15 Best Baby Books For Newborns And Baby Showers In 2022


Introduce your child to the world of imagination and fantasy with our list of the best baby books. After birth, a baby would usually try to familiarize themselves with the world. These children’s books help induce a sense of creativity and imagination, serving as the foundation stones for their development. They have stories about kindness, friendship, bravery, and other values which help nurture your child’s mind.

Even if your child doesn’t understand everything in the book, they will still interact with the pictures. We recommend parents spend time with their children to help them understand, allowing you to improve the parent-child bond effectively. Spending time with a baby will help them understand concepts like colors, shapes, numbers, and letters, developing their motor and cognitive skills. So, explore our list to choose the right book for your child that they will enjoy.

Our Top Picks

15 Best Baby Books

1. Best For Recording Milestones: Pearhead Chevron My Memory Book

You can welcome your precious baby and record every milestone in this baby book. It features 50 fill-in, acid-free pages so that you can create a keepsake for life. The chevron pattern on the front adds a nice touch, and it is bound in a rich, gray, and white cloth. You can record every detail from the time you found out you were pregnant to your baby’s first birthday and it even has spaces for photos of your baby and their important moments. You can display a 3 x 3 inch photo of your baby on the cover of the journal. It also includes a clean-touch ink pad to display your little baby’s handprint and footprint in the journal, without their skin even touching the ink. The pages include all details like who it belongs to, the entire pregnancy journey, important firsts like the first word spoken, the first step taken, the first birthday, all about the parents, doctor visits, and all the other milestones of your baby’s first 5 years that are so important. It’s available in 3 other colors— pink, blue, and teal. It is also easy to use and baby safe.


2. Best With Music: Pinkfong Baby Shark Sing-Alongs

Colorful illustrations and peppy music are the highlights of this baby book with its 9 baby shark songs that you can sing along with. This sound book features press-and-play buttons that play the 9 songs with a bonus Pinkfong stinger sound. Each book is designed for small baby hands and features a sidebar so that it can be gripped easily. The rounded edges and soft buttons also provide a comfortable and safe grip for your baby. The in-built aria speaker is especially designed for a full and rich sound that doesn’t go beyond 83 decibels, and does not damage your child’s ears. 2 AAA batteries are included with this sound book, and are placed securely under the cover. The book can be switched on and off with a simple safety lock on the back cover, which saves battery life and protects children from potential dangers. The sound book is filled with colorful illustrations of the lovable baby shark characters. The matte, colorful pages are easy on the eyes and encourage children to touch, press and listen to the sound book. These 9 delightful melodies are sure to enchant your baby, and put a bright smile on your precious baby’s face.


3. Best Interactive: Lamaze Peek-A-Boo Forest

This interactive baby book has inspiring rhymes and stories that enables your little baby to learn about different animals that live in the forest. This soft baby book has 6 colorful and durable pages that are visually stimulating and a plush, crinkly owl on the cover with peek-a-boo flaps. These are simple for little fingers to open and close, enhancing hand-eye coordination, and are ideal for babies who are 6 months and older. The multiple textures, bright colors, and crinkles encourage exploration and develop fine motor skills. This baby book is designed with input from child development experts, and has developmental features that make it fun for babies and toddlers to discover, learn, and read. Reading and looking at colorful pictures fosters imagination and vocabulary, and helps you to bond with your baby over story time.


4. Best With Organic Recipes: Stephanie Middleberg MS RD CDN The Big Book of Organic Baby Food

This baby book will ensure that your baby eats the right kind of food with its recipes of homemade purees, and other kinds of food. It has a comprehensive collection of organic, and nourishing recipes that your baby will find irresistible right from infancy, through the toddler years and beyond. There is an assortment of nutritious recipes from single ingredient purees to complete meals that can be shared with the whole family. Designed for a wide range of tastes and needs, it has tasty, healthy, and wholesome dishes like sweet potato puree, roasted green beans, and maple glazed salmon. This baby book also features an overview of development changes that occur at different ages and stages, and answers FAQs about your baby’s nutrition. This baby book for parents will help your child grow healthy with homemade and organic foods featured in it.


