13 Best Baby Floats For Your Little One In 2024: Expert Recommendations

If your baby loves playing in the water and you wish to take them to a pool, getting time-tested inflatable floaties for them would be ideal. The best baby floats are made of durable plastic and resin materials that your child can wear or hold on to.

With a float on, they are sure to have fun without any risk of drowning. If you’re looking to buy baby floats, let us help you choose a best-selling one that may suit your baby.

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13 Best Baby Floats For Your Child In 2024

1. Best For First-Time Users: Swimways Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy

Flyboo Baby Pool Float Swimming Ring Image: Swimways

You can enjoy a leisure dip with your baby comfortably placed in this float. It is a great choice for those taking their baby to the pool for the first time.

Age: Nine months to two years

Material: Plastic | Color: 6 - Pink Fish | Item Weight: 1 pounds | Product Dimensions: 11.75 x 2.25 x 11.75 inches


  • It comes with a wide base to allow your baby to stay afloat comfortably.
  • Its dual air chambers ensure double safety in case of an air leak.
  • The spring around the outer edge provides good stability in the water.
  • The pool toy comes with a removable sun canopy that provides UPF 50+ sun protection.
  • The transparent mesh on the sides of the canopy enables you to keep an eye on your child.
  • It is lightweight and easy to fold, store, and transfer.
  • It comes with a separate carry case for easy storage.
  • It is available in three different color themes.


  • A few buyers feel that the outer ring deflates quickly.
  • The canopy tends to fall repeatedly.
My Personal Experience

"I love how compact and lightweight this product is for our beach and pool trips, and its performance in water has surely impressed me. Although the float may be ideal only for smaller babies, its carry-friendly nature, sun-protecting hood, and soft material truly make it a worthwhile deal."

2. Best Sun Protection: SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center Image: Swimways

This float is different from the rest because it comes with toys attached to the float. So, if your baby likes to be surrounded by toys, have a look at this float.

Age: Nine months to two years

Product Dimensions: 34"L x 30"W | Item Weight: 3.15 Pounds | Material: Plastic | Color: Baby Spring Float – Octopus


  • It comes with detachable toys such as a squeaker, a rattle, stacking rings, and a soft touch star for a fun time.
  • Its dual air chambers ensure that the child remains afloat even if one ring accidentally deflates.
  • The patented inner spring is designed to give better stability in the water.
  • It folds easily and can be stored in the carry case that comes along with it.
  • The canopy provides UPF 50+ sun protection.
  • It is available in two design themes.


  • Some buyers feel that the float sits too low in the water.

Our Tester's Experience

"I bought this infant floaty for my little one's first pool adventure. The floaty is easy to inflate and assemble and even comes with a handy storage bag. My son really enjoys it, although figuring out the right posture for him was a bit tricky at first. However, we got the hang of it over time, and I appreciate the added safety it provides with its sunshade canopy. Overall, it functions well and is worth a try."

protip_icon Remember
Make sure to use a life jacket or a floatation safety device that meets safety standards when using a baby float in the water.

3. Best Skin-Friendly Material: CHGeek Baby Pool Float

This innovative baby float has its sun-protecting shield designed in the shape of a shark’s upper jaw, while its lower jaw makes the base of the float.

Age: One month and above

Material: ‎pearl | Color: ‎Pink | Item Weight: ‎1.65 Pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎11.02 x 10.24 x 2.36 inches


  • The teeth of the shark have tiny bells for entertaining the little one.
  • The float is made of skin-friendly material to avoid chafing.
  • The leg holes are stretchable.
  • It comes with a storage bag so the float can be easily folded and stored.
  • It offers UPF 50 sunscreen protection.
  • It features two safety hand grips.


  • The seating area can be uncomfortable for some babies.
Our Tester's Experience

"My niece and goddaughter thoroughly enjoyed this floatie. The ease of handling, especially getting the toddlers in and out, has added to the experience. It provides a safe and enjoyable space for them in the pool, and the sun protection feature is commendable. Moreover, it does not tip over, which is a big help!"

4. Best Leak-Proof: Swimline Smiley Face Pool Float

Swimline Smiley Face Pool Float Image: Swimline

The cute yellow smiley face pool made from high-quality vinyl has a simple design and rf-welded seams with stem valves, allowing easy inflation and deflation. The eyes of the smiley serve as the cavity to dangle your feet in the pool and relax.

