11 Best Baby Dresses Of 2021

Best Baby Dresses

If there’s one section of the market that never runs out of options, it’s baby dresses. And new parents tend to go overboard when it comes to shopping for their little one— they feel that they have to have everything, and it’s never enough. More often than not, they end up with a lot of things that are impractical and never see the light of day.

Everyone understands that there are just a few years that children let you dress them, and it’s understandable that you want to make the most of it. But you need to keep the comfort of your baby in mind while choosing a dress— the material should be soft, comfortable, and breathable. With all the options available, selecting the correct clothes can become a rather daunting task. We hope our review of the 11 best baby dresses will ensure that your baby always looks its best.

11 Best Baby Dresses

1. Touched By Nature Baby Girls’ Organic Cotton Dress And Cardigan

Dress up your baby girl in style with this white and black dress with red hearts that comes with a smart black cardigan. Made of 100% organic cotton, it’s very gentle, soft, and comfortable against your baby’s skin and is ideal for everyday use. Organic cotton is a breathable and natural fiber that’s well-suited for your baby’s sensitive skin. It features a snap closure, is machine washable, and washes well without fading or pilling even after repeated washing. This high-quality and affordable dress for a baby girl is long lasting and is sure to make your daughter look like quite a fashion diva.

2. Hudson Cotton Dress And Cardigan Set – Fall Floral

Welcome spring and summer with this smart and cheerful baby dress and cardigan set. The short sleeve dress is summery with a floral print, while the red cardigan has long sleeves with a snap closure that is ideal for a balmy day. The dress and cardigan of this stylish dress for baby girls is made of 100% interlock cotton which is extremely soft, comfortable, and gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin. Great for everyday use, the material is of a very good quality and affordable too. Easy to clean, it’s machine washable and won’t fade or lose its shape even with frequent washing. Your baby girl will definitely turn heads with this chic outfit!

3. LYXIOF Toddler Tutu Dress – Pink

Dress your baby girl up like a princess with one of the best fancy baby dresses. This sleeveless tutu dress has a cotton layer along with 4 gauze layers and is super soft, breathable, lightweight, and has good elasticity. It’s gentle and comfortable against your baby’s soft skin with it’s strappy top and frilly tulle skirt. As it has several layers of soft net material, it’s safer to hand-wash this delicate material. It’s durable and will not shrink or fade with washing and dries very quickly. Perfect for girls between the age of 9 months to 3 years, it’s an ideal summer dress and can be paired with stockings and a coat for colder weather. Perfect for both casual and party wear, your baby girl is sure to look her charming best in this dress.

4. NNJXD Girls’ Tulle Flower Princess Wedding Dress – Red

This rich-colored red formal baby dress is ideal for attending a wedding, baptism, pageant, or any formal occasion, and your baby girl will definitely steal the show in it. Made of a cotton and polyester blend, it has a zipper at the back and a round neckline in the front along with a V-neckline at the back. This lace princess dress is sleeveless with a knee-length skirt and a big removable bow at the back. The bodice features 3D lace embroidery which enhances its elegance, and there’s a layered retro flower lace hemline for added charm. There’s the added attraction of a matching headband that completes the dress and your baby’s look.

5. Mubineo Lace Princess Sundress – Beige

This super comfortable sundress has both elegance and style and is available in navy blue, coffee, peach pink, orange, and light purple as well. Made of a combination of cotton and linen, the fabric is soft and breathable against your baby’s skin. It has a fashionable square neckline, beautiful lace sleeves, and its backless cut has a tie-up design. Ideal for spring and summer, it can also be matched with a long sleeve inner and T-shirt and tights for wearing during autumn and winter. This stylish dress for baby girls just needs to be pulled on and can be both hand and machine-washed. It’s available in newborn to 4T sizes and can be worn for a variety of occasions.

6. Axupico Baby Girl Romper – Pink

Ideal for a hot summer day in the park or by the pool, this printed romper will make your baby girl look truly cool and cute. One of the best baby dresses, it’s made of a cotton blend, is ultra-soft, and is also safe and skin-friendly for your baby’s sensitive skin. It has a pretty floral print with a few robots thrown in and is available in sizes to fit a newborn till the age of 18 months. Perfect for casual wear, it’s available in a blue color as well and is also available as a floral dress.

7. Moon Kitty Baby Girls’ Embroidered Baptism Dress – White

Perfect for your baby girl’s special day, be it a baptism or christening, she’s sure to look like a princess. It features a plain bodice while the skirt has 4 layers— a silk layer, 2 layers of yarn, and finally a cotton lining. There is intricate embroidery on the skirt of this fancy baby dress that adds to its festive look. This dress is easy to clean and should be hand washed because of its delicate embroidery. Made of high-quality material, it’s available in multiple sizes that are suitable for babies between the age of 2 to 24 months. It also features a matching white headband that adds to complete the look.