5. Best Hardcover: Ibram X Kendi Antiracist Baby Picture Book – Hardcover

This hardcover baby book is a New York Times bestseller and has been featured in several TV and radio shows. This 9 x 9 inch picture book from the National Book Award winning author empowers parents and children to uproot racism prevalent in our society and to a large extent in ourselves. Discussion prompts have been added to help readers recognize and reflect on bias in their day to day lives. This baby book has 32 pages and gives you 9 easy steps to follow for a more equitable world. Full of bold art and thought provoking text, Antiracist Baby doesn’t lose its playful element while introducing its readers and grown-ups to the concept and power of antiracism. The language is suitable for toddlers up to the age of 3 years and encourages the reader to begin critical conversations at the earliest age, and is the perfect gift for all ages to form a just society.


6. Best With A Delightful Story: Lucy Tapper & Steve Wilson Welcome To The World – Hardcover

Welcome To The World is a delightful hardcover baby book of 32 pages, celebrating the arrival of a new baby. The story is about a charming little elephant who discovers the wonders the world has to offer, on a colourful journey. The beautiful and colorful illustrations are cheerful and sure to delight your baby. It features a space for a personal message from you in the front of the book, and makes a wonderful keepsake. It’s also the ideal gift for a newborn or baby shower. Ethically produced from sustainable sources, this delightful story is ideal to read to a baby or young child. You’re The Biggest is another book by the same authors that complements this book and is meant for the older sibling, so that they never feel left out.


7. Best Tear-Resistant: Toyk Baby Bath Books

These cloth books that come in a pack of 8 are ideal for your precious baby’s bath time and ensures that your baby starts looking forward to their bath time. Made from non-toxic fabric with perfect stitching, these soft, waterproof books have a variety of sounds and textures, and are perfect for newborns to toddlers. The books are full of vibrant and colorful images, and are full of educational activities for your baby to enjoy. They cover a variety of themes like fruits, animals, transportation, graphics, the ocean, digital, english alphabet, and musical instruments. The first and last sheet are made of squishy cloth that makes sounds when you wrinkle it, and makes your baby smile with delight. These books are durable, tear-resistant, washable, easy-to-clean, do not take long to dry, and do not fade with washing. You can read these books with your baby, discover and explore new things, and teach it how to recognize and speak the words. It comes in a colorful gift box and is an ideal present for a baby shower or birthday for endless hours of fun.


8. Best Textured: Beiens Jungly Tails Baby Cloth Books

These interactive baby books are great for your baby as the bright colors catch their attention. The front and back cover page have a crinkle feature as well as a squeaker sound which improves their audio recognition and motor skills. It also features textured animal tails that enhance sensory stimulation. You can let your baby get closer to animals and nature by reading these animal tail theme cloth books to them. Some animals have bibi devices in their tails, which make a sound when squeezed. These baby books for girls and boys stimulate language skills, reading ability, sensory skills, communication skills, and foster a rich imagination. These handmade books are made of washable BPA-free polyester, have no sharp edges, are non-toxic, and safe for babies. Also the soft fabric is comfortable for your baby’s little hands to hold and grip. It features a velcro hanging strap on the top which makes this activity book suitable for most strollers, and cribs. These books are ideal for babies up to the age of 2 years and make a good gift item.


9. Best Handmade: To Be Ready For Life Just Like The Animals

This soft, cloth baby book is ideal for babies between the age of 0 to 18 months, and is full of textures and activities your baby will love. This handmade cloth book has bright colors on every page that stimulates your baby and holds their attention. It’s never too early to start reading to your child, and this book is a great educational toy to stimulate language and sensory skills. Reading the stories and rhymes of this book is also a great way to bond with your baby. This soft baby book is handcrafted, and made with high quality soft polyester fabric that is durable, non-toxic, and machine washable. The stitching is strong and the handle makes it easy to attach to a stroller or car seat. It includes a designed gift box that makes it an ideal gift for a baby shower or first birthday.


10. Best Waterproof: Amy Pixton Indestructibles: Baby Animals – Paperback

You can teach your baby all about baby animals with this 12 page book that is ideal for babies up to the age of 2 years. It has vibrant, colorful pictures and a few words to encourage reading. Indestructibles are a great way to ease little ones into story time. Keeping in mind that babies do a lot of their ‘reading’ with their mouths and hands, this book is designed to be indestructible. They are made of durable, non-toxic, tightly woven material that is rip-proof and chew-proof. They are also waterproof so that your baby can chew and drool on them, after which they can go for a wash, believe it or not, even in the dishwasher. These lightweight books can be carried anywhere, and are perfect for the diaper bag and travel. It meets ASTM safety standards, and is perfectly safe for your baby.


