13 Best Baby Fences For A Safe Playing Area In 2024

A baby fence is much more than a safe playing area for kids. It can also be used as a barrier at gates and staircases, allowing parents to sit back and relax while watching their babies play. In this post, we help you choose some of the best baby fences for your little one. Play fences come in various sizes with several features. They help babies crawl and walk safely. Some even have board games attached to them. Take your pick and customize them according to the space available.

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13 Best Baby Fences

1. Best Foldable:Evenflo Versatile Play Space

Evenflo Versatile Play Space Image: Evenflo

The baby fence by Evenflo, a tried-and-tested brand, can be used for indoor and outdoor activities. It creates a play space of 18.5 square feet, including non-scratch floor pads for the interior floor surface, offering a designated activity center. The reversible legs ensure good lawn stability, and it provides a quick setup with its unique hinge design. Its smooth edges and molded handle make it safe to use, and each panel of the baby fence can work as door access. This video review will give you more insights into these baby fence panels based on a tester’s experience.

Material: Plastic | Color: Cream | Item Weight: ‎5.62 pounds | Product Dimensions: ‎4 x 34.5 x 27.75 inches


  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Offers extension option
  • Portable and easy to fold
  • Weather-resistant panels


  • May not be durable

Our Tester's Experience

"This playard has allowed me to create large, safe spaces where my little one can comfortably play with her toys. Its stackable and lightweight design has also made outdoor use a breeze. Plus, its soft, grey hue is very pleasing."

2. Best Pre-Connected Panels:Toddleroo By North States Superyard

Toddleroo By North States Superyard Image: North States®

The expert-approved baby fence has six panels covering an area of 18.5 square feet. It is easy to set up, fold, and wipe clean. Lightweight and portable, it includes skid-resistant, non-slip pads and a carrying strap for easy carrying while traveling. This play yard is made of baby-safe, durable plastic for long-lasting usage and is JPMA-certified. To make an informed decision before buying, you can check out a tester’s experience from this video review.

Material: Polypropylene | Color: Aqua Blue | Item Weight: ‎19.26 pounds | Product Dimensions: ‎35.5 x 8 x 26.9 inches


  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Easy access through panels
  • Expandable to larger play spaces
  • Pre-connected panels
  • Qualifies top safety standards


  • May be wobbly

Our Tester's Experience

"The option to use it as a playpen or as a wall-to-wall safety barrier has made it a much-loved find. Assembly has a bit of a learning curve, but the reconfigurations have been a breeze. Its build feels sturdy, and the anti-skid pads have made it more stable."

protip_icon Quick tip
You can use a baby fence to introduce your baby to your pet from a safe distance, as they might feel left out or anxious due to the new family member’s arrival.

3. Best Oxford Material:Sasrl Kids Large Play Yard

Sasrl baby fence is uniquely designed with 50 pit balls and includes indoor and outdoor activities. The side panels are made of soft, breathable mesh and non-suction cups at the bottom to avoid tipping over and movement. The baby-friendly fence ensures a spacious playing area that can accommodate toys and friends and has a lot of space to play and move around. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and soap to ensure your child’s safety. These mesh baby fences are made of resistant-duty oxford material and durable net sidings. Its wide-angle view makes it easy for children to see their parents.

Material: Alloy Steel | Color: dark grey | Item Weight: ‎1.6 ounces | Product Dimensions: ‎0.1 x 0.1 x 0.1 inches


  • Includes a storage bag
  • BPA-free construction
  • Portable
  • Ensures safety with external zipper


  • May not be easy to assemble

protip_icon Did you know?
You can choose a fence suited to your needs as they come in multiple styles, such as suction, pressure, and hardware mounted. They can also be free-standing or retractable.
Evenflo Versatile Play Space
Best Foldable
Toddleroo By North States Superyard
Best Pre-Connected Panels
Internet’s Best Pet Gate
Best Espresso Finish
Material Plastic Polypropylene MDF
Color Cream Aqua Blue Espresso
Weight ‎5.62 pounds ‎19.26 pounds 19.86 pounds
Dimensions ‎4 x 34.5 x 27.75 inches ‎35.5 x 8 x 26.9 inches 0.75 x 80 x 36 inches

4. Best Espresso Finish:Internet’s Best Pet Gate

Internet’s Best Pet Gate Image: Birdrock Home

With an arched top, this tall fence has four separate panels, which you can fold to form a Z-shaped configuration. You can use these child-safety, hardware-mounted gates to create secure play areas or as a freestanding gate in front of bedrooms and staircases. The gates are secured with sturdy hinges, and this tall barrier can add a decorative touch to your home.