Age: Four years and above

Product Dimensions: 72"L x 72"W | Item Weight: 4.48 Pounds | Material: Vinyl | Color: Smiley Face.


  • It is durably made with long-lasting and high-quality materials.
  • It is comfortable to sit on and safe for the skin.
  • It is a lightweight pool toy.
  • It can accommodate two people simultaneously.


  • Might be larger than expected.
  • May not have shoulder straps or buckles.

My Personal Experience

"Having owned this pool float for a decade, it has accommodated me, a larger individual, and withstood my children's rough play. Although one needs to take the necessary precautions while storing and inflating to prevent it from popping, it is a robust choice compared to other available options."

5. Best With Airbags: Laycol Baby Pool Float With UPF50+ Sun Protection Canopy


The expert-approved baby pool float comes with a removable UPF 50+ sun protection canopy that lets your baby splash around and enjoy the pool without sunburns. The baby pool toy features proper abdomen support and a bottom cloth to keep the infant in place, reducing flipping or sliding-out accidents.

Age: Three months and above

Product Dimensions: 19.9"L x 18.8"W | Item Weight: 300 Grams | Material: Polyvinyl Chloride | Color: 01/Blue+canopy.


  • It supports breaststroke and backstroke.
  • It is made of baby-safe and high-quality PVC material.
  • It comes with two non-detachable airbags.
  • It comes with a double-layered air chamber.
  • It is safety-tested and has widened sides for more space.


  • Some may find putting the baby in and taking them out a little difficult.
  • Safety harness may not be easy to adjust.
Our Tester's Experience

"My little one fits comfortably and simply adores floating, kicking, and engaging with this float. It's versatile but can be slightly tight for larger babies. My active two-year-old has been using it for several months and still enjoys it. Take this float to the pool; your child will love it!"

6. Best Non-Inflatable Pearl Foam Design: VQ-Ant Upgrade 3rd Generation Baby Solid Swimming Float

If you are tired of baby swimming floats that leak air and fall limp in minutes, this tried-and-tested non-inflatable float is suitable for your baby.

Age: Three months to two years

Product Dimensions: 19.7"L x 18.9"W | Material: pearl foam | Color: GreenC | Item Weight: 1.95 pounds.


  • Its non-inflatable pearl foam eliminates the risk of air running out.
  • The cloth covering is soft and suitable for sensitive skin.
  • The sun canopy is detachable, so the float can be used both outdoors and indoors.
  • It can be used to help the baby try to learn to swim in two ways: backstroke and breaststroke.
  • It is lightweight and comes with multiple straps and a buckle to keep your baby safe from slipping.
  • The package comes with a waterproof handbag and three spray water toys, namely starfish, boat, and manta.
  • The hanging loop makes it easy to dry and store the float.


  • A couple of buyers stated that the buckle and straps were faulty.
  • The price is on the higher end.
Our Tester's Experience

"As a mother, I appreciate this non-inflatable float for infants. It's a boon - no need to fret over inflation! It features an adjustable size, allowing it to grow with my little one. It's a bit bulky, but safety is of utmost priority; the secure straps and sun cover ensure a safe swim."

7. Best Portable: Heccei MamboBaby Swim Float


The self-inflating swim float has a safety buckle that offers five support points to ensure a safe float ride. Plus, it has a 40° angle to maintain the right balance and protect your baby from falling off. The compressible folding design allows easy and compact storage.

Age: Three months and above

Item Weight: 800 Grams | Color: Standard Edition Blue


  • It has an adjustable harness system.
  • The material is skin-friendly to ensure your child’s safety.
  • It offers two swimming methods.
  • It can support children from 13lb to 40lb.


  • Some may find it smaller than expected.
  • Canopy may be difficult to attach.
Our Tester's Experience

"I adore this floatation device for my baby boy. It's durable and provides more safety than arm-band floaties. However, during the initial days, my son unexpectedly managed to flip it, and it took me some time to figure out the correct posture for my child. Nonetheless, my son enjoys floating around in it."

