15 Best Baby Dolls For Two-Year-Old and Buying Guide 2022


A child loves their first doll, and playing with it could be a memorable experience for them and you. So, choose from our list of the best baby dolls for a 2-year-old that can help improve their cognitive and language skills. Moreover, the right doll teaches a child to be responsible since they care for it like a friend or an elder sibling. We have selected pretty, durable dolls with good interactivity and exciting features. They are also portable and lightweight. So, read on to know more.

15 Best Baby Dolls For Two-Year-Olds

1. Best Overall: Caucasian Large Soft Body Baby Doll

The adorable 20-inch Caucasian doll is large and huggable but light and comfortable for little hands to cuddle and snuggle. This unscented and washable doll is easy to maintain. It has a delicate vinyl head, arms, and legs, and features dazzling eyes, smooth cheeks, and finely carved wispy hair. The doll has its pacifier and is outfitted in matching sleepwear and a blue hat.

This adorable baby doll is free of phthalates, has no buttons or zippers on her clothing, and has no eyelashes, making it ideal for children aged one month and older.


2. Best BPA-Free: Baby Sweetheart By Battat

Baby Sweetheart is a huggable and delicate infant doll with a pleasant newborn appearance. The 12-inch cuddly polyester body of this doll makes it easier for children to handle it comfortably.

Its accessories include a pacifier, pretend baby monitor, storybook, doll bow, and onesie. The storybook has hand-drawn illustrations and themed stories that are easy to read. This doll does not contain BPA, lead, and phthalates and is made of high-quality polyester and vinyl. You can clean the doll with warm water and soap, and it is ideal for children aged two and above.


3. Best Hand-Washable: Cabbage Patch Kids Clara Cow Cutie Baby Doll

The Cabbage Patch Clara cow baby doll, inspired by farm animals, is soft and cuddly and enjoys sucking its thumb. An adjustable hood, a snuggly onesie, and the baby powder aroma, which children love, are among the doll’s features. It is ideal for children aged 18 months and older. The doll measures around nine inches in length and is hand-washable.


4. Best Scented: Baby Magic CribTime Fun

The doll has a lavender scent and is 12 inches long. It is an ideal size for children aged 24 months and above. When you press the doll’s right hand, it will say ‘hello mama’ and ‘hello papa.’ You can also comfort it to stop crying. It comes with a bonus outfit, baby bottle, lotion, blanket, and crib. The doll helps improve children’s confidence and fine motor skills. Check out the detailed review of the product in this video.


5. Best Interactive: Lissi Interactive Baby Doll

The 16-inch Lissi baby doll has seven interactive functions. When you press the foot, the doll says ‘papa.’ When you press its hands, the baby doll says ‘mama’ and laughs. Similarly, when you press its belly, the doll begins to giggle. When you hand over a bottle to drink, the doll makes drinking and burping sounds. The doll’s interactive functions will engage and entertain your child. It comes with a pacifier and a bottle.


6. Best Realistic: Dolls To Play Soft Body Baby Doll

This adorable soft toy is dolled up in an adorable dress. Its realistic face provides a healthy companion for the child. The doll, measuring 12 inches, is perfect for hugging, cuddling, and caring. The head, arms, and legs are made of vinyl and come with accessories such as a bib, bottle, and dress, which are removable and washable.


7. Best With Accessories: Mommy And Me Newborn Twin Baby Dolls

Mommy and Me twin baby dolls are made of soft vinyl plastic and feel like newborn babies. The two dolls are equipped with accessories, such as bloomer, swaddle, romper, hat, and fuzzy blanket. The blanket fits the two dolls and measure 15×15 inches. The dolls are ideal for children aged 18 months and older.


8. Best Twin Dolls: Prextex Baby Twin Dolls Set

This set includes a 12-inch long cute twin doll set — a boy and a girl, ideal for children under eight years. It is light, soft, and cuddly, and it teaches children to care for others from an early age. Matching baby bottles and a dress with matching headgear are among the items that come within an attractively packaged box. It’s an excellent present for any occasion.


9. Best Lullaby-Playing: Glow Light Up Lullaby Baby Doll

Glow light-up lullaby baby doll is 13 inches tall, making it ideal for snuggling and hugging. When you press the doll’s tummy, it emits a soothing glow light and plays the child’s favorite lullabies, lulling the child to sleep. As it is constructed of vinyl, it appears to be quite lifelike. The doll’s expressions are beautiful and natural due to her happy face and big eyes.


