products for babies, Natural Baby Wash gently cleans, softens and moisturizes your baby’s skin with natural ingredients. The soap-free baby wash nourishes the skin with natural oils such as calendula oil, avocado oil and organic chamomile oil. It also has organic aloe vera gel that helps moisturize the skin. Natural Baby Wash is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and toxin-free, making it safe to use on babies from day one.


  • Clinically tested tear-free and soap-free
  • Does not contain sulfates, mineral oil, artificial fragrances, parabens and harmful chemicals
  • Can be used as a head-to-toe wash
  • Comes in a bottle with a pump lock, easy to carry


  • The product may change color over time due to the use of natural ingredients.

5. Mustela Gentle Cleansing Gel

This cleansing gel contains natural avocado as the main ingredient and fortifies your baby’s skin with vitamin B5 and other essential nutrients. The pearly gel’s soothing texture leaves the baby feeling refreshed and comfortable. It works to deeply cleanse your baby’s hair and body, preventing dry skin and irritation. This formula is created for a thorough bathing experience, free of tears and stress-free moments for both baby and parent.


  • Comes with an easy-to-use pump dispenser
  • Comfortable application
  • Soap-free with 90% plant-based ingredients
  • Tested and proven safe to use on your baby’s skin
  • Free of parabens, phthalates, and phenoxyethanol


  • Contains sulfate

6. Mee Mee Gentle Baby Bubble Bath

The Mee Mee Gentle Baby Bubble Bath is a mild formula that cleans your baby’s hair and body without drying its natural moisture. It leaves lingering fresh fragrance on the skin that lasts throughout the day. The special ingredients add a natural glow while eliminating dirt and impurities on the surface. It is gentle on baby’s delicate skin and does not cause any rashes.


  • Can be used as a cleanser and a bubble bath
  • Comes with the benefits of cherry extracts and olive oil
  • Clinically tested and safe for babies


  • It may irritate the baby’s eyes

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7. Eucerin Baby Wash & Shampoo

If you are looking for a baby product that is free of chemicals and irritants, then the Eucerin Baby Wash & Shampoo is the one for you. The product is rich in shea butter, known for its nourishing and healing properties. It is also enriched with pro-vitamin B5 that soothes your baby’s skin from deep within. It strengthens the scalp and prevents dryness, itchiness, scaliness, and other skin problems.


  • Absence of drying agents and coloring
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Good value for money
  • Absence of soap and alcohol
  • Suitable for everyday use


  • Not all the ingredients in this baby product are natural and organic

8. Puracy Baby Shampoo & Natural Body Wash

Puracy Organic Baby Lotion Image: Puracy Store

The Puracy Baby Shampoo & Natural Body Wash is an award-winning baby skincare product on the market. All the ingredients used are 100% botanical and natural. It is highly effective for sensitive skin has clinically-proven benefits. This body wash is enriched with moisturizers that keep your baby’s skin soft, and it uses the power of sea salt to cleanse and purify the tiny skin pores deeply.


  • Light scented and balances the skin’s pH levels
  • Absence of halogens, sulfates, animal by-products, petroleum, perfumes, and skin irritants
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Offers value for money


  • Improper functioning of the body wash bottle pump in some cases
  • Non-dense formula

9. Babyganics Baby Shampoo + Body Wash

The Babyganics Baby Shampoo + Body Wash is a 2-in-1 formula solution for healthy baby skin. It is extra gentle in cleansing and effectively lathers your baby’s hair and body. Each bottle contains natural essential oils extracted from the raspberry fruit, sunflower seeds, cranberry, black cumin, and tomato. Most of the ingredients used are certified, organic, and safe to use on even the most delicate skin types. The rich supply of antioxidants and natural oils enhances skin cell growth and development of hair follicles.


  • Easy-to-use, convenient foaming pump
  • Comfortable to press out the formula with one hand
  • Produces thick and dense foam


  • Not free of fragrances
  • Concerns of babies developing rashes after a bath

10. Mom & World Baby Wash

If you are looking for a body wash that does not leave residues on your baby’s delicate skin, this is the ideal product. It is a gentle cleanser that works well on both the hair and body. Your baby’s skin will benefit from the natural blend of almond oil, Moroccan argan oil, and aloe vera present in this product.  Each of the ingredients is specially infused to restore the skin’s natural moisture and elasticity. It helps to get rid of dry and itchy skin while washing away dirt, grime, and harmful impurities.


  • Forms a rich lather, giving your baby a deep cleansing during the bath
  • Does not irritate your baby’s eyes and is free of alcohol and toxins
  • Free of parabens and phthalates
  • Enriches the baby’s skin with vitamins A, E, B1, B2, and B6


  • Not suitable for babies who are allergic to almonds or other nuts

11. Chicco Gentle Body Wash And Shampoo

Create the perfect bathing experience for your baby with this baby body wash and shampoo created for a baby’s sensitive skin. It comes with the benefits of oats extracts and restores the skin’s natural pH levels with iso-lachrymal. When applied generously on your baby’s hair and skin, it generates sufficient lather to give a deep cleansing bath. This body wash and shampoo formula is offered in 100 ml, 200 ml, and 500ml bottle options.