Color: Espresso | Material: MDF | Item Weight: 19.86 pounds | Product Dimensions: 0.75 x 80 x 36 inches


  • Fully assembled
  • Easy to store
  • Rich espresso finish
  • Durable construction


  • May not be suitable for the outdoors

5. Best Portable: Regalo My Play Portable Play Yard

Regalo My Play Portable Play Yard Image: Regalo

Regalo’s extra-large My Play portable play yard has a steel body and reinforced stitching, making it sturdy enough to withstand rough use. The playard also boasts a double-locking system to prevent any unanticipated hazards, and its easy-to-fold mechanism makes it portable and suitable for indoor as well as outdoor areas.  Moreover, the meshed sides, nylon bottom, and heavy-duty canvas material make the play yard well ventilated and easy to clean.


  • Water-resistant material
  • Reliable safety-locking feature
  • Easy to set up
  • Sturdy construction
  • Scratch-resistant bottom
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • Lacks padding around the frame
  • Might be smaller than expected
protip_icon Caution
Do not put toys that can pose a choking hazard in a baby’s play area. Putting loose blankets or rope-like toys can lead to asphyxiation.

6. Best High-Quality Wood:Welland Wooden Freestanding Fence

Welland Wooden Freestanding Fence Image: Welland

The toddler fence consists of four panels that you can use as a room divider. You can fold this free standing baby fence to fit narrow spaces or expand it to fit the room’s width. The gate is made of high-quality wood, and the spray paint provides an elegant finish.

Color: White | Material: Wood, Rubber | Item Weight: 17.84 pounds


  • Two-way metal hinges
  • Rubber non-slip pads
  • Fully assembled


  • Parts of the gate may fall apart

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Despite having a simple design, this playpen efficiently keeps my little one from entering the kitchen. Its elegant wooden construction blended well with my existing decor, and its base remains stable even when I install it on slippery tile floors. Hence, it gets my approval."

7. Best Extra Wide: Comomy Multifunctional Play Yard


Comomy’s adjustable child safety gate is an ideal option for baby-proofing wide spaces, angled openings, and stairs, as at a length of 198 inches, the wide baby gate can cover large areas. The play yard’s gate has a double locking system and a 180-degree opening for your convenience and your baby’s safety. Moreover, the mommy-approved gate with safety-locking feature has an automatically closing pet gate that uses gravitational force to keep itself shut when not in use.


  • Anti-pinch design
  • Adjustable panels
  • Foldable design
  • Can be mounted on angled and straight walls


  • Might require additional tools
  • Might leave marks on walls

8. Best For UV Protection:Bend River Portable Baby Beach Tent

This multipurpose playpen is made of durable 210T polyester taffeta, and has baby-friendly mesh sidewalls that allow air to go through and keep the baby comfortable. The mom-tested portable barrier includes a closable screen door to protect babies from bugs and mosquitoes and six pegs to prevent movement and keep the tent stable on the ground. This playpen can be trusted by moms and dads as it provides a complete view of their children.

Material: Polyester | Color: Green | Item Weight: ‎5.59 pounds | Product Dimensions: ‎63 x 53 x 39 inches


  • Comes with UV canopy to prevent sun damage
  • Easy to set up
  • Storage bag for easy carrying
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Non-toxic


  • May not be extendable

9. Best Double-Locking System:Costzon Baby Safety Gate

Costzon Baby Safety Gate Image: Costzon
Courtesy of Costzon

This mom-approved infant closure has eight panels and adjustable, rotating joints to secure the setup properly. Its adjustable gate has a child-proof double-locking system and two-way access. The wall mount gate for babies can be easily configured to different shapes as per the requirement by changing the panels, and the compact design makes it easy to store and carry while traveling.

Color: Black | Material: Iron Structure + Plastic Joint | Item Weight: 35 pounds | Product Dimensions: 56 x 55 x 29 inches


  • Freestanding
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable tubular steel construction
  • Expandable playard


  • Plastic joints may not be durable

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Due to the pen’s three configurations, I can customize it based on available space. Its walk-through door placement feels awkward, but the self-closing mechanism has upgraded safety. All in all, it has been an excellent way to contain my child and pets."

10. Best Double-Sided: Fairy Baby Safety Walk Through Child Gate

Fairy Baby Safety Walk Through Child Gate Image: Fairy Baby

Fairy Baby’s expandable baby gate is designed to fit into openings as wide as 71 inches. The retractable baby gate does not cause inconvenience to adults, as they can easily pass through its wide swing door attachment. Its narrowly placed vertical bars, dual-locking system, and an auto-closing mechanism prevent hazards by restricting babies and pets from getting into unsafe areas. Moreover, the gate’s long-lasting and heavy-duty metal frame can sustain impacts up to 1,000lb.