8. Best For Chest Support: Free Swimming Baby Swim Float

Free Swimming Baby Swim Float Image: Free Swimming Baby

Available in varying sizes from S-XL to fit babies as per their body weight, this inflatable baby float is easy to mount and allows your little one to swim in a horizontal swim position to learn kicking. With an elevated front, broad sides, and soft support at the bottom, the innovative product is designed to hold your baby in place and prevent them from slipping out.

Age: Three months and above

Product Dimensions: 22.44"L x 18.89"W | Item Weight: 1.1 Pounds | Material: Polyvinyl Chloride | Color: Blue.


  • It is easy to inflate.
  • It has the provision to attach a canopy.
  • It is lightweight for easy carrying.
  • It has features like buckle support and shoulder straps for extra safety.


  • Might flip over if the weight leans toward the front.
  • Buckles may be challenging to adjust at times.

Our Tester's Experience

"This sturdy float lets my little one kick and splash freely, and its extra-wide design makes it more comfortable. However, ensure constant supervision when using it, as it might flip if the baby is too active. Nevertheless, the float has been my child's favorite pool toy so far, enabling him to enjoy summertime to the fullest."

protip_icon Quick tip
Make sure to use an infant-sized pool instead of a larger one, as it makes for a safer environment for your baby.

9. Best Inflatable Canopy: Intex Stingray Ride-On Baby Float

If your baby is scared of water, this ride-on inflatable baby float might help you make your child get comfortable spending time in the water.

Age: One to two years

Product Dimensions: 32"L x 26"W | Material: Plastic | Color: Yellow | Item Weight: 0.035 ounces


  • It has two air chambers for added safety.
  • It is made of high-quality materials
  • Its inflatable canopy and handlebars ensure your baby’s safety.
  • It comes with smooth leg holes.


  • The canopy is not detachable.
Our Tester's Experience

"I found this product to be of good quality with ample space. My baby was initially uneasy with the leg holes, but after a bit of adjustment, he seemed pretty comfortable. Overall, I'd recommend it for its sun protection, symmetrical design, and vibrant colors."

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10. Best For Parties: Jasonwell Inflatable Unicorn Pool Floatie

Jasonwell Inflatable Unicorn Pool Floatie Image: Jasonwell

The high-quality inflatable pool float from Jasonwell has a unicorn-inspired design to appeal to children. It is made from thick, soft, and premium vinyl to offer sturdy support to your child as they mount the unicorn to float around in the pool. There are fast valves installed to allow fast inflation or deflation of the giant unicorn measuring 82x40x35in and weighing 2.8lb.

Age: 6 years and above

Material: ‎Vinyl | Color: ‎Big unciorn 2 | Item Weight: ‎2.8 Pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎81.89 x 39.76 x 35.04 inches


  • It is easy to inflate.
  • It is available in two sizes.
  • It is suitable for parties.
  • It has a comfortable and soft seat to sit on.
  • It is made of high-quality materials.


  • Might leak air after a few hours.
  • Might easily tip over.
Our Tester's Experience

"The giant summer unicorn float is a delightful pool accessory loved by my 5-year-old grandchild. You just have to ensure that the child stays at the center and avoids leaning too far forward on the neck to prevent capsizing. Moreover, it's durable and easy to inflate, and its large weight capacity also works for adults."

11. Best Easy-To-Store: Swimbobo Infant Floats

Swimbobo Infant Floats Image: Swimbobo

The attractive yellow bee-shaped float has an adjustable seat with a retractable and adjustable canopy for sun protection. It has dual inflation chambers and an inner tube to offer more stability to your baby. This float is one of among the ideal pool float options.

Age: Six to 24 months

Color: Yellow, Black.


  • It is easy to inflate.
  • It offers comfortable sitting position.
  • It drains quickly.
  • It is portable and travel-friendly.


  • The seal holding the air in might pop open under pressure.
  • Might seem small for some babies.
Our Tester's Experience

"My son thoroughly enjoys this adorable float during our pool outings. Aside from the canopy not staying upright, it has proven to be a fun and functional choice. All it needs is a little improvising, and it's all set to attract little ones with its vibrant color and snug-fitting inner tube."

12. Best For Visibility:  Baby Spring Float

Flyboo Baby Pool Float Swimming Ring Image: Swimways

No problem if your baby does not have a visor hat. This float with a

Baby floats come in all shapes and sizes. There is no lack of creative options when it comes to baby floats. But when deciding on one for your baby, you could keep the following points in mind.

sun canopy will protect your baby from the sun.