  • Gives out soothing and relaxing fragrance when applied to the baby’s hair and body
  • Does not irritate the baby’s eyes and cause tears
  • Suitable for daily bathing
  • Contains natural extracts of oats good for hair and skin
  • Free of dyes and alcohol


  • Shampoo may leak out of the bottle, making it unsuitable for travel

12. Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Wash

The Mother Sparsh Baby Wash is a one-of-a-kind product that is loved for its botanical blend of organic herbs. The cleaning formula comes in a 200ml bottle and provides complete skincare for your baby. It blends plant extracts and essential oils, including chamomile oil, avocado oil, and virgin coconut oil.  The chamomile oil keeps your baby’s skin soft, soothed, and supple. Avocado extracts nourish and hydrate your baby’s dry skin, while virgin coconut oil heals any broken, inflamed, or irritated skin.


  • Free of silicones, dyes, parabens, and phthalates
  • Suitable for use for babies and growing children
  • Tear-free and nourishing from the first day of use


  • Concerns of strong fragrance being harmful to babies

13. Life & Pursuits Certified Natural Baby Body Wash

This body wash product is an all-in-one solution for baby skin woes. It has a fresh fruity fragrance, which may come across as calming to your baby. The body wash comes with infused herbal ingredients, namely coconut, vanilla oil, orange oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and organic extracts that nourish the skin. It also hydrates and pampers your baby’s skin like no other.


  • Gentle on the skin of babies and children of all ages
  • Safe to use on sensitive and broken skin
  • Absence of silicones, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, and added color
  • Comes in a 200ml bottle


  • Quantity is not sufficient enough for a daily bath.

14. Original Sprout Hair And Body Baby Wash

This is a baby product that mothers will love using, as most of the ingredients in this formula are organic and 100% natural. It lathers and rinses out well, making it a preferred choice for everyday use. This baby shampoo is specially created to restore a balance in the pH levels of the skin. This product may help treat skin conditions, like acne, psoriasis, eczema, dry hair and scalp, and other related ailments.


  • Absence of toxic chemicals and parabens
  • Tear-free, vegan, and skin-friendly
  • It comes with the benefits of rosemary, cucumber, cranberry, vitamin E, and aloe vera


  • More expensive when compared to other baby shampoos
  • The spout on the bottle opens off, causing leaks
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Safety Tips To Follow While Bathing A Baby

Parents should keep in mind the following safety and precautionary tips when bathing their babies.

  • Before beginning the bath, keep all baby accessories like towels, soap, body wash, shampoo, washcloths, diapers, and clothes ready and within reach.
  • Remain beside your baby at all times. Never leave them alone in the bath when you are not around.
  • Use a small baby bathtub. It should be one that lets you control the volume of bathwater.
  • Always test the water temperature with your small finger to check whether it is warm and to prevent scalding and burns on your baby.
  • Check whether the temperature of the room is about 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Begin with washing the baby’s head and hair and wipe it with a soft towel once you are done. Proceed with washing each body part thoroughly.
  • Never put your newborn baby in a bathtub when the umbilical cord area isn’t healed fully. Giving your baby a sponge bath is a wise option until the doctor gives the go-ahead for bathing.
  • Pat your baby’s body dry with a soft towel once you are done.

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Directions To Use Baby Body Wash

Pour a sufficient amount of baby body wash onto a wet sponge. You can also use a soft washcloth. Apply the sponge to your baby’s skin and rub it in a circular motion across the body. Make sure to cover all parts of the body from head to toe. Continue to do this until you get a rich lather. Now rinse well with water until your baby’s skin is squeaky clean.

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Factors To Consider While Buying A Baby Body Wash

The following are some of the things to look into when buying a baby body wash in India.

  • Check whether all the ingredients used are natural and 100% organic.
  • The body wash formulas should be clinically proven and dermatologically tested.
  • It should be baby skin-friendly and environmentally safe.
  • Fragrance-free body wash formulas are better than fragranced ones.
  • Check if the baby wash concentration is a no-tears one so that it doesn’t irritate your baby’s eyes.
  • It should be free of parabens, alcohol, sulfates, petroleum, coloring, and other artificial substances.
  • The product should be hypoallergenic with a low pH balance.
  • Should be capable of moisturizing and keeping your baby’s skin hydrated throughout the day.
  • Look out for the manufacturing and expiry dates.

Dr. Dmitriy Schwarzburg, a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, says, “Babies have lingering amniotic fluid and vernix caseosa that naturally moisturize their sensitive skin. They typically don’t secrete unpleasant body odor and are known to have a pleasant scent naturally. As such, fragrances are not needed in your baby’s body wash, though lightly scented washes are safe to use without causing damage or irritation to your child’s skin.”

Dr. Dimitriy Schwarzburg adds, “If your child does not enjoy their bathtime, consider a bubble body wash to bathe your child without having to worry about lathering the body wash too much if your baby gets fussy.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is baby body wash recommended for newborn babies?

Newborn babies cannot be bathed daily since their umbilical cord would not have healed. It is best to avoid bathing them with a baby body wash within the first few weeks of healing. You can bathe them with plain water instead or use a sponge to gently scrub around the creases and other areas of the body. Use only a little amount of the baby body wash to prevent damage to the delicate skin. Consult your baby’s doctor to find out the best time to start bathing your baby.

2. Do baths make babies sleepy?

After a good warm bath, your baby will feel soothed, like they did in the mother’s womb. The soothing feeling could make a baby sleepy in no time.

Now that you can buy the best baby body wash in India with a click, choose one that provides all-in-one solutions. This enables your baby to enjoy all-round benefits, from cleansing to moisturizing, hydrating, and soothing irritated skin. Mild head-to-toe body washes are the perfect choice for fresh, healthy, and squeaky clean babies.

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