11. Best Baby Journal: Korie Herold As You Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Baby – Hardcover

This hardcover baby book is a modern take on a baby journal and memory book. It features a chic, elegant, and gender-neutral design with a sleek linen cover and sections that provide space to record milestones from pregnancy to the age of 5 years. It has detailed artwork to create a book that is interactive now, and gives you a lifetime of memories to look back on. The design of this baby book is intended to be long lasting, so you can share and display it for years to come. It contains several sections— pregnancy to birth, the first few weeks of your baby after birth, the first year, all the development phases till the age of 5, milestone moments, and a few pages for diary entries and letters for your child. There are 160 pages of acid-free and archival paper, with 9.75 x 9.75 inches trim size which gives ample space for photos. It completely flattens on laying it down which allows you to easily write in the book, and also has pocket section dividers to safely store keepsakes.


12. Best For Teaching Colors: Ekaterina Trukhan Indestructibles: Baby, See the Colors!

This 12 paged baby book familiarizes your toddler with all the different colors and enables them to associate the colors with different things— like when your child learns that the color of the sky is blue, it is compared to blueberries as well, and a tomato is red just like a stop sign or a ladybug. Ideal for babies aged 0 to 2 years, Indestructibles is a trusted series for easing your precious toddler into story time. Since babies love to put everything into their mouths, this book is made of durable, tightly woven material and is designed to be rip-proof, chew-proof, waterproof and washable. It’s safe to put in the washing machine or even the dishwasher. Full of bright pictures and few words, this lightweight book can be carried anywhere, so your baby never misses out on reading time. This baby book meets ASTM safety standards, is non-toxic, and safe even for newborns.


13. Best Portable: Maddie Frost Indestructibles: The Itsy Bitsy Spider

This baby book has 12 pages and is about a small spider that shows the power of determination and perseverance, introduces your baby to a favorite song and the concepts of rhyme and rhythm. Loved by babies and parents, this book is built especially to cater to the chewing and ripping habits that babies have. As a result, they are chew-proof, rip-proof, waterproof, and washable. They are made of extremely durable, tightly woven material that can endure all the drooling and chewing of your baby. It’s easy to clean and can be washed either in the washing machine or dishwasher. This portable, lightweight book can be carried anywhere, fits perfectly in a diaper bag, and meets ASTM safety standards.


14. Best Inspiring: Marianne Richmond Be Brave Little One – Hardcover

This is an inspiring book about courage for babies and celebrates the courage and bravery in every child. Perfect for encouraging and validating bravery, this is a story of how bravery can be shown in different ways. This 40 page book makes a perfect gift item for a variety of occasions like a baby shower, first day of school, or preschool graduation gift, and is ideal for 4 to 8 year old children. This book can be used as an example to talk your toddler through tough times as it gives an encouraging and heartfelt message of bravery. It inculcates qualities like kindness, compassion, and courage, with its touching rhymes and tender illustrations.


15. Best Informative: James Sears MD The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two

Considered to be the best baby book for parents, it’s referred to as America’s bestselling ‘baby bible’. It’s a 784 page encyclopedic guide to the first 2 years of your baby’s life. The million copy bestseller gives the latest information on everything from diapering to day care, midwifery to birthing rooms, post-delivery nutrition to infant development. Since the authors are medical professionals, they provide comprehensive information on almost every aspect of infant care. This baby book focuses on the following topics— preparing for a safe and healthy birth, bonding with your baby, feeding your baby right, soothing your fussy baby, baby-proofing your home, getting your baby to sleep, treating common illnesses, understanding your baby’s development, understanding toddler behavior, toilet training, dealing with temper tantrums, working parents, and first-aid procedures. This book is a practical and contemporary approach to developing the parenting style that best suits you and your child.


Now that you have been through our review of the 15 best baby books, these are a few tips on what to consider while buying a book for your precious baby so that reading time becomes a truly pleasurable and learning experience.