  • Easy installation
  • Includes spindle rods and fixators
  • Double-sided design
  • Wide opening
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • Mount may loosen over time
  • Latch might jam at times

11. Best Pressure-Mounted: Graco BabySteps Walk-Thru Metal Safety Gate


Graco’s wide baby gate can assist you in baby-proofing any part of your house. The walk-through baby gate has rubberized tension knobs that securely mount to all door frames, removing the need to use drills and screws. The safety-tested and expert-approved pressure fit gate is designed to swing open in both directions but can also be set up to swing in just one direction, making it an ideal stair gate. Moreover, the safety partition gate’s double-locking system and one-hand operation make it both secure and easy to use.


  • Easy installation
  • Durable steel frames
  • Wide opening
  • Available in two colors
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • JPMA-certified


  • Tension knobs may leave marks
  • Colors might vary

12. Best Zipper Doors:Yacul Extra Size Baby Playpen

Courtesy of Yacul

Made of soft, breathable fabrics, the fence-based child enclosure offers a spacious play area for better interaction for the parent and the child. It ensures a stable structure with a metal tube and a spring stud with suction cups. The metal tube is padded to avoid injuries, and the anti-slip base and anti-pinching material make the children feel comfortable. The breathable mesh design looks eye-catching and protects the baby from bugs.

Material: Metal | Color: Dark Gray_M_Foldable | Item Weight: ‎13 pounds | Product Dimensions: ‎59 x 47 x 28 inches


  • Includes a foldable, waterproof playmat
  • BPA-free
  • Two zipper doors
  • Odor-resistant


  • May be difficult to assemble

My Personal Experience

"My toddler loves its sizeable dimensions as it keeps him from feeling locked in. Although slightly flimsy, its mesh enhances ventilation, and the sturdy frame has made portability easy. Plus, the anti-pinch design is a bonus."

13. Best Double-Layer:Waowao Baby Playpen

Waowao baby fence has five cognitive patterns, including fruits, traffic cars, numbers, and English letters, to develop your child’s intelligence from a young age. This daddy-and-mommy-approved fence is made of high-strength PVC pipe that prevents deformation, and the smooth joints are burr-free to protect the baby’s tender hands from damage or injuries. The double-layer, increased cushioning provides a smooth foam surface to reduce injuries while crawling and walking, making it an ideal activity center to ensure safety.

Material: Mesh | Color: Pink | Item Weight: ‎8.8 pounds | Product Dimensions: ‎15.75 x 19.69 x 3.94 inches


  • High-density net
  • Double-pull ring design
  • Includes a net pocket for easy storage
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to assemble


  • May not be portable

Our Tester's Experience

"Besides creating a safe space, this playpen has also provided a nook for me and my baby to bond. Installing it is slightly time-consuming, but the stable results have been commendable. Moreover, the prints on the panels have helped teach him the alphabet and numbers."

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Baby Safety Fences?

Consider the following points when choosing a baby fence.

  1. Material: Choose baby fences made of durable and baby-safe materials. They should be lightweight for easy carrying while traveling.
  2. Uses: Select multipurpose baby fences to use as partitions and gates, according to the requirement and available space. Few baby fences include game boards to improve the child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  3. Portability: Ensure the baby fence is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Easy folding setup and storage make baby fences portable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long should I use a play fence?

You can use play fences when your children start crawling or until they turn seven months. As they grow older, they may try to climb the fence and hurt themselves.

2. What are some safety precautions I should take when using play fences?

You should connect the panels of the baby fences properly to ensure the child’s safety. They should have smooth edges to avoid injuries. Always test the connections before allowing your child to play inside the fence. And do not put toys, blankets, and items that can pose a choking hazard or suffocation in the play area.

3. What is a good size playing area to have?

Depending on how much space you have and the number of toys, a baby fence should be big enough to accommodate your baby and their toys while giving them ample room to move about a bit.

4. What is the difference between a baby fence and a baby gate?

Baby fences create a spacious area for playing. Baby gates are used to ensure the child’s safety near the staircases and entrances.

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Infographic: Your Buying Guide For Baby Fences To Ensure The Safety Of Your Child

A baby fence provides a safe play area for the baby. You can use the fence to barricade the kitchen, stairs, and rooms with open wires to keep your baby safe. Follow the infographic to learn the features to consider when buying a baby-proof fence.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Baby Fence (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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