Age: Nine months and above

Material: Plastic | Color: 6 - Pink Fish | Item Weight: 1 pounds | Product Dimensions: 11.75 x 2.25 x 11.75 inches


  • This pink float comes with pretty flower designs.
  • Its wide base and low seat enable your baby to sit comfortably.
  • Its adjustable sun canopy comes with mesh sides so you can keep a close eye on your baby.
  • The package includes a storage bag so you can safely store the float when not in use.


  • A few customers have complained about the poor durability of the mesh seat.
  • The float may lack stability.
protip_icon Remember
For added safety, always have two adults supervising your baby in the water—one in the pool and one out of the pool.

13. Best Themed Float: Poolmaster Learn-To-Swim Swimming Pool Float

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

If you are tired of the regular circular floats and want something different for your baby, then try this car-shaped pool float with a sun canopy. It features a back support seat to keep your baby comfortable in the water.

Age: Eight months to two years

Item Weight: 2.7 pounds | Product Dimensions: 38 x 17 x 32 inches


  • It comes with a comfortable seat and a lot of legroom.
  • It has an attractive colorful design.
  • Its multiple air chambers and oversized tires provide additional safety and better stability.
  • Its adjustable sun canopy protects your baby’s skin when out in the sun.
  • It comes with fun features like a steering wheel and horn.
  • It is available in different shapes and sizes.


  • The material may come across as cheap, and the float may deflate easily.

How To Choose The Right Baby Float?

Baby floats come in all shapes and sizes. There is no lack of creative options when it comes to baby floats. But when deciding on one for your baby, you could keep the following points in mind.

  • Safety Provision: One can never take a chance with a baby in the water. When a baby is on a float, there are chances that the float can suddenly lose air or topple over. You can ensure your baby’s safety by opting for floats that come with good-quality safety valves and dual inflation chambers. Also, look for a float that comes with an internal spring and a sturdy frame so your child can happily play on it without you worrying about their safety.
  • Sun Shield: While vitamin D is essential for little babies, it is not a good thing to keep them exposed to sunlight for too long. A baby’s skin is delicate and can easily suffer a sunburn. Hence, you can look for floats with a canopy or a sun-protecting roof.
  • Size: Floats are designed according to age groups. Buying a size bigger or smaller can put your child at risk as the float might not be suitable for your baby.

A baby float keeps the baby safe in the water. However, an adult must always keep a close eye on the baby. These floats are not life-saving tools, but toys that ensure your baby has a good and safe time in the water with you. Floats help babies get accustomed to water so they can learn swimming easily and quickly, later.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are baby water floats safe?

Baby water floats made with high-quality and non-toxic materials are safe for babies. However, water floats should be leak-proof and you should never leave a baby unattended on a float. It is also important to check if the float is functioning properly before putting your baby in.

2. Are neck floats good for the baby?

Use of neck floats is not approved by the FDA.

3. At what age can a baby use baby floats?

Baby floats are manufactured for babies as young as one month old. However, it is recommended to wait until the baby can hold the head up without neck support; that is up to six months of age or more. Irrespective of age, you should always hold your baby in the floats to avoid the risk of drowning.

The Bottom Line

Letting your baby wander into the water for the first time can be slightly overwhelming. However, to keep them safe and to ensure optimal pool fun, invest in the best baby floats. To make the right choice, ensure the baby float is made from durable materials and has a sturdy structure to support the baby’s weight. Also, ensure the float has a wide base for your baby to lie comfortably. You should also choose a lightweight and portable one with a sun canopy. Our top choices include the Swimways Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy for its comfort, security, and foldable design, the Free Swimming Baby Swim Float for its chest support and safety features, and the SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center for its UPF 50+ sun protection and engaging toys.

Infographic: How To Inflate, Deflate, And Store Baby Floats?

Pool floats with add-ons such as a sun canopy, storage pockets, and toys can make pool time fun for your little one. These lightweight pool accessories are compact folding, allowing you to carry them on your outdoor trips. Read through the infographic to learn how to inflate, deflate and store pool floats.

Tips To Inflate, Deflate, And Store Baby Floats (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

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