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying Best Baby Books

  • What to read:

Books for babies should have simple and repetitive text with colorful pictures. During the first few months your baby likes to hear your voice, so you can just about read anything to them, especially books with a rhyming or sing-song text. As your baby gets a bit older and can focus on things, choose books with simple pictures against solid backgrounds. By the time your baby reaches the grabbing stage, you can use cloth or vinyl books that have bright colors, shapes, and faces. When your baby begins to respond to what’s inside the books, you can add board books that have pictures of babies or toys. When your baby starts sitting up in the bathtub or eating finger foods, simple stories about daily routines are enjoyed by them. By the time they start talking, choose books that let them repeat simple words or phrases.

Books with different textures like crinkly, soft, or scratchy are also great for babies. Fold-out books, or books with flaps that open for a surprise are also greatly enjoyed by babies. Board books are easy for babies to turn the pages, and vinyl or cloth books can even go into the bathtub with them.

  • Timeless and enduring theme:

Since books are usually retained for many years, you should try to get one with a timeless theme that is applicable 10 years down the line, so that they can build upon their knowledge and transition to higher levels of learning. Otherwise, your child will have to keep changing books while learning about the same subject.

  • Good illustrations:

Illustrations for a baby are a very powerful tool as it helps information to be retained in the minds of children and has a great impact. The pictures should be vivid and clear, and also consider wordless books, which give a chance to develop your baby’s imagination as it allows them to interpret the illustrations on their own.

  • Appropriate content:

The illustrations and language used in the book must correspond with the child’s ability to process the information. Some content may be too heavy or inappropriate for young children to understand and could confuse them. Ensure that you verify the content before you give it to your child. Rhymes and repetition is what young toddlers enjoy, and they are also comfortable with predictable text so that they can join in while reading. Preschoolers enjoy books which have just 1 to 2 paragraphs of reading material on a page. Books can be classified into 3 levels— those that the child can read alone, those that can be read with an adult, and those that an adult has to read to the child. Flipping through the book and reading pictures comes under the first level, and finishing sentences of a predictable text would come in the second level.

  • Should be educational:

A book should enhance the imagination and interpretation skills of the child, but also should be educational. Apart from being interesting and captivating, a book should also offer your child information that can help them grow academically. The language should be appropriate and illustrated in a manner that can be easily understood by your child. The book should be designed to educate and also encourage imagination and creativity.

  • Select a variety:

Children love to read the same book over and over again, which is good, but they should also be encouraged to read a variety of books. If your child loves reading stories about dragons, occasionally get a book about fairies or pirates. Help your child to sometimes choose a non-fiction book on a topic that interests them.

  • Choose topics interesting to your child:

If your child loves pirates, or fairies, or nature, or animals, try to find stories with those kinds of characters, or a non-fiction book related to their topic of interest. Before going to the shop or library, ask your child what kind of books they would like, then go online and check out books in that category.

  • Ask your child to help choose books:

Flip or read through the first few pages of the book with your child. Children will usually tell you if they want to take that book home or not.

  • Choose books that are award-winning:

Choose books that have a Seuss, Caldecott, or other author and illustrator medals, as with them you are unlikely to go wrong. You can also go through a bestseller’s list for children’s picture books as it’s a great place to find the most recent popular books for children.

  • Choose books from familiar authors:

If your child has some favorite books, look for other books by the same author. They will probably enjoy the same style of writing, or the familiar illustrations.

  • Choose books that imitate your child’s life:

Children always enjoy talking about the things that they do and what activities interest them, and as a result they are able to relate to books which deal with those things. For example, if your child wants to be a pilot, find a book about a day in the life of a pilot.

  • Take your child to the library and bookstore:

Always take your child to the library or bookstore. Books should always be available to your child and fix a time during the day that is set aside just for reading, both solo and together.

Reading to your child is the biggest gift you can give them, and it’s a life-long gift. It strengthens your bond with your child, stimulates brain development and develops language skills. Board books are considered to be the best first books you can give your baby. But there are also the traditional favorites and modern classics with themes like animals, nature, and transportation that small children love. And then there are more literary books with song lyrics, characters, or rhymes. We hope our review of the 15 best baby books will help you find the perfect books for your baby.

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