10. Best Machine-Washable: Litti Pritti Baby Dolls

The 12-inch Litti Pritti baby dolls look realistic with beautiful blue eyes and chubby cheeks. The ten-piece playset includes a baby bottle, shirt, shorts, set of socks, hat, feeding bowl, spoon, fork, and a headband. You can machine-wash the doll or clean it with wet wipes. This doll is an ideal gift for children aged two and above.


11. Best Giggling Doll: ToyChoi’s Pretend Play Series Baby Pink Doll

Although ToyChoi’s baby pink doll is 16 inches tall, it is lightweight and easy for children to carry with them. The doll has several entertaining functions. When you tickle the doll’s belly, it will giggle. When you press the left foot, the doll develops hiccups, and when you press the right foot, the doll cries. It does not contain BPA and is safe for children.

The doll’s accessories include a plate, fork, spoon, bottle, potty, cookie, pacifier, rice bowl, and play syringe. Most items are machine washable or can be cleaned with wet wipes.


12. Best Easy-To-Clean: Corolle – Mon Grand Poupon Lilly Winter Doll

Corolle’s winter doll is made of washable synthetic material that is easy to clean. This 14-inch doll is excellent for children aged two and above since they are easy to carry and handle. They’re composed of soft vinyl and have a mild vanilla fragrance, a signature of Corolle dolls. The doll is decked up in winter animal print attire with matching tights, hats, and shoes.


13. Best Magnetic-Eyed: Gotz Muffin Hedgehog Soft Body Baby Doll

This 13-inch soft body baby doll is made of vinyl and has magnetic eyes that open and close. The doll’s head resembles a newborn baby. The baby doll’s feet resemble paws since it is dressed in velour-footed long-sleeved pajamas and a matching knit cap. The velour is covered in a glittering hedgehog motif. The doll’s mouth is slightly open so that it can hold a pacifier.


14. Best Musical Doll: Reidun Baby Doll

Reidun’s 13-inch baby doll is suitable for children aged two to six. When you press its belly, it activates a built-in music box that plays three wonderful songs. This music helps to keep the child occupied and entertained. The doll’s body is made of soft fabric, while the hands and face are made of flexible rubber, making it easy to cuddle when the child is sleeping. It’s comprised of vinyl and fabric and has a skin-like texture. It does not contain harmful materials, making it safe.


15. Best Weighted: Aori Reborn Baby Doll

Cheer up your little one with the Aori Reborn baby doll. The lifelike doll is made using soft cotton and weighted to give a real baby feel. From its brown eyes to manually implanted hair and moveable limbs, the doll has been designed to engage your munchkin. Furthermore, this 22-inch doll is crafted from skin-friendly materials, such as vinyl, and complies with the ASTM F963 and EN71 safety requirements. It comes with accessories such as a pair of shoes, a hat, a feeding bottle, a birth certificate, and a unicorn made of plush materials.


How To Choose The Right Baby Doll For Two-Year-Olds?

Here are a few points that you should consider to make the right choice.

1. Age: When it comes to doll selection, age is a crucial element. Infants, for example, enjoy cuddling with soft, cute-looking dolls and as they are prone to choking, a soft, safe doll would be appropriate. An interactive doll is ideal for preschoolers because they like to explore their creative side.

2. Size: A baby doll’s average size is between 14 and 18 inches. However, some come in smaller sizes. Younger children and toddlers may find it easier to carry a petite doll around, but older children may enjoy playing with a larger, lifelike doll.

3. Interactivity: Dolls can have lifelike animations for your child to respond to, such as feeding, crying, diaper changes, and even connecting to an app. Others leave a lot to the imagination and do not feature any battery-operated moving parts.

4. Accessories: The right accessories can help your child use their imagination when playing with their doll. Some popular accessories include clothing, toys, strollers, or themed playsets.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is a product writer passionate about researching the best toys and gifts. She recommends products that meet the buyers’ requirements by analyzing several user reviews and product listings. Here, she has compiled a list of the best baby dolls for two-year-olds and has mentioned their features, such as material, size, safety, and durability. This list also includes interactive dolls and dolls with multiple accessories to help you choose the right one.

Dolls play an important role in the lives of children as they become more than a toy for them. Interacting with a doll can help boost your child’s social and motor skills. So to buy the best baby doll for two-year-olds, choose a lightweight one that your little one can cuddle and hold easily. While its physical attractiveness is important, ensure that the doll is safe to play with by choosing one that is BPA-free, odorless, and does not contain any small parts that may be a choking hazard.

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