8. Minkidfashion Rabbit-Style Long Sleeve Princess Flower Dress – Pink

You might be going for a cuteness overload with this bunny dress for your little angel which can be worn in all seasons. It gives the impression of a 2-piece dress but the shirt and skirt are stitched together and the ears of the bunny are stitched to the straps. A comfortable blend of cotton and polyester, this dress for a baby girl is very soft and safe against your baby’s sensitive skin. It features long sleeves and a round neck and has a very simple and smart design. It is advised to only hand-wash this ivory and pink dress to ensure that your baby can wear it for a long time.

9. Disney Minnie Mouse Girls’ Tulle Dress

This dress is officially licensed and is one of the best baby dresses for all Disney fans, especially if they love Minnie Mouse. The bodice features blue and white stripes with a picture of both Minnie and Mickey Mouse kissing, and the words ‘Together Forever’, while the skirt is pink tulle. The bodice is 100% cotton and the pleated net skirt has a 100% cotton lining. This short sleeve dress has a beautiful pink bow at the waist in front which adds to the cuteness of the dress. Easy to maintain, all you need to do is machine-wash it in cold water and it’s ready to wear again.

10. Kmbangi Flower Print Princess Dress – Pink

Made of chiffon, the super light and soft material of this baby dress is extremely comfortable to wear. With a beautiful flower and butterfly pattern, this dress for a baby girl has a ruffle design on the neckline and skirt. It features a soft lining, high waist, and has a loose fit, with comfortable and breathable material. It is designed with short puff sleeves that adds to the beauty and elegance of the dress. Perfect for both casual wear and special occasions, it’s available in sizes for a 6 month baby to 5T, and your baby girl is going to look her prettiest best in this dress.

11. BGFKS Baby Girl Tutu Dress – Dusty Rose

This pretty and delicate tutu style lace dress is the picture of grace and elegance. It has a matching bow and flower headband which makes it look all the more dressy. The soft and comfortable lace of the dress has a delicate hollowed design, a ruffle at the neck, with small flutter sleeves that have tiny pom pom details on them as well as at the bottom of the dress. The dress is knee-length and has a zipper closure. The headband features 5 pretty artificial flowers and makes a perfect accessory to the dress. One of the best baby girl dresses, it can be hand-washed or machine-washed, and it comes in various sizes to fit baby girls between 6 to 36 months.

Now that you have been through our review of the 11 best baby dresses, let us give you a few pointers on how to choose the right baby dress so that your precious little munchkin is always perfectly turned out.

How To Choose The Right Baby Dresses

  • Fabric and comfort

Comfort is something you cannot compromise on, so ensure that you always pick light, breathable, cotton material clothes as they are soft and gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin. Rough fabrics and synthetic clothes like nylon and polyester can irritate their skin, making your baby cranky. Alternatives like soy-based fabrics and rayon from bamboo are also good options. Avoid very bright colors as they may sometimes have irritants like fluorescent agents.

  • Safety

Avoid anything that can be a potential choking hazard like buttons, bows, buttons, hooks, and flowers unless the decoration is firmly attached. Waistbands and drawstrings can be potential strangulation hazards. For baby sleepwear, choose either snug-fitting or flame-resistant fabrics to keep your baby safe from burns.

  • Style and functionality

For a newborn who spends the better part of the day sleeping, opt for something comfortable, like a onesie, kimono bodysuit, or sleep sack. They should be easy to put on and take off. Don’t go for an outfit just because it’s adorable. Also, don’t overspend on something fancy which they will hardly wear.  There is no point in overdoing newborn clothes as they outgrow them in no time. If the sex of your baby is a surprise, go for gender neutral clothes.

  • Weather

Always buy season appropriate clothes and choose your baby’s clothes according to your geographic location. What works for one place may not necessarily work for another. For winter months, rather than buying very thick and bulky clothes, it’s better to layer your baby so that you can remove a layer or 2 if your baby starts to sweat. For the rainy season and summer, you can never go wrong with cotton clothes.

  • Make a note of size and quantity

Don’t overdo the clothes of your baby as they outgrow them in no time. It is advisable to stock up well on the basics and purchase other things as and when they are required. Make sure you buy appropriate sizes and always go for slightly bigger and looser clothes rather than fitted ones for your baby.

  • Easy to clean

Baby clothes have to be washed all the time, with the frequent spit ups, drooling, and pooping. Buy clothes that are easy to clean and go for fabrics that don’t stain or lose their shape or fade upon frequent washing.

Comfort is paramount when it comes to baby’s dresses, and there is no compromising on that. But getting your baby’s wardrobe together can be a confusing and rather tiring prospect. One is not sure of the size, the material, and whether it’s stylish and comfortable enough. There is always the fear of missing out on something important that your baby might really need, and who wouldn’t get flummoxed by the huge variety that is flooding the market. There are quite a few things and a number of different kinds of clothes that your baby will need. We hope our review of the 11 best baby dresses will make the task of building your baby’s wardrobe a very fulfilling and interesting one.